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  1. BabyK added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    Omg the OTT filtering is real haha
    Both videos are on HD and wengies one looks like she shot it through her old 2008 camera phone or something. Like I dont usually nitpick on video quality because I cant tell the difference between most of them but holy crap wengie went crazy with her editing!
    The amount of screaming and squealing like a spastic child is too much, I doubt even young teens would be able to watch through it without getting second hand embarrassment. Like her target audience just keeps getting lower and lower.... wengie, you're like 31 not 13....
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  2. BabyK added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    Actually having a look through it from the 'limited' access, I can say for sure, she DEFINITELY did NOT have a 6 figure paying job. Her most recent achievements are all based on her WonderfulWorldofWengie brand, titling herself as the CEO does not mean 6 figure paying especially when the website doesn't even load, added most of her other work is mainly based on little side projects and her online presence. 

    Assuming she graduated 2007 (as stated) and worked until her online career (starting 2010) this gives her a time frame of 3 years I assume 1 year of which she was doing her 'online marketing/advertising' job which she was suppose to help kickstart and promote other people to their online career before using her skill to put herself as an online 'celebrity' (noting her blog started in 2010 and she did say she only started it after doing her online marketing/advertising work in a small company), leaving herself with 2 years straight out of Uni with a bachelor of accounting.
    Assuming she is as talented and career focus person she puts herself to be, 2 years in an accounting firm and lets say a super good one in Sydney, I still doubt she'll be earning 6 figure sums. At best 50-60k which is very average.
    Most roles available with a 6 figure package goes to senior/manager/analysts. 
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  3. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Just had a look on facebook, I think her facebook page is ran by Vietnamese fans so some people could assume shes vietnamese? 
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  4. BabyK added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    I agree with the above
    If wengie did have a 6 figure job I would seriously doubt her mom will let her just quit and pursue in youtube, especially when she wasn't even popular on youtube back then. She started out as a blogger and that failed before she switched to youtube. (Plus that hoarding ep, wengies mom looked like a really hard working woman who struggled to bring up her kids so I SERIOUSLY doubt she'll let her daughter quit a good paying job)
    Wengie saying she held a 6 figure job is like how Lily Maymac keeps trying to tell everyone she held a degree in medicinal science and worked in a law firm... which turned out she was just a receptionist and did like an Art degree...
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  5. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Good ol' Misa~ just like her cosplays, if she doesnt have the right props she can just edit them in.
    Rather than actually go gym and get fit, she'll just post a photo and photoshop herself thinner.... Look at the lines on the floor and how between her legs its blurred to non-existence... 

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  6. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Really hating how lazy she is with her damn makeup!!

    Every character has the same makeup except for different colored contacts!
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  7. BabyK added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    Does anyone know what exactly is Wengie doing in China with all those 'singing' lessons? 

    In her vlog video, she said she was "working" with her "company" and taking singing lessons... Sounds like she's cashing in on her 'bff' prince mak and his pop idol connections to get her singing career going haha 
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  8. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    The color looks horrible! Suppose to be just freshly dyed but you can already see the roots that wasn't done properly...
    Honestly though, doubt she makes enough money through cosplaying and being a guest (explains why she had to 'borrow' her parents money that time she got stuck in HK) 
    Id imagine her income is $1000-$2000 once every 2-3 months depending on who invites her to where and the size of the convention. She's desperately trying to be relevant to boost her 'popularity' and gain sponsorship but like no real company would since her entire popularity is based on her photoshopped looks.
    The girl should have just stayed in school and study. Or work hard to gain some real talent...
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  9. BabyK added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    god how can anyone watch this through, the editing is horrendous! Its so jumpy and she really seems out of it like on drugs. 
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  10. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Even hats cant hide that face (or make it smaller) 
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  11. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Her face looks like it was cut out and just pasted on top! It doesn't even match her body (especially the hands)!! I think she's been photoshopping so much to the point she forgets how a normal person should look like... body portion wise and everything . To be honest, only the one in the middle looks like a normal person, if my guess is right, the one to the right is Momo Coser, her face looks too photoshopped too...
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  12. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Wait, aint Misa and Chihiro sisters or some shit? Or is that just what they call each other before and arent actually related?
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  13. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    definitely trying the korean straight eyebrow~ this time she overshopped her nose and exaggerated the puffy cheeks. Its what Misa wants to be, but is it her? Nope.  
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  14. BabyK added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Maybe cos when selling books, they are there in person and when people see Misa IRL they dont want to buy the books anymore hahaha
    I think MISA more popular than the good cosplayers because she always advertise and market herself. She wants fame and will do anything to get fame. 99% of her 'fans' are horny guys who never step outside, compare to other cosplayers who have cosplay fans or people just appreciate their artwork. MISA is nothing without her photoshop so she works harder to get and keep the fame.
    If Yingtze or Angie or Ely do 'fan service' photoshoots like MISA, they will gain LOTS of new attention and can easily go pass MISA but they dont' because they have talent beyond their female bodies.
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  15. BabyK added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    She might be able to afford lash extensions but she hardly maintains them
    just look at this straight from her video thumbnail!

    Her right eye (our left) she has lashes literally falling off. Lazy to the extreme! Wouldn't be surprised though she doesn't do giveaways because shes selling the freebie products to sustain her fancy lifestyle.
    Since she lives in an apartment, highly doubtful she has enough room to horde makeup and she doesn't look like she has enough friends to give freebies to either...
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