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  1. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    When it comes to shipping in fandoms I just find it hypocritical that people will let others freely ship a canonical murderer with a character they killed or another murderer compared to a "pedophilic" or an incest ship. Both are bad if i can recall but is murder and taking people's lives so normalized in the media that fans would gladly shit on others who decide to ship a 14 year old with his grandpa, or a brother to his brother? Like they can't see that it's literally the same kind of problematic? Yeah. Y'all are fucking assholes if you decide that you're a higher human being over those who decide to defend their morally problematic ships when you simultaneously condemn them like they're the nazis. My god, i don't know am i making sense??? Shipping is shipping, no matter what the fuck kind of life the character is. Lying, cheating son of a bitch? Person who fucking bullied someone? Get a life! Like, you can ship something but NOT carry on the "values" these characters have in real life. Just because you ship two murderers doesn't mean you'rE A FUCKING MURDERER APOLOGIST, JUST LIKE YOU ARENT IMMEDIATELY A PEDOPHILIA APOLOGIST IF YOU SHIP TWO PEOPLE WITH AN AGE GAP FFFSSSS JESUS CHRIST WE ARE RATIONAL HUMAN BEINGS. I RECOGNIZE THAT PEDOPHILIA AND INCEST ARE TABOO AS HELL BUT THINK BEFORE YOU TALK ; ATLEAST YOU WON'T BE A HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLE JEEZ. 
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  2. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Spechie   

    Ohhh, alright, thank you for the clarification! I overheard from a friend she went to art school so i didn't really dig deeper into the topic and assumed she did go to one ^^ 
    Damn. Attending one art class and giving up right after just proves the haters right. 
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  3. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Opinions on Shipping/OTPs?   

    i just honestly dont get the hate that other people get for shipping something for fun, or simply just for shipping real life people when they arent doing anything bad to the people around them. Sure, the celebrities themselves may get uncomfortable with the thought that people are shipping them with another real life person but they aren't completely banning any kind of fictional work involving them so why are people so adamant about policing ships?? As for fictional ships, it's kind if elitist if you think that you need to have a deep reason for shipping a couple. 
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  4. Gallicanae added a post in a topic ASMR Youtubers   

    For those who love whispering types of channels i would recommend
    "darktwistedwhisper." His voice is a lovely british accent. He's got some pretty unique concepts like "mothboy" which is hella cute don't get fooled by the name, mafia themed asmr, a lot of yandere whisper vids,  bakadere vids, even a cyberpunk concept and the like. 
    "Cardlinaudio" is really good too!! Pretty romantic, beautiful voice makes me want to falL IN LOVE JESUS, he's got a wide range of scenarios composed by other writers. Boyfriend, Husband, getting together, stuff for anxiety and all that. His nsfw audios can be fully accessed as a patreon only though. 
    If anybody is up for some nsfw i would recommend "HuYa." His handle is in hanggul so i'll just paste the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqzebzc9N19X3MVFnuFYtRw he does Boy's love as a genre so a lot of cute moaning, alternating between voicing the top and bottom but mostly the bottom, overall he has an adorable and soft voice
    "Rekken and Yu" is a channel run by one person. Yes. I enjoy his "Rekken" side more than the "Yu" side cause' i honestly think his girl voice is not... natural in tone i suppose but still, try out his "Yu" vids as well. His "Rekken" voice can be really husky and kind of comforting, while his "Yu" voice is neko-ish and sweet sounding. 
    "Emiko Ffujio" is hELLA when it comes to slime asmr. She has adorable food slime concepts and gorgeous looking slimes. It's fun to listen to her and watch her play. 
    "ASMR Rooms" is really good in simulating ambience. Her Hogwarts rooms, classrooms and other locations are reaaaally soothing. She has other locations too in Howl's moving castle, Lord of the rings, Game of thrones etc. 
    As for food asmr "Chocolate Cacao" (with a bunch of japanese characters at the end) is a very calming yet stomach aching channel. If you're gonna watch his videos on an empty stomach you're gonna regreT IT, bonus as hell the guy is charmingly funny and quirky. 
    If you like watching unecessary drama from afar with your bowl of popcorn while this guy eats fast food to his heart's dying-soon-to-get-an-attack content then "Nikocado Avocado" is the right guy for you. 
    Also small pet peeve, i actually don't like crunching sounds when people do food asmr lol. Any kind of eating sound is ok, just not crunchy like "i just ate a bunch of fried chicken skin" kind of sound. 
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  5. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Spechie   

    Spechie is a mess. She's kind of toxic in the way she views things, kind of emitting a superiority complex, rude as fuck, and isn't getting better in her professional field of interest. My friends are younger than her yet they can draw WAY better anatomy than Spechie WHO ATTENDED ART SCHOOL? Now she's resorting to tracing because holy shit, nothing is easy with art. You gotta earn it by practicing and not being a lazy shit. Tracing as a form of practice is okay, tracing to pass off sketches as your own art is just... damn dumb. 
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  6. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Opinions on Shipping/OTPs?   

    Im fine with people shipping fictional characters as well as real life people. That applies to me as well; i think it's no harm done because it's a past time that many fangirls and boys enjoy. I don't really care if somebody's reason for shipping a couple is superficial or deep, just as long as they don't force these ships down other people's throat including the real life people who may be involved in the ship. 
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  7. Gallicanae added a post in a topic How did you find PULL?   

    Google searched "Pixielocks is annoying" and wah lah
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  8. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Holy SHIT fandoms are so fucking stupid sometimes. The MCU is in shambles because there are so many fans who think like this: "OH, THIS CERTAIN CHARACTER'S ENDING IN ENDGAME IS SO OUT OF CHARACTER AND IM RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG AND IM NOT EVEN GOING TO CONSIDER GIVING AN EQUAL LAYOUT TO BOTH SIDES OF THE ARGUEMENT" LIKE IDK ABOUT YOU BUT YOU'RE NOT GOD???? Can't we be respectful of other people's opinions? Can't we raise a point, a criticism, an analyzation without bringing down other people and indirectly calling them stupid??? Jesus. This is why war happens. 
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  9. Gallicanae added a post in a topic What anime girl stereotype are you?   

    WHAT A JOKE 😂😂
    I kind of expected to be the Bokukko type 

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  10. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Hey y'all   

    @kimduhan Pretty good! Just stressing over studies. You?
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  11. Gallicanae added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    Gallicanae is "pink rose" in scientific terms, i believe. I was trying to come up with a username for my Twitter aesthetic and it involved my bias who had seriously beauts pink hair, and was wearing a rose ear headband in a fan meet.
    Imma mention my other username too lol. Cherroni was a mash up of my bias' name "Xero" and the suffix "-nii" although i changed the pronunciation on my bias name a little bit to make the name more cutesie
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  12. Gallicanae added a post in a topic What would be your scandal to become a snowflake?   

    I feel like my snowflake origin story would involve my shitty temper, using the snow app, me lying about certain parts of my life, defending BL/yaoi/"problematic" ships to the point of hypocricy, ranting so much about other people while i, blind to my flaws, are doing the exact same thing that im ranting about. 
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  13. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    I kind of hate tsunderes?? 
    I like my fair share of women in anime but tropes like Mikasa can get fucking annoying. Actually id say even some anime guys, the typical cold and mysterious person who doesn't give a shit. Yeah well whatever the fuck you say karen. 
    70s-90s animes, in experience, have the most interesting storylines. Im not saying modern anime doesn't (im an early 20s kid) but those years were pretty consistent in releasing good content. 
    Bnha is equally as good as mob 100 but then again who the fuck decided to compare 2 stories with different genres and different messages wtf??
    I feel like i might get attacked for this lol: Himiko Toga is overrated and caters to the people who have a fetish for psycho school girls (sounds a lot like the kakegurui fanbase JOKE KIDDING AHHH IM DEAD)
    Shinsou is overrated too, but he's okay all in all
    ^ most of the time im not in favor of fan favorites, (actually all the time) as you can see above lol. Back when i was into knb i didnt really like kuroko in the way that other people would (shipping him off to literally everyone) and Haru from Free!! As well like??? Bitch i dont even. Go spread your love to other characters who deserve it as well djrjrjktjt
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  14. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Fujoshis, yaoi and fetishization   

    I used to call myself a fujoshi because i didn't really know that it had a negative implication even on the Internet. Someone called me out because i said that i identified myself as a fujoshi and asked if i fetishize men, and i said no because i just like the BL genre itself and the characters i ship are majority man/man. I personally think that liking "yaoi" or Boy's love (BL) isn't bad. I guess if you're young and easily impressionable yaoi, as a term that connotes BL manga containing sexual acts, can definetely distort a young person's view on what gay relationships should be like. Reading fanfictions, doujins, manga and / or watching anime containing yaoi/bl isn't bad. Shipping real life people isn't bad (yes i said it.) What's bad is hypersexualizing gay relationships to the point that can distort your own view, shoving your own "gay ships" down people's throat thinking they're superior over hetero ships or they're actually dating in real life. 
    In conclusion i think liking the BL / Yaoi genre is not bad, and being a fujoshi is definetely not bad unless you're fucking toxic as hell with other people about it, are immature towards the topic of ships and actually fetishize gay people. The original meaning of fujoshi has lost it's meaning so it is merely a distinction for someone liking yaoi. The fujoshi label on the internet is not a good implication though so if you want to avoid drama with over sensitive and sjw-ey people dont put that on your description. 
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  15. Gallicanae added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I don't actually know if my opinion is unpopular but the way that idols do their makeup (the glass face trend) iS FUCKN UGLY TO LOOK AT SOMETIMES i love my groups and idols but y'all look like you need a gatorade cause y'all look sweaty AS FUCK. 
    Idols who wear dreads or any other cultural artifact is not cultural appropriation unless they're misusing it and it has a sacred meaning to religion, or making fun of the culture, and it's significance or meaning. Y'all we're thinking BACKWARDS like a bunch of homosapiens (no offence to homosapiens lol) and like globalization hasn't arrived yet. You don't see me going APESHIT on Americans who wear barongs do you??
    Kpop Twt fucking sucks. You get mutual gems and cinnamon rolls but once in a while you get those snowflakes who think they're woke and trying to push themselves onto every person causing fanwars and in-fan wars. The hierarchy is also dumb cause there are these "relatable" stans with huge ass followings whom people will side with, casual kpop stans who get attacked after saying something "controversial" or whatever. Also, not specific to the kpop fandom but i often see it here-- the statement "DONT LET THIS FLOP" is ridiculous cause it makes you seem SOOOO fucking desperate and i hate it when people do that. 
    Question: are fan sites legit jobs?? Cause if they arent, how are they surviving if theyre following their idols all the time?? 
    Kpop is like Anime. Anime is literally animation shortened, yet people try to glorify anime as something completely different and the greatest thing ever made. Kpop is just pop music with koreans, yet people try to glorify it as something completely different and therefore is the greatest thing to ever be made. See the similarity?? Stop trying to fucking one up kpop by disregarding western pop when its literally based on western pop dipshits. 
    Again, kpop is like anime. You got people shipping themselves with characters (sasuke x y/n lol) and you got stans shipping themselves with their biases which is literally UMMMM NO CRINGE. I understand having a crush on them but legit making "romantic" selcas that ship you and your bias is questionable. selca day is fun, ive participated in it, its fun màking concepts but im not gonna dedicate too much time to to making the perfect concept okay leave me alone i just wanna have fun. 
    I used to say "stop sleeping on ___" but then i realized its kinda dumb because so many groups in the kpop industry are being slept on so its unfair for me to raise my favorite group while there are other equally talented groups or even solos
    Okay so like there was this one time my friend told me that she doesnt like opm (original filipino music) because majority of the songs are about romantic relationships but like its the same with kpop (shes a 17 stan) ??? Im not saying they dont have unique concepts but when they dont really have anything unique to put off they settle with romance or break ups or just in general relationships as well wtf
    Exp's songs werent so bad. Just the pronunciation. Maybe if they werent pressured to hit big in the kpop industry they could have made some good songs in english?? Idk man people are just haters sometimes
    I know its the norm for kpop groups to have a concept but can companies like let a group debut with their own self-made image, and self-made name?? Topp Dogg and Nflying had the gritty, emo-rebel rock look with their companies trying to control their real personalities from shining through because they think THIS PERSON IS MORE CHARMING IF THEYRE NOT ALWAYS FUCKING SMILE AND HATE AEGYO YEAH. Thats probably why some groups dont flourish, its because theyre faking the groups up and nobody likes a fake. Also group names suck only because somebody not qUALIFIED or creATIVE enough gets the final say (like, a ceo for example idk jesus.) Nflying (my babies huhuhu) WERE LUCKY ENOUGH to get hweseung who had real good exposure so they were able to get out of that hiatus pit and make some really unique concepts. I never liked the implication that if Hweseung didnt join Nflying they would have flopped but that's the harsh truth. Also, they were able to top award shows this year bECAUSE the company let them shine through with THEIR OWN TALENTS. Compare that to topp dogg who had the best talent at their hands, who tried to create the best kind of music but they were too late because of their companies' mismanagement. I think its fair to say that people want a group who's not all fake and who's own talents and non made up personalities shine through.
    The idea that people are unfaithful if they bias another person from a group is actually fucking stupid. Aren't you more faithful if you actually like all of them?? Because you stan the whole group and not just your bias?? What??
    Sorry if i seem too aggressive here and if my grammar sucks HAHAHAHA i've just had these thoughts for a while and i didn't have any platform to rant about this before
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