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    How to get clear skin: tip #1
    Hey girlies! 
    I know the struggle of scrolling through the internet in frustration, looking for a quick- almost overnight- way to clear up that skin! But don't worry, because I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help. We'll start with the most realistic, non-clickbait thing you'll hear- it doesn't happen overnight! I'm telling you this as a person who has tried both home remedies and expensive Lancôme products ...  It's hard at first- but know general acne is a part of growing up and shouldn't be tried to be removed immediately, my best bet- it'll be gone by college! Any-who; drinking water is a HUGE part of taking care of your skin; and I know it sounds suss but I cannot stress this enough.
    A good tip of drinking more water is eating dense but low in calories foods while drinking it, like a really fudge-y nougat or raisins! This way you'll have no choice but to drink a lot of water, also- controlling the temperature, texture or flavor of water may help. Add a lemon or two or a strawberry, add a sodium pellet to give it some fizz, or chill it overnight for a cool refresher. Either way, just know water can be fun- and if you're a simple girl like me; don't worry just remember to have water handy, I know getting up for a cup can be tiring for us 'lazies'.
    Have a great week! Tell me how your day went below and I'll be sure to reply!! 
    Leave me a nice comment !! 
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