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  1. Not as high up on my head. Starting around my ear. 


    I......I'm confused.....

    These are box braids....and are clearly done to all of the hair all over


    Maybe you're talking about "boxer braids"?? Which are actually corn rows??? I still don't see how those could be semi though...


  2. I have a question - I've semi-done box braids only because I'm used to braiding my hair when it's longer, and always have. I'm white, yes, but if I've been braiding my hair for years, and suddenly find out that it's part of black culture - should I stop doing it? Is it cultural appropriation if I've only heard it's cultural appropriation over the past year? And I am only talking specifically about braids here, not cornrows or dreads.  


    what exactly are "semi done" box braids??


  3. I really enjoy vaporwave as some nice relaxing/doing work music. Because there is not any words half the time it's great for that kind of stuff.
    I just jam out with the vaporwave playlist on Spotify by After Eating, amazing and it passes time pretty fast :alpacalove:


    A lot of vaporwave artists actually remix old Muzak songs and mixes from the 80s, so I would imagine that kind of thing would be great for boosting productivity!!! :Alpacashocked:

    I highly recommend this album~ 



  4. Roma gyaru is long since dead, hell even hime kaji is really really watered down from what it used to be. That being said, I like the styles and have collected plenty of magazines for reference when looking for a new hair/makeup style or want to refer back to a few outfits I've bookmarked. 

    Depending on how the person makes the comment I will laugh and say something along the lines of "sorry to disappoint, i just like cute clothes" or a death glare with a plain "no, i am not a living doll". 

    Fun story, if not a bit off topic:

    Hidden Content



    Omg I always thought that people trying do the living doll thing always denied that that's what they were doing (like how scene kids always deny being scene). Idk what I would've done in that situation....idk if i would laugh in her face or be really concerned for her.

    That sucks that himekaji is really watered down. I hardly see anyone doing that or ott hime gyaru anymore :(


  5. Am I the only one tired of matte lipstick?? It seems so basic to me now and plus I hate wearing it because it feels like my lips are gonna crack off and blow away in the wind lol. I think glossy lips look waaaay cuter


  6. aaaa.png


    i love the jacket shoes and the choker omg. sometimes i wanna dress like this but i'm scared i'll look like emo trash :(

    I work 5-6 days out of the week but since I work for myself as a personal stylist/shopper I can wear whatever the hell I want. Granted I have learned depending on what I am doing (wardrobing clients or running around the shopping district buying and doing returns) my wardrobe may change - especially based on the weather too. 

    I practically grew up in the Gaijin Gyaru community so I still wear the fashion to this day - although looking at Ageha's revival you can see how much it's watered down. Most people mistake it for "living doll" fashion since TLC did a special (specials?) because no one knows about Gyaru outside of gyarusa and online communities. I generally wear hime kaji and roma gyaru because it is quick and easy for me to do. . .probably since I have been doing it for so long. On my days off I have the time to wear hime gyaru but it's rare I wear it outside of that because keeping the volume in my hair and the cleanliness of my curls is hard when I am running around downtown carrying 20lb garment bags in my arms. Some days it's difficult enough to run in heels. (Slick wet sidewalks and heels can sometimes be a problem.) 

    Even when I skip gyaru hair and makeup (which does happen on occasion) I am usually wearing pastels. I live a pastel colored life (it started with a few things and then seeped into everything). 


    hime kaji and roma gyaru are some of my fav gal styles and I really wanna try it some day!! What do you say to people that mistake you for a "living doll"?


  7. Please don't derail / race-bait. Everyone else: Please ignore derailment. It's irrelevant. Thanks.


    I wasn't trying to derail, i just personally don't think it's necessary to say that someone's hair color doesn't go with their skin tone. I didn't mean to come off as hostile, I was just trying to say how I felt about that comment. My bad. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.


  8. Maybe her character as a person or her skin tone her whatever!

    It's just an opinion! be clear with your posts before you jump on  the pissed off train.




    >her skin tone

    woop there it is. i knew it lol


  9. I'm here on Luna's defense because she stated an opinion like millions of people do online and...how did it piss you off? like can you explain?

    Like you can't jump in when she never bashed the girl on her looks she didn't say. ''oh she looks so ugly!! she should die!!''.

    She just stated that SHE THINKS pink looks tacky on here.





    I'm trying to figure out what she meant by "colors that go with her"

    go with her what exactly??



  10. -slams hands on table- I LOOOOVE bmth, patd, secondhand serenade, pierce the veil, Mayday Parade, and ESPECIALLY THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!

    And I just started listening to sleeping with sirens!! I really like the acoustic version of their song "james dean and aubrey hepburn!!" 


  11. Tbh she looks like every other "baddie" on instagram but she seems to be really good at makeup. Shieeeet I wish my makeup looked like that when I was 16 lol


  12. Yung Bae makes awesome ones 


    okay but this is the JAM tho!!! <333

    I once saw GFOTY open for Animal Collective, she was so awful.

    It was so funny though, I was on the barrier with my friend and there was this guy stood next to us that looked typically sadboy/aesthetic-y and he knew ALL of the lyrics to her songs and the rest of the crowd were just like o.O 'wtf is going on' and literally as soon as she finished her 'set' (I seriously find it difficult to call what she did a 'setlist') he walked off! It was so funny you could so tell he had been planted there by her.

    Honestly PC music is funny to a degree but not as actual credible music that you would pay money for to see live. Why the hell AC thought her suitable to open their show for them I will never know. 


    I love PC music but I actually strongly dislike GFOTY lol shes awful 

    I would pay money to see Hannah Diamond, A.G. Cook, SOPHIE, or Danny L. Harle live tho. They're amazing imo


  13. Emm i think that Her point is that women should be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want with their bodies and not be shamed/ persecuted for it. You know just like dudes are. Like men are expressing their sexuality all the time, male sexuality is a mainstream thing like Justin Bieber flashes his Weiner in public and everybody in the media is like "woooow Bieber got WILD yeaaah" and when girl is showing a tittie people at like "how dare she, she's a SLUT! she has no respect for herself!!!" And in reality well... Maybe she just loves sex and loves her body so much you know? When she's doing it herself, out of her own free will, and nobody forced her to do it its not objectification. Objectification occurs when for example somebody wants to sell a product and uses naked female body as an object to advertise this product. Or for example I am a dude, I don't give a flying fuck about personality of a woman I just use them as sex objects. It's more something like that I think. Feminism isn't like "I'm a prude stone monolith who wants to destroy all the males hell yeah" More like "I am a woman, I am a human, I'd like to be able to do things that I like without being policed for it" But these are just my thoughts, as a dude I'm not sure if I understand this correctly but you know I noticed that I can do a hella lot more things than my female friends and I don't have to worry about how society reacts on this. I don't think its ok though...


    I agree with you 100%!!


  14. I dont like her, she just seems fake






    This pictures are really really old lmao why would you did these up


  15. I took some screen shots for those who can't see it or don't want to down load it.. 


    You can deff tell here that she didn't get any work done to her lips ... A lot of over lining though. I guess koots never did have full lips.. 


    Did she finally find hair extensions that match her hair ? Though I do find her hair does look a little dry in that video.. 


    Such a unflattering outfit :S I really miss Koot 1.0 style... 

    Screen_Shot_2016-07-16_at_4.32.06_PM.thu  Screen_Shot_2016-07-16_at_4.32.50_PM.thu




  16. Along with that she should wear colors that go with her. Pink just looks tacky on her. In my opinion, her face is cute, but her hair choice is not so good.


    Reading this comment lowkey pissed me off. Like what if she WANTED pink hair??? She shouldn't have it because you think it doesn't "go with her"?? like what does that even mean lmao


  17. omg i can't believe i let this thread die omg. Lately i've been listening to a lot of Saint Pepsi, Suicide Year, and Yung Gud~ I've also been listening to a lil bit of clams casino as well~ 

    Do any of you use 8tracks? That's where I find most of my fav aesthetic songs lol


  18. I find her to be really annoying. Her voice is really irritating, especially when she squeals or does some other weird noises.I was wondering if she thought she was a special  snowflake and then I saw her 20 facts video and her little rant on how she hates being compared  made me post on here, she admits that she dislikes it and how much of a perfectionist she is and it just rang special snowflake in my head.  Also her head shape freaks me out a little.






    Do you ever think about the fact that you took your time to sign up for a website just to go to this topic and write an entire paragraph about why you don't like someone.


    W o w.


  19. @Poppy I looked through the first post of this thread and I don't really see the "problematic opinions" you're talking about? Most of the screen shots seem to be like things i've said about racism, bad experiences i've had with white people, and cringey things that i've said years ago. Maybe I missed something idk, but more than likely it's something I've said a long time ago. I'm not justifying anything that I've said, but i think everyone has said and thought ignorant things at one point and I'd like to think that I've learned and grown since then. And I'm still learning and growing now!!

    Also after having many panic attacks and borderline mental breakdowns because of lolcow, I'm just kind of whatever at this point when it comes to people starting threads about me lol. :lamasad: