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  1. Milk added a post in a topic Vaporwave, Sad boys, and PC Music   

    Lol I did the same thing like last year!! And I haven't heard of Karman, but I'll check them out! I also think yung lean is kinda cute lol  I wanna hold his hand and go shopping with him 
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  2. Milk added a post in a topic PULL 3.0 questions, answers, etc   

    Yeah Anastasiya isn't really a snowflake tbh 
    lol thank you
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  3. Milk added a post in a topic PULL 3.0 questions, answers, etc   

    Just wanted to roll through and say that that the admins have done an amazing job on this site!! 
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  4. Milk added a post in a topic Married to Manaki   

    Thinking about venus getting married is forcing me to think about her.....consummating the marriage  and that literally made me throw up in my mouth a little.
    I can just imagine her awkwardly doing it and margo leering creepily in the corner. Maybe they'll release a sex tape soon. Who knows.
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  5. Milk added a topic in Music   

    Vaporwave, Sad boys, and PC Music
    I'm hoping and praying that I'm not the only one here that likes uh...."aesthetic music" I guess  Anyone else listen to yung lean, vaporwave, pc music, etc??
    A lot of people like it as a joke but I actually genuinely enjoy listening to it lmao. 
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  6. Milk added a post in a topic kawaiigod   

    Those eybrowwwws oh my god. Bring dat ass here boiii.
    I wish it were more socially acceptable for guys to pluck and wax their eyebrows instead of walking around with legit caterpillars above their eyes  Like at least give a little bit of effort. I'm all for boys doing the whole kawaii thing but jesus fricken christ. 
    If he did what this boy did and used makeup, lenses, and a wig then I think he has the potential to look cute. 
    I genuinely feel like he's not even trying.
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  7. Milk added a post in a topic Delandra Barbie Johnson   

    Yeah i feel like venus and margo were looking for anyone to take pictures with so  they could be like "Look we're in japan!! We're still famous in nippon desu!"
    Barbie looked sooooooooooo bad in the picture they took of her tho.  I'd be sooo embarassed lmfao.
    Well I was saying that because I rarely see anyone use those terms in any of the other threads  I'm african american so I guess it just kinda makes me feel weird...
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  8. Milk added a post in a topic Delandra Barbie Johnson   

    This girl is such a mess, but can we pls avoid excessive use of the words ghetto and ratchet in this thread? The thread on pull 1.0 made me  suuuuuper uncomfortable lol.
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  9. Milk added a post in a topic Random pictures   

    Is this advertising a purikura machine? Or like an app or something?
    She looks sooo different in the "natural" picture 
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  10. Milk added a topic in Dakota Rose ダコタ ローズ   

    What would you like to see from Kota?
    What would you like to see kota do?
    I think in a recent interview she said that she liked drawing, so I think it'd be cool if she posted some of her art on her instagram or blog! 
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  11. Milk added a post in a topic Bunny Meyer (grav3yardgirl)   

    I love bunny's thrift haul videos  I wish she would do more like she did more themed one like she did  in 2011 like her nu-goth clothing haul. I also feel like her style has been more preppy lately and I really like it when she wears more grungy, spoopy fashion lol
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  12. Milk added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Bruuuuh I use to listen to nickasaur all the time when I was a raccoon lol . I didnt know they dated!!
    Also Jasmine used to be hard core into the "indie scene style" back in the day. I wonder what made her jump onto the kawaii train..
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  13. Milk added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    She genuinely looks like a child in this picture and it's kinda scary. Plus her face looks really pale compared to the rest of her body...
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  14. Milk added a post in a topic Dakota Venus   

    The fact that her name is Dakota Venus in the first place was already a huge red flag lol
    And the way the buttons are gaping open on her blouse in the first video  dear god why
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  15. Milk added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Jasmine Blu

    How do you guys feel about Jasmine Blu? She was super popular on tumblr but idk if she still is 
    She's actually sponsored by LUSH  And a few other sites, but lush..wow that's kind of amazing.
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  16. Milk added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    If She did actually kill herself...what do you think venus would do? Do you think venus saw this insta post? Like how do you even react to your mom making a post about wanting to commit suicide... jfc
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  17. Milk added a post in a topic Eikkibunny / srcircusdoll   

    I remember on their first thread, Ethan came a long and started yelling at everyone lol
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  18. Milk added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Margo is just like mother gothel 
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  19. Milk added a post in a topic Honestyismodesty (member with a lot of sockpuppet accounts)   

    The time and effort put into to all those posts she made... like why?!
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