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  1. Milk added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I'm trying to figure out where her boobs look saggy
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  2. Milk added a post in a topic Micky Martyrdom   

    Black girls are kawaii (with is now called kawaii melanin girls) is a separate page from mine that I have never affiliated with. Mine is called Kawaii black girls.
    I don't remember every saying THIS site was toxic. Lolcow is for sure, but this one isn't that bad. I genuinely enjoy going on here because people share opinions and pictures about popular internet people. I am not a popular internet person and talking about me is a waste of time in my opinion. I've had my share of beef with people, and have said my share of dumb things over the years, but now I don't really do anything worth talking about. I'm just tryna save money and get enough credits in school.
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  3. Milk added a post in a topic Micky Martyrdom   

    Did you guys really think I didn't have an account on here?? Or......
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  4. Milk added a post in a topic Is Dakota Sick?   

    get well soon koti chan
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  5. Milk added a post in a topic Actress Taylor   

    Tbh I think since she's supposed to be playing as a 28 year old woman, they should've made her do her makeup differently. Like cat winged eyeliner or something. Even with that different hairstyle she looks like a high schooler to me lol
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  6. Milk added a post in a topic Fetsu Chan   

    If people told me that underneath all of my makeup and clothes I was just a plain, boring looking girl I would dislike the real image of myself too. Shieeeet
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  7. Milk added a post in a topic Leda Monster Bunny   

    She has instagram, twitter, youtube, and snapchat....I feel like that's a normal amount tbh? That's what the average person has, right?
    Also I feel like... I'm kinda with her on going through phases a lot though, lol. Like I'll be really into flowery himekaji shit for like 2 months and then I'll switch over to liking soft grunge or something like that. I think if you like a bunch of different styles at once it's sort of normal to have different phases. I don't think someone should have to stick to one particular style all the time.
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  8. Milk added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Leda Monster Bunny
    No leda thread? I am shocked.
    Quick summary: youtube famous scene queen who dyes her hair like every week. One day she uploaded a video of her crying and talking about how the internet really stressed her out and was ruining her life, and then afterwards she deleted ALL of her social media and nobody heard anything for a year and all her fans freaked out. 
    She has recently returned on Youtube, twitter, and instagram.
    Youtube ♥ Twitter ♥ instagram ♥ More info about leda ♥ Old leda videos
    I personally really like leda, but sometimes she's a drama queen and she goes through phases so fast it gets kind of annoying sometimes. Also it's hard to take any of her friendships or relationships seriously because I feel like none of them ever work out. She needs to get a real job or go to like community college or something. I feel like she should try modelling for some indie store or something. 
    Recent pictures
    Old pictures
    I'd love to hear you guys' opinions of her :^0 
    oh fuck i didnt mean to post this in forum suggestions and gripes. sorry lol. i meant to post this in online personalities
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  9. Milk added a post in a topic Isaki Tahashi   

    For a while she was constantly being posted about on behind the bows. Like for weeks every secrets posts had at least 3 secrets about her
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  10. Milk added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Wow it's weird seeing pics of her in such a normal setting. I'm so used to seeing her in her room or surrounded by bright white lighting these days. It's this picture is very Taylor-esque
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  11. Milk added a post in a topic Isaki Tahashi   

    only 15 replies for chlamydia-chan. i am genuinely surprised
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  12. Milk added a post in a topic Public Appearances   

    It almost looks like she's contouring her cheeks  really not flattering on her
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  13. Milk added a post in a topic Dakota's style   

    Holy shit she looks like Ariana Grande
    I love this photo so much. I think they both look really good here. The only time kota could pull off this hairstyle was when she had snakebites imo
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  14. Milk added a post in a topic Delandra Barbie Johnson   

    Same tbh. I remember earlier this year ami posted a status about not being able to reply to her "fans" because she was so busy and the company she works with doesn't want her to or something and like idk that really rubbed me the wrong way. 
    Also Aurie pisses me off because she thinks she's hot shit for doing the same things that literally everyone else does? The only thing good about her really is that she's good at makeup and knows how to slay wigs. Other than that she's really sketch imo
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  15. Milk added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    Taylor honestly looks so much cuter in this comparison. dakota looks like a spooky scary skeleton
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  16. Milk added a post in a topic Dakota's style   

    I fucking LOOOOOVE her makeup and hair here. She looked so good here. She looked so NORMAL!! unf. I would sacrifice a farm animal to look like this tbqh 
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  17. Milk added a post in a topic Isaki Tahashi   

    isnt she chlamydia-chan?
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  18. Milk added a post in a topic Pixyteri ♥ The Only True Queen ♥   

    I remember someone saving all of pixyteri's new videos and dances and stuff on flickr or dropbox or something but idk  someone find it
    edit: i found a couple of them so here:
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  19. Milk added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Damn those obvious lenses though.
    I feel like dakota is trying to wear less eye makeup and she's shooping her eyes bigger and bigger so they look "naturally big", but I think she should really just stick to using makeup.
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  20. Milk added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Taylor she always have bangs imo. Her face looks really really long without them.
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  21. Milk added a post in a topic Miley Cyrus   

    The thing with dreads (and other styles like box braids and corn rows) is that when black girls do it, we get called ghetto, ratchet hood rats for wearing them even though we do it for a good reason (they're protective styles that lets our hair grow and keeps it neat). But when non-black people wear them it's considered "high fashion" and "urban". It's really frustrating when the things you get made fun of for doing for years is suddenly cool when a white person does it. 
    Also, when white people's hair doesn't really lock up like black people's hair does because of the texture. When you don't brush it, it'll become matted. If anything, they should be called mattlocks lolol.
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  22. Milk added a post in a topic What would you like to see from Kota?   

    I would actually really enjoy watching that and seeing her interact with fans
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  23. Milk added a post in a topic Miley Cyrus   

    Nicki Minaj's harajuku barbie phase was kind of like everyone's middle school/freshman year weeaboo phase lol.
    And if Miley doesn't steal from black culture, wtf was she doing with those ratty ass dreads on then? Huh?
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  24. Milk added a post in a topic Miley Cyrus   

    I can't believe I'm actually reading people agreeing with Miley Cyrus.
    Agreeing with Miley, the same girl who uses black women as props. The same girl who constantly steals from black culture and has the nerve to criticize black female artists.
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  25. Milk added a post in a topic Miley Cyrus   

    Tbh I don't really feel like Nicki Minaj was wrong for being pissed off. How many black female artists have been nominated for the best video of the year award? Why did anaconda get nominated again even though it came out last year? 
    And miley said "It's just an award!! get over it!!"  Okay so if it's just an award..why are you hosting the VMA's?
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