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  1. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I remember when I first went into lolcow because there were some users on this site that were from there so I decided to check it out. When I was in the general section, the first topic on there was a "dog hate" thread and someone on there talked about how much they hated pitbulls so much that they wanted them to die. I never went back on after that...
    I'm a cat person myself personally but I feel like that's a bit too much
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  2. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Thank you very much! I’ll keep this in mind
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  3. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I’m going to Quebec in a couple months to meet a friend and I’m scared of being confronted for having horrible French or because Im not speaking French-Canadian >•< (I can speak French but it’s mainly suited for France and not Canada) 
    - I don’t like how Twitter stans often talk about disliking men yet they will fetishize male kpop idols and male actors 
    - Just because you’re a foreigner living in Japan doesn’t mean you are better than everyone else.
    - As a Buddhist, it offends me when vegans/vegetarians consider themselves Buddhist simply because they don’t eat meat.  That’s not how Buddhism works. 
    - East Asia (and maybe Southeast Asia as well) really need to change their views on mental health and beauty because they’re pretty messed up. 
    - As an Asian American person, it bothers me when upper-middle class Asian Americans act as if they are being heavily oppressed even though they’re extremely wealthy and are conventionally attractive, live in predominantly Asian cities, and go to Ivy leagues like Yale or Harvard along with their parents paying tuition.
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  4. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

      Spill does have some bias to it (like any other tea/commentary/news) but they do encourage discussion from other points of view (which is why they ask for comments at the end of every video).
    Also, they recently uploaded a video about the situation
     I think it is great that they are taking their time to address this whole situation and try to straighten things out, unlike a large majority of corporate channels that tend to either disable comments altogether or sweep it under the rug. At least they actually listen and are aware of the whole situation.
    Also I watched Petty Paige's video again and while she does bring up some valid points, she does act as if Spill is going to kill every single tea/commentary channel on Youtube and take away the spotlight (even going as far to say they are the TroomTroom of the tea community). Idk about everyone else, but I watch multiple channels and not just Spill like Angelica Oles, Cartier Tea, Tea Spill, etc. Normally, independent tea channels usually have their own personal opinions and interpretations on the evidence they collect, so I watch many to make sure I have an informed opinion and go over stuff I may have missed before. (I've also noticed that she acted as if she orchestrated the whole thing (when she said that Spill made "How the Spill Universe Was Created" because they knew she was getting on to them), which isn't true considering that people started being skeptical when "On The Hill" was made back in June and D'Angelo Wallace made a video on the subject. In other words, it wasn't just her.)
    Again, it is possible Spill altogether (You can literally hide their videos from appearing on your suggestions bar) and support independent channels by donating to their Patreon, buying their merch, not skipping ads (*Youtube does NOT count skipped ads as a view!!!*), etc. Small things like that can really make a difference, so I suggest people do those things if they really are concerned.
    As for Danielle Cohen, that's an extremely interesting take, as I've actually never thought that tea channels adding on to the exploitation (I mean, they do talk about her a lot, which in turn does bring in views. The tea channels probably aren't intentionally meaning to profit off of her in some way, but that really is a good point though.)
    TW: mention of child porn
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  5. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Youtube/Drama related unpopular opinions:
    - I feel like the whole Spill vs Drama channels controversy was kinda weak and a little exaggerated. I mean, I think it is important to know that Spill is a corporate channel but other than that, I personally don't care. Compared to a lot of drama surrounding Holly Brown and Onision, it's pretty tame. You can avoid their videos on Youtube and continue supporting independent channels if that concerns you. Also, Spill only lost around 2k when the drama first started but they quickly regained them back.
    - I prefer D'Angelo Wallace old art content than his current stuff
    - People who generally try really hard to make themselves look progressive/woke are generally rude and ignorant themselves, and they usually end up being the type of person they hate
    - I'm kinda tired of hearing the same people on drama channels like James Charles, Jeffrey Star, the Ace family, and Danielle Cohen
    - There are some people on PULL that are kinda snowflakes themselves
    - Sometimes, reading PULL is much more interesting than watching a tea video since you get to hear more than one person's perspective on the topic
    - 95% of internet drama online wouldn't exist if people actually took a few minutes to cool down and think before posting online. I feel like Twitter is the worst offender of this because it encourages you to post whatever is on your mind. Most people think deleting a tweet is going to fix the problem but it just makes them look even more suspicious in the end and does nothing.
    -  I don’t hate VSCO girls, they’re basically harmless and are doing their thing and yet people hate them. I understand people finding them annoying but I never really understood the extreme hatred for them. 
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  6. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I’m 100% all for supporting LGBT+ artists but this isn’t it. I’m honestly tired of people saying they support LGBT+ artists but then try to force LGBT labels on straight artists. This isn’t helping the community, in fact, it’s making it seem harmful more than ever. 
    Personally, I think it is up the artist if they want to be open about their sexuality or not. And only focusing on an artists sexuality rather than the stuff they make is pretty shallow imo.  If Shawn Mendes was gay, it isn’t up for his fans for force him out and make it a public thing. He’s there to make music, not focus on his sexuality.
    It feels like borderline fetishization at this point to make every single artist gay.
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  7. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

     Don’t forget the part where they defend loli porn and say “it’s not real and it’s just a drawing so it’s fine” 
    I never really understood the argument between them because they’re both pretty awful in their own ways like you said. The only difference is that koreaboos are extremely vocal and can be found anywhere, weeaboos on the other hand aren’t as much.
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  8. trashpedia added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    A lot of people I’ve seen on twitter who are like this are the same kinds of people to fetishize gay men and call themselves an ally for it
    I was friends with someone who constantly talked about hating men and how non-queer men aren’t worth being around. But she seemed to really fawn over gay characters and ships. When she found out I was gay from one of my other friends, all hell broke loose and she started asking me the most uncomfortable questions like “omg are you a top or a bottom?” 
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  9. trashpedia added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Idk if controversial art is included here but I saw this on IG and though y i k e s
    So this person was talking about how Ariel shouldn’t be black and how gingers were often oppressed in the media, along with “ginger erasure”

    But then after posting those images, started drawing white versions of other Disney princess all while saying that Ariel shouldn’t be black.

    I might edit this post and replace the the images without the name tags if it becomes an issue. There’s a lot more controversial art on their IG account that I didn’t post. What what are your thoughts? 
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  10. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Ehhh, it depends on the location in America. I definitely understand that I am lucky and privileged compared to a lot of other gay people who live in extremely homophobic countries. However, I do wish there were more protections though because there are some places that fire workers for being gay and deny them healthcare, especially in the southern redneck parts of America. A couple of months ago, there was a pastor in my city that was preaching about how gay people should be executed by the police force.
    - I am kinda annoyed at how people are reposting articles about the Amazon wildfire and get pissed because no one is doing anything  about it while not doing anything themselves. On Instagram, a lot of people I followed had reposted the article because people were spamming #prayforamazonia or something like that through their DMs and like? That’s just slactivism at this point. Just because people aren’t discussing it doesn’t mean they don’t care. 
    - I hate how Gen Z is becoming the new “90s kids” where now they think they’re better now because of their childhood. 
    - Sometimes, I feel like unpopular opinion videos on YouTube are just the new form of saying “I’m not like the other girls/guys”. Ironically, a lot of the opinions on them aren’t even that unpopular at all.
    - I’ve been noticing a lot of fetishization towards East Asian people, especially against Japanese and Koreans. Japanese women have been reduced into “perfect anime waifus” while both Korean men and women are seen as “oppars”. 
    - I wish people would stop assuming that all Asian people listen to kpop or are hardcore kpop stans. I’ve had waaaaaay too many people ask me what my favorite groups are and then tell me I’m a “local Asian” just because I’m not an avid listener to the genre. 
    Also gay (and nsfw) unpopular opinions in the spoilers below:
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  11. trashpedia added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I keep seeing this constantly everywhere I go but:

    Heterophobia is not real. Just because one person made fun of you for being straight (and I don't condone their actions and I'm 100% positive a lot of people in the LGBT community don't either) doesn't mean you are oppressed. 

    LGBT people have to face issues such as:
    Conversion therapy in the USConcentration camps in Chechnya Getting fired from certain jobs just for being LGBTGetting stoned in certain countriesGetting beaten in public (recently a lesbian couple was beaten up in the UK as I'm typing this)Get denied healthcare...and other countless issues I probably haven't listed yet.
    Also, people who say "I dont mind gay people but I hate it when they have to wear some pride bracelet or something subtle like that like stfu and stop rubbing it in our faces" were the same kinds of people who still treat LGBT people like crap. I know a lot of nonflamboyant LGBT people who were harassed constantly just because they only mentioned their sexuality only once on their finsta accounts. Once.
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  12. trashpedia added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -Some people take astrology and the star signs waaay too seriously like calm down, it's just constellations. Its not that deep. I mean, I understand people being interested in astrology for fun but I feel like hating and judging people just because of their star sign is crossing the line.
    -As someone who used to be a part of stan twitter, I'm kinda glad I drifted away from that phase because looking back on it now, it was sorta becoming unpleasant. I don't like using the word "toxic" but I feel like that is what sorta summed up my experience.
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  13. trashpedia added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Honestly seeing how she has always been, I highly doubt she'll ever listen sadly. 
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  14. trashpedia added a post in a topic Why has the "Pastel" aesthetic taken off so much as of recently?   

    From what I've seen and heard so far, pastel colors are easy on the eyes and look much nicer. It's not as bold or strong like the other aesthetics you have mentioned. Also, pastel colors have a lot of positive connotation to them like what Senpai Trash said. Also, I've been seeing a lot of pastel 80s Vaporwave revival but that might just be me though. 
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  15. trashpedia added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hi! I've been lurking the forums for a couple of years now and I decided that I might as well just create an account. I might occasionally on some topics, but anyways, hello!
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