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  1. Jinx! added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 4]   

    Regarding Stranger things, was kenna the snowflake who sexualized it's actors for example Finn Wolfhard, do I remember correct ?
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  2. Jinx! added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Her arms look alarmingly thin, especially in the right picture.
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  3. Jinx! added a post in a topic Kitti Milkwhore / Milkgore   

    My thoughts aswell. The reasons you need to wear a real oxygen tube are pretty far from 'cute', for example chronic illnesses, surgeries, cancer.. 
    She just said in her instastory that "Internet couldn't handle it" and that "you wouldn't understand". Like okay.. 
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  4. Jinx! added a post in a topic Kitti Milkwhore / Milkgore   

    Sooo she wore an oxygen tube for 'cute aesthetic' purposes.

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  5. Jinx! added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Sorry but the way she is "standing" (aka bending her knees to look ~kyut 'n' smol~) makes it look like she pooped herself
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  6. Jinx! added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Maybe a bit off topic but..
    Why does she exactly draw those moles? Is she even trying to convince people they're real?
    Also, who did she copy this time with the victorian aesthetic?
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  7. Jinx! added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    shouldn't she be moved to little snowflakes for this? Lying about undergoing a 10 hour surgery for CANCER, when in reality she was just getting plastic surgery in Korea. Disgusting.
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  8. Jinx! added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Well, lilypichu = shit. Just move this to little snowflakes.
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  9. Jinx! added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    A less photoshopped pic taken from her to promote a wig store or something.
    So yup, she's pure photoshop. Shame.

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  10. Jinx! added a post in a topic Kimiperi   

    We also need to keep in mind it's not always ED making people unusually thin. For example she could have some physical disease that she doesn't want to mention, or anything really.
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  11. Jinx! added a post in a topic Aru.rinh   

    hah, I always had that bad vibe about her.. I can't tell exactly what but you know, as she was full of herself. And it seems like she is haha
    Her personality seems pretty damn ugly judged by what you're saying 
    Sorry I don't know how to add spoiler, but there's some pics to compare filtered and photoshopped face
    Also it creeps me out that when she photoshops she ends up looking like a .. 9 year old? Is that what she's aiming for 😐

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  12. Jinx! added a post in a topic Aru.rinh   

    wait, that's really her? She doesn't look alike with her pictures, i feel like she looks much older in real life and she edits her pictures/uses makeup to make her face look younger '-'
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  13. Jinx! added a post in a topic That hapa girl   

    This girl is mental, she just swaps her race whenever she feels like to whatever she feels like. And she also puts damn alot effort to that, she wants people to make a fxking article about her fake nationality and makes up all these stories. Wtf ???
    Shame shame shame shame shame fucking shame right there.
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