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  1. xoxlongcat added a post in a topic MaiMagi   

    yes sorry. that tattoo thing does sound very weird maybe she didnt like the arrows but didnt dare to say. if you look at the rest of her tattoos the very straight lines of the arrows dont fit anyway so she probably hates it now lol. I wonder how psychara is gonna cover that one up 
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  2. xoxlongcat added a post in a topic MaiMagi   

    i wouldnt say that i love it lol, ive been following them both for a long time now. I believe psychara already had a lot of followers so maybe mai magi used psychara to become big and then threw her out hahaha. but i see psycharas non famous friends in her insta stories and mai only with manicmoth, so maybe @bambithehooker their theory was true. but maybe im biased because I feel bad for psychara because i've lost friends because of depression too 
    I looked up that tattoo thing tho and psychara has a video about it. the wrist one was apperently mais idea and the lines were suposed to be arrows but the design was too big for psycharas arm lmao. but mai magi did get the arrows or something idk its kinda vague. I was curious after you mentioned it. heres the video https://youtu.be/EJ6YXMlGiLg?t=661
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  3. xoxlongcat added a post in a topic MaiMagi   

    i believe psychara wanted to move to germany to live in a small house in a forest and because germany is aparently way cheaper than holland but she recently said in a livestream on instagram that she didnt wanna do that anymore because she has friends and family in holland and her sibling got a baby or something which i guess is a good excuse to not move country idk. she did completely ignore me when I asked about mai maggi lol so I have no idea what happened but she covered that tattoo they both have so shit must be real bad. Ive read on psycharas social media that she lost good friends because of her depression (im not gonna bitch about mental issues here) so maybe thats what happened and not the house thing. they do seem to bitch about psychara behind her back ahaha i feel bad for her but i hate her hair too.
    these are the only screenshots i have you can see the cover up here

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