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  1. goaniie added a post in a topic Electric Boogaloo   

    Its hard to say if she had a nose job or not. Of course her fanboys are justifying it saying she had a lot of baby fat when she was younger and she lost weight (and some nose cartilage apparently lol) 
    I found an old video of Jess and took a screencap then I took a screencap of her latest video.  SHe blasts brightness in her recent vids so its a bit harder to tell
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  2. goaniie added a post in a topic Electric Boogaloo   

    I think she's just an attention whore. She has said that she has tons of money saved up because she still lives with her parents and doesn't provide for herself. She said she never has to spend a dime because mommy and daddy take care of her (and now her bum boyfriend). She posted that she has enough money saved to retire now for the rest of her life.
    I think her popularity has fallen dramatically. The Chive and Playboy named "Angie Griffin" as the top cosplayer now in recent articles and Jess was suddenly tweeting Chive and instagraming photos with KCCO (Chive) in the background begging for attention.  Her photos aren't selling as much anymore and her fans are giving up and losing interest. But this bitch lives for attention. She needs it and she'll do anything to get it! But as far as money, she must have plenty saved up (as she said) but she probably sees its not coming in as much anymore
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  3. goaniie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Some of the "after" nose photos are fan pics so they aren't shopped. I can't tell if she had a nose job or not. Some people get very little done to the nose like Megan Fox did and it still looks natural. 
    And If she wanted to hide the fact she had implants.... just let people talk. Don't lie. Don't straight up say "My boobs are natural" when they aren't. Anyone that has boobs or anyone that has seen real ones can tell Jessica's are fake. Real boobs don't sit on your chest when your laying down. Real ones jiggle if you jump up and down or try to forcefully jiggle them. 
    Jessica's boobs:

    Real Boobs:

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  4. goaniie added a post in a topic Electric Boogaloo   

    she has gotten so desperate lately with the stuff shes posting
    like this
    and these

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  5. goaniie added a post in a topic Electric Boogaloo   

    I'm laughing at her stupid attempts to get more people to buy from her wishlist...
    She keeps on posting things on twitter, facebook, & instagram like:
    "I put the dumbest shit on my Amazon wish list... But no one can ever find it. So it's.... It's okay."
    "Just added Bulk Lube. No regrets."
    "No one can find my Amazon wish list. No one will know what I put on it."
    "oh dear god please dont buy these because i am destined to wear them if they do list." (Nipple covers)
    "Haha it's just so dumb that I have it hahaha" (referring to her wishlist)
    Its so pathetic. She is so desperate.
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  6. goaniie added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    I never said that. I meant MARY called people "heartless" on twitter for doing so. I never called anyone heartless. Those are her tweets from her twitter saying that.  I just was saying how crappy for her to judge people and then do the same.  She can do whatever she wants with her dogs but preaching about only adopting from shelters and never to give away your dogs but then doing that exact same thing makes her a hypocrite.  
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  7. goaniie added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    I'm pretty sure she got rid of her Australian pets almost a year before moving to the US?  
    Why preach about people being heartless and not adopting from shelters when she doesnt do these things? She even called out a chick on twitter for not adopting yet Mary has purchased 4 animals from breeders (I forget Ben before)  Just keep your mouth shut Mary.  
    She's just trying to be a social media warrior. She's as fake as they come.
    Just like how she'll post photoshopped "no makeup" photos and preach how no ones perfect and you shouldn't be ashamed. Why photoshop your own photo then? I dont understand it. 
    And don't get me started on her ruining that poor photographers life by accusing them of child porn because she didnt want to admit she did nude photos before getting implants. 
    Theres some bad people online but after reading and witnissing the things Mary's done I'm sorry to say but she's one of the worst (and No I don't only mean the stuff I listed above. just google her lies and the terrible things she's done)
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  8. goaniie added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    Mary's a compulsive liar and has given away many other pets as well. What about the rats she had?? The pets she gave away in Austrailia? She constantly plays victim. Oh poor Mary having to constantly give away her pets.. I'll bet $50 that Ben her snake is next. She only cares about herself.
    Anyone who reads the gurugossip boards can see what a liar and selfish person Mary is.
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  9. goaniie added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    They could have taken time to train Jackie.
    But what about Mary's preaching about adopting shelter dogs and how heartless people are by not doing so then she goes around and BUYS FROM ANOTHER BREEDER. Her 3rd breeder buy (in America)
    On Famebit, they are offering 1k to 2k for youtubers to open Puppy Box but the rules are you have to have a puppy. Guess who signed up? BEFORE THEY GAVE AWAY Jackie. 
    Her and Ken are scum. 
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  10. goaniie added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    I love how she preaches that you should adopt dogs from shelters but instead buys her dogs from breeders then gives one away and gets another puppy from another breeder so she can get some sponsorship from a company to do an unboxing video for "Puppy Box" lol

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  11. goaniie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She claims she did the work but we know she's made the same claims in the past and we found out those were lies.  She originally said she'd be documenting the whole process on snapchat. She ended up posting NO pictures. Not even one.
    Isn't it also strange that she never made cosplay of this quality  in the past until she got a boyfriend that is actually a good cosplayer. Either he taught her some stuff or....he probably made most of it. Sadly he won't ever admit to it until they break up. 
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  12. goaniie added a post in a topic Twitch   

    I'm surprised when people are like "But she seems nice when she's playing on twitch" or after I stood in line an hour to meet her she didn't say anything mean.......... She's working. She's doing her business. Would a prostitute be rude to a customer? Not if they want the customer to come back. She plays twitch to get donations. She often asks for donations and pimps out her donation button like crazy.  That one twitch session got her like $3000. Of course, she seems nice. Would you act like rude if you were trying to get people to give you their money? lol
    She has a history of being a real shitty person. She has lost a lot of friends. Many conventions refuse to rehire her because she's difficult to work with.  Certain photographers refuse to work with her again. Etc.... These things are more telling to me then "But she seemed nice while asking for donations on twitch"
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  13. goaniie added a post in a topic Twitch   

    How nice is a person that skipped out on seeing her fans on a event (that she was payed to attend) just to go to the aquarium next door because she just didn't feel up to it?

    How nice is a person that stole credit for a photo that a pro photographer took and even photoshopped the photographer's name off the photo in order to sell to her fans?
    How nice is a person that took credit for making some cosplays even though her friend made them?
    And thats only 3 examples of her behavior.  She's a shitty person thats taking advantage of her fans. She's a liar and is hurting people. She's flat out scammed her fans (check out her subreddit to read stories)
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  14. goaniie added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    Yeah but when you straight up lie to your fans thats not right.
    I used to be a fan but unfortunately got caught up in her terrible lies. She's one of the worst people I've met online. Its sad because so many people fall for her lies. 
    You can google her name and find many sites where she scammed and lied to people.

    Here's one tumblr by a fan that got caught up in a few lies: http://supermaryfacefan.tumblr.com/
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  15. goaniie added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    Mary lied about having implants for awhile but admitted to it after someone found her before/after picture on a surgeons website.  
    She is also a complusive liar and has a history with lying to her fans. She has done some pretty terrible things such as accusing a photographer of being a pedophile and telling all her fans to report the photographer to the police. She later admitted that she was lying because the photographer has nude photos of her on his site (she was over 18 in these photos) and was embarrassed for her little sister to see these photos and he wouldnt take them down.  
    She also made up that she had a stalker. She would post photos the stalker took of her house and terrible emails he sent. Fans then reported this supposed stalker to hotmail for the emails who reported that this email address never existed. People then tracked the photos to be taken from Mary's phone. Mary later admitted that she made up this stalker to show her fans that things like this could happen to youtube stars.

    She's insane.

    Theres plenty of other things she's done. Google it, also read the stuff on gurugossip. 
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