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  1. aripenko added a post in a topic iamkareno / karen yeung   

    If I can fit my long ass 3c hair into a wig cap without doing cornrows (it hurts my hands lmao), then surely Karen can fit her hair into one as well. Whenever she does something wrong she's always the victim who is so positive and happy and everyone is trying to ruin her fun. She did the exact same sob story in her crying videos, she is so transparent. It costs $0.00 to own up to your mistakes. Race is fucking real and so is appropriation. I don't want you to appreciate my culture I want you and your boyfriend to respect it. And as for Michelle, how is she going to talk about the rich and the poor when she tried selling overpriced makeup that wasn't even FDA approved??? Lmao I just can't with all of them I'd hope they'd be a bit more mature.
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  2. aripenko added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    You actually need to grow the fuck up. If this shit isn't that serious then why are you literally writing paragraphs all the time about how Malissa triggered you? How she doesn't appreciate her followers, her beauty etc? Acting like a child whenever someone disagrees with you? 
    You wrote that comment yesterday, so you clearly did remember writing it. Why are you so shook? On the yeoja thread I accidentally posted something that wasn't true and I owned up to it. Literally everyone on this thread past a certain point has agreed with you, you didn't shake shit up. It's fine to call out her behaviour but at this point I think I know what your intentions are.
    And I haven't seen proof anywhere. On the first few pages it states that Malissa blocked people when she first got posted on 4Chan and was pissed. The content there can be gross and someone got her phone number, yeah being posted there is issue. You stated that she had an ED based of a selfie with a finger in her mouth. THOUSANDS of Instagram girls do that all the time. Having a cut on her finger doesn't make any difference. Pro ana content does not equal to real life.
    Anyway I was only pointing out how this thread wasn't doing anything constructive and the behaviour here was getting shitty. If you have an issue contact the mods, because talking to you is like talking to a wall and I really can't be bothered, so if you really want to let this thread die then let it.
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  3. aripenko added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    Nope the screenshot of her complaining her thread was dead was posted on page 6. Your comment was posted on page 7.
    And this is where my point is coming from. I'm not babying Malissa in the slightest. I truly do not give a fuck if her feelings are hurt over her trashy behaviour or aesthetic being called out. But if she's upset over false accusations (she posted herself on 4Chan etc) then I am going to defend her because I do think that some people on here have some irrational hatred for her. If her actions triggered you or hurt you then don't stoop to her level and start trashing her. It clearly states in the rules to not have a vendetta against snowflakes. Other threads don't really have this issue and when they did (e.g. the princessmei one), they got called out. If you think I'm wrong then we are going to have to disagree to agree and let this thread die.
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  4. aripenko added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    I really don't want to come off as a white knight, because I know Malissa really needs to own up to her behaviour and I think this thread has done a good job of explaining how her sick aesthetic is wrong. But tbh it is unnecessary to say that she is spoiled/manipulative/buys her followers/is a horrible person irl/has an eating disorder. People do have a right to speculate, but you do have to understand why she would be angry and her anger imo is valid. Honestly, I don't want to start drama because this thread was right to call her out but I can see her perspective because not everything has been constructive.
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  5. aripenko added a post in a topic EDWARD ZO   

    He's so fucking annoying, I actually hate people that abuse the comment system.
    And how is this fool selling Fit Tea, jfc what a mess.
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  6. aripenko added a post in a topic Margot Robbie "look-alike" Eva Autumn   

    The recent post about her engagement was creepy tbh.
    Margot has a lot of charisma and personality, which makes her really attractive and you really can't copy that.
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  7. aripenko added a post in a topic iamkareno / karen yeung   

    I think Karen is ok, but she needs to find her own style, it's always a copy and paste of whatever is trending. Her obsession with Korea and Japan is really irritating though, you could literally find most of the clothing in UO. And that clickbait video about the truth about YouTube, when all we got was an ipsy ad and some irrelevant whining about notifications. People are getting them, it's just no one cares lol.
    Her boyfriend's photography sucks too, someone please teach him how to edit without VSCO cam. But seeing as I'm being so negative, they are pretty cute.
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  8. aripenko added a post in a topic Language exchange anyone?   

    I'd really appreciate any recs for French TV shows, and music! I've listened to La Femme, but all my favourite songs by them are in English lol. I love anything jazz or with synth, but I'm open to anything tbh. And any current TV show would be fine.
    If anyone wants help with English grammar and just any checking over work, let me know!
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  9. aripenko added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    Yup it's public record and you found it on the internet, so it's not like you doxxed her or anything. I'm pretty sure there is some more information on this, on the Pele/BonBonChu thread because something similar happened. Don't feel pressured tho, you don't have to, maybe just PM people who want to know.
    Desrosiers is French, does she get a new name every time she uses Google Translate lol.
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  10. aripenko added a post in a topic Jessica Wilder   

    I actually have no words, it's like Michael Jackson meets Chucky but worse. I genuinely hope they are trolling.
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  11. aripenko added a post in a topic TheBLACKHannahMontana pics going viral for looking like a " doll   

    Lol how can she appropriating her own culture, if she's Somalian she was probably raised Muslim. The print of the scarf is similar to the ones you would see around that East Africa (at least from my experience).
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  12. aripenko added a post in a topic Acacia Brinley   

    How is she going to have a child when she can't even take care of her pets? She won't spend a few hundered on a fridge, but 2k on a bag and babies are expensive. And with a guy that has been proven to be an absolute flop of boyfriend, he won't survive a week as a dad. You can't give away babies when they are no longer cute or fun, someone have social sercurity on speed dial, because she is in no way ready to be a mother. Look at the state of that cat, I can't imagine how she'll act.
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  13. aripenko added a post in a topic Shane Vang   

    I went on Nuehle's instagram for the first time in forever and she looks so different wtf. I'm also dying at the fact she is calling her daughter Zora Heavenlyn, I wonder what Shane is going to call her baby. I don't know how long they can keep their YouTube going, the gyaru and ulzzang trend seem pretty dead to me.
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  14. aripenko added a post in a topic not being able to eat food because of sensory issues?   

    I have SPD, but I can't believe she's begging on the internet like that is so disrespectful to anyone on the spectrum or who has actual issues with food, because from my situation it can also stem from eating disorders. It doesn't make sense that she can afford to buy band merch and not food.
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  15. aripenko added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    I have always had a feeling that he stuffs his pants because he is insecure lol. 
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