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  1. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I left for awhile and didn't realize that she started a new channel. Busy bee. Remember when she said that she would never make videos again and was instead going to be a full-time educational Planet Coaster streamer? 
    At least her new channel is completely dedicated to her batty Islamic rants instead of on her main channel. 
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  2. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    I know some details. Some are private and I am not going to reveal them, but others have been put in the open, and most of it was in the public sphere as shown. 
    Regarding private stuff, Cheyenne was doing ...pretty scummy things. She's in a circlejerk relationship right now with her current wife. Her wife never liked Cry, and always shitted on him. So basically  when Cheyenne started tweetstorming it was because her wife lit a fire under her ass and made her feel confident. This is a direct result of all of the cancel culture shit that was going around and I assume if you try to look at the way that Cheyenne was trying to portray herself, she really wanted to paint the picture of herself being abused by an evil pedophile who lures women in to their doom, while she's this poor innocent victim who yeah maybe she made mistakes but she's changed guys you don't even know. 
    In reality Cheyenne was and still is a manipulative scumbag. We all knew this especially those of you who were around during the era where she was on stream all the time. She would constantly shit talk him and his passions and his feelings on stream in front of literally thousands of people while he's trying to do his legitimate job. And I have heard that this continued in their private life as well no surprise there. Lots of gaslighting and lots of twisting of words and stories and lots of throwing shade for the sake of starting drama and being a asshole. We even saw this in public as Cheyenne constantly got in fights with everyone around her-viewers in chat and Jund and Russ not to mention her verbally abusing Ziegs to get her off the stream and her shitty verbal quips at Red when she was still in the community. 
    So Cheyenne comes out of left field having said nothing about this for years pretending she is some "bad bitch" identity that she formed thinking shes awesome, and tried to drag Crys name through the mud for clout. But that was not all. At the same time after having not streamed on her own Twitch channel for nearly half a year because she's a lazy piece of shit (reminder that she is a Twitch partner in no short part because of Cry), and I am sure it was just some wild coincidence, but Cheyenne suddenly starts streaming again. How interesting when someone starts "spilling the tea" and immediately tries to restart their abandoned social media career. Shes also become much more public with the onlyfan accounts of her and her wife along with their lewd snapchats right after the "big reveal".
    The more private things is that Cry did "cheat." I put that in quotes because it's really a matter of perspective. What I heard is that Cry and Cheyenne were informally dating for a long time (she said as much in her tweets). They both obviously liked each other and were flirting and being lewd, but did not confirm anything with each other. They were both technically single. Cheyenne thought they were dating even if neither of them had agreed to this, and Cry did not think they were dating because they had not agreed to anything. The person Cry "cheated" with was actually him just being lewd with someone else who was not Cheyenne. Later on apparently according to Cheyennes tweets she found out about him "cheating" on her when she visited with him in person. Or in other words with all the context, she did not confirm a relationship with him and was pissed that he did lewd things with someone who was not her even though he had no reason not to because he was not officially dating Cheyenne. 
    Basically Cheyenne thought she was in a romantic relationship with Cry before they had actually agreed to it, and when she learned that he did not feel the same way, she threw a temper tantrum and said he cheated on her in order to guilt trip him. And then, when she wanted to reactivate her social media career, she decided to use that as a form of blackmale. It isnt REAL blackmale because it isnt that scandalous. If anything, it reveals more of how Cheyenne is just a really shitty person and has not changed at all in the last four years or however long it has been. Her only goal was to hurt Cry even more than she already has and to make as many fans and as much money possible. The fact that anyone still believes that abusive piece of shit is the most amazing part of all of this. 
    I also talked to people who saw all this drama and were upset by it. Some real oldschool viewers do not want to be part of the community anymore, but they were never really around anyway ....so.... I do NOT blame anyone who was upset by all of it. It sucks to hear when someone you admire did bad stuff in the past. But ask for me I never liked Cheyenne and cant trust a single word she says at this point. And especially with the context of cancel culture and her immediately shilling her twitch and lewd snapchat and her very long history of being a shitty person exactly like this makes me think this is just more of the same. That is the saddest part ...so long since she apologized for being a horrible person and she has not changed even a little bit. Sad. 
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  3. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It's also just way easier to get that sort of validation now than it was back when she was really in her groove of Youtubing. Japan was a pretty niche thing still. Part of the reason she got so successful is because Youtubers in Japan were a fairly rare commodity, so basically any perspective of a westerner who was living/working in Japan was super unique and valid, especially if they maintained their channel. It got her lots of attention, and she used that platform to stroke her ego. 
    But now, anyone can be anything on the internet as long as you say divisive or extreme things. There are enough people filling niche communities that being on the extreme end and espousing extreme opinions can get you easy social capital. This is especially true of more hardcore communities that are unified around singular things. Japan communities are super diverse out these days: anime/manga cliques, tourist circles, ALT communities, etc.  
    Mira no longer stands out in Japan, but she can be an ISIS bride and be completely distinct. Being hardcore western-Muslim is very rare, so she's in a fairly exclusive club. And the harder she leans into that, the more she gets rewarded by grifters on Twitter who will reward anyone who defends Saudi lifestyle or culture. Basically, she needs to do a quarter of the work for infinitely more clout, so she's eating it up while she can not realizing she's trashing her future on the internet in the process. 
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  4. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    All I can say is I called it less than two weeks ago. Looks like she's taking the "Stay in Japan" route. 
    Only thing I can really add is... that video was a whole different level of cringe. The awkward text, the even more awkward voice-over for when she went in the cave where she's pretending that she's actually speaking but just recorded it on a mic. Remember when she tweeted non-stop about how hard making videos was and that she was exhausted? She got exhausted for THIS content. 
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  5. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Yeah, the thing in the video was 100% a fat bee.
    She was implying it was an osuzumebachi. She's not wrong when she says these things are evil. These hornets are way worse than Yellow Jackets which more people in North America are familiar with. They'll ruin your life if you get stung by one; you need medical treatment for the venom ASAP, and 30+ people die to those things per year. Osuzumebachi give zero shits and will actively go out of their way to try to sting you for daring to be anywhere near them, for basically no reason, and they're a huge menace. The fact that she can't tell the difference between a hornet and a bee says a lot though. 
    That being said, there was an older video where she got "attacked" by a bee (aka it probably smelled her stink and flew around her a couple times), whereupon she unceremoniously panicked and screamed like a 5 year old. I'm pretty sure it was after her Muslim phase started, so it might even still up. But I'm certainly not trawling through them to find it. 
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  6. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It's fun to just live life, and return here just to see how silly things for Mira are. It's always a treat. And sorry, Mira, but we do have lives and deal with our own stuff; we're not just crazy stalkers on the internet; the only one who is glued to their computer screen 24/7 is you. 
    One thing I've been getting a kick out of is how she just can't put the mantle down on her youtube life. She says, "I'm going to redefine my whole identity. You won't even know it's me!" Yet she's still streaming her content to her main account, not even her Coaster Japan account (although to her credit, I'm not sure that feature is unlocked for accounts with so few subs (I have no idea how Youtube Gaming works)). I said it before, and I say it again: if you really want to separate yourself from these "toxic" communities that are "harassing" and stalking you, all you really have to do is just drop it. Walk away from social media and you'll be happy. The only reason you call PULL and Lolcow toxic is through your projection of your own toxic attitudes onto us, which only gives us more reason to point out how toxic you're being. The same goes for you calling us harassers; you're the one who harasses randoms on Twitter on the daily in some vain attempt to prove how Muslim/Japanese/Canadian/Conservative/Anti-Feminist you are. We get it, you struggle with identities. Just pick one and maybe you wouldn't get hated by literally everyone you speak to; you'll only get hated by a small minority. 
    Meanwhile she still has Rodi on lock, following his every step like a crazy ex who can't take a hint, despite saying HE'S the crazy one who can't stop talking about her. She remembered to hit that bell icon for notifications; she's not getting random calls from friends in the middle of the night about Rodi's streams (even if that were true, it seems your friends aren't heeding your advice to stay away from that "next man"), because in reality, she went in there with all of her main accounts to try and trash talk, only to get banned from chat. Not even on sock-puppet accounts, literally on her main accounts in full view. How unhinged do you have to be to do this stuff? 
    I still wonder whether she's in Japan or not. It becomes less and less convincing by the day. She says she'll be uploading videos to a new account somewhere. I'd love to see them; I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find, given her long history of broadcasting her editing and filmmaking style (distinctly slipshod). She also says she has so much left to do in Japan, and needs to travel so many places. But how? With what money? Does chicken fingers the husband really have the cash to travel all over Japan for his plump bride to make Youtube videos that will never see the light of day? I sincerely doubt it, especially if they're planning a cross-continent move to SA or Indonesia, or anywhere in her delusions, anytime in the distant future. 
    I'm still holding true to my older theory: she's still somewhere in Japan, probably in a suburb outside a major city (likely somewhere like Saitama or Chiba). She's so paranoid of stalkers that she either goes full burka to hide her identity, or otherwise, goes full Hollywood with crazy facemasks and nondescript clothing to hide herself amongst crowds. She probably stopped using public transit, because her husband likely has a car (he likely works as either an ALT for some dispatch company or eikaiwa which provides a kei car, or otherwise works manual labor and can afford one). And of course she needs to avoid public transit because stalkers will meet her at every train station simultaneously because they tracked her location via eyeball analysis. She's either using her crazy conspiracy theories about people trying to murder her to obfuscate the fact that her life is extremely boring and she doesn't often leave the house anymore, and doesn't want to get a job because she's convinced people will recognize her, even though the odds of actually finding her among the zillions of people in Japan are pretty low.
    And what next? Bets on the table: 
    She legitimately wants to stay in Japan, wants to film more videos, and will publish some of the videos around Christmas or New Years. Around that time, she'll likely take a trip to Canada to visit family. This way she can "prove she's in Japan" by finally posting videos that she pre-made, but also be so far away from stalkers that she will just laugh later, saying, "Haha I smartier than stupid stockers cuz I have big brain," when in reality that's just like... basic privacy on the internet to not broadcast your location. She'll then return to Japan, post videos about Canada and how evil it is, warning all her muslim followers to stay away from the unholy land. Then go back to her current holding pattern of screaming on Twitter non-stop and playing video games while slobbering on a microphone.She legitimately wants to move to Saudi Arabia, but is stuck in Japan. She's fully doubled-down on the idea that she is the perfect muslim wife, and wants to live like Princess Jasmine in Agraba. She's going to do everything in her power to move to the Middle East (she might settle for some place like UAE or Egypt), but those aren't the same so she's hedging her bets on SA acceptance. If that fails, she'll follow her husband wherever they are allowed to go, likely to Indonesia and/or Malaysia (where he is most likely from), or maybe to Muslim areas of The Philippines (unlikely but possible). Either this, or she'll wish to travel to South Asia, likely Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, etc, showing off how cultured and touristy she is. This is a failure in her eyes, but she'll play it up like it was her goal all along, as she's already said that she and her husband want to "travel all over" and "don't care about settling down." If this happens, she'd probably leave Japan around November of next year unless they get strapped for cash. She gets punted back to Canada. She's lost her Youtube career due to her own incompetence after deleting everything (those evergreen videos about Japan likely supplemented her income quite nicely). And since she feels she can't work a job for fear of stalkers, it means her hubby has to bankroll two foreigners in Japan on crummy income from his eikaiwa. That won't last forever. They can restrict their food to cereal 24/7, and never leave the house except for mosque, but eventually living just gets hard, or maintaining visas won't work, and they decide to return to Canada. They'll first move near Mira's family; she'll go dark on youtube or otherwise release this mythical backlog of videos, and try to stretch them out. Once she gets back to Canada, gets settled in a job, she'll likely then come back, talking about her fun Canadian adventures with her hubby, saying, "I always wanted to return to my roots back in Canada, I've always identified this as my home." She'll likely still stay a nutty muslim who circlejerks for Saudi Arabia and never give up that dream, while also picking up on hard-core conservatism, shittalking Trudeau's new term and praising Trump. If this happens, it'll probably happen by the end of next Summer, give or take. She actually does plan to move to Saudi Arabia, and everything she's saying is true. She goes on a whirlwind adventure across Japan with her husband, it turns out she's actually married to Aladdin who is also a Saudi Prince with infinite income, and she actually is struggling with red tape to enter SA with her husband. She continues... whatever weird shit she's doing on the internet like she is presently, until they finally get things sorted, and she moves. Then she goes dark on social media for awhile, she realizes how crappy SA is, but will start talking how great [insert new country] is after the shimmer on Arabian life wears off. If this happens, it'll probably take 2 years at least before she moves, so get comfy. Either way, point being, is Mira is the gift that keeps on giving. I've never seen such a drama llama that causes all their own drama over and over again. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy at this point that if you let Mira do what she does, naturally she'll start all manner of dumb stuff to get laughed at for. 
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  7. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It's her way of being a public figure while also disassociating from her other personality. She assumes that if she puts things on a new account, that we won't realize it's just her uploading to a new account (even though it's very obvious), and it's a method of trying to capture fame in a bottle again. She said multiple times in her livestreams, "I don't care if I'm famous, I never wanted people to pay attention to me." And yet, here she is, still posting rubbish all over the internet, amassing as many followers as she can despite her insane views. 
    It's so shameless. You can compare it directly to other Youtubers who actually wanted to step away from their fame. Someone like Marzia, Pewdiepie's wife, was just like, "Hey, I'm done, bye," and nuked her whole channel. That's what actually stepping away from the space is: taking stock of your life by eliminating the thing you feel is a problematic element. If Mira was wanting to run away from the internet because stalkers are enhancing her eyeball reflections, or because her haterz never give her a break, she would actually step away from the internet and just move on with her life. 
    But no, she can't do that. Instead, she has to complain non-stop, spout racist, homophobic, and transphobic crap on Twitter, and try to defend herself via a completely unrelated gaming channel. SHAMELESS. 
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  8. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Who knows anything with her anymore. My headcannon is that she is (somehow) still in Japan. There's a lot of evidence for her being in Canada, but I'm not confident she's intelligent enough to get out of Japan and settle down anywhere in Canada. She's probably just sequestering herself in her house like a good Muslim housewife, and does some weird comedy sketch of sneaking around alleys to make sure she's not seen by her "thousands of stalkers" while going to the kobini. She's probably already privately accused the kobini worker of stalking her. 
    This gaming channel thing almost seems like a parody at this point. Even conceptually it's hilariously stupid. There's nothing wrong with an educational gaming channel; it's a neat idea, and basically just like a podcast. But logistically like... what does she hope for? There are infinite gaming channels out there, and nothing about what she's doing is unique or will help her stand out. Not to mention compared to other gaming sounds, she has crappy visuals and her computer can barely run the game while recording. 
    And even then, what would she educate about? She has plenty of knowledge about Japan, sure, but it's so blended with Trump-thumping, misinformation, false-truths, and KSA propaganda. You'd have to be bonkers to watch anything she puts out there regularly. 
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  9. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    To the first question, probably local Japanese police. She might even be redirected to somewhere higher up if they felt like it. 
    She's not wrong to say that the police don't care about her. The Japanese police can be fairly ineffectual a lot of the time, especially to foreigners. They often don't take things seriously for some reason. My friend in Fukui needed to report the police because her neighbor was in an abusive relationship, the woman literally getting her head bashed into the wall and crying all night. The police met with my friend, checked on the neighbors, and when they spoke to my friend afterwards, said, "They seem fine, but you should leave them to their own personal matters." Like, yeah dudes, good police work there. 
    I had a separate friend studying in Nagoya. She had a nice evening dancing and getting flirty with a dude at a club. They met at a café later, but she isn't the type to date people, and he really wanted that, so she said they shouldn't hang out. The creeper goes on for the next two months to wander around her university campus trying to figure out which dorm she was in, and when he finally found her, tracked her all over campus, and would sometimes slip creepy love letters into her mailbox. She reported it to police, and they "did a full investigation," but essentially ended up saying, "Well, if he does anything bad to you, you can call us." 
    So she's not WRONG about the police.
    But 100% doxxing is messed up, and is super illegal in Japan. Since that's her country of residence, if she got reported for what she did by doxing his name and picture, she could get in big trouble. The police don't take much seriously, but privacy they take VERY seriously, because it's just part of the culture. Beyond that, it's not like the police "didn't do anything." They likely did do work to try to help her. But what can they really do when they're trying to find a stalker who is literally on the other side of the planet? I didn't follow much of the KM drama, but I doubt he has any criminal history, and he seems like an alright dude. Why would the police stop him at all without any credible threat? 
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  10. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    If only this weren't normal I'd be concerned. But the reality is she's always spoken like a 3rd grader who is still learning her English. I imagine that due to her study in both Japanese and Arabic, it's only weakening her English at this stage. Not that she's very good at those languages either. 
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  11. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Honestly, her best bet is to just abandon Japan. Doesn't really matter where she goes at this point. If she goes back to Canada, she'll have a perfectly happy, normal life, and I'm pretty sure she'll blend in with every other crazy hick in Canada talking nonsense. Or she can run off to Saudi Arabia and be Jasmine. At least that would be entertaining, and if she wants to keep making her Saudi propaganda from the actual source, good on her, I think that would be a great career move, and would honestly be interested to hear her perspective. 
    But her time in Japan is spent. She has nothing of value to say anymore, and her erratic identity switches are making her look stupid, on top of misrepresenting the people she's claiming to know everything about. Despite living in Japan for as long as she has, she's still apparently ignorant of basic facets of Japanese life. And if she's going to be miss big-talk about Saudi Arabia, then she needs some first hand experience before she can have any sort of valuable opinion. 
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  12. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    This girl has said everything under the sun. Words are as meaningless as her actions, at this point. She can say she wants "white Japanese children" one day, and then claim that if she doesn't build a family of pure Saudi sons and daughters then everything is forfeit. You have to view her actions with her words; if she wanted kids, she's had enough husbands to have them. Despite her being brain-dead, she's obviously smart enough to practice safe sex so as to not get tied down by one of her many husbands by having a child in their name. 
    Don't tell her she might get child support though, then she might start popping them out due to desperation. Although let's be fair, that's my making the joke as a North American; I'm not sure if that's something that can even be done with her situation in Japan. 
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  13. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Yeah, Mira has never wanted children. Probably doesn't want them now either. Mostly because it would rob her of her life as she knows it. Her life is built off of spending on herself and herself only. Everyone else is collateral. We've seen this with the KM situation, and she's no doubt doing it now with her current husband. 
    If she were to actually get pregnant, she'd actually... y'know, have to birth the baby, and then care for it. She can barely care for herself. You can only imagine the child crying its eyes out while she's viciously typing her 97th reply on Twitter at 5am. Nah, a child would be too much of an inconvenience. But like we've discussed here, any normal girl around her age would be thinking about the future and settling down, whether into a housewife role or a career-woman role. Mira is perpetually 13 years old, so the concept of her settling down is a complete foreign topic, so any thought of children tying her down is purely theoretical or rhetorical. 
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  14. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Rodi could be working on something. He doesn't really have to. And also it could just be very resource intensive. I'm sure Rodi has an actual job that takes up a lot of his time. A lot of people can easily forget how hard real life vs YouTube life is, so you kinda have to give things their time. Alternatively, he could've been leeching. It's possible. And alternatively to that, Rodi tends to be kind of a perfectionist with his videos. He has really intense editing in them, and it looks very good. But if he's going overboard, then it'll take awhile to edit up. 
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  15. ichigoshortcake added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Her latest video is so special, I'm almost flabbergasted watching it. 
    Let's break this down. 
    The reason Japanese people don't make rude comments or say anything about you wearing niqab or hijab when you leave the house is because Japan is a non-confrontational society. You should know that having lived there for so long, but I guess you can learn something new every day. You also mention that you live in Tokyo, literally the most diverse city in the entire country. There are people of all shapes, sizes, colours, religions, and denominations there. Of course you won't be discriminated there. Even people in the inaka are polite at very least. But you know that you get strange looks everywhere you go; pretending you don't is just being oblivious, which we know you are. People aren't going to go "running away and screaming" just because you're in niqab. Turns out, people don't care what your religion is, and people generally respect anyone worshiping Islam. Even if they're insane like you. Quit with the persecution complex.Now the biggie. Niqab is not "embedded" into Japanese culture. Japanese people wear simple face-masks because, if they're sick, they don't want to spread their germs. Also as a method of just being introverted and shy in general. It has nothing to do with religious face-veils. You've literally made videos about this in the past, you're just twisting the information to fit your current agenda. UV-ray protectors are things that exist, but it's for keeping your skin from being exposed from the sun. Nothing else. I personally think the practice is weird, but hey, to each their own. This has basically zero relation to wearing religious face-veils. Including the most extreme examples of the face shields and saying that they're in any way common is just a lie; nobody really wears those, and just because a few people do does not make them common. I fundamentally believe that your visits to Canada have exposed you to Islamophobia, and I'm sorry that happened to you. But let's be perfectly clear, nobody has ever called you "ninja." This whole logic you use to relate ninjas to niqab is literally the stupidest argument I've ever heard, based literally on nothing. Anyone who has done their research knows that the cliché depictions of ninjas (shinobi) come from media, and aren't based in historical accuracy. Not only that, ninja/shinobi weren't "warriors or protectors," but rather spies for whomever they served. Even if they did dress the way they're depicted in media, which they didn't, it would be because they were literally dealing in shady stuff. If anything, people should QUESTION someone in full, black, subterfuge-style face-masks like yours.Furthermore, who the fuck would call you a ninja in in Canada for clearly wearing Islamic garb which a huge majority of people recognize for what it is? I understand you live in butt-fuck nowhere, and people are uneducated there. But in no way do you look even remotely like a ninja while in niqab. This is you continually trying to pretend you're the most Japanese person on earth, which everyone knows you're not. Just stop. It just baffles me how stupid one person can be. Especially that she keeps trying to make Japan seem like this special place for Muslims to visit. No shame to those who are Muslim who want to visit Japan. But her talking up that Japan isn't discriminatory and that people shouldn't be afraid of feeling safe in Japan is also just very dumb. Japan isn't discriminatory because... hey, turns out, people are generally nice, or at very least not openly rude, in a polite society. And hey, Japan is literally one of the safest nations on the entire planet, so no wonder you're in no danger there.
    Stop pretending you're special just because you're on the Saudi hype-train. Everything you're experiencing is experienced by the huge majority of people who go to or live in Japan. 
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