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  1. hazyafterdream added a post in a topic Venus's Make up   

    Ahh I see, that's fair. Sorry about that. Thank you for pointing that out. The shade struggle.
    But yeah, back on the topic of Venus, it just seems like of all that's available to her, she chooses to use (what looks like) ben nye of all things? as an everyday make up? I'd figured with her obsession with asian beauty rituals, she'd have caught on to, you know... actually taking care of your skin with the products you throw onto your face??
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  2. hazyafterdream added a post in a topic Venus's Make up   

    I've also been curious as to why she never uses a lot of highly praised asian beauty staples.... you know, with her being the super kawaii queen of using great korean japanese products.
    Like, in her every day dolly video she complains about how haaaard it is to find a foundation pale enough for my super super DUUUPER PAALE SKINNN UWAAAA~ when literally, every skin 79, Missha, Holica, etc BB cream and CC cream brand shades are all hellaaa paaaaale. which is upsetting for me because I was born quite tan, and all I see are great products that don't come in my color range. I just honestly don't get how she complains about that when there's so much that you'd think would appeal to her, especially since she's deciding to wear makeup every day now, and she (should) KNOW by now the aging effects of heavy makeup on the skin EVERYDAY.
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  3. hazyafterdream added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    Wow. I didn't think anyone else was interested in this topic. I've just been on GG forums for my mary scoops.
    Something that I noticed there that wasn't mentioned though is that, Mary is starting to look an awful lot like Jnigs... like, spooky resemblance. And I think I remember her mentioning in a couple of her earlier videos that she had always been a HUGE fan of Jnig. I dunno, it's just the flat foundation, the crazy spidery eyelashes, and the blonde hair that scream it to me. But ehh.
    Also, I watched her anniversary blog with Ken and.... I was honestly kind of taken aback at how baby-like she looks without makeup? like she honestly looks like a kid(which, considering her age, she really is), and it kind of made me feel.... really uneasy, almost sorry for her. I say almost because I've been mislead by that girl so much, I just don't have any patience left. I want to hope. but her adamant bitchiness makes it so hard.
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  4. hazyafterdream added a post in a topic Married to Manaki   

    I'm so sad I've been drowning in hw, but I've finally caught up with most of the stuff I've missed haha TTvTT
    ^I laughed so hard at that wiki, please tell me that's legit.
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  5. hazyafterdream added a post in a topic Married to Manaki   

    Oh my gosh , I decide to take a break from the venus train for a month and suddenly I'm racing to catch up with all this marriage news??? VENUSSS.
    I can't help but feel so betrayed. I have serious doubts that her spousal visa will go through, at least not quickly or without complication. Japan loves its tourists, but usually aren't too fond of immigrants as far as I'm informed. I have a family friend who was in a relationship with a japanese girl for a long time, and were brutally shot down by her parents when they came to them about marriage. I hear the mentality there is starting to sway otherwise, but life for gaijin  is no cakewalk. I'm honestly very concerned for her well being and hope she doesn't run into legal trouble.
    Then again, the Palermos always had it coming...
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  6. hazyafterdream added a post in a topic CinnamonToastKen / SuperMaryFace   

    I'm catching up on the guru gossip logs on here and there's a looooot of stuff that's really turning me off and making my stomach sick... namely the big issue of her lying about her former photographer(s?) posting child pornography to cover up the fact that it was her(and legal age).
    I also read earlier on her ED article that she had fat-shaming tendencies in the past?? Not sure how true that claim is, but it... made me think back to when she'd spend time with TheSmallestLion and Penny Underbust. It makes me think of how some people start making friends with colored people to seem like they're not racist. I hope I'm making sense.
    If anything I hope she's just realizing how selfish and self-centered she had been and is trying to...... make amends? I still feel like coming clean and a frehs new start would be better in the end.
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  7. hazyafterdream added a post in a topic Bunny Meyer (grav3yardgirl)   

    I love Bunny! like a lot of others have mentioned, I mainly watch her Does This Thing Really Work videos, but I occasionally branch off to her tea vlogs, reviews, etc. I find her very sweet and endearing. I have especially grown fond of her Sassy Dance.
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  8. hazyafterdream added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello, it's Hazy!
    Long time lurker of the previous forum (would check in from time to time on Venus, Kota, Kiki, and Mira; now keeping an eye on SuperMaryFace, as I have been a fan of her for a little bit, but something felt just a bit off to me about her), I tend to rely on PULL to keep me fairly informed about how... "genuine"?? the "beauty gurus" I happen upon in social media are. I really appreciate how the community in general tries to be mature and factual about what's brought forward, so I really trust the general integrity of this site. I decided to make an account so I could follow topics a lot more easily and contribute.I was originally intrigued by PULL when the whole Springroll incident between Xiaorishu, KiminoTime, and VenusAngelic sprung up. Hoping to lend some additional perspective? or at least continue my allegiance to PULL as the often quiet but ever loving little boot.
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