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  1. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I remember her making a tweet about how the goods she sells make some money, but once she starts posting her art she'd be rolling in the dough.
    In my honest opinion it's not bad. It's certainly nothing special though, just ok. When I look closer it's even more boring, but In a group shot their passable. If I wanted Japanese New Years cards, though, I'd order them from an actual, native Japanese artisan or a Japanese stationary store. 
    The idea that art is going to make her rich is delusional though. My advice is stop purposely trying to make your art as Japanese as possible and start practicing from life, then artwork by any masters- Japanese, European, all kinds. Do studies of art you like. Find your own voice don't just bank on someone else's just for the sweet cash money.  Style is just a compilation of bits and pieces of things you like that come together in the end, but my problem is her art just wants to be Japanese and nothing else 
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  2. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Just butting in to let you know Halloween IN JAPAN is a whole week long! Not that anyone asked! Or cares!
    Well, if this is a competition, IN AMERICA Halloween lasts all month, even from the first gentle fall breeze. Everyone changes their social media names and icons to something Halloween, traditional Halloween memes are shared and songs are sung. Stores are bursting with candy and fake skeletons. Idk about you but Halloween IN AMERICA is pretty great
    Seriously though, Japan didn't even care about Halloween until the last decade, and its significantly different in a couple big ways, but generally Halloween is amped up through the entire month of October in countries that observe it. Please shove your IN JAPAN factoids up your Canadian ass. 
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  3. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    "But if an immigrant tries to teach someone something about Japan, I found 30% of people will not take it as info, but as a rumour or some yappy immigrant saying non sense. That is probably the only thing that pisses me off."
    where does she come up with the statistics like "30% of people will not take it as info" or previously "50% of my haters come from Sweden". Using statistics doesn't make you more intelligent or convincing. 
    Mira asserting "I know your history better than you!!! Listen to me, I've lived here five years and am more informed than you, an actual native Japanese citizen" is so useless. Mira is condescending in her tone, and recall on her Ainu video that all her sources were Wikipedia. She doesn't seem particularly well informed enough for me to want to listen to her, either, and it's not because she's an immigrant.  
    She likes to pretend she's more informed and educated than everyone around her, and likes people who will act as yes men (aka Lola Loca). If you're not impressed by her generosity, beauty and intelligence, I'm sorry, you're a hater with no valid criticism. 
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  4. glitter added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Mira eats leftover off of customer's plates where she works, it's not surprising she thinks nothing of giving her half eaten food to homeless people. I'm sure they appreciate whatever they get, but knowing how Mira is it's just another show to impress people about how good hearted and noble she is. Seriously, buy someone a hot fresh burger from McDonalds. I'm not criticizing her for giving food to homeless people, but rather the fact that it's just not sanitary. I wouldn't give food id eaten off of to strangers, no matter how healthy I am. Like someone else said, ask them if they need something from a convenience store  (if you can speak the language) or get them like a premade sandwhich or a hot/cold drink. 
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  5. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Mira was throwing shade at her haters, specifically Pearl, who posted something from her main on Mira's Facebook. Pearl said she would be willing to talk it over with Mira if she unblocked her on twitter, which Mira did. They discussed a couple topics over DM's  that were supposed to be kept private, per mirandas request. However, when Pearl did not leave PULL, Mira decided it was her right to.... contact pearls friends and mother and whine at them she was being bullied. You see, Mira believes that it is the friends and family of a "hater" who are responsible for the actions of said "hater". Fortunately pearls relations knew about Mira and told her where to shove it. 
    Tl;dr: Miranda is a psychopath that stalks and harasses not just her perceived haters, but their friends and family as well
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  6. glitter added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    A summary for people who don't want to hurt themselves reading the blog:
    -Mira went to Sweden and Finland, nobody noticed or cared because she made it a point for nobody to notice or care
    - half of Mira's haters are from Sweden, somehow it's relevant information 
    - didn't know what marzipan is or how to spell it 
    - bathrooms in Sweden cost money
    - Mira is kind and generous, she would give homeless immigrants her leftovers and watch as their eyes filled with tears at her generosity (see also: Mira's white savior complex)
    - not a lot of sun which caused people to turn white. In her words, "NO WONDER HUMANS TURNED WHITE SKINNED! DAAAAAMMM. We need that.  Because even as a white skinned human, I got sick." Because all the people native to the north are pale, white vampires like Mira. 
    - she went to Sweden because she was invited. That's it. She's also willing to go wherever in the world at the drop of the hat 
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  7. glitter added a post in a topic OMOCAT   

    I know it's a common trope, and it makes me very uncomfortable. There are plenty of ways to make characters look younger without making them look like literal children. What's more, Omocat defended their stance on shota and was backed up by an actual adult woman claiming to actually be attracted to children. As gross as the situation made me feel, they never drew anything more than fluff with pretty boy, removed the offending products, and issued an apology. I personally won't support them in the future, and i wanted to express why, but it's not worth beating the dead horse.
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  8. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Personally I don't think Mira had anything to do with leaking the fake information. We can't prove whether she did or not, and I wouldn't entirely put it past her, but I don't see any correlation. Drama helps her, though, because she can now make a video (like she did) and pretend to be some kind of... hero I guess? Sounding the alarm for the community and fighting the haters. That's our Kanadajin.
    And for the people that think she raised the alarm awfully fast, well it makes sense to assume she was lurking on PULL and found it. We all know she obsessively stalks PULL despite the fact we're all obsessed haters lmao.
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  9. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I'm also surprised, you can find next to nothing about her in the tags. Looks like she's not even worth tumblrs time. I firmly believe in karma though, and that sooner or later something will happen at her own instigation that will shatter this illusion that she's such a Saint.
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  10. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Mira has never expressed any desire to go to Indonesia, Azerbaijan or turkey. The discussion so far has been on the countries she plans to go. She has stated several times that everyone's just hating on Muslims out of sheer ignorance, which is true most of the time. However, people have tried to warn her some places in the Middle East (including where she hopes to travel) have laws that would be considered oppressive and it has nothing to do with women wearing religious garments. I was speaking directly about the regions she has discussed, and I apologize for seemingly lumping them all together. It was never intended that way, I assumed it would be understood I meant in relation to Mira. 
    I understand exactly what you mean, though, and from now on I'll specifically say Saudi Arabia or whatever country she mentions. 
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  11. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Arab views is something I pulled from the infographic Mira tweeted. I was applying it mostly to the long standing laws in many Islamic countries that would be considered oppressive. Does that mean every Muslim or every predominately Muslim town is oppressive? Absolutely not. But right now courts in the UAE and Dubai are convicting and sentencing women for reporting rape. It's a law, upheld in the justice system, that is supported by enough citizens of those countries that its coinsidered justice. I shouldn't have said something as unspecific as "Arab views" and said something like Saudi views, but I was directly quoting the image Mira tweeted. 
    And Islamic countries are countries that are predominately Islamic, and have an Islamic heritage. For example, Italy would be considered a catholic country because its predominately Catholic and their laws and customs are based in their Catholic history. By catholic countries I could mean France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Completely different countries with a similar religious history that reflects in their laws and customs. It's not generalizing to say that many middle eastern and some countries in Africa are Islamic, because for the most part, they share a heritage of Islamic faith. Every region is different, every person is different. There are different histories and languages and customs and variations of beliefs, but they all share a history of Islamic faith. 
    Again, i was specifically referring to the countries Mira fawns over and could have been even more specific. I don't want to argue, I just want to clear up the meaning behind the phrases I used
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  12. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 gets ROASTED   

    I wish someone would photoshop Lola's face onto the leave brittney alone person. I would have by now if I had photoshop. 
    As much as I hate popping back with another post directly after my last post, it looks like the magdalen rose got her entire channel demonetized. Coincidence? No, actually, I don't believe that. Mira is the lowest form of shit and I have no doubt she's responsible 
    edit: oh nice they merge! That's actually cool
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  13. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I challenge Mira to explain how this is ok: 

    If she thinks women are treated well, and that she would be treated well, in Islamic countries, she is delusional. I absolutely agree that women should be allowed to choose if they wear religious garments (something Mira has brought up several times I believe), but the issue goes far, far beyond that.  
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  14. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I don't get what point Mira is trying to make with these pictures she keeps ripping from google with no credit 

    I think the point she's trying to make is lol you're a Christian and you don't like Islam but DONT YOU KNOW ITS A MUSLIM CITY??? JESUS IS FROM A MUSLIM CITY!
    Yep. You're right that it's a predominately Muslim city now, but Islam did not exist when Jesus was born. Nor did Christianity. According to Wikipedia, the population may have been only 480 people and it was so insignificant that Jewish historians barely mentioned it. During that period it was under Roman rule, as was most of what is Israel today. Nazareth being Islam now has zero baring on anything because Christ was born 2,000 years ago in an historical context that no longer exists. 
    This argument is completely "unlogical" as Mira would say. 
    That being said, a lot of people are completely ignorant about Islam, Christians clearly included. But if I said I don't agree with "Arab views" it doesn't mean that hate Muslims, it just means that I don't agree with their views on a lot of things (I.e. Women's rights) which Mira clearly doesn't understand. IMO Muslims are normal people and some are radical, just like some christians are normal people and some are radical. 
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  15. glitter added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 gets ROASTED   

    Here's an idea, expounding on what I said before. For $2, you get a postcard. It's a personal blessing from the kanadajin. Every month you recieve a new postcard from a new destination, which would also give you that feeling of traveling without having to travel. For $5 you get the postcard and get entered into a raffle to win some goods from the area (I.e. Like a kitaca plush and a box of seasonal pocky and some stickers).
    The money from patreon goes into travel expenses like trains or an actual hotel. She doesn't have to do patreon exclusive live streams or stop talking to her regular fans. How about making videos for patreons only with the "behind the scenes" from her trips. I don't know. She sleeps in manga cafes or karaoke which makes her sound poor af already, despite the one million dollar toe rings. It doesn't hurt to have some extra wiggle room on trips in case something goes wrong (WHICH CLEARLY HAPPENS)
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