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  1. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    It's kind of a bummer that she showed all those friends on her last weekend in LA. Where were all these friends during her week without a phone and apparently the only thing she could find to occupy her then was David? The Ashley in this last vlog wasn't some cool big sister that I think she strives to act like, but I thought she still showed an interesting perspective of her life. I think it was kind of true what she said, that she can act her worst self when she's alone.
    Honestly hope she finds what she's looking for in London or NYC, but I can't help but feel that part of the reason that she's having a hard time is because she's never forced to stay.
    The vlog seemed to have a very abrupt ending but it was kind of nice because it gave it that "To be continued" feel.
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  2. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think part of it is that she realised too late that she freaked everyone out with her video where she kept repeating the same line over and over again. Now she has to come up with a relatable backstory to justify it. I think that's why she mentions wanting to post something that's " performed to perfection". If its a personal video, why are you worried about the performance as opposed to just the content? The logic doesn't add up.
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  3. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    She gets off on the attention. She has consistently included footage of herself wearing impractically short clothes and apologising/fake whining about "accidentally" flashing her underwear because of them. We know she loves to fuck with a mirror next to her because she couldn't stop herself from bragging about it. If you follow her Instagram, any time she mentions changing in her car she has to mention "making awkward eye contact with guys standing next to her car". She showed her viewers not just her bra and underwear drawer--but every single piece of lingerie one by one. Ashley is an exhibitionist pervert.
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  4. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Seriously, it was a perfectly good and enjoyable video when you omit the weird details about her sex life. Like, it sort of feels like watching Ashley do a very slow transition into a more mature wardrobe. It was satisfying seeing her disorganised and messy clothes converge into neat rows of neutral coloured clothing.
    But oh man. Not only does she have to do a 2min detour on what kind of lingerie she owns, she has to make sure her audience know that she has sex once every 1.5 days, ladies!!! With multiple guys so she can wear a sexy bra multiple times in a week, ladies!!! Take a shot every time she pretends a remark wasn't obviously pointed at her male audience by saying, "Am I right, ladies???"
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  5. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think it would help. It's a lot easier to hang out with friends you already have as opposed to trying to make new friends. Ashley's big thing is that she doesn't know how to make lasting friendships with people her age. I mean she was in an exclusive film program at UCLA and she made zero friends. Usually programs with less than 20 people tend to be tight-knit communities.
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  6. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I really hope she moves to NYC. She always talks about how much she loved NYC and during her vlogs she always says how she likes to find brownstone buildings to pose in front of. It might give her content a fresh boost, and we'll get to stop seeing her "sexy toddler" aesthetic as she's called it before because it'll be too cold to wear skirts as short as she does. Not to mention she's mentioned having actual friends on the East coast. It's getting too sad seeing her lock herself in her apartment all the time.
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  7. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    If her mom had found the channel a month or so ago then she might understand her job better and have more confidence in Ashley's choice. But the last five videos put together paint a sad picture that's hard to look at. Of course I'm judging by the video titles. No idea about the actual quality of the video.
    Imagine having your youngest child all the way across the country from you. You don't really know anything about them, especially since they pay for their own things now. Then you discover their YouTube channels. And the last videos for the last month are: her repeating the same sentence over and over for 4min while looking like she's going to cry, her hanging out with high schoolers, her congratulating herself for cleaning up after herself, her blabbing to 1mil people how insecure she feels, and her bragging to 1.5mil people about bj's.
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  8. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    The most I've seen of her recent videos is the teaser she just posted on her Instagram story where she jokes about justifying her job to her mom. Has she recently confirmed that her parents know her job now or was that the first time she mentioned it?
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  9. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    This video was like a better, fleshed-out version of the video she did with Refinery29 where she talks about her insecurities but in this one she's putting on the makeup rather than taking it off. It was pretty good, she addressed a lot of points people have criticized her for before. For example, the irony of her wanting to break free from the beauty standards sold by the industry while making her money from the same industry. I laughed when she stopped mid-sentence to think about that. There were some really relatable things that she talked about, like being afraid to show your bare face to a guy you're seeing, or feeling like you don't have your real face on whether or not you're wearing makeup. No idea if that last part was choreographed where she caught her gaze in her reflection and checked herself out reflexively (it really did look like a real reflex), but I thought that was just super real, and really punctuates the point she was trying to make that she wishes she could fight against the industry but has no answers on why she makes money out of it anyway.
    I think she could have stopped putting on makeup halfway through though. I wonder what she looks like in real life that she would put on three blushes and highlighter on the inside corners of her eyes, and think it looks good. It gives that literal shine and sparkle that she has on camera, but I can't imagine it looks good in real life. On whether or not she's pretty or average, I think Ashley is pretty. She looks average when completely bare-faced (nearly all people do), but with just foundation and eyebrow gel on, she is already pretty. It certainly helps that she's skinny and puts effort in the way she dresses. I do think the amount of blush and highlighter she uses detracts from that though. The glossy look can so easily look greasy in certain angles.
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  10. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    She recently posted a short video on her Instagram story of her hanging out with two photographers based in LA. Upcoming collab/networking or genuine friends???
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  11. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I wonder if her recent bestmess video had anything to do with her breakup. She mentioned how she felt how refreshing it was to meet her friends who knew her through real life rather than her online persona. And how they weren't the kind of people who liked to be filmed. It's a big contrast from her relationship with David where it felt like all their big dates and "philosophical" conversations needed a camera inbetween them. It kind of sucks to hear her say though that her friends think her job is absurd considering she's so successful at it even if the quality of her videos has gone down. How many 21y/o's have managed to become fully financially independent straight out of college? Even if the nature of her work seems absurd, you can't deny that she found success with it. Maybe that was the appeal of David when he told her on their first date that he thought YouTube careers were a joke? I wonder which of them felt the need to pull out a camera the most during their relationship. David seemed to bask in being filmed as much as Ashley.
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  12. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I haven't watched the video yet so I don't know the overall quality of it but I think this way of addressing it is classy. They weren't together that long so I don't think it warrants an entire video where she talks about him. I think it would also be tacky and inappropriate considering how much she overshared whenever she referenced to him. But she did feature him prominently enough that it's really nice to be provided with a confirmation.
    Ashley can be really mature and self-aware. When she's frank and honest, her talks can be really refreshing. I'm hoping that when I watch the video later, that will be the side that she shows throughout.
    Breakups are tough. David was a tool and I hope they don't get back together but I still feel bad for Ashley. I think she should focus on making friends
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  13. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Has anyone else seen this video she did with Refinery29 where she takes off her makeup and talks about how she feels about her appearance? Not sure if it's appropriate to post here since they use her full name and refer to her as a filmmaker before they call her a youtuber, but she does mention her YouTube career on it.
    She talked about not wanting to place her self worth in how she looked, but her literal net worth is based on how she looks since she's a fashion youtuber. She talked about getting overwhelmed with brands and taking the labels off of her products at home but so many of her instagram posts are sponsored. It's just ironic that she says in the video that she wants to be able to go to meetings and be taken seriously without having to worry about her makeup, but... her whole brand is in the way she looks. I feel like this should have been what her existential crisis video should have been about, but maybe she was too afraid of alienating her viewers.
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  14. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Yikes. Is there anything between them except sex and their long drawn-out "philosophical" conversations? Honestly, even now David doesn't seem to find her attractive. Coupled with that existential crisis video where Ashley says that she's scared to stay with someone in case there's someone better out there, it doesn't seem like their relationship has a stable foundation. (I think that's what she was trying to say with her dumb playing cards analogy.) I feel like they learned to tolerate each other and now they've confused that with emotional intimacy. I wouldn't go so far as to say their relationship is toxic, but it's definitely not strong in any way. You know it's bad when other people start to wonder if you have any self-respect even when they're only shown what you've specially curated for them to see.
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  15. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Ashley talks a lot about how she never dated in high school because she had no game and how she only got hot in college. I think she must have built up the idea of sex during high school to the point that she eventually associated her self worth to it. In the end, sex probably didn't live up to her high expectations so she always feels like she wants more of it and is practically obsessed with having it all the time.
    That, or she has a sex addiction. Seriously, how can someone act like they're horny ALL the time?
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  16. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think the worst part is that she paired up a tied-up crop top (with medium length sleeves??) with a super high waisted skirt. I'm not even sure if crop top is the right name for this one. It's long and loose in the back, and tied really high up in the front. What an awkward shape, location and amount of midriff to show.
    50 bucks says this was a decent button-up blouse that she decided to tie up in the front because fashion 
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  17. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    It's crazy how close she is to 2mil subscribers after only 4mos. I'm hoping the quality of her videos won't take another nosedive once she hits that milestone, but who knows.
    I think the main reason Ashley's sense of style has suffered recently is because she doesn't get out much anymore. When she went to uni, she had an entire campus of students near her age to take inspiration from and see what's trendy. Who knows how long she walks around in the outfits she "coordinates" these days. Not long enough to realise how ridiculous she actually looks wearing that yellow/white dress in public. Also I feel like she's trying to graduate from the fashion sense of a college student now that she's no longer one and David looks so old. But she's so bad at it. She doesn't know any real young professionals so she can't take her cues on what's too much from them, and all her attempts at dressing edgy end up looking so sloppy and misguided.
    That last thrift flip was honestly so tragic. She should have scrapped all those pieces and that video because none of them turned out right.
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  18. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Major cringe when David grabbed her boobs on camera and her response was an awkward and emphasized "Oh I didn't notice, you do it all the time!" Their hyperactive and apparently exhibitionist sex life is the worst "inside joke" of her channel. I'd take 3x more picnic bitch comments if it meant she would just stop flaunting her sex life so much.
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  19. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    That's so petty. I checked out what comments people thought were getting deleted and apparently she might also be deleting comments that point out that she didn't do anything to secure those shelves, and that she should have painted the walls before the floors. I feel more offended by that. If you're delusional about how your relationship should be perceived, then fine, whatever. It's not like the rest of us are affected by it. But to pretend like no one has anything to say about her shoddy construction skills? Someone's going to try the same thing and end up with an entire shelf and its contents falling on their head.
    Honestly I thought it was refreshing to see Ashley do something so creative, and I was pleasantly surprised by how confidently she decided to build a desk and redo the floors. I fully expected she would just rearrange the furniture and throw plants everywhere. But it says so much about her current character that the only comments she wants left on the video are "Oh she blurred out their kissing but we can still see them in the mirrors!!!" She's so creative and talented, how could she caricature herself as as a girl whose life revolves around her boyfriend like this.
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  20. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Eugh, all her outfits were a miss for me in that last ootw video. The yellow dress was really nice but I really don't like those boots she put on with them. Such a shame because she kind of had a nice animal print theme going on and she chose such nice locations, and edited it so nicely. Also I had to roll my eyes at the Jenn Im plug/sucking up.
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  21. likeisaid added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    Why would Somi agree to that unless she was actually kicked out of Itzy? I think Itzy was already stacked in terms of charisma and clout. I only knew Chaeryeong and Ryujin from Sixteen and Mix Nine but reading through the Itzy wiki, apparently almost all the other girls have survival show or project group experience. It doesn't make sense that Somi would give that up only to debut in a group where none of the trainees have close to the same level of hype, and the management sucks.
    The only other reason I can think of is that Somi genuinely prefers the Black Label sound, but doesn't realise she doesn't fit it. The first thing I thought when I heard Dalla Dalla is that it would have fit Somi perfectly had she stayed.
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  22. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Was anything that she said really related to life after graduation? It just came off as a bunch of worries she had for a while but can now focus on since she can't distract herself with schoolwork. Frankly, I feel unimpressed by how she seems to think she's lost control of her life just because she's not creative enough to think of any meaningful short-term or long-term goals past marrying, having kids, buying a house, or dying. Like really?? There's *nothing* she can think of that she could work towards? What happened to completing her screenplay or getting a movie on the silver screen? What happened to all her so-called ongoing mini-documentary projects? What about having a goal to stabilise her income or save up more money so that she doesn't have to live in a studio where her bed is in her closet? What part of her life is boring and stable other than cooping up in her apartment to edit all the time?
    I kind of liked the general concept of what she was trying to explain about her memory about how sometimes, some things you experience can never be shared afterwards. I think that's why she has a good feeling for atmosphere when she films things. But I couldn't stop rolling my eyes when she did that slow zoom-in at the end of her ramble. You can really tell how deep she thought she was being.
    Edit: I just saw her video on her bestmess channel about investing and it was literally an exact step by step recap of the starter guide on r/personalfinance. Honestly I admire her for being smart with her money but she's already patting herself on the back for discussing finance as a young woman when all she did was provide a summary of what I assume was some article she found online. It would have been more interesting if she provided any information on how long it took for her to get there, how much success she's had, etc. If all she wanted was to provide a starting point, why not include links to her resources, explain how she did her research?
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  23. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    When I subscribed to Ashley's channel, it was literally so I could keep up with the latest fashion trends. Shouldn't the fact that 1.6mil people agree with your fashion sense clue you in on the fact that you're not as edgy as you think?? I guess she does have that flare of wearing standoffish outfits normal people wouldn't wear in everyday life so maybe that's what she's referring to. But even those are heavily inspired by current trends...
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  24. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think she'll start looking for other content to post about. There's only so many times a month that you can post about going thrifting and doing thrift flipping. Besides, I don't think she even keeps the clothes she finds. She seems to sell most of it on her store. Personally I don't mind the new kind of content. It's a little hit or miss (hit = her recent college experience video, miss = boyfriend tag) but one thing I noticed is that even during those videos her fashion sense has gotten way better compared to her past videos. Probably due to wanting to experiment more and having more time? Ashley's an XS living in LA so she gets away with some really flashy outfits, and I'm excited to see how her fashion sense evolves.
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  25. likeisaid added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I agree. I'm not coming after you for saying that Ashley should have taken her time through college or has an unbalanced life for having no friends, I was just saying that her experience isn't out of the ordinary, and it's common for people to feel alone moving from a smaller town to a big city. I looked up the population of Ellicott City and it's 65k people. From personal experience and my university classmates' experiences, people find it hard to adjust to big city life coming from cities with populations as small as 900k and it gets harder the smaller the place they come from, even if they've frequently travelled. I agree that she needs to seriously make an effort to make adult friends, but it's also not the end of the world that she didn't have any already coming out of college. Few people keep their college friends anyway since everyone moves away in different directions right after.
    As for why she chose to go across the country to live so far away from her support system, I just rewatched her college decisions video and she said that she only applied to big name film schools because that was her indicator that she would have a chance in the industry. And she chose UCLA over NYU because she genuinely thought the small class size would be better for her. You have to admit, getting accepted to a film school next to Hollywood that only accepts 15 out of what must be thousands of applicants each year is very hard to pass up. I'm not saying these were good decisions, just that she must have thought it was the right thing to do when she was 17/18.
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