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  1. Fra8976 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Omg, yes!!!!!!
    I mean i saw it somedays ago and I thought how can it be possibly be!!!! 
    How low is the level of that university to even show Taylor R to talk about what?
    Then I read something very, very true. With the affluent husband she should have studied more and go to university and do something on her own. Cause after pregnancy it will be harder to define yourself as a woman. Not impossible, but harder.
    I think Taylor has never devoted herself to studies and is just living her life like that....
    Its her own choice.
    Still between the two of them I get this creepy feeling about Tom for I really don't know what reason.
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  2. Fra8976 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Hello all,
    Its my first time writing in here: hello all!
    I am not exactly a follower of Taylor R, I do admire the commitment, enterprise, will to create something on your own, that has to be sad.
    As someone around Taylor R age, married to an Asian man myself I would like to comment on that pregnancy thing..
    I think or rather feel she should not post anything about such a private thing, it should be kept private plus it brings "bad things" happening.
    Its just my own thought..
    I know then about the scandal around Tom website and pictures, and I do feel like Tom might be involved into something fishy and Taylor is aware of that, but she obviously cannot say it.
    If he is or not, I don't mind, if its lucrative, its good for them.
    I find Tom a kinda ... I don't know..not totally clear person with strange...dolls tastes.
    Plus that home...new home seems so male dominated and Taylor R does not seem to be that sparkling happy as in the past. 
    But then marriage is about compromise.
    thank you
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