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    The whole "H" thing is so buckwild. How on earth can anyone believe her? When would Vernon have time for all of that? And it's so gross that she's implying it's someone who she's been openly sexualizing since he was 17. (I also think it's interesting/somewhat contradictory that she's focusing so much on an idol who's best known for being half white and half Korean...)
    Not to mention, in 2017 there was small scandal when a video that Dino (the youngest member of Seventeen) sent to his probably-girlfriend got leaked. I don't think Pledis made a statement about it, but I do remember online copies of the video being taken down. So we can assume that SVT is allowed to date, just strictly in private. I'm pretty sure they also hushed up the brother of Kyla from Pristin after he gossiped about her on Twitter and caused a bunch of drama. He was from America and tweeting in English, so it's not like Kmusic would have some language barrier protecting her from Pledis staff.
    Long story short, if in some impossible alternate reality it was true that Kmusic had a thing with Vernon, or any idol for that matter, his company would have shut her little thread down real fast.
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