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  1. ZoeZoe added a post in a topic Jaclyn Hill   

    How is she disgusting and shady tho... I haven't seen anything wrong.
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    Harmony Nice was my all time favorite YouTuber. I got so much inspiration from her and thought she was such a genuine person. I followed her stuff religiously. It’s plainly obvious to me now that she’s just a money hungry trend follower. She hasn’t made a video about Wicca or witchcraft in like 7 months. It really pisses me off. Like, okay, so you get really popular making wicca videos, gain a following, make money off it, and then just stop, with no regard for your fans (who are literally the only reason you’ve been able to have success?) I don’t mean to be harsh. It’s just that her videos now are so shallow and boring. She’s become extremely basic, and nothing she posts has any substance. And she does so without a care in the world for her fan base, which she made even more clear in her recent video stating it’s “fine if people leave.” I even bought her book, and let me tell you, it is not good. It’s clear to me now that she was just milking witchcraft/wicca while it was trendy and people liked the aesthetic. She puts absolutely no effort into her content and has no respect for her fans. Just a very self centered and ungrateful person. No one wants more 20+ minute mukbangs and weight loss videos. We followed for Enchanted Endeavors. Starting a series, and then getting overwhelmed and stopping because “people expect it” is beyond stupid. Like, yes. People expect it. Because it’s the content you’re putting out and profiting from. It’s like if she doesn’t want to do something she just screws off and does whatever she feels like, yet has the audacity to call YouTube her “job.” Yeah. Right. Sorry to go off, but as someone who got great inspiration and enjoyment from her videos, her downward spiral has been very disheartening. I unsubscribed, but still check in vain to see if she’s posted anything witchcraft related, always to be disappointed by another stupid video of her trying on a dress and making a mushroom sandwich.
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