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  1. kontour added a post in a topic What would be your scandal to become a snowflake?   

    - If I were a snowflake back in middle school, I’d be a weeboo and bit of a self-hating misguided fool because I couldn’t accept nor handle the fact I was ‘black’ I guess because I was made fun of my dark skin tone. 
    - If I were a snowflake today I would just be accused of using FaceTune tbh
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  2. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    just because your apart of the lgbt community, doesn't give you the right to heavily come after and disrespect straight folks in general. just saying. 
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  3. kontour added a post in a topic How to get clear skin: tip #1   

    Try raw African Black Soap, witch hazel, raw African shea butter, and rose water 
    Your skin will thank you.
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  4. kontour added a post in a topic What are your guy's thoughts on facetuning or photoshopping photos for social media?   

    Creative purposes, yes. 
    In general, not really.
    I like Facetune, I mean I’ve never tried the app but I really like the effects. I’m a person who really is into editorial makeup, beautiful photography, and weird but cool photoshopping skills. So, if it was just for a creative purpose, then yeah defo. I’m all for doing something beyond the norm.
    I’m also okay if people use it to blur out blemishes and pimples. 
    But, if people use it to a point to change their looks and I mean.. liquified jaw, oversized lips, and very skinny and unrealistic body then I am not in support of it.
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  5. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I really hate it when people say that fruits and vegetables are expensive and make it an excuse to buy junk food. Literally,.. a bag of large fries, a cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, and a large soda at McDonalds where I live cost $12.. While a fruit salad and water where I live is literally $3.50.
    People who say that fast food/junk food is inexpensive than healthy food, are literally just people who never stepped into a supermarket.
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  6. kontour added a post in a topic Becoming an Instagram personality?   

    I’d advise you to save some money, it’s a hit or miss with promos and they seem pretty expensive. I wouldn’t spend my parents’ hard earn cash just for some followers bc it seems insulting n like a waste of money..
    I can’t guarantee you might get a l o t of followers from it but it doesn’t hurt for at least trying. 
    Also, yeah some Instagram girls have the same style. But, their personality makes the most out of them. Like if your just some pretty girl who takes bomb selfies and cute pics all the time, and that’s literally just all you do, I will just follow you for a month and unfollow you later on. 
    But, if your someone who has a personality, likes to post memes, show what you like, make funny or interesting videos, and isn’t just someone who’s filled with vanity, then I would definitely follow you. I would follow you more if you had a certain aesthetic. 
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  7. kontour added a post in a topic Becoming an Instagram personality?   

    I would do that. Try to look for a good and trending Instagram promo page and have really cute captions on your posts. Also, respond to followers and just be interactive.
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  8. kontour added a post in a topic Becoming an Instagram personality?   

    Well most Instagram personalities who first get started in Instagram before they even blew up had pretty low quality pics. Pics that were grainy and weren’t edited nor ”facetuned”, slightly different in appearance, and probably didn’t interact much on social media. They delete old pics because again old pics look amateur-y.
    I remember when I used to follow this Instagram famous girl and she gave advice on how to be Instagram-famous:
    What I’ve noticed from every Instagram personality is that they’re famous for their looks/aesthetic or creating/being memes. If they have some type of quirky personality then that benefits them and their account, as a whole. I do think some even go on Instagram promo pages for followers. 
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  9. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I hate it when girls call themselves "bitches" or a "bad bitch", like no sweetie.. You aren't a female dog or an insult. You are a women.
    I just think its just ironic because the word "bitch" back in the day was misogynistic, nothing was empowering about that word until now I guess.. I just cringe when girls call themselves that, its not cute. Its just trashy.
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  10. kontour added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    maybe i am, thanks for calling me out. 
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  11. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Well if their idea to ban anything that didn't fit Tumblr's guidelines = NSFW, then that to me destroyed tumblr. The best thing about tumblr was being unfiltered. Seriously. It was like this great place where you can sit down, post and talk about madness, and people would listen and just relate to it. I wish I could re-live it. That was like my social media bc at the time I wasn't even on facebook and instagram. Facebook you needed friends and Instagram was too mainstreamed. Tumblr was just right.
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  12. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I'm honestly still surprised tumblr is still a website, I dead went on their a week ago with a new account and my gosh.. everything is dead. the once great tumblr blogs you used to laugh at and reblog are just inactive, deleted, or forgotten. the format looks "too uberly-millennial" and wee bit confusing. also, most of the best tumblr posts tumblr took down or people just deleted them.
    i also miss the rp tumblr community. 
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  13. kontour added a post in a topic General Winx Club Fandom Thread   

    has anyone ever been on the old winx club forum on the actual winx club website, like back in early 2010s before it got shut down years later? i remember going on their daily back in the day just to chat with friends.
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  14. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    ok, can we just stop with the race ranting?? as moonbeam said, its getting borderline race baiting. who honestly cares about the "he said" and "she said" just stop.
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