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  1. kontour added a post in a topic cardi b   

    whew chile... as my brother said "you can take the girl out of the hood, but can't take the hood out of the girl", this is just sad. I really thought she would atleast be the bigger person and drop strip club related beef but she's really just making it bad on her end. Does she understand that after you become famous, you have to present a certain image to the public? Does she also understand that people will not work with her when she presents this type of behavior? 
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  2. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Oh, I don't think your story is embarassing, I think its intriguing. But viewing parties??? LMAO people actually do that? how sad. 
    The VSFS was n e v e r that big of a thing in the US, I mean hey maybe when fashion shows and fashion in general were at its peak in the early 2000s maybe it was a thing to watch the show but I promise you now, nobody gives two shits about that fashion show as of today. 
    Victoria Secret honestly is failing as a company because they don't know how to market to women. They don't cater at all to women who are a dress size over a 2. They've lost their biggest brand ambassadors/models and decided to choose college-aged girls to market to women. Their lingerie is terrible according to most people and they're not doing good financially.
    Though I've never tried Aerie, I have heard lots of great things about it and I love how they use every shape and size to fit their lingerie. I respect them so much for even giving Aly Raisman, a platform and her own collection, especially what she has gone through as a gymnast.
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  3. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    here's some fashion/beauty related unpopular opinions I have:
    - I slightly cringe when people still fantasize over the Victoria Secret franchise (i.e. VS models, fashion show, and lingerie), I honestly feel that the whole thing of "being *skinny* = perfection" has died ever since body positivity has come in the picture and personally, the company doesn't have anything to offer and are constantly marketing the same message and image towards young girls and women and it's getting real old. not surprised that the company itself isn't doing great.
    - I wish glossier incorporated people with acne, eczema, vitiligo, and etc. into their ads. I love that glossier promotes skincare over makeup, empowers people to be confident in their natural beauty, and uses a lot of diverse models but I really wish they also showed more people with skin disorders/conditions on their ig page and website bc clear skin isn't always the easiest to maintain.
    - I hate the whole beauty vlogger community because it always screams fake and problematic to me. Majority of the vloggers seem deep problematic, constantly starting beef wars with each other, and are sometimes constantly overpraising a popular brand's product just to probs get on the PR list. The whole community seems more into shadiness than promoting beauty products itself.
    - idk how brandy melville is still sorta a thing, I like the company but that whole "one size fits all" policy shit has to go and the whole marketing to white girls gets tiring af.
    - I honestly prefer modesty in dressing beautiful, I really wish a lot of girls and women stop assuming that not showing skin means your not "sexy enough". Yes, you can show skin but there is a time and place for everything.
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  4. kontour added a post in a topic INSTAGRAM BADDIES general thread   

    Well in the Black community, a baddie simply just means an attractive girl. Regardless of wherever you reside in whether it's urban, suburban, or rural, and you fit the whole "pretty girl" quota your considered a baddie. 
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  5. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I'll say this 
    I'm happy that as a society we are woke about social issues and it's great to "check"/put a person back in their place about these certain topics but becoming all sjw/terribly sensitive gets annoying as shit from time to time. Yeah I get it that this person did that but that was the PAST, we've got to live in the now and stop being a bigass crybaby whenever this person does this.
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  6. kontour added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I know I might get hated on this opinion but again just know this is an unpopular opinion.
     PULL (sometimes) exemplifies and promotes cancel culture.  For those who don't know what cancel culture is its when people basically get "cancelled"/rejected by society due to their dumb problematic actions of the past, say when they were young, they made problematic actions irl and/or online, just to have it resurfaced 5-10 years later, people will attack them regardless of the situation no matter how much the person matured. When I first joined PULL, I joined bc of the cremijeur/Sasha/Jennifer thread. When I first read the thread, I was reading it solely because the whole thing entertained me. Not only was girl's photoshopping skills real b a d but how much lies can you tell when you know the jig is up? She was steady trying to carry on this fake persona just to make another after another, when she's already been exposed. But after the exposé, I felt like some PULL users constantly attacked her. When I look back at that thread again, I honestly just see a really, really insecure girl who was trying to make something out her fake Russian personality and other made up personas. When Jennifer made Sasha, she was pretty young. I pity her because she was an impressionable teen who did a lot of crazy shit and spurred a crazy amount of lies maybe bc she was bored and insecure with her own life at the moment and she wanted to paint this picture of being "perfect". But in overall you can tell she was insecure which imo lead her to do all this photoshopping and tbh it feels very unreasonable to attack her for all of it because it seemed like her cry for attention and help. Excessively photoshopping yourself to someone your not and excessively lying doesn't make you not only insecure, it means you need real help. Also the excessive taunting on the thread from some PULL users seem very unneeded. Also she was actually doxxed because of the thread since a PULL member dropped hints to where she lived. Also, attacking her for discovering and lurking the 300+ paged thread is dumb and stupid as well because obviously if your making a big noise on her name she's gonna at least want a say on the thread.  In all retrospect, I wish some PULL users would stop attacking some online personalities on PULL for their actions and tweaking it to an unnecessary point, especially when they were in their prime just being young and dumb when they probably matured later on in life. People change, not always for the better but again, people change. I don't believe in holding people against their actions that they've committed like 10 years ago, to a certain point. We don't know what's going on behind close doors and what that person is witnessing and going through at the moment. I understand that this site is a gossip forum and I personally love that this forum helps young girls to not get negatively influenced nor insecure by the fake-ness of Instagram models and just any other online influencer, but people have to know when to stop and just end it. 
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  7. kontour added a post in a topic Confessional   

    Oh, thank you! 😊 
    I've been wanting to tell others my story for some time bc I really wanted to let go of this and I hope anyone who sees this story get inspired or know that whatever your going through, you'll be out of it in no time. ❤️
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  8. kontour added a post in a topic Confessional   

    I remember when it was either my sophomore or junior year in high school, I used to hate my dark skin b/c I remember being bullied by this boy who goes to my school and who also has dark skin like mines, bullied and teased me for having dark skin. During this time, I was going through my "ugly duckling" stage, I had dull permed damaged hair, big ass RayBann glasses, and I was a peer pressured girl who was concious about my looks, especially my Black features which then led to me developing BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) tendencies. I remember even trying to bleach my skin with Japanese whitening pills and soap but no matter how much pills I popped and how hard I scrubbed the soap, the pills and the soap didn't do anything nor even a slight bit change to my skin. I wanted, what in my culture, to be a baddie. I wanted to have "full-of-life" straight hair aka weave, a smaller nose, wear lbs of makeup, a thicker body, and etc. because I always seen how those girls attract many in their life: a boyfriend, more friends, bigger social status, and etc. I guess I can say.. I just wanted to be loved during that time because middle school treated me terribly. I had to drop fake friends, lose amazing friends due to lost of contact, and above all that I remember I was among the bullied, I was often bullied idk why but I was always the girl getting picked on and laughed at.
    When I entered high school, I permed my hair unconditionally, but without any love and care my hair started to experience breakage. I thought that bc I had a perm, I didn't need to care for my hair but to just wash it. I thought dressing up in cute outfits and perming my hair made me into a "baddie".
    But, everything got to me when a boy (who was one of my great friends since freshman year) oozed his heart out to me in junior year then dumped me after I told the wrong person, me and him were talking and no matter how much I tried to ignore it, it broked me. He ignored me and belittled me, it was as if I meant nothing to him and that wrong person is now one of his great friends. That feeling of rejection really got to me that last summer that I just cutted off my whole hair to start over and begin on this natural hair journey. Cutting my hair felt like freedom to me because I didn't realize how no matter how much I tried to be "this baddie", I was only hurting myself from growing and my hair was a reflection of my damaged thoughts, things I could realistically never be, and how flawed society is.
    As of today, I'm happy with who I am. I ditched my perm and damaged hair for a buzzcut (before, I had a twa but shaved my hair more since I looked more prettier being bald and people have called me a baddie ever since this change), bought new glasses and investing more into my looks, cutting out toxic thinking, buttering up my dark skin each and everyday, and lastly loving myself and my "imperfections" and I honestly for the first time in my life, feel and look beautiful. 
    This summer, I'll be entering my first year of college and I'm thinking of opening a business, well actually a lipgloss business. As odd as it is, lip gloss has really made me happy ever since cutting my hair and I've been collecting a lot lately. I just want to make many happy, build a name for myself and support myself financially and emotionally throughout the year.
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  9. kontour added a post in a topic vyxia   

    That's what I mean. Yeah she's cute and it is her choice after all to sell her nudes, but she needs to know the aftermath about selling NSFW pics. Most of the time guys will end up sharing the pics all over online just for anybody and everyone to see, almost to the point where it'll end up on search engines like Google, she needs to also worry about what she is personally doing bc if she says "fuck it, i'm giving up this" or she just stops she needs to remember that the Internet carries your track record. No matter how many times you've pressed that delete button, it's still in the system. If any employer so happened to come across her nudes and 36 Patreons, it's most likely she wouldn't be hired or even considered for certain job positions.
    That's why I personally think it's personally stupid to sell nudes even if your not a popular sex worker (i.e. pornstar, stripper, domme, etc.). But hey, maybe with those 107k Instagram followers who's probs "willing" to buy her nudes she'll get somewhere.
    Of course, sex sells but you can't sell your body for the long run. 
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  10. kontour added a post in a topic vyxia   

    lmao, this to me is so funny bc who df is gonna pay $250+ for nude body pics online when you have literally free porn sites out there showing NSFW bodies and vids out for free??
    I see what she's trying to do but it's really not a smart move and I've seen successful sex workers who sell nudes for a low price and end up making b a n k but I think those are sex workers who are popular in the sex scene, while she isn't. If she thinks $250 a month of selling nudes is gonna get her anywhere and a steady flow of cash then she needs to think again..
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  11. kontour added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Unpopular opinion: I personally don't like dreads on looser hair patterns because it doesn't seem right for their hair type and looks rather messy and unkempt.
    But, all I've gotta say too is that dreads isn't a "black people hairstyle" and I wish people could understand that way before the whole Rastafarian movement, dreadlocks have been early dated since Greek. 
    Zhavia isn't at all blackfishing because she looks like a white girl with dreads, not a black girl. 
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  12. kontour added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Ooooo lawd... The g o o p. 😬
    Even though I have nothing against sex workers and all, this pretty much kinda destroyed my view on her and crushed my inner 2015 self. 🙃
    It's really sad how her husband came on this thread to solely defend her when she's out and about doing this stuff for many to see and stating online "every man in my life has treated me horribly some point". At this point it seems to me that the husband is more of a benefactor to her because from what I could remember her YouTube didn't have much viewers nor followers and actually as of rn she basically deleted all her videos from her YouTube channel. 
    Also, even if she was getting YouTube money she'd be paid in chunk change to be quite honest so I definitely see her getting most of her monetary from OnlyFans.
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  13. kontour added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Wow, I remember back in my old "kawaii/wannabe gyaru phase" stage in middle school, I followed Momotokio and she never seemed to me like a snowflake because she was so kind and her aura was pleasant. 
    She was everything what I wanted to be and have at age 14, pink kawaii stuff and Vocaloid merch and not gonna lie when you think about it she did seem like a great kawaii flexer but gamer girl?? No. She didn't at all scream gamer girl to me and anything close to a game I've seen her play is some Sailor Moon Android game. But I can't say much because after middle school, I've tuned out from her YouTube channel, Vocaloid, and my whole phase ended from there on and that.
    Not trying to jump to h e a v y conclusions, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is actually doing sex work on the low bc girl seems materialistic af w/ those 4+ phones, pink pc set, and all and that makes me wonder, how is she and her husband supporting themselves and their family with the lifestyle she's living? All the things she's buying seem frivolous af in my opinion and some girls I've seen online who make bank and splurge money heavy are mostly sex workers. True or not, I just hope she really puts her son before her "kawaii gear". 
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  14. kontour added a post in a topic cardi b   

    lol good music?? Majority of girl songs sounds like she's whining just like her rant vids on snapchat n instagram. No tea, no shade Cardi doesn't have the vocals for rap. 
    @makemefamous you're constantly bringing up Nicki and tbh it just sounds like you're really feening to talk n expose about Nicki rather than Cardi, when you're literally on a topic on PULL focusing on Cardi not Nicki.   
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  15. kontour added a post in a topic cardi b   

    Girl, no one wants a problem with you all I'm asking is can we just keep this down to just Cardi? I don't care nor give two shits who's problematic or what not, you yourself said YOU didn't know much about Cardi so in fact you made your post to be more about Nicki than Cardi not really a good comparison imo if you don't have much about Cardi. 😊
    Also girl I never said I liked Nicki nor Cardi on my other posts. On my other posts did I accept the truth that Nicki dates a rapist? Yes. But lets not get carried away and all about Cardi's behavior and problematic ways. I've known about Cardi back in her Love and Hip Hop days and Nicki back in her Pink Friday days, even though I'm neither a stan of the both them I'm not gonna sit down and ignore the fact that Nicki as an artist has paved a way for female rappers. Just like you I gave my whole two cents.
    Sorry if it came off like I'm attacking you but I honestly don't want this to be a whole forum on Nicki v. Cardi debate because the two have already set aside their beef and what really is there to contrast and compare from the two?
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