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  1. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I really wonder what she's doing. The almost complete lack of selfies make me think she might be having some procedure done. In the couple pictures she posted before her total absence on social media, it looks like she's been losing weight. 
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  2. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    The way she treated the Christian café was really offensive: the creepy scare music for . . . the same kind of decoration that is in every old cathedral? I always got the impression that part of her family was Christian (she doesn't drink, pranking her grandmother by ordering tequila, her brother has a bible verse in his instagram profile, and I'm pretty sure one of her sisters was posting bible verses too). So why treat a pretty benign café like a house of horrors? It didn't deserve it at all. I was expecting something a lot weirder, but it just looked like cathedral decor. 
    That said, Taylor has probably never bothered to visit a museum of ancient or medieval art & history. Imagine how she'd vlog parts of the British Museum. Actually, I got nauseated thinking about her stupidity among those pieces of history. Imagine her visiting the Blue Mosque and mugging for the camera. She treated Japanese shrines horribly too, so I'm now certain that she'll turn anything into a joke just to get views on Youtube.
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  3. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    Her birthday is in 1988, so she turns 30 next year.
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  4. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Guys, I feel like it was all staged anyway. She probably talked to him about goung to the hairdresser and said she wouldn't make a big change, but then tried to make it look like she did. I'm sure he lets her do whatever she wants. She's blessed with hair that can grow that long (not everyone's will) and he probably thinks it's marketable for her to have that hair in Japan. 
    I wouldn't like it if my longish-haired boyfriend cut his hair into an office drone short cut. Everytime he goes to get it trimmed, I joke about mourning the loss of his hair, etc. It's only halfway serious. If he were dead-set on getting a certain haircut, I'd support him, but we're strong enough in our relationship that I can also give an opinion about what hair looks best on him and what I like, too!
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  5. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I couldn't understand her when she said, "Definitely getting rid of the ____ dress" and held up a white dress. What did she say? What dress was that?
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  6. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Don't forget the beauty blender she never washes. How she can complain about acne and not wash her brushes/blender is beyond me.
    Must be nice to get super expensive products for free because you have enough followers. If some random woman wrote to Jane Iredale about my skin and how tragic it is that I'm considering taking birth control, I am sure they wouldn't give me a private consultation and a bag of full-size products & makeup for free.
    If it touched Taylor's heart, she should do it for someone else: and not a youtuber with thousands of subscribers.
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  7. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    What annoyed me was Taylor pretending like her wallet was hurting from buying a few small desserts. Please! She mentioned money so many times that it really annoyed me. You don't spend like Taylor does every day and then complain about the cost of a few desserts. It was probably a cheap day for her.
    Did you guys catch the Sugar Daddy reference? She obviously reads here.
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  8. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    ^ Agreed, no fight at all. I'm glad to have read everyone's thoughts on this & I think we may be on the same page (or close).
    I assumed she changed it because she wasn't getting enough views. Hard to say. I wonder what it feels like to dream of going viral for some stupid youtube video. At least Jun went viral for doing something cool and talented.
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  9. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    So I know you weren't really responding to me - but no, i don't think there's really a problem with them dancing like that. i figured out the specific things that bothered me:
    - Sharla telling Taylor, "Search for like, gangsta rap." *giggle* "Yeah, gangsta rap." [So this is music they have 0 experience with whatsoever.]
    - They proceed to mock the openings to rap music videos, despite not even knowing a single song to search for.
    - "nevermind throwing around money, imma throw around grapes in my rap video"
    - what does simulated bukkakke with soy milk have to do with rap videos?
    - It's like she wanted to make a mockery of gangsta rap without any concept of this genre. And it only works because of the gyappu - it would not be funny if she weren't a "cute dorky blonde girl."
    I don't really think it's cultural appropriation per se. There are just things she has done and said that seem to me to be in bad taste. And she's definitely trying to capitalize on her "dorky but beautiful white girl" status by mocking/copying other cultures as convenient for her. I feel like the jokes about dancing "sexy"/clubbing/her butt/Drake were fine for awhile, but they are in almost every video now, and I don't think any of this is her "real" personality. It's what she thinks will make her money. (Remember how just a short time ago, she was boasting about how family-friendly her channel is? It isn't anymore.)
    Before that, she was inserting a large amount of memes (with a high proportion of memes featuring blacks) and it got super annoying. I'm happy to view memes including people of any color provided they are not used to excess - but it got to a point where it was just... weird. Like she wanted to be "cool" or "ironic" by putting these specific memes in, even when they were totally out of context. Don't forget, we're dealing with a person who cannot speak any second language at all, despite having a wealthy upbringing in Canada (where many people learn French), a boyfriend from HK, and living in Japan for years. Her alter ego is a stereotype of a French woman (can you imagine the outrage if she'd chosen an Italian or a Mexican woman to play like this?) She continues to be willfully ignorant about Japanese culture when it comes to how to behave in certain places (shrines, trains, stores). She was proud of appearing on Japanese TV with Indodeen, whose schtick is making fun of Indian people. She doesn't really make an attempt to respect other cultures or understand them. I see her as an opportunist. That doesn't mean she's evil, but it makes me dislike her.
    You can downvote this too, if you want. I'm just trying to work out why this bothers me to an extent. I don't mind hearing other opinions, ok?
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  10. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I'm not someone who always brings this kind of thing up . . .but I'm really uncomfortable with her use of rap & hiphop (and in a way, black culture). I get that she's mocking pop culture, and that's fine, but it feels like she's milking the dissonance between her dolly, lily-white appearance and her attempt to mock certain subcultures. It has left a bad taste before, but the last video was really kind of disgusting and over-the-top. 
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  11. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Did she get the name Taytortots from PULL?

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  12. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I do not understand the spelling of her "fan name." The potato snacks are called "tater tots." "Tater" is slang for "potato." Why not spell the name TAYTERTOTS then? Why TAYTORTOTS? Does she not know that "tater" is spelled with an e?
    She could have gone with TAYLORTOTS too, but the name as it stands makes no sense and irritates me. 
    It's clear to me that she can't spell (go to her "Draw my life" / "I want to talk to you about something" / "I was a tiny bit chunky before I went through puberty like over 50% of kids are" video - she misspells "Vogue" as "Vouge" in the drawing part).
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  13. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Rosie!   

    Ah, I used her birthday to find it. It doesn't look a lot like Rosie now, but that's definitely her. Confirmation:

    The video won't play for me right now (idk why). But there's a whole page about Rosie here (scroll down):
    (Looking at this breeder's website makes me nauseated.)
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  14. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Rosie!   

    I think this is it:
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  15. bountyhunter added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    She clearly edited and stretched that first pic, though.
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