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  1. leblanc added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Daph's response to this is interesting as well. Instead of riding off of the clout of this drama, she's purposely streaming just a turtle swimming underwater. She could have easily fed into this drama and gotten so many views from this but I think she's just trying to make a point that she's not doing that. She even removed her donation link so that people can't donate to her during this. 
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  2. leblanc added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    "I'm also not able to pay you D: "
    *buys hypebeast clothing and $5,000+ outfits*
    ya ok
    p.s. it's dragon TRAINER tristana. he only played league to leech off lily's viewers
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  3. leblanc added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Wow, this sucks so much hearing about what happened. Watching clips of Sarah and Albert's interactions just put a bad taste in my mouth. Like whenever she would say anything remotely ambiguous she would smile because they were fucking on the dl. I feel so bad for Lily. 
    What really hurts is that she is apologizing for being a victim. On twitter she's apologizing if she has said anything wrong and she told her fans on IG she was sorry for not enjoying Japan. Unfortunately because both of her relationships (hotshotgg/albert) have been very public, she was always on the brunt end of a lot of humiliation and embarrassment from people who didn't know the entire story. She must feel SO extremely lonely. I have a feeling her OTV friends are being extra supportive to make up for their huge fuck up, but Lily literally said that people only care about the drama, not her. 
    LSF is littered with memes about Albert but the ones that hurt the most are the clips of OTV shading albert and dissing him and Lily being the first to defend his name or talk positively about him even when he's not in the room. 
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  4. leblanc added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I think it originated(?) with a clip where XQC explained to TwitchChat why Sliker would never be partnered with Twitch because Sliker was considered a "brand risk." Either way, that term is pretty much a meme in Twitch culture. 
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  5. leblanc added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    iirc, she made a video Q&A where she stressed to people who were transgender to seek medical attention and get properly diagnosed with gender dysphoria. This way, some insurances will cover a large portion the transitional surgery as a "medical necessity" instead of a cosmetic surgery. I looked into this, and it turns out transitional surgery (FTM at least) is in the 10's of thousands if not covered. 
    I've been following her for years now and remembered one of her IG stories (pre transition when she referred to herself as just "Nik" Dragun) celebrating her b-day and remembering she was the same age as me (~1997). However, when she claimed she "graduated" from college, she claimed that she was much older. There were other micro-influencers from the same college that exposed her for lying about when she graduated, so I'm pretty sure she's lying about her age too... 
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  6. leblanc added a post in a topic Michelle Phan   

    To be fair, when she first launched her brand, a lot of her followers had asked her to return to YT because they felt like although she was the face of her company, they didn't really "connect" to her. I'm guessing they were expecting a Jeffree Star situation where he reveals his launches on his YT, etc. 
    I also remember her saying in a collab with Promise that she wanted to return to YT "organically." I don't know why she decided to return now, since she was posting on her twitter (during Dramageddon) that she was "happy to have left [YT] at the time she did." 
    I'm just hoping that she just minds her business and posts tutorials like the good ole days. Everyone's crying for an influencer/MUA to just "do makeup without the drama" and here's her chance. I'd hate to see her follow the Nikkietutorials route and post clickbaity "challenges" that no one really does. It'll also be interesting to see who she decides to associate herself with. When she did the review with Promise of the JH lipsticks, she was throwing hella shade at JH... 
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  7. leblanc added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Wow, sis finally got extensions the shade of her actual hair and not 2-3 shades lighter. 
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  8. leblanc added a post in a topic Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj)   

    While I agree with what Ethan said in his video (IG is just a highlight reel/fake most of the time), I think that his message got muddied up/lost during the video. On top of that, I also think his sarcasm/humor is hard to get for people who aren't familiar with the way he jokes and he can come off as an asshole in that case. 
    As for Trisha, it's incredibly appalling how self-unaware she is. She's calling Ethan an "old creepy man" but she's the same age as him. She's even criticizing the way he makes fun of the girls bodies but promotes teas and fads to young impressionable girls. She swears she's the "realest" but these diets don't even work. She'd be the first to preach "body positivity" but then go and facetune her entire body beyond recognition, like girl what is you doin.
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  9. leblanc added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    I just find TikTok in general super cringe, and I can't help but die a little inside when I see her's pop up on my feed. I mean, she says she enjoys it and good for her, but I feel like she's portraying two different personas online that conflict. On one side, she's cosplaying cute characters and lip syncing to cute songs on the other side she's tilted on league and calls everyone a retard on stream. 
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  10. leblanc added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    DEAR GOD her boobs look so unnatural and disproportionate. I'm baffled to think that she has the confidence to post so early after her surgery. 
    lol @ the second comment under her post tho

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  11. leblanc added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I agree, I think the wispy lashes also make her eyelook very droopy and tired. I was just thinking how she doesn't have much actual lid space, similar to half-hooded monolids. 
    Maybe an unpopular opinion, but the makeup artist (and many upcoming self-taught makeup artists) who did her makeup for this campaign are pretty amateur. They typically copy-and-paste their makeup techniques without considering the person's eye shape, eye color, etc. They literally just cookie-cutter it and put on makeup as if they're applying it on their own selves. This can explain why the MUA's actual makeup looks bomb, but Poki's looks like a clown. Experienced makeup artists like Mario or Wayne Goss have experienced putting makeup on all types of eye shapes and sizes for YEARS, and they master their technique to fit the individual to accentuate their features, not take away at them. 
    In my opinion, the makeup look is too dark. There's black eyeliner in her waterline that makes her eyes look smaller/more closed and tired, along with the wispy lashes. The dark shadow on her outer crease adds onto that problem, and there's not really a bright inner corner to lighten the look up or make her eyes pop. The smoked-out lashline accentuates her wrinkles and creates more darkness around her undereye. Her blush is horrendously applied and waaaay too dark/pigmented paired with the lip color. I think a lighter pinky-nude lipstick would have made the look a bit more easy on the eyes, but altogether, this look is a mess and can't be worth saving.  
    Sorry for being nit-picky about fucking makeup 
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  12. leblanc added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I really don't get this collab whatsoever. She came out with it last year and it flopped so she's now re-releasing it...? What is she thinking? 
    I bet you she doesn't even use this palette, judging by the colors and shitty glitter. In her videos/streams you can see a Natasha Denona palette and J* palettes... is girl really trying to sell her crappy winkylux palette like she actually uses it? C'mon girl. This is just another shot at a money-grab collab. 
    Honestly, people are proud of her for putting something out and having her name on something but I think it's just shameful that she'll put her name on something half-assed and low quality. Like why would you approve of something that you didn't put your 100% into and fully love. For all I know, this is her gateway into the twitch/makeup community. I'm sure they'll think she's an established "CEO/guru" with this product. /endsarcasm
    Poki, grow a backbone, will you? We know your hustle, this ain't it sis.
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  13. leblanc added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I know there's a clip of Alinity mocking her with the whole copyright strike thing... Basically there's someone in Alinity's chat that says something along the lines of "isn't this the girl who copyright strikes everyone for money?" and Alinity answers "no, that would be Pokimane"
    I honestly feel like because she's such a large streamer on twitch, other twitch streamers WK her and fanboy over her because they don't wanna dig their own grave or receive any backlash/hate. Just take a look at TSM Daequan, giving her the pass to use the n-word. He knows that if it were anyone else but Poki, he wouldn't have publicly supported that. Even Sky Williams, who made many videos against e-girl and snowflake behavior, gives her the pass because he doesn't wanna kill his already dead career. Destiny teeters on the edge of not liking her (imo), but I think he respects her business hustle and "work ethics."
    Even in OTV, you can tell that the members are kinda sick of her bs. There are plenty of clips where the atmosphere changes when she comes into the room, or clips where people's tone change in response to her bs. However, none of them are going to say a thing explicitly or challenge her (other than pinksparkles lol) because again, she's the protected queen of twitch right now. I bet you they have a OTV group chat, and then another one without her. 
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  14. leblanc added a post in a topic Xenon_Cosplay/Alin Ma   

    Wow I remember seeing some of her popular league cosplays and DEFINITELY thought she photoshopped her waist/eyes/nose/jawline. I would think no way in hell is this woman's waist the same circumference as her upper thigh. She denies all photoshop though, and claims it's just angles and makeup.  
    Although she does look nice and doll-like, she looks NOTHING like that in real life. Her nose isn't as petite, her waist isn't as small, her eye's aren't as big. More candids/tagged photos from her public twitter. 

    As for those scars, those look pretty scary... I don't follow her closely to understand her rationale behind posting it online and then following up with photoshoots as if nothing happened, but I guess she appears to have some body dysmorphia, esp with the way she photoshops herself into an unrealistic doll. 
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  15. leblanc added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Wait, what the actual fuck?? How can you claim to LOVE dogs but THROW TEA ON ONE??? I'm REALLY hoping it wasn't hot tea... There's literally NO excuse to animal abuse, fuck what she has to say about having no sleep. Call animal control or the cops to issue a complaint. If anything, she's made her situation worse because the poor dog doesn't know why it's being poured on. Her taking it down just goes to show she's a shit person for doing this (and sharing it) and she knows she's in the wrong. 
    On the halfu comment-- that's some cringe softcore weeb/Asian-fetish shit, for lack of better words. Who actually says that type of stuff other than people who "fetishize" Asians/Asian culture. Why couldn't she just say aunt?
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