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  1. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i don’t get why poki complains about the stuff greek says in an attempt to keep up her image but continues putting him on her stream like she had 7k viewers fine on her own just talking about the LV/LoL collection and then suddenly greek’s on her stream and she has 10k like lmao
    just admit that you’re using him for views since your wks don’t feel threatened by him compared to other guys you’ve used for subs/followers in the past already like lol
    edit: poki pulled up the $1000 leggings and complained about how they don’t make the model’s butt look bigger and greek told her to hold on over the image of the model’s butt and poki listened and did it like obviously everyone knows WHY he asked that so... i wish she’d stop being fake wholesome when she’s probably as bad as titty streamers in the sexual department and just hides it beneath her screeching and pretending she uwu doesn’t know any better uwu
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  2. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    got these off of reddit but like everyone keeps saying: someone had to do it and tbh it’s about time. daph’s perspective on it is a good take.
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  3. persephony added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    her lashes are bothering me so much since she didn’t trim them and it just looks awkward without enough filters to blur them but also yes
    she really needs a tongue scraper like my mouth just got a gross feeling/taste from just looking at hers lmao
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  4. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    daph: i unfollowed poki because she’s boring and i don’t watch her streams to begin with
    poki, ignoring the obvious: it’s because of sliker right 😊
    also she literally looks like that emoji irl in this so lmao

    definitely going to be stirring up more drama when she gets home like please let this be a wakeup call. just because you’re the female face of twitch doesn’t make you interesting by default. without a man or slowly successful female streamer to leech off of, she’s nothing lmao.
    *** edit and half-related: i gave a sub to daph. i wish twitch had more women that weren’t afraid to speak up about poki like being rich and having 12-year-olds and incels obsess over you shouldn’t/doesn’t make you untouchable. i’m glad daph doesn’t give a shit since i’ve been following her for awhile and she’s never been the type to kiss someone’s ass so it’s nice to see a female call poki out since sliker did before and then poki tried to kiss up to him and now look at what happened lmao. poki ain’t shit and never will be; internet fame gets to these streamers’ heads too much.
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  5. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    while i now get the vibes that poki’s tweet was also about sarah more so than albert along with a few other tweets regarding sarah being a sociopath, i feel like too many people are overlooking poki ripping away lily’s statement from her hands about the matter long before she could actually formulate something that wouldn’t hurt her to write.
    lily is hurting severely from this with how curt her explanation was and how forced she felt to give it after all of her friends, or her “support” as she calls them, pretty much did the damage for her. like yes, it’s great that they all shit on him to ruin any chance of him succeeding in anything beyond twitch - but we shouldn’t praise them for twisting the narrative out of lily’s hands, especially poki since she’s supposed to be one of her best friends.
    i’m all for friends defending the person that got hurt in a relationship, but the way offline tv handled it was so poorly done that lily’s hurt and grief over the matter is now the butt of every clip of albert doing something sus that’s not going to somehow lead back to his cheating. nothing about them, and whatever good memories lily wants to make of it, can be salvaged at this point beyond her being constantly reminded that she was lacking something. lily stated she still cares for albert, which anyone in a long-term relationship would understand even after ending abruptly, but her friends ruined any possible way for lily to properly recover and propery state her own piece.
    poki ripped lily’s ability to reclaim the narrative before it got this out of hand so we shouldn’t commend her for somehow making this about her. again: great that she ruined his streaming future and sarah’s, but we shouldn’t forget who was effected the most here by their actions and reactions and that’s always going to be lily.
    ***TL;DR - let’s stop praising poki for choosing to be a “ruthless businesswoman” over being a friend. twitch/twitter/instagram shouldn’t come before taking care of a hurt friend like ever lmao.
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  6. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    why is it that the person that’s “single” always has the most to say about someone else’s relationship? like lmao. it was super petty, childish and unprofessional of her - especially as the female face of twitch - to make yet ANOTHER tweet about people being snakes as if she’s some disgruntled high school girl that got rejected by her crush since they like her best friend and not her.
    she should’ve kept her mouth shut along with everyone else since lily would be hurting the most right now, but of course offlinetv has to make it about themselves somehow as if it was some group disruption when lily’s the one they should be worrying about. it just feels like they all milked it to excuse themselves from doing their job but they’re all going out and having “fun” still and making ig stories like if you can’t stream since you’re all so “hurt” then take a social media break in general until all of you can stop trying to one-up each other for attention with the subtweeting and “we’re so sad :(“ like idk maybe worry about your friends and focus on that? the more they say, the more their fans are just going to speculate and try to guess what happened.
    BUT this is all implying that offlinetv is professional as a whole and obviously they never have been so lmao. i’m asking for/expecting way too much here.
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  7. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    between all the guys she’s publicly “friendzoned”, verbally abused and has clearly used for followers/views/clout - you think by now that some of them would’ve caught onto her bs lmao. like idk what it is they see in her since her online persona just grates anyone sane’s nerves but these guys must get treated differently irl like there’s no other way or explanation otherwise.
    idk what happened between her and hasan since lsf is annoying as shit, but good for him for getting away? idk if it’s because he couldn’t sleep with her since he’s more known for that, but i guess he realized he’d end up like fed behind the scenes if it kept up so better now than never. hopefully fed’s able to escape soon too since he’s been falling off content-wise for awhile now. being poki’s cameraman and cuck won’t pay the bills lmao.
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  8. persephony added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    i rarely chime in on this thread since i don’t care for whatever e-girl is currently trending but you defend belle a lot on a gossip site despite your odd attempt at calling her out/showing what she actually looks like on fb.
    if you’re expecting this thread to be composed or make sense then maybe you should start visiting those subreddits you’re talking about instead. this is, again, a gossip site. you don’t have to agree with everything on it but someone’s opinion is still a valid opinion regardless of your take on it.***
    *** edit because i feel the need to clarify this: you’re always chiming in on how she’s pretty as if this woman (because she’s a legal adult despite her childish behavior): 1.) didn’t try to look the part of a child to appeal to pedophiles, 2.) didn’t steal nudes and 3.) didn’t sell her bathwater and become a meme after that like lmao. your belle bias shows too often honestly and it’s annoying.
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  9. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    for someone that put out that sad excuse of a palette, you’d think her GRWMs would be different from time to time but no. still the tight eyeliner and spider lashes to look racially ambiguous lmao.
    and also i agree with you. just based on that one picture of her caught out with bjerg, there’s such a vast difference in her face - especially her eyes, but it’s not surprising since she’s done no makeup streams before to garner sympathy from people after doing something dumb/awful so. being manipulative is what she knows best imo.
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  10. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    as much as i would love to see her go so other girls like maya and hachubby can get the popularity/attention they deserve as genuine people on twitch, i don’t think she will regardless of the money. poki only plays games lately on twitch if there’s a guy she can leech with and her going to mixer wouldn’t give her as many options. she may be ruthless and joke about it, but i doubt ninja and shroud would suddenly play whatever games with her just because she joins the mixer family.
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  11. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    the caption feels ironic given who this person took photos with lmao. guess bjerg has something to offer poki clout-wise again.
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  12. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    this was a lot to unpack but i feel both sad and glad for hachubby.
    i mean, i imagine she’s what poki would be like if poki didn’t get so full of herself and start doing all the dumb shit she does for views and clout. lately poki has been consistently blaming video games being boring for her falling off as if she’s ever been interesting on her own after learning that shipping culture brings in so many views/followers/subs. it’s like being called the “queen” (i put it in quotations because i think it’s a bullshit title and poki does nothing to earn it and also because it’s just twitch lmao) was all that mattered to her. like what does it do for her? most normal people that aren’t into games and the like don’t know shit about twitch anyway. 
    like i’m super glad hachubby is getting popular because she genuinely deserves the love she gets and actually is someone that enjoys streaming for what it is versus what it can get her but i’m sad for her because having poki monitor your every move, including streaming at the same hours, is just... awkward. granted hachubby’s too nice to notice and their mutual friends probably don’t see poki’s intentions as maliciously as we all do so i can only hope something on hachubby’s end keeps poki at bay. i can only see it going badly if she tries to send hachubby a controlling message like she did when she messaged kayla about mayahiga.
    ***edit because i just watched the clip from your lighter note: can this incapable bitch really not cut her own shirts? it’s not rocket science like i know she failed to follow through on chemical engineering but she really can’t cut her own shirts? come on dude. how fucking useless is she? money doesn’t always make someone useful in the world, especially when she’s blowing it on shirts she’s awkwardly making into crop tops that don’t suit her lmao.
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  13. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    honestly how much did they pay her to make her do an ad for a game she cried about not enjoying since she got all the clout she needed from myth already lmao
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  14. persephony added a post in a topic OMOCAT   

    ngl i wanna buy the cursed sweatshirt because i love vickisigh’s art but supporting her through omocat is not how i wanna do that lol
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  15. persephony added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    those kingdom hearts feet aren’t a good look lmao like who convinced her that this angle looked good
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