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  1. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Alright let's not feed the troll anymore if we want to discourage them from posting more, they're clearly enjoying our reactions
    All we can do is pray and hope they find Jesus 😂😂😂
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  2. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Suddenly I want to barf 
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  3. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic YourPrincess; Jayden; League of Legends   

    It seems like in the league community, you have to be desperate to get famous or wait a long time for people to eventually notice. One notable streamer I don't really see people shit talk is MaryMaybe and if I'm not wrong, she isn't associated with many other popular streamers. Not to derail this thread and make it about her, I just want to make a comparison. MaryMaybe is also a lot more human-like and realistic in her behavior, if she tilts she doesn't really hide it.
    In contrast i's weird because often times I feel like if someone is super happy and positive like Jayden makes herself seem, you can tell something is off. I have definitely met some very genuinely kind people, but that doesn't mean they don't ever get pissed or not show it, they're just nicer about it. I think the reason why Jayden acts so fake on stream and holds her rage in is because people tend to think pretty badly of streamers, especially female streamers, showing rage. Doesn't excuse the other shitty things she's done. 
    I remember watching videos on ways to grow your twitch channel in a time where I considered becoming a streamer before realizing it wasn't for me, one of the main pieces of advice most people gave was to go to other twitch channels and interact with their community but also try to make friends and have fun. But they also say to not make friends solely for the sake of growing your channel. I guess that's the approach YourPrincess took to growing her community. But because of her lack of genuity, she's getting exposed for it.
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  4. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    It's sad because in this OTV video where she, Lily, Scarra, and Yoona sit around and talk about "big titty streamers" they used a clip from a streamer (TheZombiUnicorn) who was clearly agitated by people getting on her case about her cleavage showing with sad music in the background clearly making fun of the situation. Pokimane goes on about how a little cleavage is fine or some bullshit but don't be streaming naked?
    How is part of your boobs showing == being naked? You don't choose the body you're born with and even if you do via surgery or whatever, that's no one's business. It's already hard for women with bigger breasts to dress "modestly" and most times no matter what they wear they will still be the target of harassment. If Pokimane really hates the clips/montages people make of her body and her just getting up from her seat to walk to the bathroom, she should understand TheZombiUnicorn's pain.
    Offline TV wants to go on about how PULL is a website for female incels, others go on about how it's the hub for women to shit talk each other, but as many of you have stated here, who amongst us is shit talking women that gain attention through sexuality and don't hide it? What does that make Pokimane, Lily, Janet, and every other OTV member who sits and shits talks these women who aren't harming anyone? It's hypocritical for them to get pissy over us criticizing pokimane while thinking it's totally okay to make fun of women that have done nothing to them apart from just... existing.
    Not to mention other sources in the first page of the thread where pokimane is making fun of these "big titty streamers". I wouldn't be surprised if she's possibly lurking this thread that she'll try to do something to disprove what we're saying. To anyone who is tweeting about the movement in support of it, I hope they know that one of if not the most popular female streamers obviously doesn't support it.
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  5. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I don't particularly care about Pokimane's looks and I think other people don't really either, but I think people bash her looks because she fakes them so much. She photoshops herself to death and so when her real looks are shown, it becomes a laughing matter. If it's harmful for magazines to photoshop models' bodies into something that will cause insecurities among women, especially young impressionable teenagers, then it's also harmful for Pokimane to alter her face and body and present it as real. She is honestly pretty in my eyes and I think many would agree that she is fairly conventionally attractive so it just seems strange as to why she would go so far to modify the way she looks and presenting them as her real self when her real self isn't even that bad. In my opinion, the worst thing about her faking her looks is the fact she posts a picture of her "abs" when she doesn't work out, eats a shit ton, does pretty much little to nothing to earn those abs. It's part of the phenomenon that social media stars have started of "put little effort but get all the rewards". "Look at me I'm pretty, popular, and rich! My life is perfect!" It doesn't work that way.
    There are many models themselves who wish they looked like their photoshopped selves (Cindy Crawford famously said "I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford). This isn't healthy. People want to be more relatable to celebrities and know that they're not just flawless beings who got dealt the right hands in life. Hopefully I explained that alright
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  6. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Why do people, men in particular like Destiny, always have to label criticism from one woman to another as jealousy? People are so desperate to label women as jealous to the point you just can't have an actual opinion on one in order to not be labeled as such. What about the numerous guys on twitter that are always trying to put down famous streamers (both men and women)? They never get labeled as jealous even though you see them complain about how streamers make so much money for doing jack shit or whatever. Then there are the men that go on various different streams to troll and ruin the stream. The aspect of attraction does play a part as you're more likely to want to be with someone who's famous/good looking vs being jealous of them, but still.
    Pokimane does some legitimately criticism-worthy things, and there are plenty of other girl streamers out there that do not do the things she does and thus do not gain the amount of criticism that she does ESPECIALLY other female league streamers (exceptions like Emiru exist of course). I don't like Pokimane one bit, but am I jealous of her? Maybe her money since I'm a uni student and work minimum wage in retail, but I would hate to live a life of always having to put up a fake appearance and having my awful personality on display for millions of people to see and criticize. I'd hate to have thirsty boys constantly sexualizing me (that's me personally, I don't condemn those that wouldn't mind). I'd also hate to constantly be weary of gettinf fucked over by people and not knowing who I can genuinely trust. Internet fame isn't all that glamorous when you look past the image that social media stars try to paint about their lives being fabulous or some shit.
    Anyways, stop labeling every criticism a girl gives to another girl as jealousy because that's not always the case and no one is immune to criticism regardless of how well liked they are.
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  7. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    In that case I think she should donate it if she's never going to use them, assuming she ever thinks about doing good for others. But let's be real, probably not.
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  8. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    It should be common knowledge that anyone who tries to hire you by offering "exposure" as compensation is essentially scamming you. I watched a video by an animator who turned down the opportunity to work with Kylie Jenner for that exact reason. 
    The utter disrespect people have for any artist of any kind is disgusting. To quote the animator, your time is valuable. If Tana can get money just for sitting on her ass making low effort videos why can't a makeup artist who has to follow her around and do what other makeup artsts get PAID A LOT to do also get paid for their time and effort?
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  9. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Holy shit... I would not be able to leave the house in that attire let alone take a picture of it and post it on social media for thousands of people to look at
    It looks so unflattering.. whoever thought black jeans and a pale peachy shirt would look good together?? I mean I knew Poki sucked at dressing herself but this is on a whole new level of hot steaming garbage. The top half of the outfit is simple and elegant with the necklace added to it and then the bottom half is going for a sporty look... so it just does not mesh together at all??
    Even elementary school kids have a better sense of fashion than Pokimane. And it's not that hard either guys. If you observe enough, anyone can eventually get a feel of how to put clothes together to look good... but at this point Pokimane is a lost cause
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  10. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    Aria Rose? More like Aria Gross
    I just love how obvious it is that she talks on a way that feels like she's talking to a baby or something. She clearly has a naturally high pitched voice, but how many of you have heard someone talk in the manner she does? It's like a fake attempt at being "soft spoken"... does anyone know what I mean? I know that everyone has commented on how she tries to do a baby voice, but that was my way of elaborating on how exactly I guess
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  11. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Both my ex and my current bf played against her in low diamond in the past and said she fed her ass off. They could tell that she was boosted. Bf talked about how she doesn't know how to initiate any fights and has to rely on her team to do everything for her.
    She can call herself diamond all she wants though, most people higher than diamond think it sucks and that players in that division don't actually know how to play the game. Either people stay content once they reach diamond and stop trying simply because they think they're now among the best, or they push themselves to go for masters
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  12. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Holy shit it took a lot of fucking effort to pull off that look and it didn't look too good anyways without the fake lashes. You can easily tell that the eyeshadow is hard to blend and I don't even think you can do many proper looks with that. 
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  13. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Why spend your money on a random e-girl's palette when you can buy a colourpop palette for half the price and 10x the quality? Even a lot of drugstore palettes seem better than the swatches I've seen for this palette.
    I don't even want to think about my 12 year old wanting me to spend my hard earned money on a shitty eyeshadow palette if it's not going to be of any use to them. Like if they really want to experiment with makeup, here's a $2 elf flawless eyeshadow.
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  14. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Only reason shes's relevant is because of her looks. I think her looks stand out because she's "exotic". That and the recognition she got from leeching off other popular streamers/pro gamers. I always found her so fucking boring. But even if you're not entertaining, at least be good/decent at the game(s) you play, but she's neither. Seems like she gave up trying to climb/get boosted anyways now that she's figured out that it's not her gameplay people are watching her for.
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  15. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    So many people make videos off of information from PULL and then refuse to credit it because it's too embarrassing to admit you got it from a gossip forum I suppose :(((((( Also, I too have a high pitched voice but the way Aria talks is like a grown up to a little child. There's this forced "I'm such a sweet person uwu" vibe
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