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  1. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    I don't get the issue with having an LDR... Like why do you have to lie about it or act as if it isn't one? Are you that insecure about yourself that you have to find every little thing to feel good about yourself with?
    The brain is supposed to be fully developed by the time you're 25 years old so I guess it's safe to say there is simply no hope for Aria. Enjoy the rest of your life trying to find fulfillment and never getting any
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  2. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    That would mean about 1.25m followers are fake 😂 I'd like to know if she really bought that amount of followers because that's kinda scary
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  3. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    I don't think you're stretching. You brought a good perspective to the issue. That's the point of celebrities and how they market themselves; they all provide the whole best friend experience. Look at k-pop, it's one of the prime examples of this kind of marketing. Belle Delphine is just a fucked up extension to this
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  4. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    I checked the instagram story out and honestly it was pretty adorable. I guess she dropped that sort of tough gamer girl image for the better
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  5. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You put it perfectly. Honestly, pokimane is so boring if theres no drama around her that it's probably why the thread has turned into the same thing over and over which is a given. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, it just means she gets less attention
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  6. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yep, it's photoshop
    It was posted on reddit a few months ago and someone linked the original picture:  https://imggram.org/media/pokimanelol/1885168238573267192_336942508
    Honestly, her boobs aren't that big 
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  7. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Lime Crime/Doe Deere   

    What a fitting name for her brand, Lime Crime. Because she's pretty close to a criminal at this point
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  8. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    That's why I stopped supporting and following the OTV. I don't have positive views on any of them exactly for the reason you said, they're enablers. They all basically circle jerk and no one ever seems to have the balls to be upfront to one another about shitty behavior. Either that or they don't actually find it wrong. I think it's usually safe to not assume any streamers are really innocent and give shits at all about doing the "right" thing. I do the same thing with celebrities (like actresses and singers) and am thus never disappointed if they turn out to be shitty people, but I guess its harder with streamers because their entire career is based on interacting with viewers while doing something so it's easier to feel more close and personal with them. Either way, fuck Toast, fuck Lily, fuck Fed, fuck everyone else. I do want to say though, if any type of celebrity continuously does good deeds and overall has little to no signs pointing to shittiness, its definitely worthy of praise, but honestly they're quite few in number.
    Off topic but is this site credible? I see lots of articles on Poki that generally paint her in a good light but this one came out and I found it funny: https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/pokimane-mocks-white-knight-viewer-who-tried-to-defend-her-from-bullies-684866
    You can guess by the link what it's about. I found it funny. It's basically Belle Delphine at this point with the way she spits on her fans and looks down on them
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  9. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    She really can't rub more than two brain cells together can she? If I were a professional gamer who puts in hours a day doing scrim after scrim and shit, I'd be pissed to have Pokimane who puts in not even 1/4 of the same effort lumped in with me. She's basically insulting those people
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  10. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    No, religion is never an excuse to be a shitty human being. I sort of thought about my own position as if I were a famous streamer and one of my nosy family members came across my stream
    But at the same time her tight ass yoga pants and not so subtle moaning sounds would already be enough to warrant the gossip and reputation. Sex and kissing are indeed natural, but it can be hard to fully have that sink in when you have the opposite ideas stuck with you for so long, but as I've grown and went out of that comfort zone I don't give a shit. I've just always been the kind of person who tries to give insight and show a different side to a situation but you're right, it's nothing more than just her being trash. Either way I always like seeing other Muslims with similar views
    I can't believe she would actually refer to herself as such. Is she even remotely good at any competitive games she plays? I mean we all know the answer to that is no, but does she sit in her room and practice a single competitive game for hours like professional gamers do? Does she participate in professional competitive tournaments?
    She's an entertainer and that's all there is to it. She simply has gaming as her platform. We may as well start calling beauty gurus and influencers professional makeup artists at that point
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  11. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    We'll never know for sure, this is all speculation. I'm just saying based on my own experiences with having grown up in a Muslim family surrounded by Muslim friends/family friends is that you literally have "sex is bad" or even "interacting with opposite sex on friendly level" hammered into you. If you have ever interacted with a group of Muslim girls, you'll find it can be extremely anxiety inducing to do the things we're constantly told not to because this idea of being a horrible person for doing so is stuck in our heads. I still remember when I had my first boyfriend and my first kiss and how scary it felt. I can't even go openly share these things with most other Muslim girls and women my age from the fear of being shamed even though chances are there are a good number of them that have done the same (especially the having a secret boyfriend part). It's just not something people always want to admit.
    It makes sense as to why she tries so hard to act all righteous and innocent despite proving otherwise apart from her making a profit off of it. Also considering the fact dome people have posted about it being a wonder that no one has ever leaked nudes of her. Maybe shes done a lot of these things, but it's not like we'll ever truly know. My point is that a lot of her behavior could be explained by her upbringing, but not entirely. And to further go on, upbringing is never an excuse for shitty behavior, it just gives a bit of explanation to her behavior.
    Now if her upbringing was actually very lax and consisted of none of these things then.. yeah. She's just plain shitty with no excuse
    As for the rest of your post well... no one can argue against that 😂
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  12. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    If you mean literally get laid, she probably won't. It's a big deal to lose your virginity in Islam. It is in Christianity too, yes, but in most if not all Muslim majority countries, sex is highly frowned upon and taboo whereas the perception is more lax in Western countries and not as many people are going to run after you with a pitchfork if you're a non-married Christian who's had sex.
    Now this doesn't stop her from sticking her ass to the camera and calling it an oopsie every time and this doesn't mean she's never had sex (I wouldn't know and honestly would rather not), but combine the first factor and also the fact she loves to hide her relationships and maybe other stuff and.. it's just unlikely.
    What she needs is a (literal or non literal) slap to the face from someone who she cares about... if she has any 😂 she's basically a cockroach at this point
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  13. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I actually had no idea he was so controversial, even when I google search the name it seems confusing. I've yet to watch the video. You gave the site a try and didn't like it, that's that, it's not for everyone for sure. I can't say I like lolcow much even though it's usually got good info on people even if posted in a very vulgar manner.
    Thing about snowflakes is that they usually do something to warrant it. Again, look at Pokimane. She was originally in the internet personalities section and got moved here when people started seeing how much she lies, manipulates, and badly treats people. The snowflakes section is reserved for, as quoted, "people that are liars, cheaters, scammers, or suffer from the snowflake syndrome."
    That's why there is this much hate towards her. Seriously, baiting with a post on your instagram story about being depressed then posting your PO box and asking for gifts from your fanbase of young teenage boys literally right after id pretty fucked up. So is slut shaming titty streamers while purposefully showing your ass on camera then claiming you're more wholesome. Then literally leading on famous male streamers and ghosting them once shes gotten the popularity boost she needs. She is very well deserving of the snowflake status 
    And trust me, I've doubted my stance on disliking her but she just comes out with more reasons for me to continue doing so everytime 😂😂😂
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  14. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I myself don't use the word thot because I don't like it either, but I have barely seen many people that do use it (and I think it's moreso used in a joking manner or as a familiar term). As for the Quartering, you have to remember not everyone is aware of the background behind someone. People have linked Brittany Venti and Aria Rose here not knowing their backgrounds simply because they agreed with their videos on Pokimane. That doesn't make them supporters. 
    Second, if you want to complain about PULL, you're most definitely free to, but do it on a different post topic that caters to that. It's against the rules to deter away from the main topic which is Pokimane here and the mods could possibly come for you.
    Lastly, it's pretty unfair to generalize an entire user base of a website. You have most definitely seen posts from other users on both this topic and others that call out anyone who has posted something unreasonable. There is a good share of both "good" and "bad" users on here. Personally, I like PULL because I have seen more reasonable people on here that don't blindly hate.
    It's true that this topic in particular has more hate towards Pokimane than anything, but that's because people feel she is an insincere and selfish person for many reasons (especially the hypocrisy as I've mentioned). There are plenty of other topics such as on her friend LilyPichu's where users praise her for improving and becoming better over the years. Now, you're not the first person on this topic that has called out the posts that seem to slut shame Pokimane or go far with attacking her looks, but again, a couple pages back and you will see that just like you, there are other people that don't agree with that and they tend to have over 20+ likes for expressing their disagreement.
    Anyways, that's all I'll say. It's a gossip forum so you're not going to see very many nice posts, especially about Pokimane. Not to mention I would say most of us that post about Pokimane are people that used to like her until her true colours started showing
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  15. PrincessRiri added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    No one's slut shaming. If anything it's Pokimane who repeatedly slut shames, we simply call her out for her hypocrisy. Look through the past couple of pages and you'll find more support for "titty streamers" who are generally the ones to get slut shamed (including by Pokimane herself). I can't believe you actually took the time to post this comment 😂
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