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  1. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    ^^ lmfao y’all seen this yet?

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  2. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    quite honestly i’m convinced she’s moving to new york because she had a great time with elena and her social network and is under the impression that she can continue depending on elena for a social life. but that’s just my guess imo. new york is just as judgmental and appearance-driven as los angeles, and perhaps even more cutthroat. i don’t know where she’s coming from making the city seem to be this paradisal solution to her problems.
    i wish i could see exactly what went down when that follower called ashley out for projecting her issues onto LA bc they were so right lmao. i have so many things to say about her LA complaints, some of which is valid but most is purely just her self-esteem. (extremely nitpicky, but when she didn’t include the pasadena area into her LA map i-??? god her version of LA is literally melrose avenue isn’t it)
    the fact that she wants to start a clothing line is so boring and annoying lmao it gives me strong jenn im vibes. it’s just going to be poorly designed trendy clothes contributing even more waste. seeing another youtuber simply start yet another “collection” of polyester reformation knockoffs is so disheartening in the face of young emerging designers with actual talent but no means. nobody needs another eggy label. 
    adding onto the sex/feminism convo, she really said “i lost my virginity here in LA” — like i thought we’ve all come to learn that virginity is merely an outdated misogynistic concept? since ashley reads on here, hi ash! isn’t this something you’d probably want to rant about to score progressive feminist points? also when she said the phrase “sexually active” was inappropriate but then proceeded to talk about being lubed up?? make it make sense. 
    one last thing: when she said that east coast people can “joke around and tease you, but underneath they still mean well” where as LA people are fake - she’s LITERALLY just talking about normal friendships she’s been incapable of making here vs high school friends she’s familiar with.
    god she is so insufferable. 
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  3. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i’ve noticed in the past that she seems to emphasize being catcalled a lot? i’m not too sure how to phrase this properly and really don’t want to start any controversy but am looking for other thoughts/opinions - she seems to talk about it in a way that seems to find some sort of subconscious validation from it? (?? again unsure if i’m making any sense) she even listed catcalling as a los angeles con in her city pro/cons list as if it’s some specific trait of the city. of course i’m not saying she totally enjoys it or anything like that (ex., that one ig post that earned her the “combatting racism” gold star). catcalling happens everywhere of course, but as somebody who is familiar with ashley’s limited haunts of gentrified los angeles, it’s not as common as she makes it out to be. she complains about it but also profits off it through inappropriate jokes. 
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  4. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    ashley probably thought she was so brave by including the topics discussed here in the intro of her new video! that was like, so totally bold and clever of her! 🙄
    this new video’s overall presentation was average, save for the gratuitous flashing which she made sure to highlight throughout the video (rather than simply select different footage) and poor choice in ... some outfits, to say the least (that cardigan w the slip dress? what??). i also couldn't help but notice how she's forcing herself to talk slower and calmer. 
    she posted this on today's stories + this screenshot of her slightly-bent knees tells me she knows she's flashing people often and either doesn't mind it or enjoys it in some exhibitionist/perverted way - which probably explains why she specifically included that mirror for the video tbh smh

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  5. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    honest to god what even is this outfit? the ill-fitting jeans, her gaudy jewelry, the layered tops are a whole mismatched mess. this is such an embarrassing eyesore. 
    i'm pretty sure it's because she wants the max profit of being able to sell everything directly to her customers rather than being subject to third-party selling fees like poshmark or depop. also iirc she wanted to have more creative control over her own website vs an app. she's p lazy about this store tbh, she only ever updates every once in a while. she has a separate website for an outdated portfolio which can be easily found with a quick google search. 
    on a side note, she likes to talk about how hard she works and i'm sure that "running this shop" falls under this umbrella. but a lot of influencers use depop etc to resell their items too, including shooting photos, writing descriptions, packing and shipping. everything she does for her job (negotiating and executing collaborations, reselling, filming, editing, attending events, making merch, etc) are all typical tasks that any other influencer or youtuber does (even on top of school - not to discount ashley's 3 year long ucla tenure ofc, but she's not even in school anymore) yet i don't see them humblebrag all the time lol 
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  6. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    plus the fact that she has to deprecate herself and her current situation even in a private setting is so telling of her nature. everything she does, she has to make fun of first before some imaginary audience can say anything. like she seriously can’t seem to enjoy life or something as simple as journaling on a train smh. (and side note her imagination is so bland lmao she really reuses the same jokes about tumblr etc no matter the context) 
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  7. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    “Cow toes”??? Something tells me that despite her insistence that she loves and appreciates fashion & its history she has no idea that these are Margiela’s Tabi boot knockoffs (just like how she’s most likely unaware that her white sandals are The Row knockoffs, but ik that veers into nitpicky). 

    The interview caption is so ironic lmao esp when virtually all her interactions with other women are underscored by bitter side-eye remarks & she doesn’t seem capable of sustainable, authentic friendships. 

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  8. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    hope this is okay to post in addition to that, but here's a reddit thread on r/femalefashionadvice for further takes. what i don't understand is that people are saying that sustainability has never been a main focus on her channel?? there are people defending her and acting like they need to protect this baby, but there seems to be some resonance in that she is no longer relatable or transparent in her ethics.
    edit: also, damon of damonandjo just posted a chatty conversation with ashley on his channel when she was in paris. haven't watched myself but this will be interesting lol. i think the last time she wasn't able to control how she appeared (looks, actions, dialogue) was since haley pham's awkward collab video. 
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  9. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    tbh i think a better way to put it is that, ashley is just a mindless trend follower for fashion. she thinks throwing on a pair of chunky boots and the same dress from urban outfitters is a whole 'look'. she doesn't have a true sense of style or taste. there's this quote by ysl that comes to mind, "fashion fades, style is eternal." 
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  10. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    the video was definitely filmed with a production team, most likely sent by amazon. if you look at the last look segment (the atrocious pink suit), you can see the reflection of a cameraman in the window as well as another person handing her a coffee mug. 
    i appreciate most of the comments you posted that actually call her out but i just cannot stand the comments that are straight-up BABYING her like "we love you, we DO NOT dislike you (just to quell any distress you may be having!)" how much more coddling could this get?? she's literally a grown 21-year-old woman who should be able to handle legitimate critique of her actions. her followers write whole-ass letters to her like they're personally her best friend when really she just wants their money and views lol 
    like what dreamycat said, there's a high chance ashley won't address any of the backlash and if she does it'll be some sort of ambiguous, self-pitying, self-victimizing, pseudo-humble instagram story superficially thanking people for the feedback or whatever. 
    what rubs me the wrong way re: when she posted this story as if to make herself woke and understanding of everybody is that like ... ok great point on the ~awareness~ of various financial situations, however ashley's words don't apply to herself because she has the privilege, resources, and money to be able to shop for expensive vintage pieces and sustainable brands. instead she still chooses to pack her wardrobe with the same urban outfitters/motel rocks/nastygal pieces as if that's supposed to send some sort of subversive message or model to her followers about finding her own "affordable balance" when in reailty people would just like to see her follow through on this sustainability branding.

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  11. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i know people are always saying that she has room to grow and that she's self-aware but those claims are really only to a certain extent. she's deeply hypocritical in her ethics when it comes to her brand, harbors a great deal of bitterness towards other peers, has very superficial views of relationships and even cities, etc etc. yes, she's self-aware that she doesn't get out much, needs to socialize, and stop trying to see life in goal benchmarks, but that's pretty much all i personally see when i reduce it to the bare bones of it all. the list goes on but i'm not wasting energy on that lmfao but basically she's underdeveloped in so many necessary areas of her life and hasn't gotten to the stage where she can realize herself from different perspectives (?? that sounds confusing lol)
    i just skipped around the video so i wouldn't have to deal with her schticky script. each outfit was so frumpy. this veers into nitpicky territory but it often seems like she hides her outfits behind her hair/uses it as an accessory, which is fine but it oftentimes isn't as flattering as she thinks? her face shape is quite wide, so her long hair makes her top-heavy if that makes sense. on another note, i honestly do think she facetunes her photos (even slightly) aside from the right lighting and angles because her ig face never looks like her yt face lol 
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  12. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    oh my goodness thank you so much for saying all this! i’ve lived in los angeles all my life and it’s so annoying? frustrating? to see her act like she knows all about this city when it reality she only diminishes it into this superficial bubble.
    in her bullet journal video, she showed a list of video ideas on her phone. one of them was “every la girl”. it’s not a reach to say that the video will be very narrow-minded as she makes fun of other girls for simply existing in a poor attempt at comedy and thinly-veiled excuse to act snowflakey. 
    it’s really sad that she seems like she’s never ventured anywhere outside of westwood while she was in college and outside of the basic hollywood area when she moved. it’s like she thinks los angeles is a living instagram explore page of models and iced lattes. the city is truly so rich in people, culture, art, and more. ashley could truly diversify her interests here and yet all she does is whine about not being invited to influencer events. 
    her pro/cons list of these cities is so naive and misconstrued. slower pace of life? not as fashion-forward? is she living in like the suburbs of london? i laughed when she listed “easy to socialize” in new york lmfaooo. (also “variety of neighborhoods” was a pro for la … ??? new york and london also have a variety of neighborhoods??)
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  13. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    (sorry for the long post!!) 

    there’s so much happening in this recent ~vlog~ i didn’t finish it bc this girl gives me acute secondhand cringy embarrassment but got the general gist of it. i could just picture ashley forcing herself to talk slowly while reading off the script she painstakingly prepared for the intro lol 
    it’s childish, petty, and hypocritical of her to say that influencer events are overrated anyway. it’s not like she would have declined if elle requested her attendance, and she participates in the ones she’s actually invited to. she literally mentioned earlier in vlog that she’s going to new york for a marc jacobs event. so uhhhh hello??? ashley if they’re sooooo overrated then why do you keep attending them? 
    her ‘friends’ seem terribly fake and ingenuine. i know she doesn’t film with other people very often hence her behavior, but even so the way in which she acted was so … awkward. and not in a charming way. adding onto @andherflowers, despite the contrived and shallow influencer culture LA is known for (and the only dimension of the city ashley knows) there are plenty of truly interesting, genuine, and kind people who don’t feed off of likes for self-validation. it isn’t just melrose avenue or nobu or cute coffee shops. it’s unfortunate ashley never seemed to make the effort to expand/diversify her social circle beyond vapid social-climbing instagrammers and teenagers for the most part. and when she said she likes featuring other people in her videos to break up the monotony of her voice, i think she really meant “i love featuring other fake online personalities bc it gives the illusion of friends!!!11!!” 
    re: her asian-american identity, it’s a sensitive topic to breach and i don’t mean to start anything controversial. to add on to what @kicksthis said, it’s important to remember that the asam experience isn’t monolithic, and the halfie experience is incredibly unique and complex in itself. one gripe i do have was when she endorsed local wolves describing her as someone “openly combatting racism” lol. i do think she’s not as confident or accepting of her asian side as exhibited through subtle signs but it also doesn’t mean she’s obligated to fully represent that dimension of herself, which probably requires a paradigm shift for many. i do hope she finds peace with it, but it does take a lot of self-awareness, consideration, etc. 
    she also posted this earlier today which just pisses me off because it’s such a jab at pull/gg and anybody else who speaks up about her actions. this is so ugly of her to do because for the past year or so she’s been enthusiastically endorsing the title as sustainable queen (she literally called herself a “~hero~ of sustainability for her interview with fashionrevolution) and blatantly ignoring people who have criticized her dishonesty & proliferate support of fast fashion. the fact that she's only JUST NOW saying this is so telling. the way in which she framed this “so we don’t judge here!” insults and discredits those who simply want transparency in her hypocritical messaging, allowing her to frame herself as socially/economically woke and accepting of everyone (aka basically the good guy)

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  14. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    imagine always yapping about how you’re so sustainable, loooove good quality investment pieces, and trying to develop a unique style but continue endorsing nastygal of all horrible fast fashion brands and wearing the same boring puffy sleeved dress... couldn’t be me. people will laugh and stare at influencers doing ~photoshoots~ literally everywhere, la is teeming with them and it’s secondhand embarrassment for everybody yet she wants to be sooo anti-influencer or whatever. as somebody has stated before, she has a tendency to make fun of herself to seem relatable before anybody else can and it’s so annoying. she looks great but the outfit feels so silly when you picture her out and about on a normal day. 

    also, i didn’t even catch the previous screenshot but seriously “performed to perfection”?? for a VLOG???? god she needs to get over herself 🙄

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  15. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    why do i feel like these “mean comments” are probably just constructive criticisms, genuine questions, or expressions of different tastes and opinions? she’s so obsessed w perfection but like ... when will she understand that her interpretation of perfection is clearly not everybody’s idea of perfection?? like she literally has over 1 million subscribers following her. “in case someone doesn’t like it” lmfao what makes her think that all 1 million people will enjoy the same overplayed cheesy soundtrack, ugly sex and social justice jokes, and same tacky outfits in each and every video? 

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