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  1. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    honestly... is anybody else relieved she didn't come after their favorite shows. it would have been excruciating to hear her downgrade talk about shows i enjoy for their artistry and depth. 
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  2. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    actually, most of these looks are on models with monolids! ashley has double eyelids. i feel like if she could just look at one video by like hyulari or jessyluxe would make such a huge difference for her. 
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  3. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    oh no you are aboslutely right!! lowkey i feel like her tiktok on wasians/asians was a jab at my comment about her capitalizing off of how asians are popular on the app rn 💀
    i looked through JK rolling's most recent comments around the time this user posted but couldn't find her comment. i assume it would gain a lot of traction too if she really did comment? so i have no idea where they got the screenshot from if it's true. although i wouldn't doubt that ashley's fans haven't already sent her the video and are trying to coddle her lmao 
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  4. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    the ultimate queen of sustainability and anti-capitalism strikes again with a whole urban outfitters ad no less 🤩
    idk how she manages to always make herself feel so cheap? like the “no dumping sign” she probably scrounged off the street bc it fit her quirky indie movie character persona + crude captions have such a distasteful vibe 

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  5. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    and she literally wished avrey a happy birthday in the same story ... god ashley just hates giving credit to other women (even those younger than her) doesn't she 😭😭 
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  6. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    the vid provides hard evidence, facts, and explains criticism clearly and yet her fans are like "ur just a MEAN JEALOUS HATER!! she's HUMAN!! she doesn't have to be PERFECT!!!!"
    it's honestly embarrassing how ashley, a fully grown 22-year-old graduate, hides behind her teenage fanbase and essentially endorses their rabid attacks on those who critique her by not speaking up for herself, or telling them that this sort of behavior is wrong. it's even more cringe when it's fans her age. like i'm literally a few months give/take her age and her level of immaturity and general behavior is appalling. 
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  7. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    it's honestly crazy how strongly ashley's teenage fans project themselves onto her and create their own narratives. it's been mentioned in detail before but they truly use her as the ideal self-insert fanfic character to feel fulfilled. 
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  8. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    this is like exposing her sister's eating disorder to her huge platform for omg poor ashley!!! pity points all over again. and that was over a year ago. 
    (also her makeup ...... why) 
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  9. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    honestly given the number of confident, fun, and outgoing girls who are actually funny on tiktok, I wouldn't be surprised if ashley's self-esteem drops even lower and she'll find a way to make fun of them to lift herself up. (also wouldn't bat an eye if she tried to capitalize on how asians are having a moment on the app rn too but I'll stop bc we all know she takes content ideas from this thread) 
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  10. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    that's a p shitty thing to do. she doesn't know what personal boundaries are and genuinely thinks she can do whatever she wants bc this is her romcom and we're all just her side characters. like she's never had a problem w sharing her sister's ed or posing in front of stranger's private homes without blurring their addresses or undressing in front of her window for potential non-consenting passerby to see. ironic how she'll blur out a photo of him but not any of these things. 
    edit: her tiktoks are so cringe. she has the sex appeal of a doorknob. 
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  11. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    lmfao the "AHHH" part is just the cherry on top it's so fucking cringe
    also note how she emphasizes *alone in nyc* in the title to mislead her viewers' mental timeline of when ryan visited smh 
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  12. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i feel you 100% - it's been brought up multiple times that she only follows trends and blatant knockoff designs from luxury brands. she doesn't really have a sense of style or proportion, or even what generally looks good? (currently having a nightmare flashback to that scarf-belted dress in her nyfw video) like yeah she's had some decent outfits in the past, but they're typically quite uninspired. 
    it's so irritating whenever she talks about how she has such an eye for detail and loves texture, or how she's such a ~fashion nerd~ and ~geeks out~ on architecture and interior design when she really... is not? she loves to constantly shove this down our throats but when there's an actual opportunity to demonstrate this supposed knowledge and appreciation she ends up saying something extremely generic/ignorant. i think somebody mentioned this earlier but all she had to say for the nyfw shows she attended was "omg this was just, like, so beautiful" in that pseudo-poignant voice. let's not forget that one time she called knockoff margiela tabi boots "cow toes" lmao. the fact that she did a video was karlie kloss is just astounding. i wouldn't be surprised if she didn't really know who kloss was before filming. honestly as far as i know, she's never said anything intelligible about the artistic side of fashion or its history even though she so badly wants to. 
    she's never been the type of "fashion personality" to be associated with high-end fashion, no matter how hard she tries. ashley's dug herself deep into the relatable quirky high school teenager urban outfitters genre. 
    @Wichuu (unable to tag rn) said it best a few pages back:
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  13. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    wk comments aside, i understand where this is coming from. if you've read far back enough, we've discussed this topic before. i was apprehensive about bringing it up since i know it's a contentious subject and felt like it could have been easily misconstrued, but i wanted to discuss doubts/suspicions about her behavior. if you watch her videos enough, she subtly talks about being catcalled in a joking-yet-humblebrag manner quite often in uncalled-for, irrelevant moments. yes, catcalling is a terrifying experience and i don't want to invalidate the fear she might feel, but ashley has perpetuated the situation in a way that reads as "men find me desirable". she suffers from acute insecurity and it's not uncommon to have conflicting emotions of feeling validated from catcalls while simultaneously feeling repulsed by it - it took me a while to understand this myself because of what society has ingrained into me. i wouldn't say it's necessarily anti-feminist; i'd say it's relevant to feminism to be aware of social complexities like this tbh.  
    also, regarding her abandoning sustainability: though this may be the case, she's never outright declared it and has purposefully let her teenybopper minions continue to brand her as sustainable for so long now. she doesn't even have to necessarily address the amazon debacle, but putting a clear stop to the echo chamber rally will clarify a lot of confusion regarding her ethics. she sends the wrong message (and just overall seems shady) to fans who aspire to be sustainable — can you just imagine the confusion seeing her worshipped as a ~sustainable queen~ but her outfits are tagged with urban outfitters and & other stories? 
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  14. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i tried watching her latest video but only got about five minutes in before i couldn’t stand it anymore. everything about her has become so grating/unbearable to me, and i get second hand embarrassment from her bangs + eyeliner (her outfits are too appalling to even comment on). she has nothing intelligent or substantial to say about the clothes and the fact that she didn’t even bother to learn how to pronounce proenza schouler is unprofessional. 
    i know she has a point during her “grwm while i talk about uplifting women and building self-confidence” but it felt performative and like always, scrounging for pitiful pick me points. 
    also - why on EARTH does she keep pointing out each time she gets catcalled???? we gEt iT yOu gEt MaLe atTenTioN!! 
    as head of youtube fashion, derek blasberg is making a terrible investment by choosing to endorse her. 
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  15. champagneglass added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i have to laugh... half a day later and she posted this lmfao ok hi ashley this is such a pathetic attempt at acting supportive to those who are struggling in such a dire time of need / like you’re slick or clever or whatever by alluding to PULL. like this is seriously all you could do? and you needed a gossip site to motivate you? honestly...
    she has not only 1.2 million followers on instagram but nearly 3 million subscribers on youtube, and the fact that she really said “i wish i had useful advice or meaningful things to say” shows me how truly ignorant and tone deaf she is to how acutely this country is struggling right now.
    also, in her ig post, she’s posing w her ugly shoes on her shower room towel bar... she’s been walking around nyc in them. highly doubt she wiped it off after. that’s so disgusting 🤢

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