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  1. coconuthead added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    This is so ugly and ridiculous I see some of my mutuals posting guys like this most of the time they're clowning on them but I can't help but feel they're still feeding into their bullshit they say about black women when some post like blah blah "black women so beautiful ❤️😭😟😍we don't got that here in Korea 😭😭🚫🧢" It's sad because as a young black person I feel so sorry for these girls that get those kinds of guys and hang with them and they feel because they still "act black" or don't turn to korean makeup, and go for a korean guy that knows about the "hip hop" instead of just the everyday korean guy in the street. It doesn't make them a Koreaboo. I think it's pretty obvious you could probably date a Korean guy who is uneducated about the culture, but still open to date and learn about it. Someone like that is probably more "real" and would know much more than they think all these phony little boys do.  It's just.... how can you have a relationship with someone solely based on a fetish.... It's nasty and ugly it's obvious those guys don't care about you and still have racist tendencies in them, that's not cute.
    (my bad if this didn't make sense I kinda started ranting and had to shorten it) 
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  2. coconuthead added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Oh damn I saw her on another thread but they dismissed it because they didn't really think much of her and she doesn't have a lot of followers she was also private. I always thought she was pretty chill i followed her on my private art account cause i saw her on the thread and was checking out her account.On her story she asked someone to photoshop her and yoongi together in a picture and i did cause i was bored but i mean that's not horrible just  cheesy army stuff. 
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  3. coconuthead added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    She really- that's like literally sad it's so sad she does that. At this point i genuinely think she unstable in some sort of way she's like truly addicted to the validation of other people and still being relevant that she's making accounts to praise herself  and asking people to rate her like how do you let yourself get this out of your mind. I couldn't imagine someone just sitting there (not ironically)  typing about themselves in 3rd person, That's madness, lit rally madness luv x 
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  4. coconuthead added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I get how she could sound like some old poet from the 1800s when she writes something "meaningful or deep" I do that and my teachers often question it but i think it is something a lot of people tend to do, but the fact that this is @ Taylor Swift it sounds try hard like didn't she have the audacity hate on Taylor and make parodies of Taylor's songs shit talking her? Just to later plagiarize Taylor? (or have an oddly similar sound  to her song.) Make It Make Sense.
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  5. coconuthead added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    How did her makeup manage to get worse it looks like she just smears charcoal and crack under her eyes and is like "aight im finna fake still being in Korea fo da day" She lurks here too much for her safety its been about 3 years since her reign of being the #1 koreaboo queen and it is as if she has latched onto those childish dreams she had as a teenager and is just running with them instead of growing the hell up. Like Katie is there anything  ACTUALLY PRODUCTIVE you would like to do with your life?  A job A CAREER. any damn thing but chasing after Korean men is not the wave luv.

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  6. coconuthead added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Maybe she has finally learned if she doesn't want anyone to know her business then she should STOP PUTTING IT OUT THERE.
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  7. coconuthead added a post in a topic Grace Niccole   

    I know I'm late but I just read this thread  and this is honestly so disgusting like she is literally OBVIOUSLY a child and to think she is actually married to some guy at the age 17. It is really nasty like I can't believe this is a real thing.....(and her keyboard smashes tying to make things less awkward......)
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  8. coconuthead added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Katie makes no sense sometimes, its almost as if she wants to leave like little hints for people to know she is still around. She could live her "best life in Korea" as a "student" if she just knew how to stop being so attached to social media. If she actually left when she said she did people would not have anything to say about her because we wouldn't know anything but she just seems to love the attention of the few people that still keep up with her bull. It isn't even like anyone hates her, her life is just genuinely concerning, and its just sad to see her fall that deep in some silly little teenage koreaboo fantasy she had at one point in adolescents. I even remember in 2016 I dmed her apologizing on behalf of some of the really harsh threats that she got because honestly thinking about it,,, kpop ig was harsh back then with the dragging koreaboos era and thought all those "kys drink bleach" jokes were funny but I knew it would probably hit her in an unknown way. I really hope she gets an epiphany soon cause she really needs it... 
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  9. coconuthead added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Didnt SM say they were gonna debut like entire subunits of NCT from almost like every different part of Asia? They just got too much dip on they chip and want to deliver want they cant even serve  but I mean if it keeps the kboos happy
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  10. coconuthead added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Honestly I have been a lurker for a major long time because I never know how to express or even speak upon how foolish all these people have to be to literally fake their ENTIRE race like the fact that Jasmine continues to just go on about 'her' beloved "kOrEaN CuLTUrE" reading the posts its so crazy because it seems as if she genuinely believes she is half Korean I wish I could like help her in some sort of way but she is a grown woman and truthfully people who are still on the Koreaboo wave and have not opened their third eye and realized "Wait a minute, I'm making a fool out of myself" it does not seem like they are gonna get off any time soon. I overall just hope that baby can find herself easily as she grows older because god knows her mother hasn't 
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