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  1. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Time to throw him in the trash and get a new man now 
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  2. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Testing out the hidden content thing so I can use it for the future
    Edit: it worked!! [ spoiler] [/ spoiler ] no spaces
    From far away the filter is so much she looks blurry asf face away. Like she only had eyes and mouth?
    Look how b.d usea angles to get how small she is
    Her waist isnt as small as she edits in photos. I feel like shes just using the wig and angle to appear smaller. She cant edit her body in videos so she must cover as much she can to appeare more tiny.
    In parts on the screenshots you can see her ribs dont looked sucked in/edited to be poking out like how she shoops them in photos or uses angles /sucking in video which in this new one she dodnt suck it because she went off angles, using a long wig to cover most of her waist. Along with bending a little while the phone camera is more angled onto her face then her body so from above she will appear smaller. Thats how she tries to give the illusion like she the petite girl.  Her wig covered most of her too in the video which looks like that was the main trick try to cover Belles average size.
    Geez that filtering on her face is getting out om hand how she abuses it to be her "own" looks when its snow app when she uses it to make her contenif she recorded from an hd camera she couldnt photoshop her body or face but thats why use an h.d camera when she uses angles and heavy filters/editing herself to be smaller/or thicker in photos which she cant edit in hd videos. On snowapp she cant edit her. Ody on video too so thats why she depends on wigs covering her and the angles.
    Also why is always white around her eyes in the videos? She needs to toss that translucent powder. It has flashback on camera. 
    These screenshots is basically most of the video shows how cringey it is. If you dont wanna view the video I basically posted most of it here already.
    This is her natural body which isnt even bad but she chooses to hide it and pretend shes slimmer than she is?
    Her ribs werent poking out and she used a high waisted skirt to cover her tummy pouch that she edits out/and it covers some of her waist but I dont the skirt makes her look smaller which is why she goes from more an above angle with wig covering most of her body shape the entire time. Her body is so inconsistent videos vs. Shooped pics 
    Her followers are asking for unedited/no makeup selfies and of course Belle will ignore everyone who keeps asking. Imagine how many followers Belle would lose for catfishing her followers the entire time 😂
    She went from catfishing other nude bodies aas herself while profitting from it all to catfishing her own b.d self image which is all fake af. Also shes a boring person for not being able to to game with Pyro for that 3k. Shes so lazy like Pyro should just get a refund and get that 3k back since Belle broke her promise 2 months after giving him literally nothing to crappy mc memes videos.
    Shes famous for being the laziest egirl who's entire image is angles, intense filtering, face filtering, shooping her her body to be smaller makes more money than Jessica Nigiri or any popular cosplayer on Patreon. 
    She only has as much patreons nows for pretending that she goes nude/and buys followers to force her content upon buying her patreon, basically.  
    I feel like patreon would be looking into to see if they can ban Belle. Maybe with more proofs it can actually damage her. Especially since she previously abused Patreon when she was underage/lying about her age. She couldnt prove she was 18 at the time which is why it got removed for being underage/going against Patreon. Thats why Belle announced she was 19 in her Boosette post or something.
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  3. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Correct me if Im wrong but IG can ban your if they find out that account you buy followers from other sites linking to Instagram 
    Im sure Belle isnt the only person who buys followers but kinda scandalous the only reason to buy more followers is to cater her content to new people to try to scam. 
    They dont want people buying followersfrom other sites because they want people to pay for their premotion and pay to be featured on IG.
    If you buying follower from an unkwown site chances are its from another website that b.d is using to buy followers that links to her IG.
    Know wonder she gets followers so fast I knew that bitch was paying for her followers. Where do you think her patreon money goes? Shes constantly paying for new followers to cater her scammy content too. 
    Which goes against IG rules I believe to buy followers the way B.d is abusing it
    IG wants to make money througy the premoting accounts that people pay to be featured in return for new followers. Which Belle doesnt pop up anymore because she doesnt pay to feature herself on ig anymore. She literally just buys followers which I already had suspicion of b.d doing this
    Belle stopped using ig to her /paying to premote content/account and moved to just buying followers from some sketchy site. There are a lot of apps/sites that you can pay for followers which pretty sure b.d uses
    I mean how the fuck does someone go from have less than 100k in august/September to 500k in october and 1.5mil from January to 3mil now in April
    Other cosplayers could do this if they wanted but they want to earn followers the honorable way. Not buying them.
    Seriously imagine how much money Belle spends almost daily on she buying her followers so they can maybe have new people sign up to her patreon. Thats her actual plan. She keep raising her patreon goal. She passed 3k patreons and now wants 3.6k and when she reaches that shes gonna go to 4k. 
    Shes only making so much on patreon because shes a scam. She acts like she goes nudes but then she just sells her patreons over priced teirs because she can. She admited to taking advantage of it. Using filters and photoshop so shes unrecognizable irl. This is all playing as Belle wanted. If she didnt have a patreon how can she scam?
    I feel like patreon is a bigger problem than ig at this point.
    Lets see how many patreons leave b.d because they dont want to pay. Shes gonna lose more than 1k+ followers again end of this month. Im calling it happening again. Everybend of the month she drops a lot patreon and its pretty funny. Has anyone seen her captions for her new patreon pics?
    One the captions was "lick my butt ;o"  lmao her patreon captions are kinda hilarious. I cant see the inages clearly not pledging but the captions for her photos are fucking funny. Its so crinegy how she depends on captions to get incels off. She doesnt have too do much as it is to make her easy scam money.
    This is going apart of Belle's scammy business (also works with her bf that she hides from social media)
    Isnt weird Joshua Gray fb disappeared after he posted the pics of him and Belle? Either Belle had him change his fb name so it could not be found or she had him deactivate his account or something. She does seem like the controling type as we talked about. Wanting everything her was. She wants everything to go her like she is with all past catfishing scamming to the scamming now selling over priced selfies and censored content. Do a lot people not realize that all her content get leaked eventually? 
    Shes will never change being a spoiled brat. She wants to stay "relevant" and scam. 
    We live in a day where an overly edited ethot is famous after catfishing and selling other nude bodies when she doesnt go nude herself. In fact she just sells selfies and overly edited lewds/censored nudes.
    If Belle advertised her premium snapchat wasnt nude imagine how many people wouldnt bother wasting their time.
    B.d grew up money hungry because everything was handed to her.
    Belle is trying as much as she can hide having a bf and buying followers so she can scam new people. She puts a lot of money into premoting to new people to scam.
    Belle doesn't use hashtags either btw 
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  4. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I mean not her male fans even respect her the incel men and underage boys talk to her like she is an object already. 
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  5. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Lmao this set was a big floop 😂 the boobs are like a total different color than her body tone (her skin tone is still filtered asf)
    Its funny how she also edited her ass in some.of the pics to be thicker 😂 back at that inconsistent with her shooping
    Most of her sets lately been mostly selfies
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  6. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

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  7. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Edwin talks about b.d in his live
    Its few minutes within and its after the #freebrittney topic 
    I couldnt give a time because youtube's live time is weird but yeah he basically calls Belle out.
    Belle will ignore anyone who tries to talk about the controversies that float around b.d on what shes done.
    Regardless if it was Belle's past
    B.d profitted thousands for months when she was 17 and 18 years old and tries to play like she never catfished other girls nudes as her own.
    Theres other girls that never got an apology from Belle. It wasn't just Minty's pics that Belle catfished and profitted.
    Also working with an online scammer who came to her she ws persuaded pretty easily.
    Catfishing like the way Belle did was was super illegal. 
    Selling porn at 17 (other girl's nudes/cp) is illegal
    She didn't ask for the girl' s permission to sell their pics and make money.
    She even sold cp of other girl's nudes too. 
    Minty never accepted Belle's apology either. Belle tried giving her shush money so they can be cool. Asked Minty to cover up her tracks. Minty knew Belle just being selfish. I mean com'on. Belle expected those screenshots to not get out? She didnt get what she wanted keeping her crimes a secret like she wanted. When I was reading the screenshots. Belle used the term "fake nudes" nudes arent fake if shess using other girl's bodies as "her" body while selling them men.
    Also cant say for sure of that scammer exists or not altho I wouldnt be surprised if Belle did work with scammer and they are real.
     I mean she used her mother's paypal for the transfers. We all know Belle isnt smart after dropping out at 14. She was stupid as fuck to use her mom's paypal for some easy dirty money. She acts like she has no part of it and shifts the blame but she had every reason to be guilty for what shes done 
    Being "lazy at 17 and wanted money to travel" isnt an excuse to break multiple laws to make dirty money. What she did was infact very wrong she knows it. Thats why she wont talk about anything that mentions her catfishing. Ends up in deleting comments/ blocking people/damage control on youtube/ leaving people on read 
    She still catfishes now. She edits herself to look like the "perfect" version that she wished she looked like. B.d image is nothing but an illusion and that how she profits.
    Belle acts like shes shy and shit but shes actually just tricking her fans and they eat it up lol
    Belle has a large following of underage kids (nothing that her fans know/or care because that wanna defend anything shitty that Belle does)
    Lets not forget why Belle got banned form tik tok app
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  8. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    You can show an incel proof on how fake Belle is and that how she had admitted to catfishing at 17 and 18 with other girls nudes/cp as her body and the incels would be like 
    FAKE NEWS!!!
    lets be real
    They dont care whats Belle done or if shes all filters and shooping. They like the fake image b.d puts on. Its funny for the incels knowing she doesnt look like herself irl but they still want to meet her. Oh boy how disappointed they would be if anyone ever seen Belle irl.
    Maybe if the incels stopped buying Belles patreon Belle would have to probably go nude to make money. Incels can stop paying her for her low quality/overly edited content but no Belle caters to incels for their cash. 
    I guess using 5 layers of filters + shooping is all sexy to incels. 
     She gives 0 shits about her fans and supporters she just wants to roll in the cash they give her. I bet on payday her and her bf fuck to celebrate all these incels giving them money. 
    I mean these incels are helping Belle's boyfriend profit from Belle tok since he earns more than 25%  but less than 50% of Belle's earnings. They arent just supporting Belle. Some of the money does go to her BF. These incels just think with their dicks because they never been laid. 
    I still cant believe she didnt game with Pyro for that 3k she is the laziest egirl. She makes scamming look easy. 
    She acts like her edited looks makes her so cute she deserves 3k without doing anything/lifting a finger
    How has her ig not been hacked yet?
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  9. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Ive seen egirls post no makeup/un edited selfies
    If Belle was to post a "no makeup selfie" (like shes done) she still EDITS it hell and back.
    Does anyone else think Belle still technically catfishing from a fake image? I mean sure its her but some catfishes dont have to steal other pics. She overly edits herself into a whole new person that looks nothing like her irl self which is why so unrecognizable if she goes in public or travels. No one will notice b.d when she goes outbecause they look like two different people.
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  10. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

  11. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    lmao  its funny how shes trying to lie say its a girl .Who does her shoots now when on youtube she tried to already lied about it
    she said something "its awkward because he has a gf"
     but after being called out with more proof of her bf now she has to lie like her photographer is a lady. When we know that her bf helps her. She should stop pretending shes single. 
    how do guys still believe her?
    Lying about being single too be liked more is pretty pathetic
    Bet her bf doesnt also want Belle going nude wouldnt surprise me.  Belle's bf helps her scam incels.
    we all know its her bf shooting/helping with Belles content. When he helped her film the mc memes they used a tripod. 
    also why the fuck did Belle upload a mc meme that Pyro paid 3k for? Once again Belle is posting paid content what a scam
    Not only Pyro donated 3k to Belle and she made shitty mc meme videos 2 monther later after backing out she would game mc with him
    but she also posted one of the the paid memes she made specially for Pyro. So she could try to reach out to the mc fans now. Like how she tried to cater to LOL fans with her low quality Jinx cosplay.
    Leave it to Belle posting paid content on her ig.
    "I play mc and LOL" with her newer posts be like 
    uwu "im 2 shy 2 game with pyro bcuz Im an introvert" lmao SACK OF SHIT LIES
    Most gamerss are introverts and thats just Belle making more excuses
    but had no issue flirting with Pyro on skype call, right? She was sooo shy she kepy flirting with him hmmmmmm funny seemed like she tried to butter him up so she could get what she wanted in the end which was to not game. 
    Belle delphine is defintely lazy and boring thats for sure.
    she never wanted to game with him before which took her 2 months to reply to him after he already donated and got nothing back.
    I think Belle only agreed to game because Pyro sent her 3k to game and the Internet wanted her to, and it would be her keeping her word but she backed out. Its really fishy she backed out. 
    I bet if she gamed with Pyro her fans would hear/see how truly boring their "queen belle" is since she has no personality
    She shouldn't fucking lie and scam people its wrong. Shes just a spoiled brat who wants easy money given to her but wont give any sugar/or anything in return. Not even a game session for 3k lol wow 
    If she cant keep her word she should have sent Pyro back his money.
    Twitch streamers would game mincecraft for hours for that 3k
    Kids even play mc. Its kinda funny how scared Belle was to game with Pyro though like damn bitch you werent shy selling men other girls nudes as your body at 17 and 18.
    I already asked this but,
    Also how is using 5 layers of filters sexy? Geez.
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  12. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Bet this is where Belle gets her cheap pink wigs from when she buys them in bulk
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  13. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    this her basically admitting she has no personality though. Omg people are really buying this excuse?
    its funny how she knew she was going to be boring (she also probably didnt want to talk on mic) theres a lot of reasons that Belle backed out gaming with Pyro and one of them is being lazy/getting what she wanted. She got the 3k still and didnt even have to game like what was promised.
    sshes "shy" but she doesnt act shy when she pretends she goes nudes just to sell censored nudes without saying its all censored in the first place
    belle delphine is the definition of a scam it should be on urban dictionary or something lol
    Why the fuck did she LIE and SCAM pyro? 
    Pretty sure Pyro spend that 3k to game with Belle (not meme videos). He probably wouldnt have bothered donating 3k if he knew he was just getting videos 2 months later.
    I mean he isnt the only person she scammed clearly but he paid the bitch 3k to play mc for her back out.
    I think Belle never wanted to play mc with Pyro because she put it off for 2 months until she made contact (after her smashing laptops got a lot hate wasting money and Willnes/Pyro spent money on her for to break expensive shit) is when she reached out to Pyro
    I dont think Belle ever planned on gaming with Pyro she took his money and ran gave him nothing for 2 months later is when she ended up making  him short shitty mc memes.
    Its obvious she just didnt want to do it. Using she isnt "comfortable" was all just an excuse. Shes trying to be the " soft shy gamer loli uwu" it took her 2 months to basically Telle Pyro she wont game with him. She kept him waiting and he probably thought he wasnt gonna hear back from Belle. 
    At least cam girls and twitch streamers have the perosnality to be active with people/their fans unlike Belle
    She just wants to be worshipped while scamming thats all there is to b.d. and getting what she wants
    She didn't want to game with Pyro and still ran with that 3k he paid her. Belle doesnt do anything but beg for people to sign up to her patreon so she can scam more.
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  14. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    how is 7 layers of filters sexy?
    her caption was stupid too 
    "U get home and u find me lying in Ur bed like this...what u do" boringggggg cant she ever come up with anything interesting to say?
    not to mention she sexualizing looking like a loli and puts down a quote for men and underage boys to tell B.D they wanna fuck her lmao pathetic
    Funny how her sports and Black-Hole chan sets havent got leaked yet? Has Belle even posted them on her snapchat or is she still editing them? Lmao
    also shes pedobaiting hard in this it makes me sick to my stomach
    shes wearing an anime loli Saibou's hat for anyone whos wondering
    and just decided to make it her own cosplay using Saibou's hat prop but she still trying to look like a loli/sexualizing children
    Belle should at least advertise her snapchat is all censored because shes baiting everyone thinking they are seeing her naked 😂 what a scammer.

    what a weak ass Jinx cosplay this is straight up SHIT 
    (funny she suddenly brings up to follow her back up account after PULL talks about getting her previous pic to get reported) she feels the need to be like hey follow my back up. Belle probably checks PULL every few hours to see what we say about her. 
    One thing if shes gonna cosplay Jinx from LOL she can at least try to do it accurately what the fuck is this shit? Laziest Jinx cosplay I have seen..she didnt even attempt to braid the pigtails?
    (who are we kidding? We all know Belle is lazy with her cosplays and most the characters she cosplays she doesnt even know who they are) this was just a poor attempt cosplay that shes done once again. 
    shes only trying to cosplay Jinx because she knows the League Of Legend gaming community is huge. Shes trying to cater to LOL fans now.
    mass reports might still work though like if it gets spammed with mass reports it might get that pic deleted from her ig idk if it will take down her ig tbh it would probably require mass reports
    which Belle got her account disabled once can it happen again? 
    what if Belle paid off ig to keep her account up?
    Whats weird is Belle has almost 3mil followers but NEVER verified her account? Does that cost money?
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  15. TomadoSoupKween added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I think Belle knows she had no personality to game with a popular youtube who literally paid her 3k to game with him. She probably would be too boring to talk to (also sounds more like she made an excuse to get out of gaming)
     Its weird how Pyro got scammed by Belle but still thinks its content worthy (Tbh Pyro already got what he wanted from Belle which was clout)
    So I dont think he sees it much as a waste on his side.
    In reality though he totally got ripped by Belle. That's the easiest 3k that shes made too. She makes scamming people look so fucking easy.
    People who have mass money wont care about 2k-3k I guess. 
    Belle is just a lazy good for nothing who knows how to scam and keep it going by trying to get new patreons. Shes all about "give me your money, paying for my over priced teirs and pay for censored nudes" but she doesnt tell them that she doesnt go nude lol hence why she loses 1k+ patreons every month. Shes absolutely boring with her content too. She just destorys stuff and covers herself in food for views because she has no other thing to do thats interesting. She really has no talent. Shes pretty shit at photoshopping.
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