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  1. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I drew on my ipad the past Months too to save Money for a new tablet as wacom killed my mobile Studio and i got used to it pretty fast. Drawing on it is possible so theres no excuse her.
    Also yea theres no Infos about the Charms ...she never send them i guess...she only Packed them smh.
    I swear this Girl is ruining every possibility for especially small artists to get commissions and trust from commissioners with her BS
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  2. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    adadoptables work the following: once bought the owner reserves all Rights to the Design and Can use it for whatever its done, hpwever the official adoptable Art and Design creation Rights belong to the Artist. Once sold the Artist Cannot use the adopt in any way except for self promotion in a portfolio or on Social Media. 
    so that theres merch of an sold adopt is actually Not okay. Since noone knows who the owner of the adopt is as cyome always claimed to have sold them but never to who i assume she didnt sell it in the first place and is been using it now for apparel.  
    interesting that she has an Amazon sell acc now tho...You have to legaly Register yourself in europe if you sell anything online for taxes ans the registration Costs Money. To Start a business you have to Invest first. 
    I woudnt buy from there tho if theres no Info on the seller anyways tho.
    I think honestly that she got herself a new Username and is starting over somewhere in hiding from scratch. Maybe on amino for now or artstation. Who knows. Shes too greedy to go into complete hiding for long which is why im betting my 2 Cents that she started over somewhere 
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  3. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    ah dw i knew about that Post. And i think so too. I just thought she might posted smth Else and i missed it on that day. I knew she would pop up on her birthday and posting smth. Its Just how she is. So i do know what you mean here with the feeling of e begging but Not being too obvious lol.
    And yea..I dont blame ppl for Not wanting the tradi ones as the quality sucks hard compared to her digi Art Also she ALWAYS rushes tradi Works which Shows so i wouldnt wanna spend 200+€ and get a rusty watercolor sketch made in an hour...;-;
    And yea the broken Laptop thing was weird. She only made marichiikos comms after ghosting and ignoring her for Months and that poor Girl speaking out here as she commissioned shit worth over 300€ so yea..  
    But for the others...ngl i dont think shes ever gonna do These comms. Her Laptop will forever be broken, no Money for replacement and if she gets caught actually having one which is 100% happening one day she will probs say her cintiq died lmaooo 
    Excuses after excuses but well we cant Change that sadly...Wish ppl wouldnt have forgiven her so easy...like when a small Artist has issues with their tablet and they offer the commissioner a partial refund as they already provided a wip but wont be able to finish the thing due to real Technical issues, that Artist gets BURNED for eternity in the Art Community for scam, fraud, Rip off etc, but when a popular one does BS ppl look over it and its fine...dat shit aint fair...
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  4. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    most probably. Shes just this Kind of Person. Also how does she play FF all the Time if she doesnt have a pc of some sort that Works fine? Ik she sais she occassionally lends one for the comms but idk man. I dont believe any of her BS...
    Also did she Really ask for bday gifts?! Ik she had bday and thought she would Pop up again then which she did but idk what she did really 
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  5. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I dont wanna be this Person but whos gonna bet shes gonna be the first popular Artist to be broke in this quarantine times and needing Support? //sips tea 
    Not to mention i bet my 3 coins shes still gonna get Animal crossing tho lmao
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  6. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    lol i was just about to Post about this too also These are Not comms, rather original Works she sells for horrifiic prices again. Yep original pieces so no commissions.
    also boiiiii she looses so many Followers currently. She used to have over 70k Not so long ago but she is at 55k now. Ppl seeing clear about her BS finally.

    (also side Note...is it just for me or is PULL's Server crashing constantly currently which Is why the site wont load?!)
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  7. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I use my ipad for comm work currently too as my mobile Studio is in repair and needs to be fixed. No excuses here. I have to admit the Apple pencil is pretty heavy and for me its hard to draw with it for several hours as i have Rheuma arthritis but cyome doesnt have it so she should be totally fine.
    And yea i agree ALOT of Professional artists thats especially got known for their tradi Art draw with ipad and its Amazing what they create . The ipad just has a slippery and smaller surface than a cintiq so cyome is probably playing favoritws here.
    Also ngl, she could get a Notebook for about 200€ which Works totally Smooth with clip Studio and shit like that. But as far as i know shes too focused on fancy items so she probably wants a new gaming Laptop for Streaming, gaming etc etc . Small Notebooks doesnt have the capacizy to work streams or games so yea. But if she reaaaälly wanted to make an effort and draw digitally again a new Notebook is 200€ here. And a second Hand one from a Technical Store that got checked even less so just excuses
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  8. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    a cintiq needs to be connected to a pc so you can use it. The only mobile graphic tablet with inserted pc on market is the mobile Studio pro by wacom so far. Every other tablet is only Working by connecting to a pc/Laptop.
    bbut yea i did ask mys2lf the same thing, playing FFXIV but Not having a Laptop. If she has a ps4, it would be the first time i hear of it and then theres the question, how did she afford that one... 
    Not to mention, If she is so desperate to get a new Laptop, why doesnt she sell some things she isnt using that much? 
    ohoh wait ii know the answer; it has emotional value. Forgot about that one //peeplaugh 
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  9. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Soooo Alice doesnt have a Laptop but was able to stream a couple days ago ? I doubt her Friend lend her their pc and let her stream 😂
    Imo its just excuses over excuses

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  10. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I Love how her posts start with vicitimizing herself and dramatizing her Depression and hurt feelings and suicide attempts. I in no place state that Depression or anything like that is Fun, jeez i dealt with the point of being suicidal too but jfc vicitimizing yourself like this is inappropriate. And after her self vicitimizing she blames all mistakes and faults SHE did (for which we have plenty of proof) on others and us for calling her out. Lmfaooo i can only laugh at her. 
    That she made these posts on the last day of 2019 and States its her last statemenr about anything ever to make ppl pity her for being suicidal again, just is stupid and hilarious in one Go. Alexandra ,you pulled this stunt exactly 1 year ago on new years Eve 2018 and the next couple days you popped up again being totally healthy and claiming to have been in Hospital for being drunk and trying zo kill yourself. Back then you made a post thats almost identocal to this one. Noone believing in your vicitimizing BS anymore. You are and will always be manipulative. Grow tf up
    Happy new year. 
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  11. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    humor as coping mechanism is indeed a thing. I have it with my cancer but i keep it to a Minimum especially in Front of ppl.
    But even If its a coping mechanism you dont do it in stream and then laugh like you srsly mean it cuz thats what she did. In a coping mechanism case you dont laugh, you just dryly say your joke and then state it was a joke. No laughs, so im noz sure in her case especially with what she pulled so far. 
    about her suicide stream, Ive Felt super horribly, been mentally super devastated to the point i fell into the Depression pit again especially now in this season where i deal with it hardcore and i ended up in Hospital, BECAUSE i got triggered so bad. I dont wanna put the blame on her but... she did Trigger me to this point with her stream. Im better now and hanging in there, getting College and shit done Somehow. Mentally still bad but i didnt had such a mental breakdown in over a year! I was getting better and then this... srsly cyome...get your shit together and Stop your BS cuz dats crap af. I dont wanna know how many ppl got triggered and got hurt in the end by her but i hope deeply they all Are fine. I Really hope so. And cyome so should you! 
    ABOUT her doxxing, the girl did contact her to Talk iz out but cyo ignored her and said in her post she never got any contact back from the Girl, to look like a victim. Also charging back a donation cuz you send it but then 10mins later find a bill in your Mail is nothing zo be called out and witch hunted for. First things first; IT WAS A DONATION so for fucks sake, its her Money! Not yours cyome. Secondly, due to it being a donation theres no Need to doxx them and play the victim. Theres Not even a reason to make a Post about it, lmao and you even stated you didnt accept the donation so you shouldnt have lost anything right?! Yet you claimed to have lost double the amount she send... next time try making up a better lie
    i know we all talked the doxxing matter over but i just wanted to repeat my reasoning.
    and ye im back and imma end this whole girls career. (Jk)
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  12. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Omfg...im sitting at the barber rn to get my hair done for next weeks Fashion Show as im modeling and i Felt pretty stable mentally today...till i came to this Forum and wanted to catch up on the thread...
    Little did i know... im currently in a horrible mental state and was barely Holding on and what i have to read here triggered me to the Core...
    December is approaching soon...you know whats in december?!?! My birthday...know what happened on my bday??!?! My Lil twin sister committed suicide in Front of my eyes when it was our 12th birthday back then...every year im Struggling sooo fucking hard in this time og year...my uncle (my Foster uncle and aunty are my only Family left) is in horrible health Condition and i feel horrible with each day. 
    So i come here ,catch up on the thread and the first thing i have to read is how she live streamed a suicidal attempt and blamed us all?!?!?! US?!?! from ALL the ppl to blame it has to be us?! For calling her out on her BS?! Sorry but no... JUST no.
    I dont Wish her any bad or want her to harm herself but cyome i know you read this...i hope you are proud of yourself. You just triggered Someone to harm themselves too. You did this to yourself and just hurt others too! I hope you are proud of yourself. 
    Ill be off from this Forum for awhile now ...I Really Need a break and try my best to Not kill myself cuz im mentally SO DONE rn... thanks for bringing back the traumatic Images that Ive been trying to forget for years. 
    Hope you are Happy now cyome. 
    I Wish you a good life.
    Im sorry everyone ill try my best to hang in there i just...idk i cant do this here anymore...
    Edit; just for your info cyome; WE ALL struggle with mental health issues..
    Using this as a weapon to guilt Trip ppl and to make sure to Not Take responsibility for your BS is the worst!!! You Really Really Really Need help. 
    Edit 2; sowwie If i sound rude or anything but i cant stand this...im in tears, im crying so hard ,shaking and im just Not good. Im angry yes but im equally sad, upset, traumatized and idk...so many emotions ..im sorry...
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  13. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Reguarding the membership Money. I think she got herself the luxury/delux membership. Here in europe ,gyms have a spa area for which you pay extra, same with special programs like with a coach for Zumba etc. These all cost a shitton extra ,if she used any of These while in gym it adds up to her 107$ bill.
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  14. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    yep europe travel insurance is 100% free. I travel here and then around europe and always carry my insurance Card with me for immergencies and if i would end up in an accident or Hospital or anything like that it would be 100% covered. Theres Not even a Need to tell the insurance that you will Go on a travel. You just travel and when smth happens you give your insurance Card, your Data will be read and the bills send to the insurance. Thats it. 
    also guess who rushes through comms like cars rn?! I feel so sorry for the Clients.. ;-; 
    she posted the Chibi in her acc too with Comments activated and ppl are lowkey telling her they Love her and missed her and stuff...;-;

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  15. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I know Ill get a massive backlash for this one but ya know...cyomes whining and Constant attention seeking Reminds me of yamio.
    I had my fair Share with that woman before but im leaving the details out as this Forum isnt about her.
    You know what i think is funny? Both of them had cancer and both of them constantly Talk about it. Same with the Depression and shit like that.
    Like i have all this too! I just recently finished Chemo and i dont run around looking for attention by rubbing my tragic health story under ppls nose for the 5th time this day. 
    Theres a Limit of how much You Can Talk about These things . If you occasionally mention your own experiences to built up Someone who suffers from it rn and is Really at a loss and you want then to stay strong and fight then thats inspirational, but once you Start talking about it constantly and dont Talk about anything Else, cuz you know this way it gets attention from ppl and their pity ,then thats manipulative and toxic and snowflake behaviour. Also scummy
    I know im crossing a border with mentioning yamio here ,cuz everyone is so scared of her Popularity and fame and Power that noone dares to speak out but she CLEARLY is a snowflake and i have come to Talk to a Ton of ppl who made bad experiences with her before! A TON! But they all are too scared to openly Talk about it with that Following. I can already see everyone going off on me for this Post but i just had to point it out. Especially since cyome Reminds me so much of her akfisifkdi
    Ok yall come and get my ass. Im Not scared of anyone ♡ 
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  16. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    reminds me (no screens sadly) of when sae_jin was Holding a stream raffle for a sketch, she jumped in and expected to win. When she didnt ,she lowkey complained said the System is rigged and that the Girl who Won, would have won 3 times in the past already, but the thing is ,sae_jin makes raffles like once a year at max and that Girl had a follow age of 3 weeks. Chances of her winning 3 times were like 0 
    But ye our cyo had to make a big fuss over it. So much that she got a temporary ban cuz sae_jin felt more and more uncomfy, the Chat got super chaotic and the Girl who Won legit started crying for getting Attacked by her. Like Fr....cyome went off on her so hard. When i saw this i was like "oof" 
    Back then she still went by that fuwarin (or similar like that) Username and i didnt recognize her at that time. But now that yall mention her being bad at losing i remembered... She Really cant Take a no or lose...which is.... sad. 
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  17. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Wondering the same..;^;
    I just hate how shes rushing things now...the quality lacks so much now and i- idk i actually Really hope she never gets cl7ents again cuz the Money is well put somewhere else
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  18. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    as a fellow detective i pitch my hat in Front of you. 
    ngl i thought the same but i wasnt sure If pointing it out here was ok as  you said its only assumptions and this thread should collect proof so i let it be. But good to know im Not the only one who noticed this pattern of hers.
    not to mention what Kind of bad manipulation that is. Like most of her Followers are minors and i bet my 2coins onthe fact that 70% of them struggle with mental issues, so her posting selfharm and vent Art is super triggering . When she posted that anzu Art with selfharm cuts it triggered me so much ngl. I really was about to get myself a cutter knife again but i stayed strong even If i reaallyyy Really wanna die all the time. And i just know to well that Not many have the strengt to fight against triggers and thus fall back into the habit. So what shes Doing isnt only manipulative, shes harming several ppl. Innocent ppl. Its Not only the Money stealing at this point that annoys me so much...its the fact she Harms ppl with no shame and doesnt even realize that its Bad and doesnt , ESPECIALLY doesnt feel the Need to appologize to every Single Person for Doing this to them. 
    ngl i used to send selfharm pictures to my ex best Friend in my young Teenage years cuz he was the reason i started with it in the first place and he hurt me so i wanted to hurt him and constantly threatened with suicide...today im ashamed of myself that i even had to do that. Im ashamed of my 12yrs old me... and even now years later i still make up for it. I mean he did far worse to me ngl but im not mad. I was at fault too so i make up for that and age is no excuse in my opinion when it comes to triggering ppl. You dont Drink in Front og an alcoholic.  You dont smoke weed in Front of a drug addict. You dont self harm in Front of ppl that deal with Depression and suicidal thoughts. Theres boundaries to as what Someone Can do and this is one noone should Cross. So imo her triggering ppl and thinking its totally fine Is far worse than running off with ppls Money. Yea the Money thing is shitty but at least no lives are onthe line. Who knows how many ppl hurt themselves because of her triggers. She has 60k Follower...she has to be a good example Not a Bad one. But sis aint even got that yet . Smfh
    well anyways...that rant was a little long i excuse myself for that. 
    it llooks off cuz its just 1 Layer of shading. Usually she has like 5 layers of shading with shine etc etc. Its no wonder this one l8oks off . 
    Also i better hope for her this is Not a comm cuz if it is and i was the Client i would riot at the half ass done Job and half hearted thing she just slammed here...
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  19. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    well this whole article is written with cyos approval so whats written there about her got her approval. She wouldnt approve to negative Feedback 
    And as one of the volunteers i agree to you nothern light ;^;

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  20. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I agree to yall.
    Also i had a small Chat with sasu (Not gonna post screens cuz i wanna keep her out as much as possible here, hope you understand) but long story short, we both saw the new Art post in cyos story and were both thinking of how much damage control it is and how rushed the coloring of that commission looks. We both clearly stated that cyos usual artworks (especially her Personal one) is much more shiny shaded and detailed and stuff and this comm is just lifelessly rushed shaded and that it Shows. We both initially agreed that we are Happy mari got her comm but that she deserved better for the Money. 
    Also that we are still super disappointed how she still didnt appologize, make others work for her and give all volunteer artists now the insecurity of wether to finish their work or Not as its uncertain if she does it or Not, and that we are so fed up with her bs and that we have 0 sympathy left for her. 
    Just thought i put this here. Now imma head to bed. Good Night 
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  21. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    so mari got her comm and wanted to Post here but Someone reported her and she got banned. In short she is Happy that she got her comm and isnt going to hate cyome for what she did or anything. She is now waiting on her other comm. 
    Thats Basically all i Can say bout her now.
    but what Idiot reported her?! Like here are several ppl that had contact w cyome even after we joined pull. Guess Someone was butthurt mari decided to believe in the good and stated that she is Not gonna attack cyome smfh. Grow up whoever you are srsly! THIS isnt a Kindergarten. 
    sowwie for rant but that had to be said.
    Anyways i definetly think she is Doing damage control and rushing comms now in order for her Reputation to Not Fall even deeper, so she hopes to come back and play the Card again. I just hope ppl wont Fall for this. If ppl here wouldnt have pointed out her running away she most definetly wouldnt have Worked on the comms! I would lay my Hand in fire i swear . 
    lets just hope she Works in the comms, appologizes to her customers AND THE Artists that do work for her now and srsly genuinely means it and grows up. If she finished her comms and send out the Charms i hope she stays offline for awhile to Take some Alone time to focus on herself and her mental health. Online life doesnt do her good currently and i Really mean well for her despize all the shit shes done to me. So yea. I hope for the best cuz i have no evil intend and just Wish for Clients to ne Happy and the Art Community being safe. Also for her toget better. 
    im out nnow. That were my 2 coins thx 
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  22. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    aAhhh thank chchuu!!!>~<♡♡♡ glad you think so! And If i had more Time i would have definetly taken up more comms but for now just 1 is my Limit >~< but im glad when i Can help even 1 Person just now. I mean i got help when i Really Needed it from the Art Community, i think its fair to only give back and helping ppl is Generally important ♡ much love to all of you ♡
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  23. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    So i decided a few days ago to draw the commission for marichiiko in cyomes place as i Felt comfortable with the Character, its details and Generally wanted to help her and it took me Only 2 evenings to fully sketch AND lineart it!!! 2 evenings!!! Im currently stuck in coloring hell but yea.
    I knew about cyomes progress on the commission for Months now and knew she stopped at the lineart Part, so her popping up now, slamming some base Colors on the lineart and Call it progress in 4 Months is...wow. I applaud to that. I am a slow snail Artist due to my health but if i Can manage drawing the whole thing till the coloring Part in just 2 evenings then idk what she does ;^; im Not trying to hate here or anything, im just stating that even with health issues (and extreme health issues i mean in my case) i manage to offer high quality Content in a decent amount of Time for my customers without taking a year on a comm and making like a 4months break to idk what and just do a lil Bit just to Take a 4months break again. I agree to the others here stating that mari's comm was convenient for her to 'proof" her point of story thar she would work on them all. 
    But what do i know right?! Im just a 'hater' smh 
    Anyways Mari i enjoy Working on your comm in her place and i will finish it regardless of cyomes Statement she would finish it ,as i dont Really trust These words. And better you have a commission more than none at all ♡ Love you Girl ♡ And dw noone here hates you for having empathy. In fact many ppl lack empathy (like my classroom teacher //sweats) and ppl that feel empathy are precious souls so dont feel bad for trying to understand and look in the good in ppl ♡ we all appreciate that here. Its just Really hard to believe since it comes from cyome in this case so yea. But you are fine sweety ♡
    Also heres the progress i posted in my story, i think my Art is Kind of of the same quality as cyomes so i guess its worth being a replacement but idk i already know i will get Attacked for that from our lil sunshine later on so who cares anyways pffft
    (That was still a wip ,as i said meanwhile im already at the coloring >~<)

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  24. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    am i tthe only one who thinks she might turn herself into a furry Artist, cuz they are the only Artist Community Not aware of her yet and furry fans spend a Ton of Money for Art of their furry OCs... i kinda Can imagine her digging for Gold there but idk just a thought 
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  25. Gayyassqueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    idk if its True in her case but tbh i dont think shes lying with that one. Ive been through all These things in my childhood, only difference; im orphan since birth and got abused in adaptive Families till i ended up in an orphanage. I live in Germany. And yea shit like all this happens...sadly to often. And this is definetly nothing you would lie about. 
    in my case i dont run around and Talk about it to everyone and i especially dont use my past to look for pity, like she does but at the same time i think she is just lonely and wanted to Talk about all this. She clearly didnt work her past up. She wouldnt behave this way if she did. She defin3tly needs help. 
    I myself Can confirm that there are some things you never work up...like sexual abuse...You just learn to cope and make sure it doesnt happen again. I got asexual from it and i hate it when ppl Touch me without my permission. Like Fr i beat ppl up that Touch me out of the blue out of Reflexion . Some things wont be able to get fully Worked up but at least i try by looking for help and stuff like that. I think she clearly never had anyone who helped her before and always swallowed everything...I used to be the same a few years ago... She Reminds me of my 12 yrs old me that never wanted anyones help and didppl wrong all the time and was super manipulative cuz i thought i was in the right to Doing so. I saw everyone as my enemy and also as super stupid in believing me. Yea i used to be  like her thats why i dont judge her here. I came to realize that accepting help isnt so bad after all and grew on myself. Im now20 and i have my life almost figured out. Im still looking for a good therapist ,one that i can trust. I stopped eating everything into me and Start to Talk about my problems etc etc. Its a long progress and im still far from perfect or recovered but im far from being the Person I used to be and Alice, if you read this... I know what you go through and im NOT your enemy. I Really hope you Can find your way out of this hole one day and Go Step by Step into a better lif3 and to a better yourself. You Can do it ♡ 
    long story short; i dont think her past is made up. Statistik based every 3rd Family is abusive and every 9th throws away their Children which makes them orphan like in my case. It sadly happens to often so yea
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