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  1. PenTen added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I guess REALLY I was talking about THIS bit. Who kicked WHO now??? (O.o) She made a video recording of her man supposedly doing DV in order to blackmail him into marrying her whuuuuuut reeeeeeally? What, just, like, saving it for a rainy day? Am I getting this right?
    And @KatLovesOsaka, not commenting on whether I condone or condemn your spilling of the magic beans here, but this will most likely result in her coming at you hard. Watch your back.
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  2. PenTen added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Thanks to @Ms.lrk, I understand the gist, but can someone kindly PM me the more scandalous details???
    I totally get that the info should not be taken as gospel because it hasn't been vetted yet, but I'm not above knowing gossip that hasn't been proven yet. 
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  3. PenTen added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Almost definitely taking swipes at nationalist Chinese and Koreans. This is a common argument they have both socially and politically with Japan. Just like China tries to bury it's bloody history with the indigenous Tibetans, Japan tries to downplay the fact that some pockets of ethnic groups on the island were (are) not happy about the Yamato (?) takeover and absorption back in the day.
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  4. PenTen added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    The thing that Unrested is failing COMPLETELY to see, is that most of the people on here and YouTube calling for her to apologize for SockGate do so not because we think it's her only crime, but because it's a good place to START to earn back trust. 
    SINCE the scandal, she has not only allowed the distrust and anger snowball by denying ANY guilt, but is also behaving sooo badly, it only adds constantly to the long list of reasons people dislike her and rag on her. I care far more that she's been spreading poorly researched, paper-thin or outright incorrect things about Japan, and claiming to be becoming Japanese (in an ETHNIC SENSE, dear god!), and the Weebs and Weeblets out there are just eating it up.
    So, Unrested, if you're listening, you should really do some research on what she's been like, and the crap she's been pulling since you stopped taking tabs on her. To be honest, the fact that she's been wallpapering the internet with her protestations of ending her life seems to cast doubt on her intentions… I hope she's not actually feeling that way, but her tone makes me wonder… Seems like an excellent way to guilt-trip jvloggers into working with her. Whether she's really at that dark place or not. 
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  5. PenTen added a post in a topic Sere aka Kabukicho's so called No. 1   

    Honestly, why does she constantly brag about how "perfect" she is? Those ACTUALLY nearing perfection have no need to scream it from the rooftops. This just reinforces my opinion that the dog who barks loudest…
    Also, I don't know THAT much about host clubs, but I'm really confused why a club would keep her. I can't imagine a female customer (which is pretty much the ONLY customer allowed in) getting excited enough to spend money on a WOMAN in a host club. Most are probably angry about it. Makes me wonder how the club is handling complaints. It's like hiring a fox to guard the hen house, and all the paying customers know it. Can NOT be good for business.
    And once again… shouldn't she be running Comfort Bar if it's hers? 
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  6. PenTen added a post in a topic Sere aka Kabukicho's so called No. 1   

    Has anyone else noticed that her prized boytoy has been out of the picture since November or so? Guess people were right, and he finally smelled smoke and ran away. And she's spending so much time OUT of "her" club these days. Wonder if the true owner knows, or if she's been fired. That would explain why she has to take a job at a hole-in-the-wall host club and continue prostitution. I know plenty of people who own or are managers of bars, and it's absolutely a full-time job. 
    Also wondering who she went to Disney with. My guess would be either the boy working at her club (or is it from the bar? She spends so little time there, so I might be getting mixed up) that she's been featuring on IG lately after her boytoy ran off, or some old ojisan who took her on a paid date.
    I wonder when she's gonna realize that it's only a matter of time before she gets into legal trouble???
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  7. PenTen added a post in a topic Sere aka Kabukicho's so called No. 1   

    @PyonPyon The ONLY reasons they put up with each other are that Sandra will shamelessly do a 180 if it means making "powerful" friends, and Sere will do anything to prove to her haters that she's not a heartless bitch. The woman is a chameleon. She can change and mold herself to a situation. That's why she can slide seamlessly in and out of motherly behavior. She becomes whatever she thinks is advantageous at the time.
    Also. Looks like Sere is trying to drag a bunch of legit girls on lolcow recently. I'm not going to bring up their names, because they don't belong here, but it's obvious she's lashing out at girls who have succeeded through legal channels. Girls who used to be friends with her until they realized how batshit insane she is, but never actually did anything bad against her, and now she attacks trying to draw attention away from her soon-to-be illegal booty.
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  8. PenTen added a post in a topic Sere aka Kabukicho's so called No. 1   

    Um… anyone else notice on IG she has new pics that look like a professional photo studio? Aw, did somebody actually FINALLY take our advice? lol I thought you were so much smarter than us, Sere. 
    Also, anyone wanna weigh in on why she's back to doing dansou half the time? Part of me thinks she's just trying to play to her girl friends' love of host boys. Like she's just trying to act like their dream boy (because other host boys have used and abused them, so she gets to come to their "rescue") so they will subconsciously fall half in love with her. That would accomplish 2 things:
    1. They will remain loyal to her, because love blinds all.
    2. She gets double the attention from them.
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  9. PenTen added a post in a topic Sere aka Kabukicho's so called No. 1   

    Honestly, the only Americans I've ever met who wore Chrome Hearts were wannabe rocker boys who were trying to sleep with everything that moved. Certain celebs still wear it, but otherwise it has largely fallen out of style. 
    Not saying the pieces aren't high-quality, but in Asia I've only ever seen Japanese young men (almost exclusively hosts and Japanese yankis), Koreans trying to emulate Gackt, or Taiwanese trying to show off their wealth while playing badboy wearing it.
    The brand image of Chrome Hearts was carefully crafted for the Japanese market as a "tough, American biker gang jewelry" aesthetic but with Japanese hosts and kabuki-cho types in mind. They never even bothered to market to anyone else over here. 
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  10. PenTen added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    Sorry! I was sleeping and doing ze stuff. I'm editing stuff out now.
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  11. PenTen added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

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  12. PenTen added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Wouldn't it be 「気を付けなくて、申し訳ございません」? I was always thought that when saying "be careful", one uses the verb 「付ける」 rather than 「使う」. Is she trying to say " I wasn't being considerate. I'm sorry", or "I wasn't being careful. I'm sorry"? 
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  13. PenTen added a post in a topic SHIT MIRA SAYS   

    Unless that's another sockpuppet with insults scripted by her to make it look like "even half-Japanese people are more ignorant about Japanese culture than me! Watch how I respond in an enlightened, effortless, and totally not-planned way!". Whoever that geisha account is is possibly not even Japanese. Most people (even half American ones) don't shit-talk their heritage so ignorantly. 
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  14. PenTen added a post in a topic Sere aka Kabukicho's so called No. 1   

    The other whiteknight that seemed wonky is Lulu, and that poster and Logicool had similar content, but both swore up and down they both weren't Sere and weren't the same person. Are the IP's the same? I do know that Sere posted on IG that she had bought that puppy (in Japan) on October 6th, so… Could one of them be Katie? Did she go home for a visit in October? Logicool did claim to know Sere, though not very well.
    As for newcomers like @Indigo and @Kumari, she is really just the worst. She has abandoned two babies on two continents by two different fathers in the last 4 years or so to become an alcoholic hooker in Japan.
    There's also the fact that she claimed to be trans so she could do dansou and fool Japanese girls into thinking she's a male host, then quickly switched back to being a woman (probably because it was too tough to find johns interested in cross-dressing fetishes and her hooker business was taking a hit). 
    She also doxxed her husband on IG and threatened to post his nudes if one of our posters didn't basically dox herself.
    Then found that member through the member's backstabbing friend
    (who incidentally was both being a nanny to her infant son and sleeping with her husband hoping to pull the same baby=visa scam on him, but was foiled so she took revenge by serving our member up on a plate to Sere)
    and proceeded to dox our member with extremely exaggerated and mostly 100% incorrect information on lolcow.
    Oh, and she also pimps out (not an exaggeration) her bar staff, boyfriend, and all her female friends.
    And here we are. 
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  15. PenTen added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Wait, I swear she had another sOopEr seEcRit travel late last year. Are all her overseas travels working out to be 3 months apart?!
    Dear god, maybe she really IS doing border runs!!!
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