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      We've heard you loud and clear - negative reputation is back. Remember that it's still against the rules to complain about being downvoted - if you think someone's mass-downvoting posts or otherwise abusing the reputation system, DM a mod and we will take care of it.


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  1. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Reputation Feedback   

    I didn't downvote anyone out of spite; I just looked into the ones who did and found I didn't like some of their posts. You must've missed the other activity at the time I did too. Picking and choosing what to mention, huh?
    And in response to the post that apparently everyone hated, so if I had said "Someone mentally handicapped", that would make it better, even though the message is exactly the same?
    You're making fun of others, akin to a troll forum, yet we have to keep as gentle as possible? What about some of the other posts that got upvoted? "Her vagina looks as dirty as her couch." Sure too if I posted that, it would've gotten downvoted, but because it was from a well-known member, upvote.
    I've even seen some of your posts get upvoted that literally add nothing to anything, like, "Hi, everyone!". And why is that? Popularity.
    I can see right right through this system and your words. Prove me wrong.
    There is no such thing as neutral opinion in current year; you either LIKE or HATE something. That's the state we're at. Unfortunately.
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  2. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Reputation Feedback   

    Ditto. It reminds me of another forum I absolutely couldn't stand that was full of pompous elitists.
    I don't disagree that downvotes trump arguing, but this "overall" public system is flawed.
    Basically when you tie everything together with "overall reputation", the problem is most people don't give positives to anyone that isn't already well known, and with negatives people see one and feel obliged to join in on the parade and so it's very easy for newbies to gather negatives simply due to one or two "bad" posts, vs anything else they might've contributed. Everyone is new once, everyone has their off posts, etc... It's a system that's probably the best way I can think of to discourage new members who don't 'mold' to the status quo, might have differing or even 'controversial' opinions, and gives off a very unwelcoming vibe.
    It's also paradoxical, because basically, once you're in the hole, you don't get out again. Ever.
    And look, I couldn't care less about meaningless reputation since it really doesn't affect anything, but I think it just paints a target on someone's back, which I can't imagine anyone likes, and might discourage a newbie from posting further, or maybe even dissuade other members from talking with them, simply due to what the reputation says.
    And at the absolute worst, I feel it's a system designed to force people to 'conform' to a more hivemind environment, which in my mind, is the antithesis of what a forum should be.
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  3. AbsolutelyBerserk added a topic in Make Your Voice Heard!   

    The whole subsection is pretty worthless and taking up space, wouldn't you say? Considering that 90% of topics barely get any views, let alone any replies whatsoever.
    Why not just have a single merged topic for people to come and introduce if they want to upon joining? Then no more wasted space, no feeling down if you don't get any responses to your own topic, etc.
    It just seems like it would be a better use of space.
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  4. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Yuck, I feel like I'm looking at retard porn that's been leaked.
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  5. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Down voting   

    The rating system here is a bit different from others I've seen, in that it's mostly very subtle.
    But in my experience, it goes a lot like: monkey see, monkey do.
    If your vote has one type of rating visible, people are more compelled to add another of whatever it was, especially if it's negative. Thta's just how I've always seen it work.
    I've also seen some people get mildly obsessed and they attack almost all your recent comments with either a lot of positives or negatives, haha. But yeah, the behavior itself isn't too surprising. If they are really trying to get revenge or something along those lines with feedback, as stated above, you can easily report them, as this is against the rules.
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  6. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    I haven't noticed this problem at all. With how much I use them, I would very quickly if there was something wrong.
    Huh. Perhaps it's been fixed since?
    Edit: If it's only 30 minutes, at least that's still something. Guess that means more thought will have to go into each post before they are submitted. Not a big deal, I guess.
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  7. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Chris Chan (He's back!)   

    Oh where to start? Has anyone been keeping up with him outside the site or just here, so when the updates stopped, so did the information flow?
    He's beginning to think he has electric powers, marrying his Sonichus (gay or otherwise) because he was told about a dimensional merge that will kill 99% of populace (of course not him though) and is sinking further into depth faster than ever before. Many believe this dimensional merge notion was him clinging to essentially a deus ex machina to get out of his debt (He really thought his fortune from CWCville would transfer over, or the debt would be cleared amidst death, etc).
    To say psycho is an understatement. That's the abridged version for now. I'll dig up the actual articles and everything later.
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  8. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Hi there!   

    It's always great to find a place you can vent, that's for sure.
    Hope to see you around!
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  9. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Hey!   

    Welcome aboard, and be sure to clean it up now!
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  10. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Howdy :-)   

    More viewpoints is never a bad thing! Hope to see you around!
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  11. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Hello !   

    Nice, who would've guessed it'd come from a site like this?
    Guess seeing the worst in people really brings about a lot of introspection? I can relate.
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  12. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Hi   

    How long have you been lurking? I found and registered the same day, myself! Welcome!
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  13. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Hi   

    I don't know the reference, but welcome aboard, fellow newbie!
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  14. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Chris Chan (He's back!)   

    Oh there is a field day with the updated content on Chris past 2017. I'd be happy to contribute.
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  15. AbsolutelyBerserk added a post in a topic Hey there♡   

    As a fellow newbie, I bid you welcome.
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