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  1. candyponyo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    I think Christian improved a lot crafting his cosplays and the look itself is nice, I just don’t like the wig (seems super cheap) and Daynas face lol
    her smile is a no no for me. Does anyone has pics of April cosplaying Zelda? I reckon I’ve seen it, but I don’t remember details and would be nice to compare 
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  2. candyponyo added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    What I just don’t get it is that Kenna’s sister and Grace are following Lunestelle, I thought they would stay by McKennas side in this rivalry  ??? I know it’s such a fifth grade drama but I mean, we are talking about snowflakes and their tantrums 
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  3. candyponyo added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    As much as I like snark comments towards McKenna, I can't see myself fully supporting Lunestelle – she's just as bad when it comes to being unoriginal and doing for aesthetic. But I'll give the thumbs up on that: the girl is not a trust fund kid who's out there burning money, she seems hardworking. And has a better taste when it comes to fashion choices.
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  4. candyponyo added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Compared to other j vloggers, I kinda like her videos? Idk, maybe I have a soft spot for Mikan and feel she matured more compared to other snowflakes. even when I'm not really into the topic (like the last one, dressing like kpop idols) I find myself putting the video as white noise when I'm doing something else
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  5. candyponyo added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Pretty sure I will have nightmares with these outfits.
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  6. candyponyo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Thanks, I didn't know – I'm not really into the pin culture.  I guess it was just nitpicking
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  7. candyponyo added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    Don't doubt they're upper middle class, but judging for her bedroom decor they don't seem millionaires lol I've met some really rich people already (in Brazil as well) and even tho most of them don't brag about it they still have a quality life, specially at their houses.  
    Also, I googled their family and not really sure which company are you guys talking about to backup that, 'cause that's not the same I found: he has a consulting company that helps out renegotiate debts, financial planning and business advice but seems a pretty local business – they don't even have a proper logo or a website....... I might be wrong, but I still don't believe they have all that money lol A comfortable life? Yeah sure, specially for Brazil standards, but not millionaires.
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  8. candyponyo added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    tbh I think she’s an average attractive, if that makes any sense ??? of course, in the pictures she looks way better cause she knows her angles and stuff, but I don’t think she’s ugly when I see her on YouTube.
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  9. candyponyo added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    the first pic is a massive yikes. That bikini bottom/panty seems way smaller than it should be and her hips look really unflattering.
    and you can clearly see her belly is not shaped at all in the second picture. so different from her photoshopped feed, huh?
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  10. candyponyo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Idk why when I saw her tweet I was expecting those mystery pins to be original designs, but lol no. Just old and slightly defective. It would be too much, since April doesn’t even design them.

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  11. candyponyo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    The new video reminded me that app called "A Second A Day" where you can add small clips (of 1 second obviously) everyday and have a nice mix at the end of the month/year whatever. Wasn't bad, she has a good eye for aesthetic as people said earlier, but it just lacks personality. It's pretty, but empty.
    At least she's keeping her schedule, let's see how long it will last
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  12. candyponyo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    oh lord, I always get scared seeing pics of her with pink hair. Was her worst era (even worse than granny wannabe), those pink eyebrows makes her face so pale and sick, very unflattering 
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  13. candyponyo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    She's not even following the other two girls she tagged on instagram (just the one wearing glasses – seems to be her only friend at the language school tbh). Like, yeah girl, you're trying too hard to show us you have any friends, we know you don't. 
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  14. candyponyo added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I might be wrong but she mentioned a few uploads back that she filmed a lot o videos before her fashion college started so she could keep updating her channel even tho she would be busy with school
    Maybe that’s why she’s uploading general topics. But I still liked her approach walking instead of just listing stuff. I just hope she starts to share more about her college and fashion stuff, like, things that are unique to her experience in Japan or other topics we haven’t seen other jvloggers share 
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  15. candyponyo added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    I don’t wanna sound rude but please, do not contact the snowflakes. it’s against the PULL rules  
    You can still comment on her Instagram and reach out to her, but don’t come back mentioning in the forum. If you want to screenshot and post any comment or reply, just blur your username and hide any information that leads to you. 
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