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  1. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Probably it's Natalie now editing
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  2. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Reputation Feedback   

    I never liked the downvoting system and I'm back in the forum just because it has been removed. I've never downvoted someone, if I had something to say I bluntly communicated my disagree. There's already the ignore button and arguing is not allowed in the forum, so why adding the downvote?
    Being downvoted makes me feel bad and inadequate in a place I thought we could dicuss gossip smoothly. I prefer to be addressed with opinions.
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  3. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Minute 10:51 and you speak fluently korean right? So you won't need subtitles.
    Now, I don't care who you are and why a silly topic like BTS or Halsey triggers you but don't use that arrogant tone of superiority with me. 
    And about Bang PD and the rest, I won't waste a minute more of my life to justify my opinion or discuss it with you.
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  4. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Guillermo Del Toro films   

    I'm looking forward to see his version of Pinocchio
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  5. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I hope not to be wrong but I read somewhere that the idea of the collaboration with Halsey was Suga's. Bang PD Nim trusts him and Joon beyond belief and now they are all tasting the consequences of this poor choice, Namjoon above all. At the peak of their success, Bangtan are more at ease about their future and they start to show some of their true colors, this video is the proof. If I were Halsey I would emigrate on another planet, does this girl have some female friends who loves her and kindly suggests her when to stop?
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  6. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Those outfitsShe has a decent amount of money available and still not able to make the most of it. Pick Tokidoki Traveller, she lives a humble life and she can do magic with her look and her house basically with nothing, it's a matter of choices and personal taste.
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  7. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Tokidoki Traveller   

    I thought the same
    But her Jvlogger fever is still on sadly. She's still praising back and forth on twitter the Jvloggers circle and a couple of influencers.
    I hope one day she will focus again on the simple ordinary life she was living, that's her magic, her talent, shaping and transforming what's around her into perfection: food, rooms, even the outside world. I still remember my favourite vlog of Emma, she was standing near a tree during fall, talking about her first months in Japan. She doesn't need Sharla neither Micaela or Marzia, she is different and she has all she needs to succeed.
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  8. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I miss Michelle first vlogs. She could vlog about so many topics, her town, her house, opening her fan emails... I don't understand. I had to unsubscribe from her IG because I didn't want to have her smexy selfies every single day on my feed, I mean, why so much talent wasted on appearence? She knows how to talk, she has a unique taste on clothes, I wish she will open up again on her personality
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  9. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Agree 100%, Michelle often tends to exagerate, which I find sweet because she is actually still young.
    As in the video "I fought a girl at school" (I don't rember the specific title). Damn, that was just a catfight, we all argued heavily at middle-high school, you are not Beatrix Kiddo come on.
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  10. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    It's painful to listen to Teddy's song. He's a great producer, the beat and the coda of his songs are often very powerful, I find him still talented. Like the trumpets of Kill this Love are awesome, the military coda is appropriate but then... there's something wrong with the bridge and the climb of the song (often given to Rose' or Jisoo in the same style of Ddu-ddu dudu whatever is written) and the final result is not convincing me. Bummer.
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  11. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Natalie feels too much at ease at Taylor's in a way it bothers meTaylor seems approachable but I don't think she actually is.
    The designer she hired has a dark taste for house, I mean, it's minimal, elegant and wood scented probably but I prefer apartments with a lot of light and colours, just my personal taste. The view of the Hong Kong forest is stunning from her living room, I imagine when it's raining must be so romantic.
    Also I appreciate a lot that Taylor made an effort to speak chinese at the market, I love her insecure and sweet side.
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  12. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Tokidoki Traveller   

    I've been following Emma since her beginnings on IG, she was unique. I think she is talented, also she has the ability to transform her surroundings in beautiful spaces with her plants and her humble and elegant taste. Great cooking abilities, an adorable young woman.
    But this past year she has been an annoying, whining and confused brat. The last video on eating the kiwano was unbearable to watch, as well as her collaboration with Tokyo Creative, a company who is still making eating videos. Ew. Her instagram has become an endless series of selfies and auto-celebration. I miss her australian dragon or her daily life cute moments.
    When she posted on twitter her struggling with anxiety and panic attacks she received hundreds of heartfelt comments. I was moved by some stories, people suggesting her books, becoming vulnerable, telling her private confessions on anxiety issues and the only thing she was able to say was: thank you for your comments!
    Seriously? A whole bunch of human beings are being empathetic to you but, guess what, they're not Marzia neither Pewdiepie so they won't worth an answer. Even Taylor R answer to her followers once in a while, or Michelle Moe dedicate entire vlogs on opening letters.
    Yesterday, after months, again complaining on Youtube on nothing. And still, she gets nice comments from "ordinary" people for who she will never spends a word unless they're what exactly she wants to hear.
    Come back to earth my darling, we all struggle and suffer at an extent you can never imagine, far from Japan and Youtube, and we don't have the privilege to complain about lack of motivation.
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  13. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I completely lost passion talking about BTS and going on kpop forums. I used to adore it. I naively expected a sisterhood in the fandom but no, that's impossible. Even my connections with nice older armys has been a waste of time and an endless disappointment. Now I share my thoughts with myself so no one can insult me for not being sharp, blunt, smart enough to understand the real Jimin or Jin's speech at Mama or whatever. 
    If someone declares she's is not a toxic army or a delulu, never believe her. These 7 guys cause a lot of mess.
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  14. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I'm sure it's Dalcomsoft's as well, no chance the offer came from Big Hit. Superstar BTS was published on YT Dalcomsoft channel on the 7th of January.
    She went to Korea a couple of weeks before. I don't think she was invited, she flew Air China, cheap and affordable choice. But I'm quite sure she broaded her connections there.
    Why do I care? I don't know. I used to be a devoted follower of Michelle but now there is something I don't get. I mean, it's totally ok to change and accept sponsors, the point is that Michelle is skillful, talented, and a smart manipulator in delivering contents.
    The whole saesang story. Someting was off, the interview seemed true as well as the fact that she didn't dislike completely the idea to get BTS pics by saesangs or else going deeper into that world. I'm disgusted by those people and I would never browsing IG or YT trying to find saesang content so probably that's why I'm on two minds about her.
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  15. RaspberryRhapsody added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    That's funny, just yesterday I was trying to find the IG pic of Taylor visiting Venus at the hospital (I love the caring Taytay) and I remember Taylor also wrote about Manaki-Suga and how was wonderful with Venus, but I noticed the content was all gone. I imagined because it's easier to move forward after all she has been through but now I'm afraid they are taking a break
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