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  1. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Simone was on my “for you page” on tik tok and I noticed she gets a few comments that clearly aren’t from her ig cult of ass-kissers. There were obviously the claims of her having surgery/fillers and that she seems like a narcissist/conceited (you have to love how brutal tik tok users are) but what was more curious was that there were even a few comments calling her out for scamming and hinting at the betsy situation. The way she responds is kinda sad cause she really has no shame accepting extortionate gifts from people she doesn’t give a shit about (especially disgusting regarding what we know about betsy’s situation). She also mentioned that a dress was gifted because her mother passed away (which I think everyone knew about) but it’s funny how she never mentions the other things betsy has bought her? She’s acting like this is a one time thing and that she’s just “manifesting” everything  (hinting at wanting material items on your ig story and waiting until someone buys it for you isn’t manifesting Simone). God forbid you get a job and pay for something...
    (sorry for the shitty crop didn’t want to post individual screencaps and take up space)

    Also this is kinda off topic but I thought it’d be worth mentioning as it’s interesting to me.
    There’s a few comments on her tik tok about her having bad video quality while she has a high price/quality phone and ipad. People saying she must look better in hd etc. This is something I never noticed before but it got me thinking that maybe Simone used those apps that have a live photoshopping effect that are really common in east asia? Ones like meitu and beautyplus etc. It’s like the ig story filters but more natural and acts like instant facetune. They also heavily compress the video quality.
    Idk if this is a reach but it just crossed my mind. Since she’s known to edit her pictures a lot it wouldn’t surprise me if she uses these apps for her videos. Would explain the unusually bad quality for such a high end camera she has? (And also that her face looks slightly different in every pic and vid she posts).Simone can obviously edit all she likes just like the rest of instagram but it doesn’t sit right with me that she still sells to her young impressionable followers that she’s completely natural while having an ever changing face. She’s already a beautiful girl I don’t get her fixation with altering her appearance.

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  2. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Okay I found the post where Simone mentioned who made the dress she wore in a post sometime last August/September. 
    I went on to the designer’s profile and although it’s not like she’s the first to design garments like these, it just seems so shady to me that Simone probably wore that dress and thought, “hmm I bet I could make shitty versions of this and sell them to my young followers for more than they’re worth.” 
    The above poster is questioning who or when someone would wear this, and I think it’s a clear indication of Simone just completely living in a fantasy. Only she would view these garments as normal because she doesn’t go to school or go to work or even interact with the normal general public. Not saying that people shouldn’t wear these, it’s just very unrealistic for functioning members of society to do so on the daily.
    It’s very clear just how disconnected she is from real life and that her reality solely exists in her 40 year old boyfriend’s house where she has no responsibilities other than “planting kisses around his house” *gags*
    Simone doesn’t give a shit about the Riley thing because it doesn’t affect her. She only cared that her pictures were used. That’s it. Narcissism at its finest

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  3. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I’m interested as to why “ripper2shreds” (Simone’s supposed ex bf) is alongside the name in the bio? That can’t be a coincidence?
    This seems like a weird way to get Simone’s attention or something.
    She sure knows how to pick the psychos.
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  4. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Only things I could find were these snaps of an extremely similar dress. It’s featured in a video compilation from September last year. I actually remember there being a comment of someone asking where the dress was from and I swear she replied and said her friend made it custom. Those comments are now gone which is interesting. 
    It’s as if she’s just altered this dress? Like with the straps and added necklaces?
    Either way she’s clearly completely ripping off someone else’s design, whether it was this original dress that her “friend” made (real classy of you Simone to rip off a friend) or it’s the obvious copy of the Paris Hilton dress that someone’s already mentioned.
    The girl’s clearly desperate for money, does anything really surprise us anymore?
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  5. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I find it strange how she loves to just show her freeloading lifestyle off? Everyone just hands things to her and she just has to post it for her young followers to see. Like, “hey look at me! A high school drop out who’s never had a real job because I scam my young followers into buying the cheap shit I make! Also here’s all the free shit my 40 year old boyfriend buys me! And look my “father” that I’ve talked so much shit on is also gonna give me this car!” What a role model lmao.
    She’s obsessed with putting on this expensive, sugar baby persona. It’s fine to be money driven but it’s really starting to show that she only values things for their monetary value. Whenever she mentioned her new hair extensions she just HAD to mention how expensive they are. When she wanted a new bike she mentioned how much it cost. She could flex all she wants if that was her money. But it’s not. And it’s weird to me because I would feel so guilty if that was me, I would at least try to pay people back from my “business” of overpriced shit. I don’t think she even pays rent to stay with her dad. Simone does not realize how lucky she is that her dad hasn’t kicked her out yet. 
    For someone “building her empire” she sure doesn’t shy away from handouts.
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  6. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    She's live right now and just admitted that her bf is 38 which is actually older than I originally thought and I'm shocked. There's no way this guy isn't just a loser who can't get a grown woman nearer his age - but hey at least he has money to fund Simone's "I don't want a real job" lifestyle right? It's sad because a lot of people in the comments voiced their disapproval and she got real mad and bitter. If she's as happy and content as she says she is with her relationship then why get so defensive about it? Deep down she knows it's at least a little messed up. Age gap relationships aren't all bad but they got together when she had just turned 18 and that just seems so sleazy, not to mention she's quite a vulnerable person due to her past traumas etc so it makes me feel so   She always preaches about how she's changed and manifests positive energy but she's clearly got a lot of anger inside her with the way she was lashing out in this live. I really want to see this girl do well in life, away from all the media that has, more or less, controlled her life so far. Simone has so much potential and it's a shame to see it wasted on such superficial things and the enabling, predatory people in her life.
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  7. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    She’s extremely insecure. She lives her life as if she’s a character (or multiple as we’ve seen). Every aspect of her life is a mask for her not knowing who she really is. She bases her personality on other people. If she’s saying she can’t sleep unless she’s with her bf then it’s because she’s left alone to wonder who she is without him. It’s a real shame to be honest.
    I don’t think she’s processed losing her mom yet and is instead trying to ignore it with anything that keeps her busy. She’s been through A LOT and needs to properly work through it and stop filling her life with buying useless junk and parading around some old guy that feeds into her and her followers’ weird fetish.
    I’ve said before she really needs to get out into the real world and experience real things with real people. She’s been stuck in this bubble of people who feed into her instagram persona and she needs to get out. 
    She said this time last year that she would be taking a gap year. That’s over now and I hope she looks into some sort of education or just a normal job to give her the stability of real life.
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  8. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I’m sorry if this is petty but why does she over sexualize everything ??? This girl really posted on her story of getting sent flowers and what does she do? She fingers one of them 😐 
    Simone if you want to tease your 40 year old boyfriend then send it to him privately cause we don’t need to see that shit

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  9. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Not to be insulting to any religions or anything but what the hell is depriving your body of food going to do to save a disaster like this? Also doesn’t she say she has/had an eating disorder? She used to post about fasting to lose weight a while back if I remember correctly. And encouraging her young and influenceable followers to not eat with her? This seems a little sketchy to me but maybe I’m overreacting.

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  10. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    “I don’t really like her that much”
    *has based her entire life on trying to pursue lana’s lizzy grant aesthetic, buys exact replicas of her clothes, consistently has a playlist of her songs on repeat in every video/live*
    Who does this girl think she’s kidding? Tbh if this statement is true - she probably used lana for clout? Most of her followers are fans of lana’s so she might have realised she could grow her “empire” from this and decided to play it up when it suited her? Hell, she was probably hoping that with meeting her she’d be scouted for a music video or something. But idk maybe I’m exaggerating Simone’s intelligence too much.
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  11. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    So I’m guessing she’s no longer in contact with her boyfriend/daddy/soulmate who she met when she was 15? The one that has the connection with the blood vial necklace which she no longer wears. I remember her making an entire scrapbook for him with those creepy photos of her drugged up in a hotel room sitting in a pile of guns and money. I think he was from North or South Carolina (I’m not American so excuse my lack of knowledge). She always claimed to have multiple “daddies” but I remember him being the actual “boyfriend” who she had a “spiritual” connection with etc etc. This was in her “I am the universe and god” bullshit phase. Also remember when she used to listen to metal music? Whatever happened to that lmao
    I just wonder what happened to him lol
    From her recent lives she claimed that she met her current boyfriend when she moved back to Florida. To which she obviously changed her personality to fit with him - ninjas, swords, nunchucks, “bad bitch” aesthetic. I feel so bad for her because these men only view her as a young and pretty girl who is extremely easy to manipulate. I can imagine Simone would actually feel awkward around guys her own age.
    God this girl’s life is as unstable as hell. I’d love to see some real direction in her life - be it a real job or college. Instead of living off selling shoutouts and cheaply made bikinis and knickknacks. She needs something that isn’t online. Something to give her the real structure that she so desperately needs. She needs to experience the real world before her looks run out or when she’s too old for these old creeps to keep her around anymore.
    This was a lengthy rant sorry
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  12. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Update: I found the page. I'm surprised she hasn't formally spoken about this other than an insta story that she immediately deleted 

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  13. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Did anyone catch her story about her gofundme? Something about needing  $1000 by the end of the week to fund her trip to India? I should’ve screenshot it but she took it down after like 5 minutes. Why can’t this girl not get a real job and pay for things herself?
    Selling clothes for “moving”? I guess I can understand that. But literally just asking for a thousand dollars to travel is a new low even for Simone. Also - why? This is extremely out of the blue after she’d just been to Ireland as well. Can her “daddies” not pay for it instead of her high-school age followers. God I wish I had screenshot it because this literally sounds made up.
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  14. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    It’s sad. She seems like she is just an empty shell of a person. She doesn’t really have a personality as she changes and adapts to suit whoever she’s trying to please (whether that be her fans or various men). Everything just feels like an act. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a real life, normal conversation with her - when all Simone cares about is ~ lana, daddies, motels, drugs, knives, luna etc~.  Sorry Simone but liking Lana Del Rey isn’t a personality trait.
    I’m still baffled that she isn’t really doing anything with her life. I get that she’s young but most people her age are in school or at least have a part time job. She has neither. She talks about loving life and going to jujitsu classes (which her $15 shoutouts probably paid for) and playing with blades but like....she can’t just do that for the rest of her life? It really feels like she’s regressing. She doesn’t know who she is and is grasping at anything to stay relevant.
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  15. Velvet-Dancer added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Longgg time luker here..
    I can’t be the only one who finds it sketchy that for months she has been selling clothes and shoutouts for “money to move” yet here she is now buying swords, blades, mdma and ketamine? Like is that what she’s using her followers money for? 
    She doesn’t seem to be moving anytime soon. She would always shit-talk her dad but then is perfectly happy to just leech off of him for a place to live when she wants to?
    This girl will not survive in the real world. If all she does is play with swords, walk her dog and awkwardly dance/lip sync to lana on camera she’s really not gonna cope with adult life. She’s stuck in this weird fantasy and I’m worried for her but at the same time I cannot get behind the constant lies and manipulation.
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