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  1. mima added a post in a topic Manaki   

    I am late to the party, and it's been years since I posted for the last time, but I had to say something about that.
    I don't watch Venus or follow her that much anymore, also, I don't follow Manaki, however, we can't really judge their story based solely on social media, it's seems very complicated.
    I don't think his style or his age have something to do with that, and changing style is personal, after all, we're changing our mind all the time, and doing mistakes as well.
    Even some calling him a pedo...they are only six years apart, and were both consenting. 
    I agree with @Biscuit at this age, people are still trying to figure out who they really are, and we're all getting there sooner or later, so, that does not mean your life is gonna stop if you are not everything society wants you to be, quit the opposite, you still continue to fight for what you believe. 
    I am not defending Venus or Manaki or even Margaret, but I just can't help and feel bad for them all.
    Still confused about who's the real victim and who's the villain.
    We are all humans after all, and mixed culture marriages can be complicated, not saying they are not right, or not gonna work, but, we need to do much more sacrifices in order to make them work.
    Sometimes, families does not understand, sometimes, their habits and cultures are very different, some couples get over that, and see beyond that, others just can't. 
    If their intentions are only getting what they want from the other, sure, it's not gonna work, their true intention is not clear, even if we already have an idea about Venus's love for Japan, and Manaki's admiration for Venus, still what they think inside is out of our reach.
    I am not trying to hurt anybody with this comment, only putting my two cents here, sorry if I was late, and excuse my awkwardness. 
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  2. mima added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    happy for her, if she's happier now, this is something that will change her for good, or maybe I meant to say for "the" good
    but let's be honest and serious, her videos are still the same, they are not bad, but not all of them are good, well this is only what I think once again, I honestly didn't see any difference regarding the contents, but I think she can do better and I am waiting to see more 
    so no judging her, it's only the beginning of her "out of Margo's petticoats" phase
    she seemed happy to do dancing videos and all back then, maybe she grew out of this, but I still think there is no age if you like something
    and regarding her voice, I am sorry to say that, I still think she changed her voice on purpose, and she did that in many occasions, not all the time, but she did, especially back when she was in Tenerife, in some videos, she added some octaves to her voice with a software that can change voices, it's a simple software that everybody can use, I am saying that because her voice sounds transformed in some videos, and she sounds exactly like somebody who's using this software to have a high pitched voice 
    again I am not sure, maybe she was using another software, I don't know, I only made a supposition, don't take it too seriously if you believe she didn't change her voice
    not judging her again, or calling her out, but being honest is a first step if somebody wants to have a good fanbase, not only fans who wants to follow her every step without even asking any questions
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  3. mima added a post in a topic Old pictures of Venus   

    it's not very nice to criticize people's appearance, sorry if all the girls of the world doesn't look  Barbie-ishly tall superskinny with a fried blond hair, and an oval shaped head
    for your information we're only humans, and we're not meant to be perfect, we have imperfections, sometimes bad skin, we can gain weight, but that doesn't mean we're ugly or anything you'll call her, she's a human as well, and beautiful the way she's born, not perfect of course, like everybody else
    girls, don't let anybody tell you how you should look or act, you're unique, and if you don't fit Magazine's criteria of what's beautiful or not, then too bad, because guess what ? those are made by human beings, and they don't have any right to call anybody ugly, this is my honest opinion and experience, of course you can like fashion, love to dress and follow some rules, but be careful, your health is your priority
    it's funny to think that in the history, way before all of that, being "short" and "fat" was a sign of beauty, and fertility and femininity and women even shaved their foreheads to have a round forhead, which is not somthing women will do someday, but back then it was their beauty stuff
    one day the standards will completely change , if they say having green hair, unhealthy grey skin, and no eyebrows, and being unhealthily skinny,is the new fashion trend, will you follow it ? will you say that girls without those are ugly ? 
    P.S: I have nothing against people with green hair, everybody's free to follow what they like, it's only an exemple I hope you got my point 
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  4. mima added a post in a topic Bleached hair gone orange!   

    As they said before, you can use silver champoo, but most of the time, it's not enough, you need to tone it, with a toner, I don't know if you can find it easily though, never tried to bleach my hair, but I am sure, a lot of professionals are using it, and they are tonning people's bleached her, what I learned about the bleach is that it gives only the level of lightness, not the color, and your original base (which is orange most of the time) stays, and most of people, even blond people have this problem with the bleach and their hair turns orange
    so the solutions are 
    silver champoo, and  toners, one day I saw a girl bleaching her dark hair into a light blond, and it turned orange, so she used another bleach, a number  10 first, and then she used number 7.1, ash blond, it's a little bit darker though,so I don't know if it can work in a lot of people
    I hope I helped you, even if I am not a professional 
    and good luck
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  5. mima added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I will not call this hair dark brown
    it's medium brown, to light brown (number 5), there is a lot of shades of light browns, and it starts with 5 so it can be a dark light brown, if that make sense
    so her Natural color is maybe 4
    and it's possible because hair tend to be darker when you're older, it's my case as well 
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  6. mima added a post in a topic Random pictures   

    first I think it's weird to measure the face to make girls think it's the perfect measures
    second, it's not even her true measures, really 16.5 ? with the bangs on it's easy to fake her measures 
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  7. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    please people, try to focus on her videos and subject, when I judge her, it's only about her channel and contents
    the drama is something we all have, and we're trying to live with it and maybe change it for the better
    I feel very very sorry for her, I don't think her mother is sane, comparing herself to her daughter, abusing her daughter, and doing stupid stuff, encouraging her to continue Youtube only for the sake of money, making her go from country to country before even finishing a good education, that's something we can't change now unfortunately, but it's never late to take the right decisions, and I hope she'll be mature enough to do so, regardless of Manaki and her mom, it's good to say "we're gonna work together", but in our society, you need to work really hard to achieve something in life, unless you're lucky or something...
    regarding her marriage to Manaki, yes I already stated that I was not a fan of  early marriages, it can work as it can fail, but they are free to do what they think is right, I am not related to them, so I can't speculate on their private life
    but come on an age gap ? I don't think we can consider that as an age gap, Manaki is relatively young, and they are from almost the same generation, there is people will a real age gap actually
    and sorry to say that again, but I hate it when people and medias are saying it's okay for a man to be older, but if a women is only 4 to 5 years older, they call her a cougar, so stupid...a women is human as well, and she can fall in love with a younger guy as well, and 5 years is not even old enough to be considered as his mother, so a cougar ? please
    anyways, I think Venus is pretty, not abnormally beautiful, but beautiful enough to be satisfied about her appearance, so yes little edits are not bad, as long as you're aware of it and not abusing it
    and I don't think we will help her by judging her videos only out of pity, because she was abused, yes it's not negligible,but I am only gonna judge the contents of her new videos for now on, and they have the potential to be good, and don't be afraid to give negative comments only because she was abused, but not only for the sake of it, but to help her improve her videos, constructive criticisme are the best 
    if you want to have a post for exemple ? are you gonna say to the manager 'I was abused' and then he'll tell you "ohhh pooor thing, you got the job", no, if it was that easy, I would now be a president 
    so the key, is ampathy, constructive criticism, and an open mind, it's alright, to say what you think, you're not a bad person if you point a flaw, and you can compliment her for a well done video and job as well
    Edit: every single person is beautiful, we only need to bring it out, and love ourselves enough, we all have flaws, some brakouts sometimes, maybe slightly crooked teeths and maybe other stuff we don't like about ourselves, but regardless of that, we are not ugly, with some efforts, and patience everybody can look good, and regardless of that, everybody have something that makes him special, and our flaws are a part of us, so we need to makethem stand as our weapon instead of weakness
    and we don't need to compare ourselves to celebrities, it's their job to always look good, so they are not like that out of bed, it takes a lot of money and efforts to look like them, and magazines are touched up as you can see, and everybody's concious about that 
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  8. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    sounds like something margo can pull off
    @Jellyfish I agree with you, too bad I can't give you a reputation on your answer
    but seriously, as a kid, I was abused myself by a cousin, fortunately, it was not for long, once, he tried to harass me sexually, and I tried to forget it, I tried so bad, but it never happened, sometimes, I doubt it even happened, nothing "happened" but he touched me sexually, so it's not easy to forget, I've never talked about that with my parents, but one days,a lot of years later, I talked to my sister, and she told me the same thing, I was shocked, and she told me exactly the same thing I told her, it was once, and he tried to do something bad, she's older than me, she was 10 while I was 8, he was older of course, 14 or 15, his mother (my aunt died when he was young), so I tried to forgive him, but it's a traumatic experience, and my parents are religious, I would be ashmed to talk about that to them, plus their relation with my cousin will change forever, of course, I don't have good relation with him nowadays...so that's a good lesson in life, because it makes you open your eyes, your children are never safe, even with family...
    anyways, it's off-topic, back to Venus, it's too early to talk about that alright, but it seems to be true, not because her eyes are sincere or something, but because she made serious accusations, if it was not true, I don't think she will say something as serious, something that can lead to prison, so yeah, I think it's true, I hope she'll get better and be alright in the future, if all her words are not true, then she's mentally instable, because it's not something you can say without aftermath
    I am still not one of her fans, but I am staying open minded, she's still editing her pictures, but it's okay as long as it's not abnormally edited, and I hope she'll be more honest in the future with her fans, and with the other youtubers as well, it's for her own good
    well, I am sure if she had a supporting mother, who thinks about her future, I don't think Venus would have married Manaki so soon, well, I guess she would have taken things slowly maybe, but she felt the need to do so to move from her mother I think, because she's alone, but I really wish she'll continue her education, it's important, well at least it's important for me 
    appearence is not anything in life, and Youtube is not eternal I think
    well only speculation, you're free to disagree 
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  9. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I am going to give my point of view, for the members who're interested
    it's cool to have your own Idea, we're a big family here, we're here to share and discuss, so all of us can be right, and we can also be wrong, nobody knows the absolute truth, and I don't know it either
    we are only speculating about what we're seeing, and to be honest with you, if Margo is like this to Venus, I feel sorry for her, because it's her own family, and I hope Venus will gather the courage to forgive her, and meybe help her, because it's not normal to treat your children like this
    both of them need help, and if Manaki was mature enough, he would do something, well I don't know what's happening between them, so I will not judge or speculate 
    yes I know, if Margo is truly like this, it's a shame, and she should not forgive her, but in another hand, it seems like she needs help as well; how can somebody do something like that to his own children ?
    I am not hating on Venus when I said I am not a big fan, I was not a big fan (maybe I liked her at first) but I was never her fangelic, I am not gonna suddenly turn into that only because she was abused my her mother, I think she have a big potential, she seems to be nice, but I don't know her, and I've never hated on her as well, and I don't think she's that bad, especially if she was truly under margo's influence, nobody's an angel, all of us have bad sides, but some people are showing it more 
    so the conclusion is, I am neutral, I wish her the best, and I hope she'll interact more with her fans, I am not gonna turn into her fan, and say
     "I want to see more videos with Manaki", because I don't, it's my choice, I am not interested in her private life
    the doubt that I have is because Margo was happy at first to say that Venus got married to Manaki, they said it was cancelled, then suddenly, he appeared back...it's weird, but again I am not saying I am right
    and mr Yan said bad stuff about her, I don't believe him completely, but she was not with margo as well, she was alone, and he said stuff that are half true about her 
    so...I am waiting to give a better review, and hopefully her next videos will be better 
    I am not fully closed on her, nor I am her biggest fan finally 
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  10. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I saw this serie a while ago when I was younger, it was actually translated 
    and I can tell you the situation is too similar to Venus Margo and Manaki
    the mother in law in this video, got married to the father of this poor girl only for his money, and when he died (I think because of her, I don't remember) she was destroying the life of the girl, because she didn't have anybody by her side, only her nurse
    and the guy in this is the Son of her rival, she wanted to take her revenge by making him fall for her, it was a success, the poor 15 years old guy fell for her and she was manipulating him, much to the despair of his mother (who's abnormally young by the way, only 30 she had him at 15 or something) and the mother in law is 30 as well I think
    well, after he fell for her, he was visiting all the time, until he bumped into this girl who was in a walking chair, and martyred by her mother in law, she gave him a crusifix and told him to pray and wake up from the hell he's into, but he didn't believe her at first
    little by little, he was opening his eyes, and when he did, this thing happened
    similar to their story right ?
    Margo is claiming to be Manaki's first interest so...
    Edit: by the way I am still not the biggest fan of Venus, I don't wanna sound rude, but sure I am happy that she get trough this story with Margo and I am sure she'll got better, but I am still waiting for her newest videos, and for her exchange to her "loving" fans, I hope she'll respond to more comments, but seriously, she needs to be more honest and closer to her fans, this is only my point of view of course
    the way I see things, but you can disagree 
    I think Annshirisu and Bekii are reading the Forum, because they are saying the exact same thing as us  
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  11. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    sorry, it's an addiction, here's another edit
    I wanted to do more, but I don't have time sorry  
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  12. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    it's really hard to believe alright...
    but if this story is true, god, Venus was not a living doll, she was in a living hell, but when she was in london, she seemed fine, at least, that's what we thought, Margo was rude back then, okay, but now...I am scared, maybe the sexual videos were Margo's idea 
    but I am not gonna defend her either, and try to say "I respect her blabla" because I don't know the truth, but again Margo told nasty stuff about her "precious" and only daughter, it's not excusable, and I feel very very sorry for her, if her mother is really like that, it's a monster, and she don't deserve to have her, and Venus needs help, and I would like to talk to her personally
    regarding those stuff she said, even if it was true, a mother will never expose her daughter like that, and if anybody tried to put her down, she'll never let people do that, but saying that she was a mistake ? it's a sin, Venus is maybe heartbroken, even after that, I am sure Venus loves her mother, so why is she saying stuff like that? and on internet to make the matter worse
    it's very hard, but Venus needs to put herself together and work hard to be out of this stuff, she don't only need to rely on Manaki, well she can, but she needs to work on her own as well, for a better future, I wish her all the best, and I hope she'll be a better person 
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  13. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    really good one
    as for me I have another theory but before exposing it I'll give my point of view here
    first of all, if this woman is the true Margo, then I don't like what I see, sure I though she was a kind of Gothel, but not reaching this level, the relationship mother/friend is not totally healthy, and I think Venus's mom had "responsibilities" earlier in life, maybe she was not ready back then to assume them, maybe she wanted to enjoy her youth, but she had Venus, but it's not an excuse, she have a daughter now, and she had her for 19 years, so she needs to grow up for her sake, and show her the good exemple, even now, which is not the case obviously, I know what you're gonna say, people are in different states regarding maturity, and generally, some people had different view of things, and matures later than others, but Margo's case is too extreme, she seems to be the kind who thinks she's her daughter's friend and rival maybe, I have nothing against older women with a young mind and wanting to stay young in their heads, but come on, when you have children, you should educate them, accept them, and give them what they need, not exposing them to the world, and taking their money (if it's the case), and rejecting her online potential friends for no reason, so a big thumb down for Margo (judging by what we've seen)
    as for Venus, I have mixed feelings, I don't agree with you guys all the time, but I don't disagree either, you had good points, and some are questionable, Venus doesn't seem to be a bad person, but she is not an angel either, and far from being one, she's still very young, but her mother filled her with some dreams to achieve, like living in Japan, and other stuff like that, so it's not impossible to think about her wanting to run off with Manaki only to be able to stay in Japan, because it's really quick, and she was a little bit hesitant regarding her marriage with Manaki, so maybe she really loves him, but running from Margo only to go with a perfect stranger, yes love is not enough, you should build up this love before getting engaged generally, but in some cases it can work, but it's not a general case, most of the time, those relationships needs to be worked to work, it seems to be extreme to me, but yet again I may be wrong, maybe she's happy, but we can't say something like that now, since it's only their first year together, the first year is always happy in a marriage, well most of the time
    don't get me wrong, I respect her decision even though I disagree with this kind of things simply because I think a girl should be as educated as a guy,  and find herself before getting to this point to seriously be happy, and independant, because some girls tend to search somebody who can pay for them all the time, and sometimes this kind of relationship is toxic, of course it's only my idea of life, people are different and I don't have any rights to say what she should do or not, she's gonna learn by herself, but seriously, I hope she'll try to build a career or something like that, because nowadays, this is the only thing that can help us
    so here is my theory:
    Venus and her mother wanted to live in Japan so badly, and I am sure she wanted to marry a japanese guy, since I knew a lot of people who thinks Japan is a Kawaii land full of mangas and Kawaiiness, and most of those girls wanted to marry a Japanese only, so they met Manaki who was a "fan" of her, and she took this opportunity to know him,'mainly because he's japanese', so Margo was not against the idea because she wanted the same thing for her daughter, so things evoluated, and then they decided to marry, at first, Margo was happy because she though it was her free Visa for Japan, but after a while, she discovered the truth, Manaki only wanted to be with Venus, not her mother, and Margo is not able to get a permanent visa anyways, so she changed her mind, and wanted venus to reconsider their wedding, Venus did, because the visa takes more time to be delivered, and then without divorcing, she told in her social media, just in case, "I changed my mind", and then she had depression, and lately, her visa was approved, so she decided to move to japan, and Margo was not too hapy about that, because she was pushed to the side, so she blamed Manaki for everything, and she posted some inappropriate stuff about her daugher, because she's not acting as an adult, and putting all their personal stuff on social network, she only proved, we were right, as for Venus, I don't think what she will do for now, is she gonna work? is she gonna study? or simply stay at home ? I just really hope it's not a mistake for her and for Manaki, it's none of our business after all
    or they are just trolling for attention as usual...
    what do you think guys ?
    Edit: I don't think Venus is bad, I hope we will see her true colors, and I hope she'll grow up in a healthy relationship since she was angaged so early in life
    as for Margo, I can understand why she wanted her daughter to stay, but seriously, it was not an excuse to expose her on the net, if she was a rational adult, she should talk to her calmly, and explain her the true reason why she doesn't want her to go with him, maybe Venus would have listened to her, but she acted like a mad woman here, so, nobody can take her seriously 
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  14. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    I now that it have nothing to do with Venus, but I had a strange dream where Margaret was nice and cool, and we were only speculating about her, what kind of dream is that ?
    the reality is rude baby 
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  15. mima added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    I know they are surrounded with Drama right now
    but I couldn't resist another Photomanip, I know it's getting old, but I had fun doing that again
    Interesting life I got here ^^', it helps me practice actually  

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