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  1. chuuberry added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    not sure how long the like/dislikes have been off. but because of her company being trash, somi has a bit of controversy going on in korea right now so that might be part of the reason why. basically she held a showcase for her new album but couldn't perform the song because the choreography isn't ready (apparently TBL can't make up their mind on how it should go) and people are blaming her (while it's not her fault in any way). i just can't understand how 1. this debut has been delayed for months and they still have no set choreography for the song 2. why you would let your idol debut without everything being 100% ready thus putting her in an awkward position. she's supposed to perform on inkigayo this sunday so i hope for her that everything is ready then.. i'm not a huge fan but i feel bad seeing her getting hate now for something that is beyond her control.
    i hope all the people who said 'TBL won't be as bad as YG' see this because so far they seem to be even worse at managing their idols than the main label. YG is trash too, but at least they would never debut their idols without having fully finished the choreo for the song and not making it that they can't perform because of it. 
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  2. chuuberry added a post in a topic The Massie Fam General Discussion   

    the pristin members who left pledis are reportedly debuting in a new girl group led by nayoung. no news on what agency or when they'll debut yet. i wonder if kyla will redebut with them. after everything that knetz put her through, i wouldn't be surprised if she's just done with kpop life. and sadly seeing how the korean beauty standards are still the same, if she joins she's going to experience the same criticism that she got during her pristin time because people are cruel.
    now my second point, while not confirmed, it's not impossible that pledis helped to set this up. there's no way that you can join a new agency and then already have plans to be debuted in a matter of days. even if you were already a group before. so what i'm thinking is that the girls already knew that they'd be joining a new agency before terminating their contracts and pledis might've had a hand in finding them this agency. now if this is true, it makes it even weirder why sungyeon and yehana stayed and might prove my other theory of them not coming back to being an idol even further.
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  3. chuuberry added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    i can confirm that this is most likely the case. i really like the clothing of this brand and so i follow their instagram. back when this girl first got featured, a lot of people asked for her instagram to which chuu basically replied 'we're still busy setting up an account for her'. so seeing how that account was something that chuu made for her, it's likely that the company posts most of the pictures (if not all) on there and not that girl. i mean as a model she's a representative of the brand. so it's not weird that chuu has the most control over her bussiness instagram just to avoid posts that might hurt their name.
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  4. chuuberry added a post in a topic The Massie Fam General Discussion   

    to be fair, i think it's safe to assume that the girls who did stay won't ever be an artist in korea again. it's become really apparent that pledis has no interest in girl groups anymore (the disbandment of pristin + them not accepting female trainees tells us everything we need to know). it's likely that the girls who did stay (except for kyulkyung who is pretty much a celebrity in china now) will just be there for behind the stage stuff. sungyeon is pristin's most prominent songwriter, so she'll probably stay at pledis to write songs for other groups. probably the same applies for yehena, but she's also a skilled dancer so she might do something with that instead. and like i said, kyulkyung is doing good in china. so there's no point for her to ever come back to kpop again since she can get way better jobs in her own country then she'll ever get in korea.
    also about the rumored girl group with gaeun and yunjin, i think that's extremely unlikely for multiple reasons. first of all, except for kyulkyung (who 100% sure won't redebut) all of the other ex-pristin members aren't popular at all. what's the point of redebuting the unpopular girls from your group when you could've easily talked stuff out with the more popular members and debut them instead. also were this group to debut, they would be a big scandal and would get so much backlash from the general public you can't even imagine. we all know pledis is stupid, but nobody is stupid enough to do something like that. also the fact that almost all of the members left, tells me that pledis isn't planning on debuting a girl group anytime soon if not ever. because i'm sure that more girls would've stayed if they had a guaranteed chance to redebut again, but instead they chose to look for different agencies since pledis probably told them that they won't be redebuting any of them. pledis will probably take the big hit route and focus only on boy groups from now on. i do wonder what will happen to their current trainees + gaeun though.
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  5. chuuberry added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    i.o.i is rumored to have a 6 month reunion and release new music but it's also said that somi can't be a part of it due to her debut. i wasn't even questioning it until weki meki announced today that they'll be coming back on the 14th.. now if doyeon and yoojung can be a part of the reunion (nothing has been confirmed, but none of the rumours say anything about them not participating so let's assume for now that they are), then why can't somi despite debuting in the same month as their comeback? if this reunion is true and somi isn't a part of it while those two are, then i'm convinced that there has to be more going on than  what we're seeing. maybe not with somi but definitely with some of the higher ups.
    it just seems weird to me how fantagio let's doyeon and yoojung participate but yg/tbl doesn't let somi go despite having activities around the same time span. and somi's debut surely isn't going to take up 6 months of time so using that as an excuse seems odd. it also doesn't help that yg is known to have beef with mnet and pretty much refuses to let any of his artists work with them. so i wouldn't be surprised if yg being petty is the reason why somi can't go and they're just using her debut as an excuse.
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  6. chuuberry added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    i have this burning feeling that her debut is getting delayed once again. i mean may 1st is only a bit more than a week away and we know literally nothing about her debut. if we don't get teasers within the next few days, then i guess it's safe to assume that her debut has been put off once again.
    i mean i feel kind of bad for her if it really is the case, but then again what do you expect from any company that is under yg.
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  7. chuuberry added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    i'm thinking that somi's solo will either be:
    1. a gashina ripoff like solo
    2. a blackpink reject song that won't be used for their upcoming comeback
    i hope that i'm wrong but teddy isn't exactly known for his varied discography, especially these last few years.
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  8. chuuberry added a post in a topic Annika Victoria   

    just like many others i used to watch her, but now that i've gotten into sewing myself i feel like her skills aren't as great. so i barely watch her anymore because i feel like there are better sewing youtubers out there who can help me improve my skills more than watching her videos.
    also that rant about the 'get well' thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. i get how she must feel, but there's no need to act this way over something that is meant in a good way. she could've gotten her point across perfectly fine with the first 3 images. but instead she posts over 10+ and that's just blowing things out of proportion and even kind of feels like she's seeking attention?
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  9. chuuberry added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    the black label has officially confirmed that her solo debut will be on may 1st. teddy is the producer of her song but that's a given. [link]
    also about her unfollowing twice, i'm pretty sure that was just a mistake. somi and twice are close so i doubt that there's any bad blood between them. she refollowed them right after too. and even if it was intentional, it shouldn't be such a big deal. it's her account and there could be countless of reasons to unfollow someone without having negative intentions.
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  10. chuuberry added a post in a topic Kimiperi   

    i used to follow her a couple of years ago when i was really into that type of fashion. i agree with the person above that her body definitely isn't 'naturally skinny' and she shouldn't be acting like it is. i'm naturally skinny too so trust me that i know what i'm talking about. but even my body or any other person who classifies as naturally thin doesn't look half as skinny as she does. now i'm not a doctor and i don't know her personally so i can't judge on wheter or not she has an ed. but getting a body like that isn't just from genetics alone.
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  11. chuuberry added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    i used to like her when i first found out about her because her hauls were nice, until i started to notice how frequently she made them. as someone who has been getting into sustainable fashion for the past few months, her videos really rub me the wrong way. now i'm not someone who pushes their ideals and beliefs onto others and i'm aware that not everyone has the privilege to switch to more sustainable options when it comes to clothing (i mean she definitely does but that's another story). but this girl is taking it too far. it's sad because she (and many other influencers really) have the opportunity to change something with all the views that she has. but instead she's just normalizing the fact that it's ok to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on clothing produced in sweatshops (which really isn't normal) and then has the nerve to say that she won't even be wearing the majority of the items and just bought them because they are 'cute' and aesthetic. girl really needs to do some research on how badly her clothes are affecting the environment and the people who make them.
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  12. chuuberry added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii / Pixie.bunn   

    her fanboys give me secondhand embarrassment, especially when they try to defend her shooping. like anyone with more than 3 braincells can tell that her photos are photoshopped. she doesn't even look remotely human on most of her pictures and they want to defend someone like that 
    honestly i kind of feel for this girl. i can't imagine how bad her self esteem must be for her to photoshop herself like this. and the worst part is that her social media is only making it worse. hopefully she can move past this someday and learn that you don't have to photoshop yourself to look like some anime girl in order for people to like you, but far more important, for you to like yourself.
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  13. chuuberry added a post in a topic Yumi King General Thread #2   

    i came across her channel a while ago as i am a beginner sewer and i was looking for sewing tutorials, but the more i read about her the more she starts to weird me out a bit? especially some of her fashion choices. i mean i have no issue with dressing cute. but dressing like a child when you're in your late twenties is a bit too much.especially given the fact that she's dating a much older guy. but as long as it makes her happy and she isn't hurting anyone with it what can i say..
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  14. chuuberry added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    i really hope this is true, but i've been following her for quite some years and i just don't know with her at this point. i'm praying that it is actually true though and that she can maybe finally recover from her illness, but for now i'm just going to wait quietly at the sidelines until there's actual proof of her getting treatment.
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  15. chuuberry added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    somi going solo is a good move imo. somi is so popular, that the only way that a group with her would work is if the members are equally as popular. if she had joined itzy, we'd just get ourselves another miss a situation. which is a shame because from what i can see now, itzy's members are so talented so i'd be a shame to see them being constantly overshadowed by somi. so somi pursuing a solo carreer is the best for both parties. i don't think that somi would want her group to be known as somi & the other girls either. now if joining yg/tbl however was a good idea, is a completly different story..
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