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      Hi all, I paid the server bill for the month so the site can be archived, sorry for the mess, didn't realize there'd be such an uproar. The site's in read-only mode. Happy archiving. Here's a link to a user-made PULL discord server: https://discord.gg/vZFEm75


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    Have you heard the story about YG and his wife? 
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    I was shocked when I heard that Somi left JYP and joined the Black Label. Honestly, I would like to see her debut in a group because I feel that she suits it more than being a soloist. Maybe she'll debut as a soloist then be added to the new girl group later? The Black Label is also headed by Teddy and Kush. I don't know how they will manage Somi and their new girl group but I hope all goes well. It would suck to see them thrown in the dungeon to never be seen again. 
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