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  1. ImSorry added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    Yikes.. okay here we go.
    Regarding the screenshot I'm going to go and acknowledge that she is getting depressed/anxiety etc.. due to Overwatch and it's bad for her mental health hence why she should stop making videos about it.
    Explain to me why she keeps tweeting about overwatch then? Half her tweets are still overwatch/drama related and she's promoting a new movement. #Boycottoverwatch.
    Aria sweetie make up your mind.. is it bad for your mental health or not?
    Now to my experience with Aria Rose.
    First time I found about her was when she along with a couple of Mercy mains spammed her videos on the forums.
    I had countless of discussions with her and her followers only to end with one of them being toxic or being passive-agressive.
    Also to mention they would mass-flag people that don't agree with them or are known forumers that are against their movement in an attempt to get them banned, I myself got silenced due to them.
    Carrying on I've tried having a discussion with her on her own discord along with a high elo friend.. I wanted to have an actual discussion with someone that "advocates for discussion" the result?
    My friend got banned mid discussion and I got banned a couple of days later when her boyfriend was wishing death upon the overwatch dev team and I showed my annoyance to the matter.
    She lacks respect and will insult top Overwatch players if their opinions aren't the same as hers.
    Her followers in my opinion are mostly little kids that have seen some sort of hero in her and follow her blindlessly, any person with actual ability to think for themselves have abandoned her.
    She strives for drama and will go out of her way to create one, she's done so in previous communities and now Overwatch.. the only difference is Overwatch is a huge platform and the backlash was huge. Sadly she doesn't learn or try to change her ways... she throws in an appology then goes on doing the same things.
    Also to add yesterday she blocked me from her twitter either because of the video I posted about her or my tweets.
    In conclusion, Aria Rose is a hypocrite she'll act and say one thing on twitter and do the compele opposite either on youtube or towards people trying to have a discussion with her.
    She plays the victim a lot and parades she's a positive person that advocates for discussion but in reality she's the compele opposite.
    What she said here are full of lies and a method for her to manipulate people and save face, this person isn't to be trusted.
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  2. ImSorry added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Lurked here for a while reading through a certain someone's drama and thought I'd make an account.
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