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  1. yuka added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Eh, I think 10 years is a serious over estimate. Belle is on her decline already, she peaked as a meme back in November/December and like all memes, will fizzle out. Yeah, we may hear about her from time to time but she will never stay relevant for long. 
    Think about it, the online personalities that stay relevant for YEARS are the ones that are the most real, the most relatable, adaptable, likeable, and continue to pump out content that is enjoyable from across the board. They've built empires with their names, looks, and talents. They also tend to be marketing geniuses (or have people do it for them). 
    What has Belle done? She has a niche audience (that actually enjoys her and isn’t just making fun of her or following her for shock value) that is strictly horny dudes, and not just any horny dudes, but the weab loli pedo 4chan types. That is not sustainable. They get bored, they’re fickle. They’re also a small (albeit, loud) group. Think about it. Of her 2.5 million followers she doesn’t even have 2,000 that think she’s worth 25 bucks. And on top of that, outside of Patreon, she has absolutely no other source of revenue. People severely overestimate how much money she makes. Internet fame can be extremely lucrative, if you make it a business and treat it as one. But she doesn’t. She doesn’t even have Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, or an Instagram that generates revenue. Her being exclusively niche adult content severely limits her ability to generate revenue from ads or sponsorships, which is a massive part of making it as a full-time Internet personality. 
    If she was actually smart, she’d have pumped out YouTube videos or blew up the internet by getting on IRL Twitch or something. But she didn’t. And her opportunity for that has passed, her peak would have been the time to do it. Now she will never get anything but hate. One thing she had going for her (at one point) was that people didn’t know much about her or who she was. They were curious about her. Her room tour video did great and had she stuck on that road she may have had a chance. But now people have seen who she was/is through her dug up past and want nothing to do with her. She screwed herself over by being a boring and shady person, and not capitalizing properly on her fame. I think adult content ruined her potential. Had she stuck with kinda sexy kinda cute and gone influencer route she wouldn’t have made as much money as quickly, but it would have been steady income, potential for growth, and a lot less hate. 
    Oh and are we forgetting that to sustain her only source of income is her loli pedo-baiting? Yeah, that puts a ticking time bomb on her adult content. 10 years? She won’t make it past 20. 
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  2. yuka added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    Looks to me like shes gained a lot of weight, comparative to how she’s looked in recent years, and is either using a corset or shooped the waist. My bets on corset, I feel like you can see some of the ridges?
    Seems she’s trying to jump on the “thiiicc” train instead of the smol anime waifu look she previously was going for. 
    Either way, it definitely doesn’t look natural...I’d go as far as to say it actually looks kind of bad :L Like...awkward? If it weren’t for the cinched in waist she almost looks chubby with the massive fake tits and thighs. A bit stocky honestly, not really a great look IMO
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