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  1. 4thetea added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Brianna was just live on instagram cooking food. 
    - Nobita's video: She didn't watch it and doesn't plan to. She's only heard what it's about from her goonies paraphrasing. When she said she wasn't going to watch it a lot of her supporters chimed in saying they wouldn't give Nobita the view either (so much for a message being spread). She said she knows Nobita just wants to f*ck and that "He hates black women but wants n**ger p*ssy" This was followed by "I'm iconic no one can touch me because I'm the baddest bitch alive, let's be real." 
    - A black guy in the chat told her she should contact Nobita because a different point of view encourages growth and all her crow proceeded to attack him for the duration of the live. She also told him to shut up and then shifted it to all this being about her being spat on which is old news and she wishes people would "catch up". 
    - Brief conversation about Twilight. Edward Cullen is a white guy who gets a pass. 
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  2. 4thetea added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    First time poster so I have a lot to say. 
    Of course she's not making a video on it lol. What would she even say? Nobita's own issues aside, in those 20 minutes he: removed her ability to play victim, destroyed the defense Yuta had set up for her, called her out for not using facts or logic, and revealed her disrespect for Japanese culture and people. What can she do besides curse and complain about it? There are no true conversations with her type. 
    Also it's Narcissism 101 that people who have suffered from intense insecurity (by way of harsh criticism in younger years etc.) develop this shield of false over-confidence. Use that as a coping method long enough and it becomes your entire personality. I have no doubt that she is mentally ill or has hoed around as much as she says she has tbh. 
    I started following her after she appeared on the Kurly in Kansai podcast but every time I'd click on her lives I'd literally feel negative energy radiating off of them. I'd say I was surprised she has a following but I'm not. People read that fake confidence as real and admire someone being that "outspoken" and "real". (Also some people are just masochists and like being treated like shit; but to each their own). 
    My main problem with Bri is that she is in Japan and whether she likes it or not she is a representation for her race/nationality/gender. Tensions in Japan are already on the rise because of the olympics and the recent measles outbreak. People only see, believe, and hear what they want to some are viewing her actions as common. I don't think it's right that she gets this opportunity and uses it for scamming people and furthering the damage to Black women's reputation.  
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