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  1. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Not only that, she deleted the tweets about the new tier, as well as some boots that seem to cost $1000 bucks. Maybe that's what the tier is actually for, buying new boots for Nicole.
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  2. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    This is the current status of her patreon in terms of her self maintaining goal, she was past 100% past month

    From her posts from November, she had a patreon who went for the $500 tier but seems to leave once he got the set. Probably also a good chunk of the $100 also dropped out. That could explain why she's doing a "discount", trying to convince the ones in $50 to go for the $100 tier. This alongisde the youtube videos are clearly a desperation tactic, she dropped really hard and she isn't reaching the numbers to keep going with her lazy lifestyle.
    It's only been 4 months since she became an e-girl and she's already starting to tank patreons.
    Now about the $1000 is a fucking disaster of an idea. Why the fuck would you get this tier honestly. Clearly not for dating her, since she already has a "boyfriend". Not for her personality since Nicole has as much personality as an npc. Not for games since she in general is pretty bad at games. Not for bragging, because the last thing you want to be associated is with a girl that has a reputation of being a complete bitch. Not for the nsfw since it's so incredibly lazy and Nicole is as sexy as a potato.
    I'm amazed at how Nicole tries to avoid working at all cost. I'm pretty sure she stays all day playing videogames, then stops for half an hour, makes the minimum pictures required and goes back to playing games. For someone who once complained of how her mother had 2 works, Nicole really doesn't understand what hard work means
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  3. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    She made a post about her story in youtube.
    She talks about how nice the 18+ community is, and that it makes her feel happy. And that she does what she wants at any time she desires. It also has that boogie2988 manipulation of "I love you guys".
    This content, is not worth $100. No wonder she went from 35 to 24. I think that's the reason she's been posting more on youtube, because even thirsty guys understand that they can get much more from other e-girls. Nicole it's ok to do what you want, but try to improve something, at first you had the excuse you were just starting but holy fuck, after all this time you can't even get your cuck boyfriend to record you?
    Overwatchcirclejerk is a community that has always memed and laughed at mercy mains. While not the origin of that cliche, they shitpost about how mercy mains see themselves as the most important part of OW, that they are all spoiled girls with squeeky voices that only play mercy / d.va and go passive agressive when confronted plus their intense hatred for DPS. Nicole is the poster child of that sub, since she fits every single one of those traits. 
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  4. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    I'm going to especulate because I wanted to check the time when she made her uwutubers video, a time period where she had a meltdown on the uwutubers thread about a particular reply from a girl I'll call from now on Nostradamus-chan

     Sadly a lot of stuff was lost in that period, it jumped between april and july with a lot of edited posts and no sign of CreamBRabbit raid on the thread. But by other post that was made later in the page, it was confirmed Nostradamus-chan is a close friend of Lily's
    Another post where she admits she tried to do the uwutuber stuff
    And this is a particular thing, she mentions she had a friend that also did this, she admits later that said "friend" was Nikkichi.

    From the lots of deleted stuff I finally found a collaboration between the later and Lily (Warning, really forced high pitch video and you only need to read the description anyways. Also I couldn't find a video from early 2018 when Nicole started to actively post on Lily's thread)
    Such a friend that Nicole will end up doing a thread about her in march 2018

    She talked about her in the uwutubers thread, dunno why if there was already a thread for Nikkichu

    So the speculation of  this clusterfuck starts with Nicole seeing the success of the uwutuber trend, she aims at Lily because she is the most popular of said trend. To get to her, she starts to try to network with girls close to Lily (Nikkichi, Nostradamus-chan, etc.), but as thing went sorrow she started to get more desperate and more agressive against the girls to notice her. From this shitshow, Nikki seems to be the only one who became Nicole's friend. Considering that Nicole's anxiety, she then probably sent that e-mail to lily, in the hopes that Nikki will say something in the lines of "Hey this girl Aria Rose is pretty nice, you should do a collab with her".
    According to Nicole, this is the part where she doesn't get an answer and moves on. But it's clear it wasn't the end. Nicole is a woman that holds grudges for many years, not only against Lily and her friends, but also Nikki, since her friendship didn't help her get Lily's attention.
    Now all of these events happened before 7 Jan 2018, the first post she made in the lilypichu thread. How long ago it's up to debate. Considering Nicole's impulsivity, I want to say they happened during the end of 2017. Before 30 Mar 2018, someone from Lily's circle (probably Nikki) found out about her posts. This is the part where the friendship with Nikki is broken in a bad way, since Nicole will make a thread about her, probably trying to use PULL as a personal army against her.
    But since the thread didn't get traction, she decided to make the uwutubers general one at 11 April 2018. also as a good excuse to get her chance of payback against them.
    The rest is story, but I wanna point out at CreamBRabbit video, particularly the tone of it. It's pretty hostile and with genuine despise for Nicole, at the time I thought she overreacted to her video, but when you take in account how much of a bitch Nicole is, you can understand the hostility displayed there.
    And in the end, her hate for uwutubers got overshadowed by her hate for Niandra, Star, Hoshi, and every ow streamer.
    TL;DR: Nicole tried to gain e-fame with uwutubers, had a meltdown, tried to attack them and failed miserably.
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  5. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    New video
    Back at passive agressive business

    Already disliked and the smug bitch act is back. Gee, what can go wrong this time, it's not like the other 5 times it ended in pure meltdowns
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  6. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    She deleted her "preview" video. I wonder if Nicolle realised that deleting videos left and right actively hurts her youtube channel. She either uploads one of those previews and accelerate her sub lose or deletes said preview and puts her at the bottom of the youtube algorythm.
    But who needs planning and effort for your music channel when you can get easy 500 bucks

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  7. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    I realised in the last video that she has a wings tattoo in the back. In fact every new video another tattoo appears.
    She can't even do the "Out of your league" girl. She either looks completely dead inside, dances akwardly or does the ahegao, that manages to get worse with each instance
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  8. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Well she promotes her nsfw patreon on her music channel where she has/had a lot of young viewers.
    Please someone stop the ahegao, it gets worse with each time she does it
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  9. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    I've been thinking of why her nsfw doesn't work too much, as some said, she is neither a super pretty girl or an ugly one. But there's problems that appear in her NSFW that each one adds to its crappy quality.
    Her body and face: Her face is really mature, while her body is young looking, it's bound to create a dissonance.Her clothing : because of 1, going for the loli e-girl fashion doesn't give do it for her at all.Her makeup: She still tries to be a loli uwu e-girl trying to soften her face. Aside of that there's also the same pose she does in every selfie.Her posing: This is probably her biggest offense, she clearly has a mentality of "If I just show my body it's going to be erotic" and ends up with really awkward poses. She also takes selfies for everything, so whenever she wants to show her butt she has to do more awkward poses to take it. But still being a selfie is not an excuse, she could easily use a mirror, there's girls that don't show their boobs or ass yet manage to do much sexier photos than Nicole who is all about erotic content.The fucking ahegeao: it's not funny, it's not sexy, doing it randomly only makes it worse, stop it.Being a belle delphine clone: I can understand the first month going for it, but at this point she should have found her own style, yet she keeps insisting on just copying belle. Why go for a cheap copy when you can go for the original. I don't know much about belle but I'm pretty sure she makes much better content than Nicole'sThe price: Paying 50+ bucks for this content is stupid. There's girls who offer much better quality than Nicole'sAlso I wonder where cuckboy is, you know this would be a good opportunity for him to be the photographer.
    She opened a tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@pixelpoyo
    And for last
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  10. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    She looks high on drugs rather than sexy or erotic
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  11. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    She did another mass deleting of videos, leaving only the pokemon related ones. Probably because of all the shitshow blizzard has been into.
    Another thing I found is despite of how much she says she hate the blizzard forums and the people going there, she was posting there until last week
    Also I find hilarious how Nicolle is saying that she doesn't want to half ass things, since a lot of her content felt half assed. 100$ for selfies, leafy style videos, uninspired music, I think that even with a better camera, the content will still be mediocre because Nicolle still doesn't know how to do poses without awkwardness
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  12. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    The lewds were probably leaked, that's how things normally go
    -Get thirsty boys as patreons
    -There's always someone who's doing it clearly because he wants to date
    -Either do something stupid or cut contact with some of those dudes
    -In revenge or because it doesn't matter anymore for them, they leak the photos.
    Even if they try to go full cyber police mode, most of patreon girls can't stop leaks from happening
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  13. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    I'm finding hilarious how she is going from "I'm cosplaying this character because I like it" to "I'm cosplaying this character because she's underage and I wanna show those mean bullies a lesson"
    Give it another week and she'll make a video and a hashtag
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  14. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    This is one of those crossovers...
    The incredible irony in all of this, is that ´Nicole gave likes to people complaining about Sakimi's weird proportions

    But since Sakimi did the same as her, now it's completely fine.

    I knew it, she couldn't keep herself from being a drama whore. The ride never ends
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  15. roastychicken added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Why upload something that may cause you anxiety. Why she didn't think that maybe it's a thing that can easily attract the twitter horde.
    Also hi Nicole, nice to know you still lurk here
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