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  1. Lladro added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Totally agree it's about Coco, but I couldn't fake being enthusiastic for that scented face cream either. I don't mind perfumed lotions and creams but I only use them on my shoulders and arms. I could care less if I break out in a rash there.   
    Honestly if you're friends with Coco as long you're not competing for the same spotlight as her, she will be fine to have lunch with. Also it seems like she gets along best with the independent fashion designers and indie artists. 
    I still prefer Coco's new group of friends versus Joan's group. Also, Ashley is the only one out of OLD group that creates non cringey videos. The rest of them SERIOUSLY need English lessons because you WILL lose IQ points trying to make sense of their stories.  I'm getting a headache listening to one of them now in the background while I type this and only 6 mins in.  
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  2. Lladro added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Most girls who are somewhat attractive will have plenty of guys who are slightly into them. Josh, Mina & the her other friends in this vlog seem really decent people. Even Eddie seems cool since his personality is a bit more dialed back when he's not on camera. It's nice to see a group of people have a fun evening without getting totally wasted on alcohol. 
    Also the "good" guys tend to pay attention when you ramble on about items you adore when you're out window shopping. Like most girls I'm sure Coco has different set of friends for specific types of events.
    For once Coco had a cute outfit on and make up was done up well too. Surprised she used a "daeri unjeon," since I thought she doesn't drink. Maybe made an exception that night since it's a birthday. 
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  3. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Juno doesn't seem like the type of guy that actually has serious gfs, he has way too many options available. They probably hooked up but he didn't think of it anything more than a casual fling. Joan must have been led on by his charms and once she realized it meant very little to nothing to him, severed all contact and blocked him on all social media. Since he ghosted her or stopped responding, she's trying to show off her new & better self, but still haunted by him.  
    Maybe that's explains the hip-hop clothes she owns, but never wears in real life. 
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  4. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

  5. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    It's just easier to associate with Asians when you are as well. But just because she doesn't post non Asians on her social media doesn't mean she doesn't have any non Asian friends. Didn't Joan mention something about growing up being the only Asian in one of her "Facts about me videos?"
    Here's two pictures from February 2019. 

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  6. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Next video prediction ..... yo yo Joandays, back in Seoul & I gotz my hair did so it matches my $300 one size fits all fox head sweater

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  7. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    The longer the ego princess takes to post an update on the "OMG Watsons a Asian Drug Store chain in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand & Singapore a Brand I TRUST & collaborated with in the past stole my idea I worked so hard on because it took me so long to make a decision on what herb essence & color scheme to use" the worse it looks.
    Those of you that actually live in those countries, please take a trip down to a store near you & strike up a conversation with the store employees.
    Not sure what to think about this part of Spain vlog 1 where Joan gets all excited she can use a filthy looking non encapsulated LEAD paint door as a dining room table at the AirBNB.  The aesthetic. LOL
    Another thing Epik High just released a new song, why didn't they use Joan since she looks like IU's twin sister. 

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  8. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Watson's is a MASK. Joan's is moisturizers with a drop of essential lavender oil and vitamin C They are two completely different products & personally I prefer to see a skincare product in person before I buy it.   
    Here's the ingredients list in case you haven't seen it. Only listed at https://sokoglam.com/products/neogen-vita-duo-cream-joan-day-joan-night
    The ingredients that you can find in both creams:  Water, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Ethylhexylglycerin, Gardenia Florida Flower Extract, Maltodextrin & Disodium EDTA. For daily moisturizers I prefer totally UNSCENTED products that come in tubes or pump dispensers since you can throw it your purse or toss them in a gym bag. Brands like CeraVe, Aveeno, Cetaphil or simple & will work for most people.
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  9. Lladro added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Kyle the trainer is giving Lindy some challenging routines that she probably wouldn't attempt if she followed her own program, As for outfits & those volleyball shorts, I've seen much worse in the gym. That's why there's usually a dress code at some facilities. Also Kyle's totally professional and completely focused on her posture the entire time to make sure she's using correct form. Nothing will screw up your progress faster than a back injury.    
    In a month or so Lindy can just go workout or tag along with her sister to maintain things. Creating a simple routine with healthier food choices is what she needs to focus on in addition to the exercise regimen.
    Compliments will keep anyone motivated and you're not going to get many glances when you wear potato sacks. 
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  10. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

  11. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    May have something to do with her actual diet of pizza, bagels, French fries, potato chips and other fried "vegan" junk foods, along with strange exercise regimen in order to keep up with the latest Korean beauty & fashion trends.  

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  12. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Cant believe these are the same people. How things have changed in only 2 years.  

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  13. Lladro added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

  14. Lladro added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I don't know how anyone can listen to the conversation since the background track Joan used was all wrong and never muted out completely. Should have diverted some of that hoodie money to a decent microphone. 
    Countless other podcasts or TEDtalks I would listen to over this.  
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  15. Lladro added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    It's probably to visit her schools or whatever charity she's doing. Better to travel to those countries now before it gets warmer.   
    It was actually decent, sort of covered all the little things someone suggested she do like visiting a cafe, shopping, and forget what else.  
    It's nice when she included the clip of her brother trying to show Issac needles are not something to be afraid of. couldn't understand what he was saying with his accent. Wish she would let him hold the camera more since he should have a steadier hand.  
    Her charity work is really commendable though. 

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