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  1. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Exactly! Not saying I or even ish is a victim, but I’ve been in a toxic relationship before.... Lemme say they’ll suffocate you with love, and say they don’t see any flaws in you, yet in the next moment they invalidate your feelings and make you think you’re a bad person, no matter how hard you always try to accommodate their needs and sensitivities. Even when you tell them why they’re wrong, they’re still always in the right, always the victim, because they believe their disposition earns them some kind of exception. 
    Sorry for getting personal but that story Rin posted about Ish being mad at them was a bit reminiscent of my experiences. Your partner should be able to express their legitimate feelings to you without you blasting them on the internet, with or without context. Rin should’ve at least been respectful by posting, “Ish is tired, we’ll go on live tomorrow”. I doubt their relationship is very toxic, if at all. Still, in retrospect, having a clingy partner who self-victimizes fucking sucks.  And sharing a lease with them doesn’t make it easier. 
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  2. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I listened to snippets! Actually Rin said they told ish they’d clean the apartment but didn’t and instead sat around on IG live, I think that’s why Ish was mad.
    Anyways Yes, Rin talked about how a lot of friends dumped ‘em, apparently without giving closure? If it were anyone else I’d think the friends are crap for not giving an in-depth explanation, but considering Rin’s behavior and the amount of constructive criticism that has been given and ignored, I don’t blame the friends for walking away. At first Rin used them as a token when virtue signaling “...I have friends who are survivors....” and is now saying they’re fake and dropped em for clout, which... who didn’t see that coming? Rin has been nothing but shallow, arrogant, and distant, not even trying to be receptive, of course their friends aren’t going to waste their time. Also Rin mentioned they’re not reading text messages other than ones from their mom, manager and Ish, so for all we know perhaps their ex friends tried a level-headed approach and Rin blew them off for not kissing ass. 
    Other than that, on Live they mostly talked about their mental health, weed, their family, LA life. 
    Kinda OT but I stand corrected, apparently Rin actually pays for most of the things, which probably hasn’t been much since they barely moved. They said,”I payed (roughly) 1700 for rent”, sounds like that’s all on them and Ish mostly cleans and cooks, and now works at a place called WonderWorld Space. I thought Rin would have Ish do everything. They also got to LA with “5 figures”, which I’m gonna guess was around $10k-15k since Rin worked full time for $12 an hr for... a year? Maybe less, I don’t actually know how long. So they’re going to make it in LA for a while but if their influencer career doesn’t pick up, then that money will drain quickly. 
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  3. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Suppose it’s cute how some of you really thought you could take Rin seriously... shows open-mindedness lol 
    Rin tried calling weed broccoli and playing it off like they were some health-food hipsters that dehrydrates their own veggie chips. That’s the joke. When making veggie chips it’s more efficient to make one or two large batches and store it in a large ziplock bag or air tight container, not make and store 1/3 of a cup in two dispensary labeled jars. 
    In legal states the prices are usually lower and more consistent simply because weed is easier to come by, but everything’s expensive in Cali so I could be wrong in this case. Also in California I think you still need a license, but there still might be some seedy dispensaries that’ll sell to anyone, and maybe Rin and ish got a deal which might explain how they had kind of a lot. 
    Still funny how Rin insists that they can’t afford a hairdresser or makeup organizer, which could be as cheap as $20-50 but they still eat out and buy weed all the time 
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  4. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Dry... steamed?
    Perhaps Rin meant dehydrated, but anyways that ain’t broccoli. 
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  5. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    both of them are followers and supporters of Rin 
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  6. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Exactly, there are plenty of influencers based in Texas and other states and smaller towns around the world. Rin doesn’t need to be in LA that bad. But nooo they just couldn’t miss out on brand dinners....
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  7. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    YES I did not mean to make Rin out to be a molester or rapist. I really doubt the tweet should be taken that way. My point is that it’s self-contradicting in a way and definitely not okay, a lot of Rin’s fans are young teens and might think it’s a good idea to mess with their partners like that in their sleep.
    At the least it’s disgusting. Innuendos or having mature conversations about sex is fine but I don’t get the appeal in sharing descriptive, graphic sexual details, maybe unless it’s with your close friends. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about what couples do in their homes, if you’re an adult then do whatever you want, but depending on the context please refrain from sharing certain details to the public. Doesn’t matter if you’re a creepy old man or a beautiful young woman or anyone in between, nobody wants to know your business. 
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  8. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    You have a point! Like I said it could be a kink or preference.
    I felt it was worthy to bring up again because seeing the comment reminded me of that tweet, and it all sounded a bit hypocritical to me, although the comment Rin made isn’t wrong. This is just me making an assumption, but maybe one of the reasons Rin thought the victim was lying is partially because she said the rapist was an ex boyfriend. I’ve heard of people having the misconception that partners can’t sexually assault each other, of course it actually does happen. 
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  9. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Found this in the comments on their last post. 

    Really, Rin? What about this.... 
    Maybe they have some weird ass kink that they share exclusively with each other. This specific scenario might not be that bad, but it doesn’t change the fact that there wasn’t “clear and concise” consent shown here, and that people can still get sexually harassed by a partner. That might sound obvious but Rin hasn’t said they’re aware of that, which is extremely important considering one of the victims they gaslit was assaulted by a bf.
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  10. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I’m sorry but this is obviously a weak ass troll using a throw-away account. I’m sure no one here agrees with people taking their rage out on Rin. Demanding they kill themself, using slurs and hateful words makes you just as bad as Rin. But honestly this looks like they just want people to pity them. It also pisses me off because it seems like they’re trying to compile and villianize everyone who is against them, when most of us aren’t even hateful, we simply just don’t want to support manipulative, egocentric abusers. You’re still in the wrong Rin, and acting like you’re better than the people who stand for victims won’t hold up very well. 
    Also I’m pretty certain Rin deleted plenty of comments in the beginning lmao they need to take a seat. 
    About the photo, it’s not bad but they shouldn’t have thrown the field so much out of focus, it’s beautiful. Also makes the crows look weird on top of the blurriness. At the same time the colorful flowers do clash with what should’ve been evil, dark vibes. The photographer is okay but his style really does not match Rin’s.... Damn Rin’s feed looks so bad. 
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  11. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    That reminds me, when Rin posted that BlackMoon Cosmetics ad, someone commented a sarcastic joke calling them out on the situation, it read “all that smoke coming from victims you gaslighted -heart eyes-“
    It was a day or two later when I noticed Rin had actually liked that comment. People go along with negative comments or joke about them because it takes away satisfaction from the hater. But in this case... considering the issues at hand, it’s extremely inappropriate, for obvious reasons. 
    I thought of screenshotting or screenrecording but either one can’t accurately prove when someone likes a comment on Instagram. This is why I doubt Rin accidentally liked it; surprisingly it was up for a few days as a top comment, but then the damage control seriously began and of course it was deleted. 
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  12. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    That’s good. I don’t follow him but if I remember correctly, he was involved with Dasha at some point and eventually spoke out against her. I don’t remember her @ but she has a forum here on PULL. That’s kind of ironic considering Rin also shared a link to a page about Dasha when she was outed for being a completely evil sicko. 
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  13. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Also literally said “I apologize for this being dug up again” ...?! Basically admitting they’re sorry for getting called out.
    Rin is obviously so annoyed by getting exposed and blames others for it. If they had apologized privately, or given a real apology last year (not one exposing names and unnecessary details) and deleted tweets like the survivor asked, then this situation wouldn’t have been drug out so badly. It’s their own fault they were outed again.
    I’m glad she’s moving on from this now, she’s incredibly strong for speaking against Rin. Hopefully other people start to see through Rin’s facade. Bragging, being rude and hypocritical, the self-righteous attitude, asking people for money... none of that coincides with showing growth. 
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  14. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    4th time!! Remember the first one was last year, this is how Rin was outed.
    Hell, they barely even have a career now. A few days ago they came back to social media like nothing happened! Now that there’s articles about them and they’ve been blacklisted by several companies, they want to be like, “Oh yeah I’m doing this video because I decided using notes app makes it look insincere....” 
    Rin’s a manipulative narcissist, I hope they can get better honestly because they have an influence and this world sucks as it is, but so long as they’re being rewarded by their cult of naive fans along with being absolutely terrified of taking accountability (even when they have nothing to lose), they’ll never get better. Rin and all of their rude, brown-nosed fans can fuck off. 
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  15. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Ugh, really hoped Ish would stay silent, I thought maybe he would’ve followed LiLi’s example if anything. Nope, what he said was reminiscent of Rin’s self-victimizing, victim-shaming “apologies”.  That toxic, pathetic little friend group is going to end up screwing itself.
    Hmm does anyone think Thomas Halbert will say anything? I haven’t checked his socials, I bet he’s staying as far away as possible but at the same time it feels natural for him to be the next one to involve himself. I wouldn’t be that surprised if he threw Rin under the bus. OT I was looking through likes on some of Rin’s recents and other random posts, Thomas didn’t like any of them. 
    Many of Rin’s mutuals have been blocking or softblocking them over the past month. If you look at “following” on their social blade, the numbers fluctuate a lot. Soft block is when you block and unblock someone who follows you so that they unfollow. 
    Edit: this is the most I found from Thomas. It was the day Kalvin Garrah tweeted the screenshots from PULL. Basically the same excuse everyone else in that circle has made. 

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  16. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Honestly I didn’t expect LiLi/pinkprty to make a statement because they are best friends and she wasn’t involved in the situation, but it is admirable, also I’m sure her followers were concerned. Goes to show you don’t need to make a 5 page “apology” in Notes or a 25 minute video to address a private issue. Of course Rin’s part of the situation is very complicated, more so than we probably even know, but the complex semantics don’t matter. Rin should learn from Lili. 
    Every time Rin has spoken on the issue they think it’s going to be a quick-fix but they dig themselves deeper everytime. At this point I really don’t see why anyone would give them another chance especially after that empty, worthless apology they made a few days ago, and that’s on top of all the other shady ways they’ve dealt with this. How convenient is it that it’s the last time they will speak on the matter. 
    If anyone still chooses to support Rin, you’re unintentionally letting down victims and survivors because you’re normalizing the idolization of an abuser. There’s no excuse to support them. 
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  17. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    As a poc, I couldn’t agree more. Inclusivity is important, and if that’s why people support Rin then fine, but their trans and poc identity should never be used to defend their gross, inhumane behavior. Honestly what a disgrace, especially when there’s so many acceptional trans, nb, gay, poc artists out there that can represent the community more suitably than Rin. But no, let’s let a rape apologist overshadow those people. 
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  18. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

     Exactly, it’s as if Rin is creating an alibi, and speaking of which when they tried defending themself in the video and last years apology, they tried crediting themselves by saying they speak out for victims on twitter. Which is so weird to me how they had to reference that– it sounds like they’re trying to keep a record, and it comes off as very intentional and disingenuous. Perhaps I’m overthinking, but it struck me as odd right away because normally you’d expect someone to explain everything they did wrong and what they should’ve done better specifically in this situation. That’s just not the type of thing you try to prove and expect to go away. And like we’ve established it’s extremely likely they already knew about victim-shaming from spending their teenage years on tumblr so they probably didn’t learn anything from their mistakes at all. It’s so funny because like you said when people look at Rin’s twitter it’s 90% memes and them pretending to be in constant struggle. In the video Rin literally said “if you look at my twitter it’s all just me standing up for victims”... it’s just a retweet but alright then, yet Rin couldn’t even retweet @petitevanillas tweets discussing her side of the story. 
    Anyways, Rin liked this comment. Translation: “Ignore the critics, people are unwilling to let go of something that happened years ago”
    So... NOPE Rin don’t give a fuck. 

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  19. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   


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  20. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Wow I thought Rin was inactive on twitter because of when they said “I don’t need this, I’m deleting twitter”, to make people pity them!! Rin has zero self awareness, they say whatever they want and expect people to not see the intent behind it.
    That statement is better only because it’s not just them talking shit about the actual victim and then trying to convince everyone they’re such a great person who was also a victim. Other than that, it’s literally what they’ve said in the past. Essentially saying “I made a mistake....” fucking obviously, Rin, you don’t deserve a pat on the back for saying that. Admitting your wrong-doings is important, don’t get me wrong, but they’ve barely done that and even if they did it’s only the first step. Owning up isn’t solely what shows growth or genuine remorse.
    The way Rin mentions their mistakes as if they’re disputable: “it was not my intention to cause distress....” “sorry for lingering feelings I may have caused....” Not only downplaying the situation but they can’t even be straight forward. 
    Also they basically said “I guess my last apology wasn’t good enough so I’m very sorry”... apologisizing without fully acknowledging the shit they’ve caused. Oh and how about let people decide for themselves if you’ve grown, Rin? Because the ones who have actually taken the time to look at everything laid out and think about it, don’t see any reason to believe you’ve grown. So stop saying you have. 
    Maybe im being too critical, but this isn’t what I was expecting AT ALL. 
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  21. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rins pronouns are he/they so most people here aren’t misgendering them, and definitely no one should be calling Rin ‘she’, even the victim said she doesn’t care for that kind of support. That being said Rin has back tracked about their queerness a lot so of course people are going to have their doubts or questions. People are entitled to their opinions and speculations, which even self righteous Rin can’t grasp. If they want to call me a bigot they can go right on ahead because I can properly defend myself unlike they can.
    I agree it seems a bit inappropriate that people are talking more trivial things when Rin’s largest controversy has been brought to the surface recently and is trying to be swept under the rug... but when it comes down to it, this forum is about them as a person. Most people are likely searching for answers on twitter. If you want to speak out about it then go to gothfruits platforms, where most of their fans are.  
    None of us here have forgotten about how terrible of a person Rin really is and we all are keeping up with the story and survivors, along with raising awareness and commenting on it whenever we can.  
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  22. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I read that rant and I stopped using he/him because of it. I only used those pronouns because it made more sense to me grammatically, but decided that wasn’t a good reason. Hope I didn’t offend anyone here by using ‘he’. I’ll still respect people's acceptable pronouns no matter what, it’s the least anyone can do. 
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  23. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    So this is interesting... Rin hasn’t deleted comments on their latest YouTube video?
    First explanation as to why is probably the most likely one since it’s already obvious that they don’t care; they’re letting these comments up so those people can feel heard and get it out of their system. Since Rin has already lost so many followers they don’t mind filtering out anyone else who won’t support them. The sooner the better in their eyes. 
    Second possible explanation, and this one is a stretch, but perhaps Rin turned on comment filters and used it wrong without realizing, and is now obliviously letting their comment sections run wild? The reason why I think that is because they haven’t liked any of the comments from fans(so they’re being inattentive), they were deleting comments on the last video so why not now? And the strangest thing is this is a sponsored video, so you think they’d be especially careful with this one.

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  24. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    For real what the fuck! Apparently there aren’t any Krogers in LA, where Ish used to work, but instead they have Ralph’s which is owned by Kroger. Not sure how it works for pharmacy technicians, plus the transferring policy is different at every store, but there’s a chance Krogers could’ve set up a job for Ish in LA. If not, well then he should’ve started applying since he found out they were going to sign a lease in February. Both of them, because Rin’s whole influencer career is flopping.  
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  25. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Wow that definitely has to do with Rin. This is insane considering Olivya used to actively support Rin. I’ve seen her like and comment on their videos and IG posts. 
    Good on her for informing people about these evasive tactics. 
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