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  1. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I checked their platforms and from what I could tell, they haven’t done a sponsored/paid post or video since June. Before then they did at least one spons’d post a month. And their last YouTube video was a month ago... btw all their most recent videos only get 2k-4k views, as oppose to the 10-20k (averaged out) views they used to get. Imagine if Rin had simply set aside their pride last year and gave a meaningful, private apology to their ex-friends, then they’d probably be a successful influencer by now and making $1-2k a month. Now they’re making practically nothing. 
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  2. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    You’re not the only one, even a lot of their followers on Instagram and twitter (before it was deleted) didn’t realize they were actually afab or even considered themselves trans. That’s probably why Rin bitched out when they were called out by Kalvin Garrah, a lot of their fans likely came up to Rin questioning their vague identity and standoffish behavior. Previous to that, Rin was instigating the situation non stop, after that they decided to come out with a super virtue signally (but also passive aggressive) video as an indirect response.
    Speaking of that video, on top of the misinformation, they talked about what it’s like being trans regarding transphobia, dysphoria, transitioning etc.... considering they’ve always made it clear how they feel about trans meds, the video was no doubt for them and it was extremely condescending. Does Rin really think that trans people *wouldn’t* know more shit about those issues than anybody?! Yet they shift the blame on trans meds & lecture them while painting themselves as this poor, innocent person who did absolutely nothing instigative. 
    Personally to me it’s not an issue when people play around with pronouns or gender expression, even cis people do it. Don’t get me wrong, Rin believing that they’re an anime boy is weird to me too, but sure whatever makes them comfortable. What draws the line for me is when they take away from people that have it far worse off than them, simultaneously alienating them into a worse position. 
    FYI non binary people are valid. The ones I’ve met aren’t nearly as anal, selfish or misinformed as Rin.
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  3. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    The fuck? Remember when they were shaming “brown” people who support Jeffree Star, and I believe that was a week or so before they were exposed on a twitter. Rin is full of shit. 
    They acknowledged their privilege for half a second then took a virtually unrelated tweet and made it about themselves! Tired of Rin being condescending to minorities, then exploiting them when it’s convenient so they can coddle their own ego. They were literally on the most toxic, judgemental side of cancel culture, not the type of person who spread awareness about profound issues or gave constructive criticism to people who needed it. There’s a middle ground, but it’s funny how they’ve suddenly gone to the opposite side of the spectrum after being canceled for gaslighting, lying and bullying people. 
    Some children of color are let down by systematic oppression, but that doesn’t mean they’re inherently void of morals. Like Xarimx said they need to at least be held accountable if they’re not correcting themselves, and it’s okay if they take a while to learn. Rin and their fans don’t understand that everyone is supposed to feel shame when they’ve done something wrong. Bullying is fucked up but as most of you already understand, there are moments where people simply tell you things that you may not want to hear. As a result you might feel guilty, uncomfortable, confused, or even mad... that’s normal! Your conscience is tested regularly; accept that you’ve done bad things, accept the consequences, learn from it and try to fix it. Don’t take it as a personal attack and shut everyone down so you don’t have to deal with your own issues. 
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  4. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    We knew that Rin would be struggling but still, they moved to LA with supposedly over ten grand and were lucky enough to have friends and parents get them most of their furniture, appliances, and even most of their photo setup. On top of all the gifts, they do have some sort of income, in fact during one of their ig lives they mentioned how they make "way more money" as an influencer than they did as a technician. Sooo according to Rin, its NOT like they don't have money. Accepting unnecessary donations and spoiling themself is one thing, but I hate that one moment they're bragging about where they are in life and in the next moment telling sob stories like they're this poor, oppressed, helpless soul who has nothing. Also what happened to them selling t-shirts? People are really giving them money for nothing in return....
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  5. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing. Not to sound insensitive, I don’t doubt that Rin is struggling mentally, but besides the slightly different wording it’s identical to Thomas’s vid. Only difference is that Thomas is actually trying to improve and is starting to understand where he went wrong, he even explained a little without bringing up old shit. Rin on the other hand... reeks of self-pity and incompetence. There isn’t an inherent issue with the idea of Rin getting inspired by Thomas, but it’s so weird, why can’t Rin ever do anything organically? 
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  6. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    In my opinion Rin is somewhat attractive, but there’s always someone more beautiful and talented. Their whole look (hair, style, makeup) isn’t versatile at all, they constantly reuse the same two poses (chin down+mouth closed, and chin up mouth open), rotates the photo with every other pose which shows even they lack confidence in their own modeling, and they don’t exercise because “they’re a skinny legend”.... Even the most beautiful models, including plus size, exercise to maintain their health and appearance. These are just basic standards that Rin can’t even meet yet they expect to be handed everything because... they have a following and they aren’t completely ugly? If they’re willing to put in the effort then that’s great, otherwise I don’t see them getting any gigs other than super niche ones like lip model, or doing shoots with their manager. 
    Their old makeup looks were pretty, better then what they do now, but honestly even the old stuff was basic. On top of that, the looks that gave Rin the most recognition were inspired by other people. There are dozens of lgbt+ and poc creatives that have triple the talent and only a tiny fraction of the recognition, I’m guessing because they don’t cry, “I’m the ultimate gay!!” from the roof tops like Rin. Rin actually used to be really charming but then they started pushing the minority card way too much, and I’m sure their manager milks it too since it’s trendy for companies to be diverse.
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  7. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Looks like Rin is starting to get lazy with using closed captions, can’t say that’s a surprise to me since they always do the bare minimum when virtue signaling. 
    Or maybe they are a lurker here and noticed we were posting screenshots of their stories with CC
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  8. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Holy shit, poor thing it looks so bad. They would’ve been better off not tagging the inspiration because the thought of this shit being inspired by a talented artist makes it look even worse. There’s still dozens of kiss ass comments but even some of rins fans are joking about the look lol
    Nit picky but I’m disappointed in the fucking back ground. IMO the old one was so tacky until they finally got a hair color that happened to match it, but then they had to go get an ugly ass orange shade. Maybe it’ll match their blue hair when they dye it again. 
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  9. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    They seriously posted their fucking vibrator on their stories, wtf... I censored it out for the forum. I wonder if Rin purposely tried pranking their mom, I would be so fucking pissed if I was her ugh. 

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  10. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Yes! The hair texture looks okay but the color looks so uneven, that’s how you know the hair has lost a LOT of protein. They probably could’ve even went in with a blue, or an indigo violet color on top of the pink and it may have turned out to be a really dark vivid purple, which imo would’ve suited them a lot better. The shade they went with is even worse than the hot pink.... 
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  11. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rin’s engagement a month ago vs now, and back then it was only that high because of the back lash 

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  12. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Exactly! Not saying I or even ish is a victim, but I’ve been in a toxic relationship before.... Lemme say they’ll suffocate you with love, and say they don’t see any flaws in you, yet in the next moment they invalidate your feelings and make you think you’re a bad person, no matter how hard you always try to accommodate their needs and sensitivities. Even when you tell them why they’re wrong, they’re still always in the right, always the victim, because they believe their disposition earns them some kind of exception. 
    Sorry for getting personal but that story Rin posted about Ish being mad at them was a bit reminiscent of my experiences. Your partner should be able to express their legitimate feelings to you without you blasting them on the internet, with or without context. Rin should’ve at least been respectful by posting, “Ish is tired, we’ll go on live tomorrow”. I doubt their relationship is very toxic, if at all. Still, in retrospect, having a clingy partner who self-victimizes fucking sucks.  And sharing a lease with them doesn’t make it easier. 
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  13. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I listened to snippets! Actually Rin said they told ish they’d clean the apartment but didn’t and instead sat around on IG live, I think that’s why Ish was mad.
    Anyways Yes, Rin talked about how a lot of friends dumped ‘em, apparently without giving closure? If it were anyone else I’d think the friends are crap for not giving an in-depth explanation, but considering Rin’s behavior and the amount of constructive criticism that has been given and ignored, I don’t blame the friends for walking away. At first Rin used them as a token when virtue signaling “...I have friends who are survivors....” and is now saying they’re fake and dropped em for clout, which... who didn’t see that coming? Rin has been nothing but shallow, arrogant, and distant, not even trying to be receptive, of course their friends aren’t going to waste their time. Also Rin mentioned they’re not reading text messages other than ones from their mom, manager and Ish, so for all we know perhaps their ex friends tried a level-headed approach and Rin blew them off for not kissing ass. 
    Other than that, on Live they mostly talked about their mental health, weed, their family, LA life. 
    Kinda OT but I stand corrected, apparently Rin actually pays for most of the things, which probably hasn’t been much since they barely moved. They said,”I payed (roughly) 1700 for rent”, sounds like that’s all on them and Ish mostly cleans and cooks, and now works at a place called WonderWorld Space. I thought Rin would have Ish do everything. They also got to LA with “5 figures”, which I’m gonna guess was around $10k-15k since Rin worked full time for $12 an hr for... a year? Maybe less, I don’t actually know how long. So they’re going to make it in LA for a while but if their influencer career doesn’t pick up, then that money will drain quickly. 
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  14. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Suppose it’s cute how some of you really thought you could take Rin seriously... shows open-mindedness lol 
    Rin tried calling weed broccoli and playing it off like they were some health-food hipsters that dehrydrates their own veggie chips. That’s the joke. When making veggie chips it’s more efficient to make one or two large batches and store it in a large ziplock bag or air tight container, not make and store 1/3 of a cup in two dispensary labeled jars. 
    In legal states the prices are usually lower and more consistent simply because weed is easier to come by, but everything’s expensive in Cali so I could be wrong in this case. Also in California I think you still need a license, but there still might be some seedy dispensaries that’ll sell to anyone, and maybe Rin and ish got a deal which might explain how they had kind of a lot. 
    Still funny how Rin insists that they can’t afford a hairdresser or makeup organizer, which could be as cheap as $20-50 but they still eat out and buy weed all the time 
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  15. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Dry... steamed?
    Perhaps Rin meant dehydrated, but anyways that ain’t broccoli. 
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