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  1. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    While I don’t know everything about gender, I can at least say I am open-minded and curious towards the topic, and I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, in fact it does make sense to me.
    My issue is that... I followed Rin for a while, almost a year, and I always believed that he didn’t have dysphoria. I *don’t* remember him specifically confirming it himself, but I know for a fact that he has heavily implied he isn’t dysphoric by saying/retweeting things like “you don’t need dysphoria to be trans or NB”. That paired with his fem mannerisms, along with speaking so openly about sex and his feminine body on IG stories every other day (it’s not just the hair/clothes), it didn’t seem like he had any discomfort. 
    Now that’s my fault for misunderstanding, but I don’t recall him even addressing his dysphoria before either, not even by saying “I don’t feel comfortable talking about that/my dysphoria”. The most he’s said in the past was  “I felt a little dysphoric when I had long hair”. 
    It was a wrong assumption (that Rin completely lacked dysphoria) but was it completely unwarranted? Then Kalvin along with dozens of other people called Rin out, so he decides to openly admit he does have dysphoria. It’s awfully confusing and to be frank... it almost sounds like he back tracked, but I’m not in his brain so of course there are aspects that I don’t understand. 
    This doesn’t automatically mean Rin made anything up but you have to understand why so many people including myself would be confused now....
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  2. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rins inability to empathize with other trans people AT ALL is appalling. 
    People telling him ‘kys’, disgusting, but 70% of the comments I’ve seen on his channel are pretty valid. Yes obviously they’re upset and some are joking on him but that’s only because he’s said really stupid, backwards shit, overall they aren’t that hateful or even negative!
    If Rin took a fucking second of his precious time to read through the comments and understand where these people are coming from then maybe he wouldn’t get that much hate. Or maybe he does read them and completely avoids directly addressing them because he knows deep down he’s wrong, like how he addressed Kalvin Garrah in their DMs along with the Rin Rambles videos. Completely avoiding any relational points or questions that had been brought up. That would explain why he only calls out certain irrelevant youtube comments that he likely already has prepared an answer for. 
    He was so rude and childish to Kalvin then has the audacity to act like the victim when people treat him with the same attitude.  Smh it’s you, bitch
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  3. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I checked Riniffer’s twitter the other day and saw that he’s planning to release T-shirts instead of the amazon wishlist, so that’s pretty good at least he has some self awareness. Making and giving something in return for money instead of expecting free gifts because you exist is a lot more respectable. Shouldve done that months ago along with not throwing away money on a ditto bag. 
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  4. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I figured Maria was very much a European name as well... otherwise why else would it be so popular, unlike other very Latin/Spanish names. 
    Riniffer’s other reply annoyed me. Obviously it’s sarcastic but it’s a really dumbass comparison because most people wouldn’t refer to him with a Japanese greeting & honorific, so why would excluding that make a difference?? I personally don’t believe he’s culturally appropriating, if anything it’s borderline, but it’s still weebish and hypocritical. Of course Rin thinks he can do no wrong 

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  5. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I only use 'he' because its easier than saying 'they' every sentence, no offense to any NB people, my grammar sucks lol. At the same time I don't wanna use 'she' because it is unnecessarily disrespectful to Rin or any other NB people. Don't get me wrong, Rin as a person and his gender ID is basically full of shit, considering his manipulative, self-contradicting & attention-seeking tendencies combined with what i do understand about gender, but if someone wants to be called something specific the least i can do is abide.... 
    Poor poor Ish, he seems like a really awesome dude. It honestly sucks to say because they actually seem to go well together, but their relationship falling apart is possibly the biggest downside to their move. It's not uncommon at all for people be in a content relationship for a few years, then have it go in shambles when they move in together because they simply cannot handle the stress that bills & adult responsibilities can put on a relationship; when one or both is feeling stressed, it puts stress on the relationship as well. 
    Another red flag; dropping everything to make your partner happy.
    Ish i believe is going to school and working? Is he going to drop out or transfer i wonder, or finish school? From what it seems like Ish is dropping everything so that rin can have HIS dreams asap. Even if hes willing to go and is able to transfer, he has even less of a reason to move than Rin does. LA is nice but like we've established, its expensive as hell, and I've heard school tends to cost more there too. Ish has his nose on the grindstone though, i do have faith in him but I hope his hard work isn't for nothing (thrown away on Rin).
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  6. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    ugh yes this annoys me so much. Back when i was a lil' weeb in highschool i wanted to go to cons and cosplay so bad, but i couldn't even afford the $20 ticket to attend a local con, let alone get a ride, afford a road trip/plane/hotel, or make an actual a cheap cosplay. Recently Rin responded to a tweet basically speculating how his parents probably support him. The person really wasn't that rude & didn't explicitly mention finances, but Rin got so mad and went on about how his parents don't pay anything for him and how he had to pay for his own psychiatrist visits and meds out of pocket. Like bitch okay, why are you so proud and defensive? You should be supporting yourself, you're 20 living with your parents. What other bills are you paying, your phone and maybe car insurance, like every other teenager? Some 20 year-olds have to pay their parents rent or buy their own car unlike most kids, or are already live completely on their own. Nothing wrong with getting parental help but Rin needs to get off his high-horse and appreciate everything his parents have given to him.
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  7. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I was thinking this but I didn't have the knowledge to explain! Rin has complained about people thinking he's Asian, saying "I literally don't have any Asian features". The fact is that some Mexicans and east/south east Asians do have similar features. He tried explaining that he doesn't look Asian because he has hooded lids, not mono lids... lol. Not all Asians have mono lids, some have larger (average sized) eyes and hooded eyes as well, not to mention Rin has that little fold in the inner corner of his eyes like so many Asians do. Not all Mexicans nor Asians have just one "look", especially Hispanics, which I'd expect him to realize because there's such a high population of Asians and Hispanics in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (where he lives), but supposedly he's too self-centered or sheltered to notice. 
    Like everyone else, I agree, he is a gay-fetishizing weeb who shames other weebs/kpop fans. I don't blame people for thinking he was Asian either.
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  8. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Damn he's really expecting people to buy him whole ass appliances. You know what, I'm at least 50% sure he's going to add a bunch of useless shit like weeb knickknacks and dildos to his wish list, then forget expensive necessities like towels, trash bags, household cleaners, a mop, light bulbs, laundry detergent, storage etc. Rin's gonna get blindsided by all the apartment fees, too. Parking fees in LA. At this point Rin getting exposed might actually save his life ironically, since he doesn't even seem to realize that he's way in over his head. 
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  9. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rin gets really mad when people talk about his personality or where he stands with career but its very easy to judge these things based on how much about himself he puts out there.... Gee I suppose talking about being broke and struggling, and going as far as asking for money means your career is thriving. Unless he only says those things to make people feel sorry for him or to sound relatable, after all it does seem like that sometimes, its not unheard of for an influencer. 
    Nothing wrong with being a creator or influencer for a living, even one who doesn't make much money but when one can't take constructive criticism, posts only a few times a month, and expects to somehow be rich and famous... this person is not going to get taken seriously. Not to mention Rin hasn't gone passed 152k followers in a month. I noticed he had gone up to 153k but then it went back down, and it hasn't budged for a couple weeks. You can basically say the same about his subscriber growth as well. Tsk tsk 
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  10. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    What this says to me: "Regardless of your race, if you don't have the same opinions as me, then you hate yourself and your skin color!!" 
    Rin's one to talk, with his pale ass. He can have his opinions but he shouldn't be speaking for black people, let alone shaming them over trivial bs.
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  11. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

     Rin said he doesn't like Anastasia for their palettes, even though hes probably never even tried them. He also complains every time a company sends him eyebrow products since they're usually brown, rather than colors that would match his hair. Why does he need products from ABH?
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  12. angelito added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rin obviously has a lot of manipulative tendencies but damn who knew he could be that fucking mean and detached. Half of his "apology" was dedicated to bad-mouthing that girl. He brushes over victim-shaming like it was only a mistake that he can just walk away from, and even justified it by subtly blaming the ex and the victim, as if it was a situation that they set up for him. The reason why he did it was because she was toxic (still not justifiable), but there's obviously more selfish reasons which he pretty much left out. I guess Rin couldn't come to terms with being that sick, or at least not letting his fans think that.
    Jesus, i can even recall a moment in one of his latest videos where he mentions how he only ever had to break up with one person, then says, "that wasn't fun...." nervously chuckling it off... the fuck? The tone he used was so light-hearted that I didn't think much of it. Now I'm really wondering, that better not be his abuser ex he's cheekily referring to.
    At the end of the apology  self-victimizing he throws in, "...I now use my platform to speak out against sexual assault (a.k.a retweeting occasionally if the abuser is a public figure)...", wow... good for you, you're a saint. Maybe tell people that they shouldn't shame a victim no matter how toxic they are, and in fact urge them to seek professional help to deal with their trauma and unhealthy social habits. How about tell the people who give you money and support you how you're a rape apologist?
    It's hypocritical how Rin cancels other influencers for their past, but he can be a rape apologist and basically call it a growth experience. And I know if this comes out on a larger platform, people are gonna try to defend him because of his age or some other stupid excuse.
    Although I need to point out that since there isn't much context, we should probably take all this with a grain of salt. The whole thing is extremely off-putting and shady, especially the way Rin acted, yet we still don't have the whole story including the assault and what exactly Rin did to the victims. At this point we can form our opinions but they aren't fully valid. 
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