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  1. BlueFish added a post in a topic Boyfriend sightings   

    This from the first post of the thread: Taylor R Tay Tay Real Face
    Not confirmed who this is but it seems like they are in pyjamas and it looks quite intimate.
    Maybe she was on a tv show/movie/slumber party who knows.

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  2. BlueFish added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Salutations & Thank You PULL
    Hello, I'm relatively new here and was a long time lurker. I first stumbled across PULL when I was fascinated with Dakota Rose's surreal appearance years ago. This site, was a saviour of sorts, because the more I looked at the unearthly and impossible features of photoshoped peronalities online, the more unreasonable expectations I had for myself. Back then what helped me pick myself back on my feet were the information and pictures that exposed what the internet personalities were really like. 
    And I am glad that PULL is an informative site that reveals the truth rather than a website that carries a bashing-mentality like LolCow. I really admire a lot of the users here who are able to pinpoint the lies and inconsistency of appearances. This helps those who are insecure realise the lies and that they no longer have to measure themselves up to unreal standards of beauty. 
    That is why, with the time I spend here, I want to contribute and reveal truthful and factual information here without my biased opinion as much as possible. I don't believe swearing will get me anywhere, and I also don't believe calling people ugly or plain will get any point across. At least, a point that matters won't come across. 
    Thank you PULL and PULL users. 
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  3. BlueFish added a post in a topic Kiki Kannibal Summary   

    I came across this Rolling Stone article of her life story:  http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/kiki-kannibal-the-girl-who-played-with-fire-20110415
    Sure she did a lot of things to garner hate, but she also seeme to have suffered a lot.
    - She was bullied (maybe thats why she started bullying as well)
    - She resorted to homeschooling (and till this day she doesn't know how to connect with real people. Also that's maybe why Dakota is not the best at interacting with people either.)
    - Her life was threatened by cyberusers (They threatened to kill her cat, then her pet cat was really kidnapped and most likely killed.)
    - She was Involved in statutory rape and an emotionally abusive relationship when she was around 14 with an 18/19-year-old.
    - Sexual harassment and an overblown amount of ridicule online. On top of that, she was slandered for killing her ex-boyfriend whom accidentally killed himself (by police account). His family also pressed charges against her. The hate escelated because of that as well.
    - The police didn't really take action to help her because none of the things happened were really considered criminal acts. Her family had to move because of how dangerous it became. Her father lost his job. The family ended up bankrupt. 
    And it is no surprise that Dakota paved her own way out of that and left for another country.
    After reading that article, it's so clear to me how every internet personality is a weak and vulnerable human being behind the screen. Sure they did terrible things and it's unavoidable that people will take revenge in unimaginable ways. In essence, the danger is real and people should be careful about their conduct on the internet. On the internet it's never a criminal act. It's free speech. (Unless they establish new laws about that.)
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  4. BlueFish added a post in a topic share time! IRL snowflake experiences?   

    True ... Snowflakes garner attention because they do certain things to the extreme and often that leads to an unhealthy direction. 
    And you're right about the snowflake I mentioned. I once heard her saying that "boys are her toys." And I guess she just wanted to be sexy online, get lots of attention and finally become famous. She really just wanted to be sucessful.
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  5. BlueFish added a post in a topic PONY MUA (In general and recent)   

    Oooh Thanks that was informative!
    I was also waiting for a thread about her but no one did it so I volunteered *......*
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  6. BlueFish added a post in a topic share time! IRL snowflake experiences?   

    She sounds like she needs a break and a whole lot of help. It seems that she's unafraid to state the obvious but twists everything up because of her victim-mentality. 
    It is very hard being with these kinds of people, and to have to be on the receiving end of all their blaming and complaining. It may help if the one speaking to her is brutally honest to her but speaks without emotion or bias so she doesn't get the chance to play the victim. 
    But she's had a hard life and maybe she really has been abused in ways that other people are not aware of. She sounds like she wants love, undivided attention, and acceptance. 
    I suppose I've met a snowflake before as well:
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  7. BlueFish added a post in a topic PONY MUA (In general and recent)   

    Pony teamed up with Memebox to produce her own line of cosmetics named 'PONY EFFECT'.
    Link to short blurb and the online store:
    And the link to the official PONY EFFECT website:
    Since she 'teamed up' with a brand and the entire website is also dedicated to boosting PONY as a brand,
    I'm not so sure the company can force her to say what they want her to say. @clementine
    She has to say it was unique and an inspired product because if she didn't she would be admiting to plagiarising. 
    But it's nice how it worked out for her and she didn't get sued. 
    However for those who have patented a product, they would be losing out in business. 
    Again, I can only say: indeed a lucrative business woman 
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  8. BlueFish added a topic in Online Personalities   

    PONY MUA (In general and recent)
    *She is a public figure and as this is my first post and I may make a mistake of placing this thread in the wrong forum (please correct me)
    *I apologise if there is already a thread about her but I couldn't find it so I have made one. I also don't intend to bash or mock anyone.
    PONY 포니 (Makeup Artist) Park Hye Min 박혜민
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ponymakeup
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIxWNvxD7Xr/?taken-by=ponysmakeup&hl=en
    She is a celebrity makeup artist and Korean beauty Youtuber.
    She was also a popular ulzzang that released many graphic makeup tutorials several years ago.
    PONY is likeable, hard-working, and has nothing bad on her record until the makeup brushes scandal this year.
    She annouced that she had taken inspiration from many magnetic makeup brushes
    to produce her own line of 'unique' magnetic makeup brushes.
    However many claim an undeniable similarity between her brushes and the
    original magnetic makeup brushes patented by Rae Morris (MUA).
    Link to the collective info in regards to the scandal: http://lostinpretty.com/2016/04/pony-effects-magnetic-brush-line-and-rae-morris/
    As I wish to remain as unbiased as possible my only comment is: What a cunning and lucrative business woman!

    Also , her appearance has been confusing me for a while.
    It may be due to her great skill in makeup,
    as I always see that the shape of her nose is changing.
    Here are some old and recent photos of her.
    *update : @aripenko contributed "She has admitted to doing her nose, it's somewhere on Pannchoa." 
    Old photo:

    Recent photo:

    Old photo 

    Recent photo

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