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  1. Seasalt added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Her lips would be so beautiful if she didn't overdraw and put the lip filler on the tip of her top lip.
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  2. Seasalt added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    Does anyone have the FULL list of problematic things Tati has done compared to JC? 
    I've seen some people here and on Twitter go "she's JUST as bad as him, she did shady things too and she surrounds herself with worse people.- she doesn't say this or that ergo she's supporting it!!11!!1!". 
    Idk if I can be mad at her for being a quack that believes in vitamins and healing powers of crystals. As if her mentioning and linking Halo in her expose-video makes her JUST AS SHADY1!!!! as James Charles' numerous controversies. 
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  3. Seasalt added a post in a topic James Charles   

    And that's the real tea.
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  4. Seasalt added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Have you had a toxic friend? You didn't cut ties with them the first time they said something shady. Maybe, you thought, woah that's kinda weird to say/do and then you went on with your day.
    Second time, you're like yikes but still nbd. hmmm am I overthinking it? 
    Third time,  Better ignore, I don't want to be the one to overreact.
    Fourth time, HOLY SHIT THAT'S TERRIBLE but I know they prob didn't mean it. I'll let it pass.
    Fifth time, OH MY GOD AGAIN, they really need to pull themselves together. This is kind of getting annoying. Why would I rock the boat?
    Etc etc etc all the times over and over, until a small, mundane thing makes you SNAP.
    In between all these times they've been good to you, they've been nice and made you forget about the previous times until each time they do problematic shit becomes irks that make you feel uncomfortable, building slowly over time.
    It's easy now after we have all of JC's problematic shit laid out to us in an easy to see outline, especially as outsiders who don't experience JC personally. Tati was friends with him, on a more personal level than you or anyone else can comprehend. Yeah, she has business stakes in it. So does Jeffree (who btw has business contracts with him despite the shade).
    Any of you can play holier than thou, thinking you're such a woke ally of justice that you would without a doubt set wrong people right, cut off problematic ties and live a virtuous life 24/7. Yes, you would sacrifice your personal/professional credibility, reputation and livelihood to be that person who "made a big deal". You would excuse racism and sexual harassment because you don't recognise the small things until it becomes a beast that stares at you in the face, while everyone - who don't know anything - will point at you and ask you why you didn't react before, AFTER it has been called for what it is.
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  5. Seasalt added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Pewds completely missed the mark here, and as an outsider to the beauty community you can say he's excused but as a controversial Internet personality who whines about media not understanding the gaming community and the context of his multiple shit controversies he should've tried way harder to get into it. He did nothing to even understand why Tati and the entire community flipped out so much on JC, except "LUL beauty people are crazy - this is no big deal".
    This was a long time coming with controversy after controversy from JC, with two-three just the past two weeks related to Coachella, Gage and Met Gala. JC is a toxic drain and we all know this. This was about way more than the stupid Halo/Sugarbear thing, but Pewd's misogynist streak comes out here when "WOMAN MAD ABOUT VITAMINS" is the entire thing he gets from the 43 minute video laying out JC's behaviour around Tati over the times. Tati did the right thing talking about how he affected HER and people around her, she can't talk about anything else because she doesn't have the receipts for them. It may mean little to Pewds, the vitamins broke the camel's back. He should've just read the damn megathreads on Reddit before making his commentary. 
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  6. Seasalt added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    So I'm currently binging on The Mentalist and I'm at the episode where Dove plays Jane's daughter. 
    First of all, Simon Baker is a snack urghhhh
    Second of all, Dove was/is so pretty. She really had that ethereal but still next door beauty. I know she probably already got surgery and fillers back then, but it wasn't as bad as today. I'm sad she ruined herself. Insecurity is a beast and can really consume people. 
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