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  1. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Sunscreen?   

    I switched from Biore to Nivea Sun Care UV milky gel since I felt like it was more heavy-duty. The only problem though is that after reapplying more than twice, it starts to get really flaky. So usually after the second application, I give my face a quick rinse and reapply.
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  2. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    The way she's treating her cat is just like... Girl, no. Leave the cat out of this. Poor thing was trying to get away. 
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  3. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    ... One week from not checking her thread, and she went full-blown bootleg Belle. I don't think it can get sadder than this. Has anyone seen the Instagram video of her sticking her tongue out? She looks super uncomfortable, like she's forcing herself. This is really, really sad cringe.
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  4. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    I didn't think of the parallel to Boogie until you mentioned it. The only difference so far is that she's not verbally/emotionally abusing her SO as far as we know.
    I can totally empathize with someone with depression or anxiety, since they do make people do shitty things sometimes. But for Christ's sakes, man. Depression and anxiety doesn't make you ignorant every day. It's not an excuse. She causes problems at least every few days, meaning that it's both out of spiteful intentions and that she's completely aware of her behavior. Anyone with depression or anxiety can fully acknowledge episodes where they lashed out, and the difference here between them and Aria is that they actually try to keep from acting that way because it makes them feel ashamed and like shit. All Aria is doing is saying "people make me lash out, and it's people's fault." She takes little to no responsibility for her actions with lame statements essentially saying "I apologized to the people I feel deserved the apology." Like no, girl. You either fully apologize or you don't, because it wasn't just individuals she's attacked but entire communities (including her own). 
    Anyway, I don't believe she's diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Aria seems like the type to flaunt things to the specific to feel special, so I'm pretty sure if she was diagnosed with some form of depression or anxiety, she would have named which type/disorder to gain recognition from those specific communities/bolster support from those communities. She hasn't named anything since day 1 when she cried i WaS dIagNosEd wIth dePreSsiOn...after the whole Rework Mercy collapse. 
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  5. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Yeah, it's just all really disappointing. I'm regretting jumping the gun and saying she's getting herself together nicely. There are a lot of trauma victims who process healing differently, but she's not even attending therapy regularly or prioritizing her mental health. It's alright to take a while to stabilize, it's alright to have mood swings and everything -- that's part of healing. But what's NOT okay is ignoring any help you can actually get. What's NOT okay is constantly running back to your triggers, things you know will throw you in a spiral. She's ignoring her mental health, and while I thought it was her denial, I seriously think social media has gotten to her head now. Supporters and encouragement online does not equate therapy. 
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  6. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    They just casted a thin, young chick as Lady Sybil for the Watch. Really? C'mon. Representation/diversity isn't only race or ethnicity. It's not even close to the description in the books. The reason why Lady Sybil is so iconic to so many Discworld fans is because she's large and middle-aged. Two things which Hollywood hates, which Terry Pratchett purposely wrote in for, to show that women don't need to only consist of skinny and pretty and young to be important. 
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  7. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Alright, who're the sorry sods who carried her into Masters? You lot better have been paid good bucks for it. 

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she's back at it again. 

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  8. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    I don't comp anymore, but if I remember correctly OW was updated so that your rank (Plat, Diamond, Silver, etc) doesn't decay right away despite the number unless you are performing poorly for consecutive matches and are unable to rise to the rank's number pool again. So if we were going before this update, yeah -- she's dropped to Plat in that game, technically. It looks like boosting for her can only take her up to fluctuate between high Plat and low diamond. Not surprising considering her loss streaks in her streams. 
    Also, ditto on endorsement. Doesn't really matter, honestly. Sometimes I even forget to endorse at all and usually I just default to Good Teammate. Overbuff isn't exactly the best method to track a player's performance either, since so many games also involve how a player is playing with the team and not solid numbers. But, considering how Aria is shite at teamwork, I think her stats on Overbuff are pretty valid of her actual performance in-game. Like, for example, her healing output on there. 11k average is low for a comp match that typically runs for ~40 mins. With the introduction of Sigma, I really wonder how much she'll falter as a Mercy main due to Sig's shields being so versatile.
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  9. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Ain't gonna lie, I don't mind character shipping, but it makes no sense to ship characters already married and demand that they ARE in fact in love. Legit got under my skin to see Vimes/Vetinari ships happening just for the yaoi when Vimes is already married to such a badass character like Sybil, who's one of the more progressive portrayal of women in fiction! YOU WANNA SHIP, OK SHIP. But nobody OWES it to you to make it official. 
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  10. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Her wave of emotions seems like most BPD cases during the start of therapy. When it comes to her YT channel and social life, I think we on PULL have to realize that we're really not the majority of her audience that asks for new videos and updates regularly on her social media. She probably recognizes that social media isn't good for her but stays on because: 1. how emotionally invested she is by large followings/impressions of her (not uncommon for trauma victims) and 2. it's literally the only thing she can link "positively" from her childhood, whether it be the comments she gets or the attention she was starved of from family as a kid.
    I really don't think it's white-knighting to say that her emotional waves due to social media are absurd or unbelievable since it's really just a fact and explanation for how/why she's having them. Social media itself is already addictive to people without wonky pasts, so of course it would make sense that she can't simply just pull (haha) herself away from it to get "better." With time she'll probably understand that these emotional waves are causing her to impulsively post stuff, but right now, especially at the start of recovery, even knowing it doesn't always translate it to understanding it. Everyone goes through different speeds of healing and dealing with any sort of trauma. So while I can totally agree that she shouldn't be posting about her private life on social media anymore, I really don't get comments pretty much rolling their eyes at "how long" she's been this way and the frequency of her outbursts. 
    Anyway, yeah. I'm really confused about the Manaki situation. If there's any bit of truth in it, what might have happened before was that she mistook the want of being "saved" from Margo as love, which happened to me when I got with my first SO when I was 16 and they were much older, not thinking about how unusual it was for someone that age to be approaching me. I ended up tacking on for 6 years until I realized I was extremely unhappy because they just weren't an ideal partner for me and it was only the stability that I was clinging to, but it took me that long to realize it wasn't love. Understanding emotions isn't a strong point of any trauma victim.
    Honestly, it doesn't sound like Manaki's in any way abusive but rather that there's a cultural disconnect that she never realized until actually living in Japan with him. Aside from the part where he relied on her for a while, it's common for relationships to have a very passive means of communication in Japan and a sort of order in which things are dealt with within it. It's really hard to tell what the hell is going on though. She didn't explain why Manaki was "leeching" when it could be simply reasoned to he got laid off for a while before finding work again. Eh. Doesn't seem believable he's mini-Margo stats, but who knows.
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  11. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    "I can't even tell you guys how often I get asked to rezz someone when I already did 3 seconds ago or heal somebody I was already healing..." 
    No, you dumb bitch, it just means you're not targeting and reserving your skills right for the right people and moment. Legit Aria panic rezzes and preemptively heals people who don't need it. Big example at 2:05 of the video where she's preemptively healing Orisa when McDoodle is Deadeying and ABOUT TO DIE. 
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  12. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Currently watching her stream right now. She's improving, but she's still not really Diamond-improved. Her targeting is still pretty bad, as well as not understanding points in maps where she could use for defense. She's still winging to flanks who are in front/ behind the enemy teams to die. And what she's doing pretty much after a Defeat is avoiding other players on her team AND the enemy team. 
    The current match she's was on, she asked their Zen to switch despite his discord orbs holding up damage and her ignoring his low health, which resulted in their complete steam-rolling. She's unable to output much as Mercy because of how spread the map (Hollywood) is after the first defense point and the enemy's Widow yet still refuses to switch. She's expecting everyone to switch up the comp for her Mercy and not her switching to a healer viable for their chosen 5-man comp. And she switches to gun at terrible moments when her teammates need heals because she doesn't trust DPS to actually kill, resulting in their deaths.
    Moreover, she can't really expect to get better in Comp and complain about bad teamwork when she's refusing to communicate with the team through mic or at least text chat. She only comments on chat when she wants someone to switch, not to spot or alert them about things they should know. 

    SHE'S BECOMING SELF-AWARE! What happened to "I flex sometimes UwU"
    They switched anyway for her, and well, not surprisingly Mercy isn't a good choice against the enemy comp and their comp's synergy, and they're getting stomped on 2nd point. (Orisa, Road, Baptiste, Lucio, Tracer, McDoodle was enemy's comp; legit she's winging to low Reaper mid with no mates behind).
    On Defense of Anubis, she ulted for her Roadhog only lol. Still refusing to switch despite getting wanked by Tracer. Fourth Defeat so far?
    After the Anubis loss, she's playing against PumpkinPuss from Anubis who she made switch previously. After capping point on Nepal she decided to be catty for no reason and said on stream: "Their 3900 Mercy isn't very good :)." Queue toxic Aria causing fights again for no reason against other Mercy players: 
    Positivity, right guys?
    Also, apparently Ryan Ubers to her house. Not confirmed if he lives with her or not yet, but he called on stream to let her know he's getting painkillers for wisdom teeth.
    Tuned in to one last match before getting some food with some friends and my ride ain't here yet, and it's on Hollywood again. Her teammates were talking about bad DPS and she was all positive and agreeing with them, then the minute they begin losing she flips persona and starts blaming them for why they're losing. They lose Defense, and on Attack her team asked her to Lucio for GOATS, and oh my god. She really is one a trick. She doesn't know how to wall-surf and she's trying to play Lucio like Mercy. She's speed boosting half-health mates, missed her chance at Ulting when everyone was near capping 1st point, and began complaining about her mates ignoring Doom despite her trying to HOP towards him, not wall-surf, and shoot him. ?????????? 
    Anyway, stream ended rn since Ryan came in with food. 
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  13. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I agree, this is what I got from it as well. Someone brought it up several pages back about the possibility that Manaki nuked his social media because it might have been interfering with his actual workplace and the way they viewed him, which is very likely in Japanese work culture. I can see this likely being a cause for any fights he and Venus might have had and why she (and him) are frustrated that even with his exit from social media (in relation to Venus anyway) people are still trying to reel him back into the spotlight by way of nitpicking reasons why her relationship isn't showcased on video anymore. 
    Anyway, it's clear, clear, clear as day Venus is finally on track to getting better and I've never really been so happy for someone on social media as much as this moment right now. Obviously she's going to have her ups and downs due to the difficulty of the trauma, but she looks genuinely happy and true to herself in that video, not to mention also actually well-spoken and not the ditzy cute YT star she always tried to portray herself as. I hope she continues in improving herself and finding her happiness. So happy for her! 
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  14. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Like, I don't even know what to say besides this. I guess I can add, What the fuck? 
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  15. EggyCrisp added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Homegirl trying to cover why she hid her profile, lmao.

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