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  1. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    But I'm calm .-.
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  2. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I literally said the same thing in my post lmao.
    It took hundreds of thousands of years for Homo Sapiens to develop lactose tolerance 
    is mine :
    [... ]  Of our ancestors before we used animal milks for our purposes.
    most people still are lactose intolerant
    And ,,most people" is a generalisation because high lactose intolerance is amongst Asian and African people, Europeans have the HIGHEST tolerance of lactose. So if you are an average European reading these words you can feel confused because almost everybody near you is lactose tolerant.
    We're the only animals purposefully drinking milk as adults and it's highly unnecessary
    How is it unecessary? Milk can help the bone health, it provides nutrients and proteins - milkshakes are very common among bodybuilders, it's not that dense in calories and can better up teeth when a person can't eat solid proteins, it lowers the chance of obesity. 
    All of our ancestors were lactose intolerant
    uhh? No? All is a reach when around 8.5k years ago we started to use animal milks and our genes mutated to make people lactose tolerant. Are they too young for you that you don't count them in as ancestors? Jesus.
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  3. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Fast evolutionary facts!! 
    Intolerance of lactose is a trait passed by some of our ancestors before we used animal milks for our purposes. (Their digestive systems couldn't handle the substance because they didn't produce enough lactase - an enzyme that breaks down lactose to shorter chains.)
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  4. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

     I didn't cherry pick the evidence, they are playlists of MANY PEOPLE of MANY NATIONALITIES, BACKGROUNDS collected into one material. Even people from my home country appeared in these videos. It's like a big essay of what's wrong with veganism - if showing a wrong side of something is cherry picking... Live in your small bubble lmao. I gave the example of alive people so I can show that despite the studies, people are unintentionally malnourishing themselves thinking ,,well, this is this amazing diet''. Is. It. So. Hard. To. Understand? Clown?
    There are more supplements you need to take, sit and read. (I hope I saved you in some way)
    - Iodine (only sea creatures and sea salt have the densest amounts of iodine)
    - Calcium (525mg of calcium per day is a hard task to complete on a plant-based diet so you need to crack some vits open)
     - Vitamin B12
    - Iron (non-heme iron comes from plants and is harder absorbable so you need to pop extra pills to keep the train going)
    - Zinc (few plants can have a significant zinc content in them and due to their phytate content the absorption of the nutrient is harder for us)
    I only spoke about veganism and you don't know my stance on different diets, so don't speculate because that will bring you nowhere. I agree, everything has pros and cons but when I'm speaking about one thing then I'M ONLY DISCUSSING THE ONE THING. Because we can go fucking back and forth and bring everything to the table to see who's wrong and whatever, let's focus on ONE thing. You think that some omnivores are unhealthy? Yes, I would even dare to say that some carnivores are unhealthy. Why are you trying to justify everything? Jesus. 
     you just disagree with veganism and are being willfully ignorant about it. 
    I'm just showing the side effects of this diet, is this what's called ignorance? Some people are not aware of them. That's like veganism isn't for everybody like carnivorous diets. 
    lmao you literally argued "but plants have feelings too", so i guess i'm talking to a wall of idiocy
    LmAo SKSKSK, Jesus. Do you know where I was getting at when I wrote it? That was to the picky people who care about animals but don't see plants as alive creatures, I wanted to show how dumb they are. (YES, THEY EXIST)
    but you don't want to talk about carcinogens in processed meats or that 65% of the population is lactose intolerant huh?
    Oh lord, the percentage can look intimidating at first but when looked into deeply (and you tried to slam me for lack of research lmao) it's very race dependant. 75-95% Asians and Africans have lactose intolerance but on the other hand, Europeans have the lowest rate ranging from only 18-26%. 
    Processed meats are fucking awful and that's a different topic, not even animals different from us should eat them. I don't know nobody that eats this trash, it's putting poison on your body. 
    The discussion is falling on it's neck and it's back. I'm ending it here. 
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  5. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I think I'm being misunderstood.
    1) Not every person metioned in the playlist is a fruitarian. They are even casual vegans but highly malnourished, and it's not like using ,,My 600 lbs life" because starvation and hidden hunger (deficiency in many nutrients) is very common among vegans but it's ideological cult and taboo nobody wants to talk about, hidden  by ,,helping the animals" - many vegans who try to ,,save" the creatures going to the butchery actually kill them because of the distress they cause in the process. 
    I tried going on a vegan diet and I had to leave it because my body couldn't handle the things I ate. I developed stomach cysts due to the amounts of fibre I consumed. My friend who went on this diet for like 2 years had such terrible problems with her bones, she dislocated her wrist when she helped me carry something heavy. 
    Agree or disagree, it's like a religion. 
    2) Many vegans actually rise their kids as vegans and that's borderline insane. Look up the kid of Monami Frost as an example - she's living of sugar and her neck is almost as wide as her head (probably thyrroid issues) and her hands are constantly shaking (probably nerve damage). And she is a kid one of thousands. An influencer from my country actually made her Instagram post come on the news - she's vegan and she showed her kid all boney and scrawny eating a whole watermelon. 
    3) I agree that eating plants can be healthy but shouldn't be the only thing consumed. We should eat meat and vegetables and fruits simutaniously. For health issues yes, cut down on meat like people with fast digestion issues can be suggested to eat less apples.  
    4) There are false believes around the vitamins that plants can provide fully. No, not at all. Additionally the proteins are not fully valuable. (I don't know how to call it, English is not my first language). Ask about it any biology-involved-person and they will tell you the same thing.
    + Soy milk can cause the hormonal inbalance for women, because it's pumped with isoflavones that act like estrogen. So you shouldn't drink it a lot, the same with tofu and animal milks.
    5) People going vegan actually live mostly of sugars, fats, fibre. I'm not kidding. Look up the nutritional values of vegetables and fruits. It's common sense. In fact, every plant cell wall is made of cellulose - it's a long chain made of glucose. (wooden plants have cellucotton) 
    6) Please don't get biased when saying ,, It's for the animals you heartless dick!!!" - there are people like this among you. 
    But you don't think when plants can sense various sensations and are aware of being chewed, you still kill them without batting an eye. Because their death isn't ,,theatrical", they can't emote much. Hypocrites. 
    7) I'm just sharing my unpopular opinion and I'm not harming anyone. I'm showing the not-so-liked perspective. I wish you all wellness. 
    And i'm sorry for any mistakes, words get mixed up for me. Haha.
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  6. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Your way of thinking is so naive. 
    And you supported my point that this diet is unhealthy in a long run because they HAVE to take many, many exogenous supplements to prevent their bodies from breaking. I wish you showed me people that actually documented their vegan lifestyle, so you can see how much their body is changing and dying inside. But I got you! 
    There is no narration needed because the videos speak for itselves. A whole playlist dedicated to these poor people including one's who are so delusional - they speak about feeling worse and weak but have the mindest of ,,this is not because of this diet". Why I wanted physical proof instead of theoretical? Everything sounds good on paper.
    And it's easier to mantain a healthy lifestyle as a omnivore, because even if you eat meat you consume vegetables and fruits + in amounts that are safe from hipervitaminosis. I don't have to take supplements, vitamins, shots because every valuable vitamin and mineral I can get from my food.  
    In conclusion, ask yourself  : why long time vegans even leave their lifestyles and often call their omnivore diets ,,restore your health program"?
    And I'm no nutritionist but a biochemistry student, we talk about nutrition too. 
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  7. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Veganism is more about ethics than health 
    One of the reason why they are unhealthy, too much dedication and obsession can make a person a cultist. And we should always put our health first before all. Without wellness we can't do much. 
    It's impossible to be fully vegan and healthy. They are basically living of sugar, fibre and not fully-valued proteins - if they are even consuming any. (That will bring you to ER in months or years due to thyrroid issues, stomach cysts or anemia). How can this lifestyle be healthy if they have to take tens of vitamins and supplements? If they stop they will cough out their teeth, lose their hair and nails.
    Additionally, only eating plant based foods can give you hipervitaminosis. Which offers you many health issues that slowly drain your body - interrupting the work of peroksysomia and liver damage, skin jaundice, weakness of bones and teeth, vomit, hipersensitivity and headaches.
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  8. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I don't think veganism and vegetarianism is as healthy as people make it seem like, why? 
    Plant based eaters tend to live mostly of sugar and fake foods which is terrible and results in malnourishment (hidden hunger), disappearence of important proteins including the deterioration of collagen (people living this lifestyle are likely to look much older than they are supposed to be, have an anorexic frame and lack of shine in their eyes). 
    I don't get the villanisation of carnivourous lifestyles. Eating meat and animal products is the second natural thing next to breathing and general metabolic processes. We need pure animal proteins and fats to develop properly - that's why women have milk in their breasts for their offspring. You can't feed a newborn soy milk - that's considered as neglect and can effect in developmental issues + hormonal imbalances. (In my opinion, nobody should drink it, it's just carbohydrates). 
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  9. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    People are quick to judge with emotions instead of facts nowadays. Almost everything is generally driven by emotions. 
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  10. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Young people have a tough time developing in today's society due to sexualization, exploitation of almost everything. 
    Slim shaming is as valid as fat shaming. Nobody should be shamed for one's looks. You never know what the person is going through. BUT giving supportive and polite advices on possibly visiting a doctor isn't shameful behaviour, it's just human concern. 
    It's terrible that teens can't go through that ,,ugly phase'' anymore.
    It's crazy to see elementary school students dressed in Gucci while having iPhones in their hands. 
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  11. Art Deco added a post in a topic Die Antwoord   

    Yeah, but supposedly not for long. They are falling into drama since their early career, it's about time to stop that. I'm glad for all the victims speaking out - Watkykjy.co.za will cover a lot of experiences and release a video soon! 
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  12. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Regarding the fashion shows, they just don't feel special anymore. Any minor IG influencer can walk down the runaway along side supermodels. They don't seem like art but more like a publicity stunt.  
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  13. Art Deco added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Cancel culture is stripping us from being able to be normal humans who have flaws. 
    Many K-Pop fans (especially the young ones) don't realize the brutal life backstage of the stars *spoiler*
    The left and right wing is too flawed to take a side. 
    Romantic relationships need friendship to work. 
    Religion shouldn't matter when it's about saving one's life. (blood transfusion f.e)
    We shouldn't take one's freedom of doing just because we don't want that thing. (abortion f.e)
    There is no point in being homophobic or racist. A side from religious dogmas (very not inclusive for atheists) you can just say arguments embodying cultural and social expectations towards a person - which is not a valuable contrapoint.
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  14. Art Deco added a post in a topic Die Antwoord   

    + https://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1217916 a thread about Yolandi slandering a woman for practising.
    To the people who can't read it on the website: 

    ,,that fucking gay faggot'' it's what Diak screamed at an gay artist. 
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  15. Art Deco added a post in a topic Die Antwoord   

     ,,rolling_with_the_devil A few days before "one night in Adelaide" i filmed Ninja piss into a beer bottle during an interview. The interviewers were freaked out and stopped filming. I continued to film as Yolandi poured Ninjas Urine into a champagne glass then walk through the artists area. I had no idea where Yolandi was going until she found Andy Butler sitting on a couch. Yolandi threw Ninjas piss in Andys face!!! A few days later Yolandi made up a fake story of how she was sexualy assaulted by Mr Butler in the ladies bathroom. Both our tour managers that were there and knows the truth as well as Diak and dj Hi-tek but they have signed strict NDA's and are worried about their careers! I luckily never signed shit ever!! Also I don't have a career and have nothing to loose,,,, that's why I record all my phone covo's at the moment so if you say something like "yes it was all a lie, Yolandi confessed to me but I don't wanna get involved but if it goes to court then I will tell the truth. Seriously??? If I don't get more cooperation in the next day or two I'll have no choice but to release the phone calls, text watsapp screen shots and more! If you take a stance of protecting these abusers then you are condoning their abuse. #fact! #hatecrime #assult P. S YOLANDI, why did you throw Ninjas piss in Andy Butlers face??? I would love to know what he said that was so bad that he deserved that???''
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