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  1. Art Deco added a post in a topic Die Antwoord   

    Newest DA's FB post.  
    ,,As I ran up to the guy from Hercules, he threw a drink at me and punched me so I hit him back''
    BULLSHIT, SIS. Watkin spit in his face then the Hercules guy threw a drink at him in confusion. The whole DA crew began to go after him and started to provoke him, then they fought.
    Watkin continously stalks, hits and provokes that dude throughout the video, Anri is teasing him with homophobic names. Her acting is terrible - just like in Chappie. For a person who's supposedly disturbed by the events ((she was allegedly molested)) her smile is very big. They are sooooo frustrating. 
    DA, if you have nothing to hide, why delete the videos? Why send lawyers to Ben?
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  2. Art Deco added a topic in Skincare   

    How to minimalize severe dark circles + puffiness?
    As it is in the title. I'm struggling with them, they look like *pic related* only a couple tones darker and I'm way paler + my eyes are deep set and they look like an abyss.

    Additionally, I have a very thin face and I look miserable, you can see my skull through my face. when I smile holes are showing - not the cute dimples! Like large chicken feet on my cheeks + my chin looks like it belongs to a marionette with these weird lines. How can I fix that without fillers?
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  3. Art Deco added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I think it's the same situation as with pornography - it's not meant to be pleasurable but just to look stimulating for the viewer - ridiculous angles and poses. 
    That pose is boring too, it's not dynamic at all, it would be so much better if- okay. Another one. 
    Borderline porn warning v
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  4. Art Deco added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    I want to know more.  
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  5. Art Deco added a post in a topic Die Antwoord   

    I don't think they are playing characters anymore, I think they are just justifying who they really are. Wow. I'm speechless after that fake sexual assault video. 
    The newest DA's Instagram posts. 

    Predicting their future? lol 
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  6. Art Deco added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    The perspective is screwed, she doesn't look like she's laying down - instead, falling into an abyss. 

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  7. Art Deco added a post in a topic Die Antwoord   

    They can simply just enjoy their music and pay little to no attention what's going on with them. Just like listening to someone on the radio. I agree, the worst case is that they don't care, they probably think that Zheani is easily blamable because she was young and naive, edgy + Ninja is much more popular, seen as a ,,genius artist'' and a compassionate person - they adopted children.
    It's sick how people are saying that she brought it all on herself - it's like you would expect to be abused, exploited and borderline raped because, for example Madonna wants to meet you.
    It's also fascinating how they are a taboo in South Africa, nobody really wants to discuss them openly, even with friends. 
    Is someone here from SA? Can you please tell us more about Die Antwoord? How do you feel about them?
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  8. Art Deco added a post in a topic Die Antwoord   

    New video
    Yolandi talked about her drinking habits and problems with liquors - she tried to justify her toxic behaviours by basically saying ,,I was drunk".
    * She stabbed Ninja's butt. (It is unknown what was the tool, but Ninja is left scarred. The reactions of her employees were just laughter and awkward smiling)
    * She called Whitney Houston names mostly involving drugs and degrading terms. (just after her death)
    The stabbing's aftermath was Ninja slapping Yolandi in a recording studio a week later. She acted like it was okay and her employees laughed along. All of this was on her Instagram dedicated for her adopted daughter, Maisie. 
    Yolandi and Ninja use the N word shamelessly just because they are born SA. Ninja also offended his fellow South Africans by using the K word (Kaffir - an extremelly derogatory term used for PoC) in a song lyric. This was also discussed on the same Instagram account. Flash (a PoC woman) was trying to justify everything Yolandi said and agreed with her on the N word situation. 
    The more truth is being unfolded the worse they are looking. I wish that their fall would be televised and more people talked about it.
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  9. Art Deco added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    ,,I can symphatize with her for clearly having an eating disorder but I can't with the lies and manipulation she's doing.'' 
    Where do you draw the line? Eating disorders consist of lies. Lies that you eat, lies that you feel okay, lies that you didn't purge, lies that you didn't binge etc. 
    I think if Eugenia made a weight gain channel we all would be supportive even if she failed multiple times, we would feel alarmed by her skeletal frame as much as we were then. 
    I feel like the issue is that many people see Amberlynn as just an obese person mindlessly eating. That's what outside, inside there is a heavily, mentally ill person that's almost decrepit because of her own problems, surrounded and living with enablers. 
    I don't know why are you drawing such a line with anorexia. It's as serious as BED, as hard to recover from. ,,Just lose weight'', ,,just stop eating that much'' - people were saying the opposites to Eugenia since her YouTube career started, did it help? Absolutely not, it's a disorder, not a lifestyle. It requires professional treatment. Amberlynn makes everything seem lighthearted about weight loss, because she herself may not treat the disorder seriously, like everyone around her taught her. She struggled with it as a child, where were her parents? Right. 
    Also, I didn't say that Becky has a responsibility to take care of Amber, I just looked at it from the perspective of love - would you want to see that your loved one is dying before your own very eyes and you let that happen? Exactly.
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  10. Art Deco added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    Um, you should calm down. Both anorexia and BED (speaking of extreme malnourishment and morbid obesity) cause deterioration of the grey and white matter - so the brain begins to shrink and have troubles with abstract thinking, concentration and serotonin/dopamine adjustment, both have a high risk of dementia and aphasias. Eugenia's problems manifested as poorly created sentences but Amberlynn's problem could be weird pronounciation and bizzare use of words, she even repeats herself. A LOT. And contradictes herself in a sentence, it could not be ,,manipulation'' or ,,LaHs'' but just her brain malfunctioning. She filmed herself on a scale multiple times and was shown ,,active'' outside, at least walking 20 meters. 
    Becky is literally a borderline terrible person, Disney villain terrible - and you wrote the reasons why yourself, she buys her junk food, chauffeurs her everywhere Amberlynn's disorder tells her to eat at. She's too lazy to help her supposed ,,loved'' one. 
    Eugenia's a ,,grown ass'' woman too, but you were sympathizing with her and wanted her to get help. And now Amberlynn is as close to dying as Eugenia was in the Kingdom Hearts video, and as delusional. Every eating disorder is valid and should be treated seriously. They all have terrible influence on a human body. 
    Amberlynn is not only physically ill but mentally as well. 
    As an former bulimic, I had trouble to tame my spontaneous ,,wolf hungers'' for salty food, sweets. I can't even imagine what they look like when you have BED. It's really terrible. 
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  11. Art Deco added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    I watched her old videos yesterday and I had a thought. In the beginning of the weight loss journey she was more earthbound and sweet which is the polar opposite of what we have now, it's just like due to her eating disorder she became a shadow of her former self, she's like a different person at this point. It's scary but eating disorders can mess a person up really badly. She could be not narcissistic or manipulative at all, but it's the illness making her act like this, plus detaching her from the reality.
    She doesn't want to stop because she's ill. 
    Try imagining the situation if she was anorexic. 
    She needs urgent help, people need to start taking her seriously again. Her relapsing and excuses are just the BED showing. She's weak and clearly sad.
    (Narcissistic behaviours can come from eating disorders, they literally make you obsessed with food and your appearance, manipulation can come from the same source)
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  12. Art Deco added a post in a topic Arms   

    Body hair is 100% normal, it's obviously going to appear that way if you have natural dark hair. 
    If you are bothered by them very much you can always remove them with laser - it's very efficient! 
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  13. Art Deco added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    She's looking worse and worse with every video and Becky is enabling her. I get the ,,lulz factor'' from our gorl but her current state is as bad as being extremelly malnourished, skeleton-thin, I think it's possible to force her to get real help - especially if she's mentally ill, she needs it. 
    I hate how she's doing these taste tests and food hauls, it's not excusable even if it's for YouTube, she knows that, everybody knows that. 
    We are basically watching a tragedy happening.
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  14. Art Deco added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    Regarding the Lolita video, her dry humour is as present as always but she looked stunning! Curled hair and that type of makeup were loyal to her casual style but flattered her much more. She should keep that look, it keeps a couple of years away from her. 
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  15. Art Deco added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Wait, her stomach is going inwards but her legs are going outwards. Her abs shouldn't be this ,,sucked in" or ,,prominent" because with this pose she should push her stomach towards the viewer. It looks weird because of the excessive fat on the hip bones with almost a six pack at the same time. 
    also isn't her belly button too low?
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