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  1. MoneyLow added a post in a topic Canniny   

    Sorry for the horrible typos on the last post, for whatever reason mods decided to disable edit past 10 minutes,  i will compile everything under one super post once im done, like dude, if Xeno is that expensive to host, just a put a cute little ad under than fancy banner of yours.
    For now, imma address some posts before continuing on the series. 
    I do agree she is talented, she made a pepe version after my shitty untrimmed beard and it looked great, her personal art is also nice, especially that animated piece where she explains how troubled she is.
    Urgh! and you know what, even me, a person that autistically wrote 4 full heaps of text on this thread, even me cannot hold any grunge against her, i do not believe she is vile in any way, i think she is a majestic creature of notable resolve, she pretty much left off her country at 18 to live by her own, she speaks 3 languages, she has extremely valuable friends, she also fights multiple psych issues.
    It is been so long writing all this and my interest for the whole thing had its up and downs, as a result the motives behind this attempt are fragmented, but i like to think it might help people that like to know canniny more thoroughly, she is also very likely actively reading all this and maybe that could be helped her see and learn how people outside her cycle-jerking instagram world and the "girl pleaser" crowd of twitch chat  think of her
    Yeah, it is really hard to define personality in terms of twitch, it is just not normal human setting, she acts normal and slightly introverted when she is out with other streamers or friends, especially when they are males taller than her.
    Eh, yes she kinda descended to be really lewd, she even got banned from twitch at a point for being too lewd, she says she keeps her insta cleaner.
    Just do not watch her latest *sponsored by wifi buddy"  stream then
    i was bored at work and got to come by it, believe me, if a lolipop can traumatize you, then, watching 3 girls aimlessly walking in and out of shops while murdering the anime/lolita style will surely haunt you.
    Seriously, to any girl out there, just don't, don't try this unless you are fully confident about it, Canniny could barely pull it off, the other two girls where a living example of how hard it is to pull it off, the whole thing was 3 girls walking pointlessly hanging out downtown, commenting over how expensive everything is, while every single casually dressed Japanese girl passing by on background looked a an oasis of attractiveness compared to them.

    It is unclear, for all i know:
    she is from central china,she has a brother,her parents could afford Japanese classes for herNow this is just an information salad, but it gets even more salad-y; a few months ago she was explaining how cold her relationship with her parents was, so i threw a blind shot at her, i asked :
    -"Maybe your parents would like you more if you sent more money",
    Now look this was completely blind guess, but she went ahead to answer: 
    -"Yes, maybe, maybe they would like me then"
    I thought nothing of this at that time, but as i watched more, i realized there is absolutely no way for her to be able to sustain anyone other than her self, she barely sustains her self, there will be a rather interesting 'money' section coming up in the next post so you will get an even more complete idea.
    Canniny is  about 47kg currently, She had some major eating disorders happened to her, i might somehow fit that in the psych issues in the upcoming post.
     @Clarayes, next part is coming some time next week.
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  2. MoneyLow added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Saw her on a victor's video a year ago, he praised her for doing her thing, but victor is dumb old man and she just grew to be one of the biggest pestilences infesting that side of youtube.
    She is a vulture that is feasting on the fragrant corpse that Jvlogging has become. 
    Man i just wish there was a Japanese vlogger/youtuber that could actually put out a video critical of hers that is decent.
     'Disclaimer warning Nobita'  or  'That Japanese Email list Yuta' just don't make the cut, they do not dig deep on her at all and simply do not understand what kind of creature she is.
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  3. MoneyLow added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    same, it cracks my nerves, need to fix typos, urgh
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  4. MoneyLow added a post in a topic Canniny   

    Part 2.3
    Sorry for keeping you waiting, i was too busy, i also thought about stopping writing this altogether but either Canniny her self or someone near Canniny knows about this thread and got me perma-banned, bruh, im like there maybe once a week for 20 minutes, and you went out of your way to look up my name and then ban me in retrospect, well enough whoever you are, know well that you caused this.
    This will be a different post style, kinda more direct and as im a bit drunk it might be even more grammatically lacking than usual.
    First off lemme clear previous questions :
    @Irukani, she has no issue on making friends, the issue is that she has no active Japanese friends, even though its almost her 6th year there, as a result most of her friends are foreigners and expats that do not stick around that much, she usually blames that to her personality not being compatible to Japanese culture.
    @Saberlily this could be true, she actually wants to leave japan, she tried out for a US work visa twice so far and she failed both times.
    @Clara right now
    Early Twitch
    Come Talk to me, i hope i can make you feel happy, making you happy makes me happy too
    Poor, Poor Canniny, Instagram didn't make no money for her, so as an obvious grasp for attention and money lil Canniny decided to create a Patreon as well as a Twitch account, now for those who do not know, Japan is a fertile soil for the "IRL" streaming genre,  its a cool country with many things to do, people are friendly and most importantly, it is far away from the West, meaning funny business like swatting, stalking and miscellaneous  personal life repercussions are less likely to happen.
    Canniny started on by appearing on other JStreamer's shows, as a result she slowly leeched gained traction with their audience, this is pretty much the best head-start anyone can get, she kinda deserved it tbh, the image of middle aged guy pointlessly walking on the street with a selfie stick suddenly becomes a lot less awkward with the addition of Real Life animu girl.
    It wasn't long till she launched her own thing, about 4 months ago, first with sporadic and filed with tech issues streams that quickly gave their place to extremely well set up streams with OBS overlays Streamlabs and other technicalities taken care off, the girl has one the best lighting set ups that the streaming world has ever seen, for those who are into such topics they would know that it is abnormal for a streamer or any content creator to evolve that fast, well as you might have suspected she did have a major helping hand on all that, that helping hand is Evolve , evolve or @evolvebr is a very special case by him self, he makes up for the only noteworthy side character in all this and i will go into him in the Appendix.
    Canniny was just another IG girl, she lives for Instagram comments and constant approval, you could say that is true for any girl, but Canniny not only relies on the attention to make a living but she also lives for the attention, she really really does.
    Now imagine taking this type of girl and suddenly exposing her to a crowd of 400-300 guys that torrent her with attention, positive messages and money, as you might have guessed it blew her mind, i remember seeing her being fully enlarged on the chat, so enlarged you'd think her using enlarging eye lenses had something to do with that, she wouldn't  miss a single comment, sometimes she would completely get sidetracked mid sentence and get reabsorbed  to the chat,  she was  like fly trying to escape through the window glass or a Animated Chibi doll on LSD.
    She loved it, she loved the chat so much, it is what makes her feel happy, or to put it more accurately, it is what prevented her from being sad, as you see Canniny has some serious 'Depressioo' , 'Bipooolaaa' as well as 'Aspgrszzz' , more on that on the depression section later on.
    As a thank you to the crowd Canniny ended up quickly shifting away from the 'Unaware Asian Girl' mask into the a Meme persona, she became a dancing monkey or a living meme as she would say, she did and still does all kinds of goofy shit, like painting biceps, shaving her eyebrows, breaking miniature guitars,  there is just no limit of what she might come up with, if you want to get an idea just go on her twitch page, go to her clips and short by all time popular, you will get the idea, there is also a lot of clips of her in youtube cringe compilations.
    Now she obviously doesn't like ruining her image, that includes her physical image too, or so most people thought,  if you been paying attention to the clips on the previous post you'd notice all sorts of Subcription/Donation goals, well, many of them are directly tied to her degrading her image.
    Donation/Sub Goals
    Donation and Subscription goals are desired amounts of money or subscription spots that a streamer sets, they are usually displayed as a UI overlay on a form of a completion bar, the streamer will often offer back something upon the completion of the goal, usually stuff that will improve the content quality or help him feel better, in the case of canniny her early goal promises where quite eccentric to say the least, lets dive in, 
     The Eyebrows Shaving Goal
    This is probably her first large goal at about 500$, this particular goal is quite funny, not only of how cringe the whole subject of shaving your eyebrows off live on stream is, but also because it was created when Canniny was still kinda unaware of what is up with twitch, she  expected that the goal would take 3 months to complete, but thanks to the mysterious effect of men throwing money at girls on the internet because they are girls, a guy appeared and donated more than 70% of the entire goal amount. here is how it looked:
    Canniny wasn't that troubled by the removal of her eyebrows, she said they would grow back, she hides her eyebrows with her hair anyways and she also paints them over, actually, she painted them over even before she shaved them. What really changed in Canniny was her expectations from twitch, all donation tiers almost doubled after that, 5 ->10 $ for a dance, 3->5 for a song, she also decided to put a halt to degrading goals, note that  if the 'no-make up' goal was running along-side at the time, so she couldn't avert that.
    As i said this goal was one of the first signs that Canniny was starting to really grasp the Twitch Culture, well, all cultures have their negatives and their positives, the goal bellow highlights how Caninny followed one the wrong paradigms, and that is, lying to the audience.
    The Pocket Wi-Fi Goal
    Pocket wifi is a service that allows you to have a wireless internet connection on the go, this is done via the use an LTE Wifi hotspot device that is small enough to fit in your backpack, this little thing is really popular with tourists in japan and in our case IRL streamers that need to walk on the street while streaming at 1080p.
    Canniny promised she would do IRL 'on the ground' streams, it sounded like fun, Canniny is a house slug, it would be nice seeing her actually moving, that goal was successfully completed, funnily enough, that was one the goals i helped on my self.
    Many weeks and months even have passed but the times she streamed outside can be counted on the palm of one hand, and even those times where either in a restaurant or in the tattoo shop, it was pretty obvious to me that she didn't really have the pocket Wifi and that there is something fishy going on with the whole deal there was not really much of a way on clearing this up with elegance.
    That is up until a few days ago, Canniny finally confirmed my suspicions by posting this on her twitter account 
    What is this you might ask?, well it is pretty obvious that it is an open endorsement for the company that makes the Pocket WiFi.
    I researched it up and it seems  this company will sponsor internet Celebrities and especially popular streamers and as a result give away its devices for free to them, im not sure how satisfied the company is by this particular endorsement as her account is not the most active around. In any case, this is her trying to lie for 500$ dollars, imma leave it here.
    No Make-up Goal
    Her showing her face without any fake-up was a long lasting and constant demand from the chat, Canniny disliked the idea and would constantly refuse, looking back, i can kinda sympathize with her for refusing it so badly, guys fail to realize both the amount of makeup and its importance, make-up is especially critical in exotic styles like hers.
    As i said she really hated this goal but eventually  gave in and put it up as a 500 subscriber goal, much like the eyebrows goal it was created when she was still a twitch newbie, she actually believed that the amount of subscribers needed to complete the goal would have to follow her actual subscriber count, in other words she expected to have 500 monthly subscribers on the 5-10 dollar tiers, not sure about the twitch cuts but that would made her about 2k$-3k# monthly without the donations.
    Her expectations where off though, the system that handles the goals worked by counting the individual times someone subscribed but it did not take into account for when someone did not take into account for when someone unsubscribed or did not refresh his subscription, Canniny would often bitch about this fact but there was little she could do, at this rate she would never ever actually reach a total active subscriber count of 500 anyway, even  donation orbiters couldn't help the situation, one guy in particular gifted a total amount of about 200 subscriptions just randomly and randomly on the chat, very few of them really  ever refreshed, but they did count for the no make-up goal.
    So the day for her to reveal her real face arrives, except that it is not a day at all, it is midnight, it is not under her typical sun bright lights either, it is not her normal streaming hours too, almost none was there in chat, what is going on ? well, it was her on the bed with a phone ready to go to sleep and deciding to say hi for an hour
    She looked unconformable as fuck, she looked like she wanted to end the stream asap so she can hide  and most importantly she looked nothing like when shes with make-up, as you can also how she looked on the Part 2/3, Canniny is a 6.
    What gets to many people is that, after all the time and money that went into this particular goal, the anticipation from the chat and everything, she does this atrocity of a stream on off-hours for a total of 80 people, she didn't even go out of her way to deliver, she sleeps without makeup everyday anyway this time she just brought the phone with her put it up till the battery ran out, like really? Please just do not commit if you are not prepared to face the consequences.
    Alright this completes the goals sections, those are the most noteworthy ones, from what i've seen lately, her most recent goal is about buying a dress, so you see, the girl has learned.
    I really cannot complete the whole twitch story in a single part, thus the part name 2.3, i have the 'Mah Depression'  and 'Mah Poverty'  stories written already written and they will be posted on the next episode, for now enjoy the appendix i made, especially you Fever.
    I am not asleep
    Never in the chronicles of internet was there a man so devoted, so obsessed with serving a female and materializing her wishes.
    Step aside big donors and plebeians trying to grab the attention of the girl by writing messages of admiration to her, evolve is a dude beyond money and beyond the barriers of comprehensive human relationships, for you see Evolve is there, he is always there, if he is not asleep he'll be there, if you call his name he will be there, if there is an issue on the stream he will be there, if Canniny wants to edit StreamLabs, he will be there, if Canniny needs a 'TEAMMITE' in Splatoon2 he will be there, someone to ban ? he is the first to pull the trigger for that too,.he has been sitting there for 4-3 months now, sitting through the almost daily 7-5 hour streams supporting Canniny and the stream, he originally was mod for another JStreamer around the time Can showed up on his show, ever since that day Evolve  was seemingly and permanently beguiled by Canniny's Cyber Siren aura.
    This bad excuse of a man has a severe  'Peoples Pleaser' syndrome, nothing will stop him from pleasing, nothing stains his consciousnesses in a way of actually giving him second thoughts on what he is doing, even if 
    He Gets laughed at by Canniny her self for catching him lurking on every asian girl streamer show.He Gets paid a petty 100 dollar bill for his service but then insist on making this not count by donating back 2 times that. Canniny opening and publicly suspecting him for hacking her account even after all he has done for her.He Lied about being 16 years of age so he could pass as a youngster with too much time on his hand  (he is actually 32+) He wont stop, and if you are a cute lil asian girl that is looking for a 'useful' internet friend, lets just  say i just saved you from all the digging of finding one.
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  5. MoneyLow added a post in a topic TkyoSam   

    His bike videos are probably the worst kind of content i ever consumed online, it takes him a minimum of 10 minutes to get into the main subject and even then his subject is either totally unrelated to the title or  he completely fucks it up by sidetracking, in any case his subjects tend to be really boring, his observations and conclusions are nothing to write home about either.
    Dude, just cuz you found the energy to get off your ass and ride a bike for a hour doesnt mean you can just throw it out unedited for people to see, build a script, bring up quick points and opinions then wrap it up, prepare a good spot to ride and get a freaking better mic, the combination of your monotone voice and the street noise is unbearable.
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  6. MoneyLow added a post in a topic Canniny   

    Part 2/4
    Yes this is who you think it is, fuck Canniny and everyone potentially pieced off by this, see, im neither going to refund donations across all my accounts, nor regret for all the gifted cheers or subs i did under anonymous or not, a few hundred Eurodollars refunded wont get the weight off my chest, writing this out will.
     3x300 second chat bans in the row, is something i wont take, even if its not that much of a punishment, the action it self got me really bitter, because it was invoked, not by her overly protective mods, but by her own hands, for what you may ask
    it was for typing " twitch > instagram" in the chat and "i guess no legs today" In the same freaking chat where people straight up gampled "Third legs" in the built in chat bot game, the same  freaking stream you claim you will "pick up peoples soap for them" and "hold their ass", i dont care if you where in one the downturn of one of your depressive mood swings, i don't care if you did a mistake, no warning suspensions a on repeat are inexcusable.
    I can go all the way and expand my beef, but i think it is better to just move ahead, I will focus on the Twitch part, as i said she pours her life out there, but first lets get into her Instagram stuff.
    Instagram/Appearance Insecurities
    Canniny (Main Account)CanninyArt (Art Account, she posts her art there and commissioned pieces)[she has another side account that i forget] 
    Obvious Questions 
    -Question: Does She Edit?
    -Answer: Yes, she a edits a fuckton, she edits every day, she edits shamelessly and she edits live on stream, when asked what she edits she will say: "Fixing colors", she doesn't really share screen when edits though, its her just standing there with her Wacom tab, her favorite programs are Photoshop, after effects and clip-studio but dont quote me on that, average editing session for one pic is 2-1 hours.
    -Question: Does She get money from Instagram?
    -Answer: No, she makes no money, she gets no money from sponsor links, she makes no money from advertisement, she said it her self, the whole purpose of the account is to build up a network and aid her real life modeling gig, speaking of which:
    Question:  - Hows her modeling career go?
    Answer: - Her Modeling gig involves  her going downtown for a couple of photo-shoots 5-6 times per month, she said work is low compared to last summer where she got travel across Europe for work, canniny prefers to call her self an 'Web Designer' and  'Artists' before a 'Model',you make out what you wish from that.
    Anatomy Section
    Canniny claims her hair is real and will defend it adamantly, even though its obvious she uses a small batch side hair extensions that she occasionally admits she is using, she also changes her hair color a gazillion times, her favorite color being Purplish-Blue, as she admitted, her hair quality has degraded badly as result, she is often found saying things like:
     i can never go back to ma nachural colo, my heirs is 'Litirily' Destroyd,  
    I'm bald as fuk, my cap is not long enough and my ugliu asian forehand shows.
    I never seen a person using contacts as much or as long as her, she barely gets them off, on her original streams, she had venus angelic tier of enlarging optics, she wears optics so much that her few brown eye'd pictures she has are actually brown/transparent lenses, she uses them so much you can see the eyelids persist on being stretched out after she gets them off, she even used them on a Breakdown twitter where she literally cries, and later claimed it to be "a no make up vid".
    Here is a typical example, she does that all the time when she is not wearing optics
    She put out a lot of height number out, a conservative estimation is 167-166 cm as it is the lowest height i recall her saying, conversion issues might also come to play so sorry about that.
    She is incredibly protective of her height too, she likes to believe she is taller than the rest girls and models, she also likes to think she is taller than many asian males too, in reality, even though shes a few cm taller than the average asian girl, she is no rarity in the modelling industry, it is still a positive to this cyber lolita style she is rocking though, a style that as i said is quickly growing out of off.
    If you wan't to be my boyfrennn, you must be taller tha me when i wear heelz, (about 180cm)
    Initially not much was going on about her weight, she was in normal ranges, after she started streaming though she gained a few kilos, she blamed it on potato chips (potany) which might be true as she has a lot of admirers that mail her Candies and stuff on an industrial scale, she lost that weight though. From time to time she likes to bitch about her having to not eat for days straight, she will also bitch about her feet being too skinny or too fat 
    My feet are littirily two stickz
    At the same time she will brag about how she always eats lots of stuff when she gets out with people, looking back at those times it is almost like every single remark of that nature was aimed to draw reassurance from the crowd, a motive that appropriately characterizes her relationship with the twitch crowd. 
    I hate my round face, i would love to have a narrow fac with a narro noze, my chin is also bad. (proceeds to air mark the areas of her face like if she was about to execute a plastic surgery on them ) 
    I am Chinese As fuk, cant you see my face is round as Fuk!(In response to someone asking her if shes Korean)
    She also has a black spot on her nose that she feels really insecure about, and now, for the moment you all been waiting for, hold tight, and experience night and day, oh and canniny, you are reading this, you are 6/10-5/10 without anything on, your biker tier amount of tats do not help either, take it from a man that has actual experience with females and not your typical Twitch chatter, you might also notice she is missing her eyebrows and she is streaming the whole thing, more on that on the Twitch Part and its Disingenuous section.
    They are not fake, they are also kinda big, they are one of her biggest selling points, she wears a deep decollete almost every time too, Canniny will often acknowledge that, often saying something like 
    *I have those giant bawlz,*
    This is the perfect gateway for
    Selling her appeal.
    Canniny wont mind people praising her breasts on the chat or any other part of her body, moderators often have a more conservative approach tho, which is quite ironic at times,
    Here is how canniny leveraged her boobs and the  "Unaware Innocent Asian Girl" UIAG card to blow up on twitch, the clips bellow have a lot of views and even got on YouTube compilations, the last clip was a probably the instigating agent on her last ban, more about that later, for now those clips are enough to give an idea
    Time for some personal opinion injection about this:
    I don't really use twitch that much, but i have a firm grasp on internet culture.
    The way she is acting on those clips is textbook Twitch-Thot behavior, now her style is different indeed and i do believe that this is how she would behave and dress on the streets of Shibuya anyway, but rules should apply equally, she has been crossing the line consistently even so, she only got a 7 day ban that was imoi more of a pat like in the back than a panishment, im not the kind of guy that dislikes girls doing this, i believe people should be able to do whatever they want,
    But i'm specifically bothered by the pattern of behavior shown by Canniny in regard to 'lewdness' , and especially her hiding behind the UIAG to justify her eye-popping  actions.
    Me, much like many other long term viewers  have witnessed her descend to more and more deeper levels of lewdness, for example over the past month she started putting her long legs up in front of the camera for everyone to see and she also started licking a lolipop on the regular,
    her decisions are obviously conscious, she knows thats what sells and gets people donating and she will go as far as mocking Twitch.com after getting unbanned by jokingly saying *im too Sexy for Twitch* she also got to wear a full Burka that day,
    You know what you are doing girl.
    Wrapping up
    I have a ton of work to do so imma  have to wrap this up for today.
    Here is a few more quick points related to relating to this part:
    She says she tries to keep Her  Instagram generally less sexy.She bitches about her bleeding follower count all the time. Peepul dont like me anymoreShe will ask people to get her get likes, and when i say ask, i mean almost beg, i believe when she breaks down psychologically, this gets amplified x100;Shoes is her favorite clothing component, she has a ton of shoes sitting on her amazon wish list, waiting to be gifted to her by some kind donor.She likes to brag about how she works really hard to get those nice shots and backgrounds, that is true, she shows a lot of her working process and she does it all her self , cant take that away from her. 
    Coming up on the next post expect :
    Expanded details about He Twitch Presence, Mental issues and derangement,Personality quirks,Disingenuous behavior,Stories from her life and a lot more.
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  7. MoneyLow added a post in a topic Canniny   

    Ok, imma post this shit, So she has been streaming her whole life on twitch for the past few months and i happened to catch a lot of them, here is part 1 of things i can unload:
    Introductory Information
    She leaked it on accident on her stream about 3-7 days ago, can't bother to look it up, her streams are literally 7 hours long sessions of her looking cute under 200kw photography lights, if she hasn't deleted it yet, you can go check the archive over at twitch.tv/canninyart
    Main Internet Alias:
    Canniny/CanninyArt (Instagram, twitch),
    Anniky (Masculine persona)
    Canniky (fusion of the two above)
    Chibiny/Banniny/Sadninny etc (situational persona names depending on the stream style)
    She is from China and currently lives in Tokyo Japan, originally from a small village mainland China, so mainland her dad still calls her and tries to arrange a marriage with the local guys.
    23 years of age, it is probably 1 or 2 years more as she keeps it secret, she's incredibly uncomfortable with her age.
    She goes to a low tier art college, now she is truly gifted in art, but she is seemingly unable to draw anything other than her self or stuff about her, she will even insert her self on many live commissioned pieces, she said its her last year there, apparently it is really lax and all she has to do that she just shows up once every week, or she just drags it out for that student visa.
    This part is really hard to describe, and i think it is better to let you get the idea by your self after i'm done dissecting deeper into her,  for now, all you need to know is that shes your typical IG girl with all the insecurities and quirks that come with it, she also likes to appear ready to take criticism and she is an artisan of self degradation.
    I will now post a few small and quick points about her personality, points that are not directly connected to her insta or twitch presence.
    What she Likes:
    She has little to none Japanese friends, she said she only had one Japanese boyfriend, most of her friends are expat models, she generally believes Japanese society considers her as misfit, she also bitches about how little friends she has left.Even though she has some friends, she spends most of her time in home, in the outskirts of Tokyo, her favorite hobby is to play arcade games downtown, or draw stuff in-home.She eats potato chips with chop sticks.She likes to call her Mac a 'Pc'She likes to Have Filtered water and drink it on stream, "Stay Hydra"She likes to play Splatoon 2 on her Switch, although those streams get a fraction of views her normal streams.She likes to play the "Unaware Asian girl"  when she finds convenient.She treats the audience like a litter of cute puppies that need cuddling all the time, often kissing the camera and doing hug gestures.What she hates:
    People asking her if she Cosplays, by her own word:I never Cosplay, why du peepul think i cosplay, i never cosplay, my style is me, my style is Can-ni-ny!!!!!!" 
    People pointing out she dresses are a bit too revealing. People that start a text conversation with "hi","hey" etc, Canniny:Please, please when you contact me, do not say hi how you doin, please get into the subject becos im too biiiiiizy, and i cant respond to everything 
    Hates the fact she cant pull of the Lolita style anymore, because of age.Hates her parents, but still talks to them.She is scared of :
    Future.Her bleeding IG follower count. 
    the deep dive posts will come soon, stay tuned.
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