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  1. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Have mixed feelings about this Daph news. Not really enough information to form an opinion. She doesn't say they are friends. She says "they're cool". As in, there's no more conflict. My guess? Daph didn't care for her, but had nothing against her. Until at least two people she considered friends came to her with disparaging stories. Which caused her blow up.
    Daph regrets that a lot. Objectively, it was a bad look for her. And she got absolutely blasted on LSF/Twitch. As well as lesser attacks on other social media. Tough as she acts, it rattled her. 
    So I'm guessing when months later she was again approached by Poki, when she and her friends has all gotten over whatever the previous drama was, she was open to reconciliation. If for no other reason than to avoid backlash from Poki and her army again. Daph also probably has no personal issues with her, and doesn't seem like one to hold grudges. But I can't imagine they'll be doing each other's hair in the near future. And Daph is so young, and sheltered that she likely has little to no experience with the manipulation and influence Poki has proven to be able to bring to bear.
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  2. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Obviously QT trolling about the Macaiyla comments Poki got pissed about. But always nice to see another streamer standing up to her. Bet she's really wishing she did her own content, instead of that recycled crappy world cup by this point though.
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  3. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I knew there was a reason I liked Malena
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  4. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Thanks for the well thought and written post. While a lot of it is opinion and conjecture, that's great because this is the place for that. Personally, I agree with most of what you wrote.
    Where I disagree with at least the way the topic was framed, is regarding her terrible behavior. Specifically towards what I assume she regards as competition. 
    She knows better than most how much influence her position has given her. And she wields it like a club against any who dare voice any opinion she dislikes. There are countless examples just in this thread. From more private coercion like Macaiyla and Daph, to actual attacks like Sliker and Vie. In fact, if you can scan LSF quickly enough,(before they are down voted off) you can see that she doesn't avoid drama at all. Every time any streamer says anything anyone could even infer as negative, she plays it on stream and throws her backhand insults at them.
    And YouTube is far worse. There wasn't one copyright strike, there were a dozen that I know of. Plus the thousands of videos she illegally claimed revenue from simply because they were tagged with "twitch" and "pokimane". Not to mention the brigading of people like Fainted and Twoon and Davcev she basically directed from her stream.
    My point in listing all of this is that I don't agree with painting these actions as poor decision making, or lack of emotional control. There is a long history of her continually attempting to screw over anyone who she feels is a professional threat to her image or wallet, who has anything not glowingly positive to say about her, or who she can suck extra money, clout, or viewers from.  This is not due to her being unable to articulate her completely unwarranted justification for her actions. The situation has gotten as bad as it has because her actions ARE inexcusable. And if (as I believe) she actually believes that she's perfectly in the right in doing all this, thats equally as awful an issue as her doing it maliciously.
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  5. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I went and looked at her logs. The sad stuff was about trying not to continually read about the virus, and stay positive for streaming. But by this point, we all know how she whines about faking it for stream.
    What was more interesting to me was her yet again complaining about being attacked whenever she goes in others chat. It's an occurrence that I have personally seen, and it's the closest thing to an actual shift in general attitude towards her on Twitch.
    It recently came to a head with Hasans growing popularity and fan base. The way she spent months following everything he did. Online, and IRL. Days lurking in his chat, etc. Then in wake of the 9/11 statement, and the shipping memes, she ghosted him in every way possible. And coincidentally the Sliker and Macaiyla issues were around the same time. His chat absolutely loathes her. And, whatever your opinion of him, he has gotten big on Twitch. Both in following and influence. But more importantly, everyone now has seen how she treats her friends. How she'll shit on people like the above mentioned at the drop of a hat. And how she uses and discards others like Vader, Jack, Myth, etc. when they no longer boost her ratings. People who were previously indifferent to her at most, will now strenuously attempt to keep her from doing the same to their favorite streamer. Realistic, that's the best I could expect.
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  6. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    The sad thing with this is imagining if the people involved were reversed. Say Daph was playing with friends and did the exact same thing. Poki white knights would be brigading across social media calling for her head. And she would likely be crying in a YT video or on stream about it. Where Daph is probably like, "Yep. Kinda funny."
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  7. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You.....do realize this entire site's purpose is discussion on what "random e-girls" do? Being self appointed guardian of what people here might care about, or discuss seems kind of sad.
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  8. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    It's the cynicism from being only an internet personality that allows it. If, say, Chris Hemsworth was caught on a secret Valentines date with Blake Lively, there would be stories on every news outlet. And no one would believe there was nothing going on romantically. But everyone is so afraid of pissing off the queen, and worried about backlash from her stans, that she can lie about anything and it has to be accepted.
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  9. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yes, that all sounds correct. All she cares about is clout and/or money. She doesn't stream because she likes it. She doesn't play game because she enjoys them. Just whatever she thinks will get the most viewers. It's just unfortunate that streamers who aren't completely fake, are entertaining, and love what they do are ignored. While her years of girlfriend simulation have enthralled an audience who remains as long as she forces herself into the latest trend.
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  10. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I mean, you see it all the time on Twitter. But it's not from women viewers. It's from other streamers. We all know the ones that model themselves after her. They just don't have their own talent, luck, or her moral flexibility to be as successful. And it's a well known and lamented fact that those who don't publicly bend the knee end up on her naughty list.
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  11. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Maya and Devin Nash had an interesting conversation today. Maya had a hard time articulating, as she obviously wants to be supportive of women. But she definitely was voicing her displeasure with the women of Twitch sexualizing themselves purely for profit. Going so far as to state that they didn't dress that way "because it was comfortable". Much as Daph alluded to in a similar interview with Devin. 
    Why is this relevant? First, because Devin bought up as a comparison, Hachu and Poki. As streamers who have zero sexual content. Never seen a chat so overwhelmed with "kapp", "?????", and blatant call outs. Message after message like "Poki knows exactly what she's doing" and such. Really unexpected from Devin and Mayas chat.
    Then he went even farther off the rails, stating that Poki "was doing God's work". That her streams were a daily inspiration to the thousands of women who watched her. Analytics Andy, who supposedly knows everything about Twitch, says that thousands of WOMEN watch her stream. It was so ludicrous I wasn't even upset at his misinformation. And again, two chats that are comparatively well behaved tore him to shreds. To which he said he had chat turned off.
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  12. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    God no. It was some 75 follower streamer who had it made. Only one other has enabled it. I'm just baffled how it got approved.
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  13. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I don't know how to post it animated here, but evidently last week, pokiLame got approved:

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  14. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Mark my words. She's going to go for JinnyTTY next. We all know how desperate she is to gain acceptance from LSF. Jinny has steadily been growing an audience with her travel streams, and has been blowing up on LSF. Poki has been watching these on stream, and mentioned she wants to "collab". With Jinny in Austin, and her clips going ballistic on LSF, I'd bet anything Poki contacts her to meet in LA.
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  15. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Greek is busy with Jinny, so she needs to feed elsewhere. Any bets on who she taps in the CS:GO community?
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