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  1. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I was never a fan of Greek. But I'm now starting to actively dislike him. That he's playing this "titillate the 12 year olds with moronic innuendo" game over and over while she plays babe in the woods has grown outright insulting.
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  2. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    The part with her saying she and Fed were no longer being friends was obviously a joke. The part with her defining a friend as someone who you use for their stuff was obviously her actual belief.
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  3. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I'm actually a little upset at being forced to do this. As I don't believe I've ever used this phrase before.
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  4. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Didn't you see the DMs she sent the movers before they were deleted? Didn't get a screenshot, but it was something like;"☺️Hi guys! I just happened to notice that all of my underwear was missing. I talked to you before, and thought we were cool. Was this about Sliker? Ok. Love you!☺️"
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  5. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    For every 10 or 20 moronic things she posts, she does get one or two on the nose.
    Panders to feet freaks and the sympathy donors for her lost clothing. As well as the obvious deviants who are now fantasizing about finding her panties. Probably a lie entirely.
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  6. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I watched a few minutes before and after the clip for context. Is this the same guy that Toast got cancelled? That she hired? Cause that would be really bizarre.
    Also, she's really gone off the deep end with her pandering. Not enough to have the camera pulled up and back far enough to show her crotch. She has to pull her legs all the way up to show feet now. And has the mic literally in her mouth, while blowing kisses to subs? While her chat spams "please play a game! play anything!" She is an actual boobie streamer now. Not even pretending anymore.
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  7. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You're telling me what I assume? What an amazing talent! Since you're again putting words in my mouth that are totally your projection, I never said, nor implied she would receive "hate". Only that her chat would most likely used racist spam commonly associated with Muslim and/or Middle Easterners. This already is common on Twitch, so it's not really a stretch. If you consider that hate, that's your own opinion. But I maintain that this sort of behavior is something streamers would want to avoid. She called the ZULUL emote racist, and banned it from her chat, if you want how ridiculous a metric she uses to protect her brand. Maybe she already has banned ANELE, and things like it. That would only support my opinion that she would be concerned about perceived racism hurting her brand.
    And, yet again, to correct your putting words in my mouth; I never said she is whitewashing. She said others were accusing her of that. Someone else reported it. I quoted them. Really not difficult to follow. And while you're misquoting me, or quoting out of context, I said I couldn't blame her from deflecting religious questions FROM HER PERSPECTIVE. That being, as I also mentioned, from a business/brand perspective. Your reading this as my opinion on how favorable or not being her particular religion is again completely your own construct.
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  8. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You seem to be taking this somewhat personally, and reading a TON more into it than what was written.
    First, there's a world of difference between hide and deflect. Second, no one suggested she should do either. Just that it was understandable if she deflected direct questions about her religion. In fact, it's a topic that is potentially dangerous for any streamer to tackle. Especially those who aren't experienced in argument.
    More to the point, her being Muslim. On Twitch, it will first elicit a bunch of unwanted spam. You know which mean. Second, there are a shit ton of "edgy" kids, both LSF assholes, and just stupid ones who don't know better, that are going to correlate that with terrorism. Which obviously no one would want.
    Almost everything Poki does revolves around money and her brand. So yes, I do see why she would not want her chat filled with ANALE, and "9/11 andy". I'm not excusing any of her behavior. Pretty much, ever. And I'm not shaming anyone for their heritage. But I'm not completely devoid of empathy or intelligence. So as I said, if she wants to protect her brand from college students who want to enter religious debates, and kids who think racist spam in Twitch chat is the pinnacle of humor, from that point of view I couldn't blame her. She's never said she's not Muslim. Nor Arab. She just refuses to talk about it. And she LARPs like something else. It's like the whole boyfriend thing. If she refused to answer questions, or said "none of your business" I couldn't blame her. But she says "I'm lonely chat. I don't have a man in my life". Which is blatant pandering and almost definitely a lie, for the exact same reason; to protect her brand. The distinction between the two actions is important even if their reason is the same
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  9. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    See, this shit pisses me off. This victimizing herself. Even more than her more blatant, aggressive shit. Yes, she says in every bio that she's Moroccan. But she knows her fans can't read. And other than that, it's not so much that she whitewashed herself to hide her heritage. She does it deliberately to make herself appear Asian. The lack of sunlight excuse is total lies. We have on this thread alone dozens of pictures where on her stream she appears Asian, and in candids or on others' streams the same day she looks many shades darker. And then she mimics the exact makeup women with inner epicanthic folds always use because, why? Not to mention concurrently aping Asian culture in speech, dress, and mannerisms. If she wanted to deflect from the fact she's Arab/Muslim, I couldn't blame her. With the obvious bias a lot of NA has. But appropriating another culture to not only hide yours, but to pander to a much larger, and demographically viable audience is unconscionable.
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  10. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I wish I could argue. But nothing I've seen would show me you're wrong. I hope Hachu's strong family values might give her an edge in this. But if she moves, the next step needed to further her career, even that disappear.
    On a lighter note; Poki is now offering to follow anyone who buys one for her $30 dolls. Just reeks of desperation.
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  11. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I think, it's possible that Hachu could be the one to take Poki's crown. I don't think she can do it from Korea. Even disregarding the time zone issues, Korean Twitch has too contentious a relationship with it's parent company. And it's too difficult for their streamers to brand themselves outside the company. But today showed glaringly how different the two of them are.
    Poki started stream. Plopped down on her chair, and again started stuffing her face while watching videos. All while hawking her shitty, overpriced merch. Then, yet again, started whining about not having any game she wanted to play(ie., not having any content). And actually had the gall to suggest someone create a game where people could make Twitch streamers date each other.
    It's Hachu's birthday. She spent the first THREE HOURS of her stream reading every birthday wish she received on Discord. She wanted every fan to know how much she appreciates them, even though it was slightly boring to watch. She then announced she had pre ordered 200 tshirts to start her merch line, and that she would be giving them all to her viewers. The stream ended with a dono train ending with over 9K in dollars, over 1K in gift subs(she has well over 5K now), and what I'm estimating near 100K in bits. Finally, since she's at a hotel in Seoul to meet Jake and for her friends wedding, a birthday video from her parents that had all of chat crying. 
    How people still can follow Poki, while a streamer who does all the same things better, and more earnestly and honestly completely baffled me
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  12. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I agree that the points of contention Daph brought up were certainly petty. And that if they were the only issue for her she shouldn't have vocalized them. But that's all I can support.
    First, suggesting that people here are bandwagoning for Daph solely because of this is ignorant. While they aren't filling the pages here due to there not being a Daph thread, you can find posts regarding her throughout the forum. Especially in this thread. And all indicate positive inclinations towards her. Most are absolutely glowing. The only reason I believe there aren't more is people not trying to derail. But there's zero doubt most here have been fans for some time.
    Second, I have yet to see a post calling what Daph said "respectable". Again, most find the subject petty. But I for one, do respect her for saying it. Sometimes the messenger is actually more important than the message. Poki is magnitudes more powerful than Daph, especially on Twitch. Plus, Daphs popularity is extremely recent, and her audience a large amount of LSF edgelords, who obviously will turn in a second. And Poki has a history of directly(and indirectly) attacking anyone who impugns her, or her brand. So Daph had much more to lose doing this. I sincerely believe that this DM situation was just a catalyst. And that Daph had broader and. more deep seated reasons for blowing up on Poki. Though of course that's just opinion. 
    As far as honest? Yes. I think saying Pokis head is up her as is an honest evaluation. Most here would agree. Don't see a problem with that. As far as Daphs honesty, I can only do a direct comparison. And Poki has innumerable proven lies littering this thread. 
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  13. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yeah the problem with all this is, all she's really accomplished with Poki is to piss her off. Which is funny, but doesn't really change anything. The fans and other streamers who disliked her still do. And there was nothing said that would make people who like her change their minds. Just alerted people that someone with a lot of mutual friends actually does dislike her regardless.
    More directly to the current topic of Poki recieving no censure for blatantly breaking TOS; I've given it some thought over the past few days. While it's ignorant to say she'll NEVER be suspended, I am confident in predicting she won't be for something like this. Most people are saying that a 1 to 3 day ban would help her more than hurt. Mini vacation, free press, and she'll more than make up the money on pity donations when she returns. I totally agree.
    But Wubby clued me into something. Unlike YT, there is no real 3 strike system with Twitch. They say there is, but we've seen it fail numerous times. More specifically because of that, community guidelines strikes don't dissapear in 3 or even 6 months. They can be held on record for years. So every advertiser, every sponsor who looked up Pokis history would see she was suspended for showing pornographic images on stream. There's no way she, her management, or Twitch could allow that. 
    EDIT: Dear God she's stupid. According to the Queen, any streamers who allow the ZULUL emote are supporting blackface. Implying they're racist.
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  14. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You're not wrong. But I kind of feel that she's doing this still because she REALLY dislikes Poki. She can't push any further on her previous comments, as she'd have to expose her friends. So she's willing to take the shots from LSF herself to throw out a few at Poki. It's not that she doesn't know when to shut up. She just doesn't care. Gotta respect the balls, if not the brains. But I mean, it took a streamer that honestly doesn't care about their Twitch "career" to even get this far.
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  15. Parcher added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Gotta love Daph
    Scroll down for her reply to herself. Sorry, too big to screenshot on phone.
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