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  1. flower added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Sounds like she's just pushing her insecurities on you lol. Don't worry about it~
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  2. flower added a post in a topic NikkiChi   

    Honestly, her new voice is super annoying and I can't understand 80% of what she says
    She sounds like she's trying to be the new Nyanners or something (even uses the same images as her in videos)
    Nyanners also did a cover of a song with lyrics about 'Onii Chan' like Nikki that was super popular 
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  3. flower added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I love how she tries to play it cool in her posts like she's "different from other girls" but freaks out when they're putting the snake around her neck 
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  4. flower added a post in a topic Zoella | Zoe Sugg   

    I don't think anyone here actually hates her? I stated in my previous post I don't even care about her. Just thought what she said was super bitchy which even you say you thought the tweets were fucked up. Just because of something totally vanilla I said which made a few people uncomfortable I'm suddenly not allowed to say anything?
    To be clear. The problem people are having isn't people defending Zoe but instead trying to police what we should bring up in the thread.
    I was told that I was desperate and petty for bringing it back up which made me feel like I was being shut down for something totally stupid. If it relates to the personality we're discussing anyone should be allowed to bring forth information no matter how old or big of a deal it was.
    Ok. I think that summarises it pretty well. Let's stop derailing now 

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  5. flower added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Thank you so much~

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  6. flower added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I just updated it again so hopefully it's easier to understand~
    Is there anything else that I missed that should go on the summary? Did we get proof of her homophobic comments?
    Should I add screenshots of her Dad's posts here? If someone could send the important ones to me or tell me the page numbers that he comments it would help a lot 
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  7. flower added a post in a topic nordic_alien_   

    I've followed her for a few months now, I really like her look (makes me want to bleach the shit outta my hair).
    some videos:


    I'm pretty sure she uses a beauty app with these though. Makes her skin super blurred, eyes enlarged and face way smaller.
    I think she'd still be cute and look like herself without it all though, just a bit moe human lol.
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  8. flower added a post in a topic Zoella | Zoe Sugg   

    Well it hasn't been brought up for discussing here yet? 
    Ya'll seriously trying to tell me what I can and shouldn't bring up in a thread, even when it highly relates to what we're talking about i.e her personality? I don't see her half assed apology as being an excuse for me to not bring it up. If I can't bring it up then whats the point of this thread? To talk about how boring her content is? I'm not even the first to bring it up, like I said someone commented the link to an article and I gave my views on it. What's the problem?
    Ok. I'm done. 
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  9. flower added a post in a topic Zoella | Zoe Sugg   

    Wait, hold on. Is this not PULL? A gossiping site that talks about the past and present things people do then criticise it? And I didn't just bring it up, someone posted a link to the article and I thought what she said was super bitchy. Especially since from what I read in an article the second tweet was about an unarmed sexual assault victim (not confirmed just going off the article)? I can't express my opinion? I don't hate the girl or even care about her but what she tweeted was just super petty and mean. She's looking down on others while potraying a complete opposite image.
    I can't believe ya'll excusing her behaviour. If this was any other personality like Lily Maymac or Sarah Mcdaniel no one would say shit.
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  10. flower added a post in a topic Zoella | Zoe Sugg   

    Wow. What a fucking bitch.

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  11. flower added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Bloody hell... I get so paranoid reading this thread that my parents are gonna walk in the room and see.
    Like, how do I even begin to explain this? I'm embarrassed for her...

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  12. flower added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    ehhhh I don't think so. I went and watched the video and yeah she edited the thumbnail a bit (made herself paler, more pink toned, slimmer face) but it still looks like her

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  13. flower added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Most likely just pins them back with grips or something?
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  14. flower added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   


    wow uncanny 
    I don't understand how she can be so confident having her edited shots right next to her real face
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  15. flower added a post in a topic Rada Ataeva   

    ehhh I wouldn't say she's that perfect or anything? I've seen girls in my town that look like her and better. For sure have seen plenty of fashion runway models looking 10x better too. Not saying she isn't pretty because she really is but she's kinda basic. Honestly, I think her lips ruin it. They look too big for her face and super fake.
    Any links like an Instagram? When I search her name I get nothing and only a few pictures. (Maybe her name is Russian or something would help?)
    Where did the old photo's come from too? If they're from her she could have edited them (they're super blurry you wouldn't be able to tell).
    Her lips just make me so suspicious lol. If they didn't look so fake I probably wouldn't question this girl at all.
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