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  1. flower added a post in a topic Rada Ataeva   

    ehhh I wouldn't say she's that perfect or anything? I've seen girls in my town that look like her and better. For sure have seen plenty of fashion runway models looking 10x better too. Not saying she isn't pretty because she really is but she's kinda basic. Honestly, I think her lips ruin it. They look too big for her face and super fake.
    Any links like an Instagram? When I search her name I get nothing and only a few pictures. (Maybe her name is Russian or something would help?)
    Where did the old photo's come from too? If they're from her she could have edited them (they're super blurry you wouldn't be able to tell).
    Her lips just make me so suspicious lol. If they didn't look so fake I probably wouldn't question this girl at all.
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  2. flower added a post in a topic Natural Circle Lenses for Light/Dark Eyes   

    What graphic diameter should I search for to achieve an enlarged but natural look? I don't want to get anything too big that I look bug eyed but nothing too small it doesn't do anything 
    Also anyone know what lenses this girl is wearing?
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  3. flower added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

  4. flower added a post in a topic Alt-right extremist Women   

    I 100% agree! She's exploiting men for views. You said everything I wanted to say but I fail with words 😭 (I don't like the terms either but idk what else to refer to it as )
    And the other point of labeling people as alt-right etc. without any reason is what I was trying to explain in my post.
    I was trying to explain points of hers that may make others think of her in this way in a different light even though I don't agree with a lot of it myself. I guess playing devils advocate?  I really don't think what she's saying is as bad as everyone makes it out to be but I can see why they think it. Sorry, I really am absolutly terrible at putting my thoughts into words but I hope everyone gets what I'm saying. 
    And I also can't believe how everyone thinks Jordan Peterson is an alt-right homophobic, transphobic asshole. He's one of the most sweetest and smartest person I've ever seen? 
    (what is up with my grammar here I can't tell)
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  5. flower added a post in a topic Alt-right extremist Women   

    Ok I'm all for the red pill stuff and agree with a lot of the points I've heard from the few videos I've watched but yeah... She does come off as a bit high and mighty. Like everyone whose views don't aline with her own are below her? But at the same time open to teach others her views. I don't think I've watched enough of her to properly judge though and I haven't heard anything actually problematic. Honestly I don't find her videos that interesting so I'm not going to be wasting my time watching more lol.
    She seems more conservative than the average woman but it's not that bad? Everyone has different views and morals but diverse thinking is a good thing! It helps us progress as a society. Nothing alt-right about it though. Haven't heard her say anything racist, homophobic or truly sexist?
    In the video above I don't agree with everything but I can understand what she's saying. You may think it's outrageous and viewing women less than men and I can completely see how but it's really not. She's just saying people have standards and if you want to become successful you should aim for them. Not that women should cook and clean for their husbands and just be pretty little love dolls but be independent, learn how to cook for yourself; take care of yourself; work for yourself and your loved ones. Don't just expect everything is going to be given to you. Don't complain if no one doesn't want to be with you or whatever when you don't try at all and make everyone lower their standards to meet yours. I really don't think thats a bad policy to live by 
    Edit: I had only watched half of the video when I wrote this but as soon after she went to say all that stuff about womens jobs are to support their husbands which is true for a lot of women that don't have actual jobs but these day more and more women are wanting to pursue work so it's not really valid.
    Like I see what she's saying but it doesn't mean all women are happier raising kids and staying home (though I think for most women they prefer to but this doesn't mean women are less than men). Jordan Peterson explains it a lot better.
    Some interesting quotes...
    "Feminism didn't give me everything that I have" Yeah ok I agree go on... "It was the patriarchy" wait what? The patriarchy doesn't exist but I can see what she's saying.
    "Feminism is for idiots and uglies" Actually I can see where she's coming from (girls who don't put any effort into themselves but want to be excepted as they are (not realistic) or people who want to be seen as intelligent know it alls without doing any research) but their are a load of really hot smart feminists out their lol.
    But yeah I'm just gonna stick with my girl Josephine (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC89QtIAIY6xQgOhMYxMWXFA) I don't really watch any other "red pill" YouTubers aside from her and Blair White.
    I'd like to hear what she's done/said that makes you think she's an extremist? I don't think it's fair that you call her alt-right just because she's a conservative "red pill" YouTuber.
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  6. flower added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

     scene at 2:25
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  7. flower added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    Someone already answered this and it's actually this girl: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTG2cSWj9Da/?taken-by=stankevichk

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  8. flower added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I kinda miss wrote what I meant lol. Instead of some variant of brown eyes I meant just dark eyes in general. I've even seen full Asians with light hazel eyes so I don't doubt mixed people can have them too. I Just never knew half Asians could be born with light blue eyes though (only through a genetic mutation) so that actually interesting to hear! Spock I would actually love to see your eyes, they sound really pretty!
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  9. flower added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Sorry, I just find it absolutely hilarious that he's posted this selfie with this caption... Like tf?
    Also he's obviously 100% white how are ya'll even getting confused? Being half Japanese you would always have some sort of brown eyes because the brown eyed gene cancels out the blue (c'mon, we learn this at like age 11!) and all their features are typical white features
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  10. flower added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    Her under eye aegyo sal things and really deep double eye lip make her face look so plastic it actually creeps me out. Her nose as well, it's too pinched/raised? It also looks like she can't move her mouth very well like its stiff...
    I like her tattoos though~ 
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  11. flower added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I think the after pictures have been really whitewashed and brightened so a fairer example would be something like these:

    I do agree though, I think she's had her nose done and skin lightening
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  12. flower added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    - 2Eyes; Ladies' Code; Spica; Stellar and Vromance are 5 of the most underrated groups
    - Role playing your idols is weird as fuck
    - I hate romance fanfiction. Pretty much most fanfiction but there are some good mystery/crime ones
    - People who constantly push sexual orientations on idols are annoying af.
    I'm a Loona stan and I'm always seeing people talking about how gay they all are for eachother. I know most are joking but it's overdone. It was funny a first with SooYoung x ViVi and SooYoung X JiWoo because of their MV's but some really take it too far.
    - Loona OEC is not better than Loona 1/3. 
    I love the songs from both units but seriously... this whole girl crush is better than pure/innocent concepts is annoying. Ya'll free to have your preferences just stop going on about it and shitting on the more cutesy styles. Also YeoJin's MV was the only true cute concept and I love it. It suits her age (I think she was 14 at the time it was filmed?) as well as it being well produced, unique and having a funny MV. 
    - I hate BTS' new stuff.
    Specifically the EDM style or whatever songs. I also don't really like their title tracks (Blood Sweat and Tears being the only one I've liked recently). Their old R&B stuff from Skool luv Affair; Dark&Wild; Wings is the best. Young Forever being my favourite album. Butterfly (prologue mix); Whalien; House of Cards and Love is Not Over are some of my all time favourites.
    - I liked GD's Mullet lol.  Also idk if this is a unpopular opinion or not because I'm not into BigBang but I think his green hair looked the best.
    - AKMU are so underrated, particularly in terms of their fandom/following size. Like these siblings are some of the most entertaining; talented and genuine artists out there. I can't understand why they don't have as much international attention as labelmate BlackPink.
    The same for Lee Hi too, show my girl some more love she's so talented and her songs are amazing
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  13. flower added a post in a topic Help! How to clear eczema?   

    I used to have eczema all over my inner arms and legs so bad that I couldn't move them most of the time because it was so painful. The only thing that made it clear up was shea butter (melted with a hair dryer then applied) which worked crazy good and I haven't had it since 
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  14. flower added a post in a topic ChrisaliesCorners / FromChristina / Christina Liu   

    Yeah same. The outfits that she posts is like what I wear on my lazy, can't be bothered to put effort into my look days. It's just trendy casual clothing that girls wear all the time so I also wouldn't label her as unique.
    Her posts are pretty boring and repetitive to look at but I guess that's the same with most online personalities these days. I always feel blessed when I find someone interesting who's selfies don't all look the same 
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  15. flower added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I didn't see this in the post at all? From my point of view it just seem's like Zutter wanted to do it for a laugh not for attention and validation?
    Who doesn't like seeing cringy koreaboos make fools of themselves? Isn't that why most people read this thread? Isn't that why stuff like koreaboo/weeaboo cringe videos are such a popular thing?
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