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  1. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    In other news Ricotta is still dumb and water is still wet. Gotcha.
    Seriously. He's a big ass hypocrite. Leaking stuff from the investigation is gonna get his ass in some major trouble.
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  2. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Exactly. Viclickers are likely the only ones using the tag, now. That's why they get so confused and think we're bad when really it's THEIR SIDE that is sending death threats, doxxing, being childish hypocrites, etc. I haven't used the kickvic tag in months lmao cause that would be like setting myself on fire at this point since the tag is full of Viclickers.
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  3. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Good god Elon and Grimes are all kinds of cringe using bad choices for profile/header images.
    Also NekoShit throwing death threats at us. Nice try, sweetie, but you don't scare me. Plus I can't die, I have a cat to take care of. But nice try.
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  4. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    LOL this one is basically us as the person and them as the person's brain:


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  5. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Ugh. What dumbasses going "enjoy the lawsuit". Yeah no more like Vic better enjoy what's coming to him cause it's not gonna be pretty. It's him who has to watch his ass, not the victims. (Before Viclickers think I'm gonna come after Vic and knock down his door LMAO IN YOUR DREAMS I wouldn't touch him with a 100ft pole tyvm. I'll let the law firms handle him.)
    But glad to see Monica having a good time despite what people are saying and all of this.
    Yup, I've shared that gif a few times here. Cause seriously they need to go the fuck to sleep.
    Glad that kawaiibitch got banned finally. And the Viclickers on twitter whine about us a lot but then claim "I'm done with them!" or "I don't do gossip sites."

    And I'm pretty sure Musk and Grimes googled anime and found whatever looked aesthetically pleasing to them. Cause they know nothing.
    Also what............ what in all the ever loving fucks is that piece of shit artwork??? I agree with the "It looks like art that teachers would look at and go 'yikes this kid needs some major mental help.........' " cause LMAO it's true, this person needs some MAJOR and I do mean MAJOR mental help. Honey, sweetie, sugarcakes, you are not alright in the head. Please..... go see a therapist. A psychiatrist. SOMEONE legally able to give you the mental help you need. Cause you need it. Big time. That...... that artwork is just sad.
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  6. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I wish I could upvote this right now but I’m out. But yeah that guy definitely gets it.
    I’m still catching up again as I was away today but will respond to other things later. But basically Adachi is all kinds of a stupid hypocrite. Just don’t read the thread if it gets you mad jfc.
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  7. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Also, let me finally chime in, that there is no chance in hell Vic is gonna win. The options Nanoha listed are likely what is going to happen, at least one of those is going to be the case here. Vic winning? I give that a %1 chance.
    And yes, I do wish we could donate upvotes, but sadly I ran out of rep again.
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  8. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

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  9. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Finally something is happening and this can be over with soon. Vic's definitely getting a kick to the face(figuratively) with this all finally going to court.
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  10. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Ohmygod WHY does he ALWAYS have that same exact expression in almost EVERY photo he takes with fans??? I've noticed that he always has that same smirk and I just But wait he's hugging a dude like that......... never thought I would see that coming.


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  11. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I don't know if I want to read through all this. I read the first couple tweets but idk if I want to waste time on this.
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  12. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Oh yes, I'd love to see what "his" characters would do to him when finding out the things he's done.
    And Ricotta continues to be stupid. Is it National Stupid Day today???
    Not me. I want to keep my remaining braincells for the night.
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  13. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    UGH YES. If only they could just replace his previous roles but that would mean a lot of re-dubbing. I do like watching some dubs to keep supporting other dub actors, and I wanted to watch the dub of FMA whenever I got around to it. I might wait a while and tough it up and watch it. Unlike him I can separate character and voice actor. He isn't those characters he just provides their voices.
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  14. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

  15. KittyBear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I would laugh at the expense of Vic if they cast Greg in the role. Actually I'm gonna laugh at his expense anyway. Cause it'll prove Vic is replaceable when he's all "LMAO YOU CANT REPLACE ME I AM THESE CHARACTERS" joke's on him I watch the Japanese dub of Bungou so he wasn't Ranpo to me to begin with.
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